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Doraemon is sent back in time by Nobita Nobi's great-great grandson Sewashi to improve Nobita's circumstances so that his descendants may enjoy a better future. In the original time-line, Nobita experienced nothing but misery and misfortune manifested in the form of poor marks and grades, physical disasters, and bullying throughout his life. This culminates in the burning down of a future business he set up which leaves his family line beset with financial problems. In order to alter history and better the Nobi family's fortunes, Sewashi sent him a robot called Doraemon.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Doraemon (1979)

S01E01 Dream Town, Nobita Land 02/04/1979 ???????????????????????? The episode starts with Nobita getting bored. Then Suneo invites them to play Dodgeball, but when they get to the place they usually play gets turned into a place to put materials. Then Doraemon takes out a camera which can make miniature versions of buildings. They successfully make Nobita Land and invited their friends to play, but it gets destroyed by Nobita's Mother in the end. The episode ends with all the scrap metal landing on Doraemon.
S01E02 Transformation Biscuits 03/04/1979 ?????????????? The episode starts with Nobita's mother asking Nobita to buy desserts to treat their visitor. He goes up stairs and finds a box of Transformation Biscuts. He eats a cat shaped one and then takes the box to the visitor, who eats four of the biscuits. Then his mother reminds him to buy the desserts. He then goes to buy desserts and to his shock, turns into a cat for five minutes. Later, Nobita and Doraemon then try to stop his mother from seeing the transformation happening on the visitor. The episode ends with Nobita's father fainting upon seeing that Nobita's mother had turned into a rabbit after eating a biscuit.
S01E03 Memory Bread for Testing 04/04/1979 ?????????????????? The episode starts with Nobita running into Doraemon and asking him for a tool to help him study for his examinations that takes place tomorrow. Doraemon gives him some Memory Bread which Nobita eats and understands the work. Later, he relaxed and ate desserts until he became full, but Doraemon forces him to eats extra memory bread. The episode ends with Nobita vomiting and re-eating memory bread from the start the very next day.
S01E04 N & S Emblems 05/04/1979 ???????????????? The episode starts with Gian playing with two magnets. Nobita then says that he should know about magnetic properties in kindergarten. Gian then gets really angry and chases after Nobita. Nobita runs home and asks Doraemon for help, and he gives Nobita some N and S emblems after successfully testing them on Nobita's parents. Then he puts a S emblem on Nobita and the other S emblem on Gian. Nobita then escapes from Gian, but he instead makes a mistake and ends up being attracted to Gian. The episode ends with Doraemon ignoring Nobita when he pleads for help.
S01E05 Wrestling Killer 06/04/1979 ????????????? The episode starts with Nobita and Gian being almost late for school and running into each other. An angry Gian then knocks Nobita down, causing him to be late. Doraemon tries to aid Nobita with a Wrestling Killer tool. At first, Nobita mistakes it for a gun, but later understand how it works and uses it to knock Gian down. Later Suneo tricks him and he sets the tool to knock Suneo down, but accidentally caused it to turn against him. He then wastes ¥100 trying to stop the tool. The episode ends with Nobita falling down the stairs.
S01E06 Nobita's Bride 07/04/1979 ???????????????? The episode starts with Nobita and Doraemon celebrating Nobita's birthday. Then they go to the future and they try to find Nobita's bride, who turns out to be Shizuka. Then they almost get beaten up by Nobita's son in the future due to a mix-up, for Nobita's son looked just like him. The two escaped with injury and find Shizuka in Nobita's house presenting him with a present. The episode ends with Shizuka and Nobita walking away.
S01E07 Doraemon's Prediction 09/04/1979 ????????????????????? The episode starts with Nobita getting home and wanting to go to Shizuka's house to play, but is stopped by Doraemon. He then open a book and tells Nobita that if he goes out, he will get in hospital because he will be hit by a truck. After persuasion by Shizuka, Doraemon goes outside with Nobita and uses a "future mirror" to see what will happen to them in 10 seconds time. Eventually, after near-accidents, they make it there but when he opens the door he gets hit by a toy truck on the head. The episode ends with Nobita laughing with Doraemon. First use of flying hats.
