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Two doctors, estranged from their spouses, become roommates...but they also happen to be father and son! Can they share an apartment without driving each other crazy? No, but they do it anyway.... Tom Latimer is a young and hard working general practitioner who has managed to survive an expensive and nasty divorce. Now he lives in an apartment while his ex lives in their beautiful home. And things get worse for Tom when his father, dermatologist Toby Latimer, arrives at Tom's place with the news that he and Tom's mother will also be getting divorced” and that he's moving in! It's shades of The Odd Couple as father and son must learn to tolerate one another's idiosyncracies.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Don't Wait Up

S04E01 Episode One 02/03/1987
S04E02 Episode Two 09/03/1987
S04E03 Episode Three 16/03/1987
S04E04 Episode Four 23/03/1987
S04E05 Episode Five 30/03/1987
S04E06 Episode Six 06/04/1987
S05E01 Episode One 06/06/1988
S05E02 Episode Two 13/06/1988
S05E03 Episode Three 20/06/1988
S05E04 Episode Four 27/06/1988
S05E05 Episode Five 04/07/1988
S05E06 Episode Six 11/07/1988
S05E07 Episode Seven 18/07/1988
S06E01 Episode One 18/02/1990
S06E02 Episode Two 25/02/1990
S06E03 Episode Three 04/03/1990
S06E04 Episode Four 11/03/1990
S06E05 Episode Five 18/03/1990
S06E06 Episode Six 25/03/1990