S01E08 Dinosaur Hunting 10/04/1979 ??????????????? Doraemon and Nobita's first time travel. They get into a drawer which leads to them travelling on a time machine and end up ten billion years in the past. After shrinking one dinosaur, Doraemon cannot find his gun but they manage to escape the second one, with Nobita leaving his glasses behind, which are found in the present time, to the amazement of scientists.
S01E09 Spy War About Top Secret 11/04/1979 ???????????????? The episode starts with Nobita breaking his teacher's vase while he was cleaning the classroom with Suneo. Suneo agreed to help Nobita cover up his crime, on the condition that he must do whatever Suneo wants. Fearing his teacher, Nobita reluctantly agreed. Along the way, Suneo and his friends taunt Nobita about the vase. Doraemon furiously takes out a tool that spies on Suneo's house, and Nobita found out that Suneo had a habit of bedwetting. Suneo's plan backfired when Nobita taunted him with his secret bedwetting habit. In the end, Suneo's friends wanted to taunt Nobita by making him do a headstand and bark like a dog, but Suneo, fearing that Nobita may uncover his secret, did the headstand.
S01E10 Lucky Gun 12/04/1979 ???????? Nobita has some bad luck so Doraemon gives him a gun which shoots red bullets (actually bursts of light) for good luck and black bullets for bad luck, but no way of deciding which you get. Cowardly Nobita has 3 others try it first and they all get good luck. A little boy takes the gun and shoots Nobita with a black bullet and he gets all bad luck.
S01E11 Cursing Camera 00/00/0000
S01E12 Build Up Subway 14/04/1979 ???????????????????? Nobita and Doraemon use a digging machine to build their own subway as a birthday present for Nobita's father so he doesn't have to take the very crowded public subway to work.
S01E13 One Time Exam at Least in the Life 16/04/1979 ???????????????????????? Doraemon lends Nobita a computer pencil which writes all the answers to his homework. Gian steals it and uses it in an exam to get 100% but his mother thinks he is cheating and beats him. Suneo and Gian now Nobita's friends.
S01E14 Game of Exchanging Mom 17/04/1979 ????????????????? Nobita, Shizuka and Suneo are all fed up with their mothers so Doraemon arranges it for them to swap parents and they find that moms are not so bad after all.
S01E15 Air Combat 18/04/1979 ??????????????? Doraemon gives the gang model planes which shrink them down so they can fly inside them. Gian gets the only jet plane and shoots the others down, then afterward rests on top of the Tokyo Tower, only to have his model plane fall off, stranding him there.
S01E16 Door out of nothing 19/04/1979 Nobita wants his independence from his family so Doraemon gives him a door which when placed against a wall, creates a room behind it which can be lived in. Nobita finds he is not ready to leave home yet.
S01E17 Run, Machine-Horse! 20/04/1979 ??????! ????????????? Cry baby Nobita has boasted that he will enter a stilt race tomorrow but he does not know how to walk on stilts so Doraemon goes to the 22nd Century to get him a cross between a stilt and a horse. Gian steals it so Doraemon becomes a tough teacher as he trains Nobita to walk on stilts. The mechanical stilt horse runs amok in Gian's house.
S01E18 Yes, I Do 21/04/1979 ?? ??? ??? ???! A new girl nearby ignores Nobita. Doraemon gives him a cupid's bow whose arrows will cause anyone he shoots to love him. The first arrow hits a dog, then an ugly girl. An ugly man accidentally shoots Doraemon. Finally an arrow hits the girl and she falls for Nobita but he ends up being chased by the ugly girl who still has a love arrow in her.
S01E19 Traffic Tools Combination 23/04/1979 ??????????? Nobita wants to fight monsters using Doraemon's toys which give him the power of a plane, a tank and a submarine but finds he gets only petty jobs.
S01E20 Pretty Mai 24/04/1979 Doraemon falls madly in love with a toy cat. The owner lets him have it after he rescues it from a dog and he uses 22nd century technology to make it as real as he is, only to find out that it too is a male cat.
S01E21 Toy Troop 25/04/1979 ??????????????? Gian wants to beat up Nobita so as Doraemon is busy with a puzzle, he sends out five toy soldiers who attack anyone who is even slightly angry with Nobita, including his mother.
S01E22 The Fish Flag Float 26/04/1979 ?????????? A poor boy (Tzo) has no father so cannot afford fish flags so Doraemon uses a cloud machine and has some fish flags produce young who quickly grow up into fish flags for Tzo.
S01E23 Old Tool Competition 27/04/1979 Nobita is jealous of Suneo's collection of antiques so he tries Doraemon's time cell phone to swap modern things with old things held in a 22nd Century antiques shop. Nobita misuses it and ends up getting stark naked in front of Shizuka and his other friends.Nobita quickly flees and on the way home,gets caught by a cop for naked-walking.Just when it seemed that the worst was possibly behind him,the stark naked Nobita gets witnessed by a few gorgeous girls,who just couldn't believe their eyes but tried to make Nobita feel as vulnerable as possible by even laughing at the unforeseen sight.Nobita finally manages to get hold of the cell phone and orders a few 22nd century clothes for himself.Unfortunately,however,it was too little too late as he had already been caught stark naked in front of quite a big party.
S01E24 Making Craft is Fun 28/04/1979 ??????????????????? Doraemon gives Nobita a giant paper cut-out book which makes things that really work like a flying saucer, and a dinosaur which wants to eat them.
S01E25 Glove Breaking in Beast of Prey 30/04/1979 ????????????????? Gian wants to beat up Nobita so Doraemon gives him a glove which makes Gian behave like a friendly dog.
S01E26 Ancestors, Come On 01/05/1979 ??????????????????????? Suneo boasts about his Samorai ancestor so Doraemon and Nobita go back in time to see Nobita's hunter ancestor, and get caught up in a small war. Doraemon gets an arrow through his head but just pulls it out.
S01E27 Girl Like a White Lily 02/05/1979 ????????????????????? Weird! The beautiful young girl who gave Nobita's father chocolate when he was hungry as a boy turns out to be Nobita.
S01E28 Say one Thing but mean others 03/05/1979 Doreamon produces a magic flute which when used makes people do the opposite of what they intended. Nobita uses it on a thief.
S01E29 Time Camera 04/05/1979 ????????????? Mr. Nobi, Nobita's father has lost his wallet so using a camera which can photograph past events, Nobita and Doraemon track it down.
S01E30 Proposal War 05/05/1979 ???????????? The episode begins with Nobita's mother preparing a fine meal in celebration of the twelfth anniversary of Nobita's father and hers wedding. At dinner, Nobita's mother and father have conflicting memories on who proposed first. They fight, and Doraemon takes Nobita back in time to find out just what happened. On the day of the proposal, they see Nobita's future father running late. To teach him a lesson, Nobita's future mother pretends to walk off, but decides to go back to him once it appears he has suffered long enough. It seems, however, that she has very poor eyesight and she picked another man who happens to be similarly built and dressed. Nobita's father stalks off. Once Nobita's mother puts on her eyeglasses and realizes she has the wrong man, she goes after him, but sees him embracing his sister and misinterprets this to be his quick recovery from their break-up. To rectify the situation, Doraemon uses a robot that transforms into each of their parents and tells the other the thing they remembered at dinner. They marry, but Nobita realizes they didn't solve the problem of who proposed first. Once returned to his own time, Nobita expects his parents to have divorced, but surprisingly, they have decided who proposed first doesn't matter and made up on their own.
S01E31 Machine Arranging Things 07/05/1979 ?????????????? Doraemon helps Nobita and his father see a new film using a machine which can reserve anything so no one else can use that thing first. Nobita inadvertently traps 3 of his friends at home all afternoon and Gian promises revenge.
S01E32 Tanuki Machine Changing the Body 08/05/1979 ????????? After Suneo upsets Nobita by saying he looks like a cartoon raccoon, Doraemon gives Nobita glasses which makes Suneo see the illusions that he wants him to see, and so upset Shizuka and Gian.
S01E33 Why Do You Care About Whose Stuff is Whose 09/05/1979 ??????????????? Shizuka agrees to study with Nobita but when Gian asks her, she goes with him instead. Cry baby Nobita moans to Doraemon who gives him a pad where anything he writes in it comes true.
S01E34 Kissing Ass Lipstick 10/05/1979 ???????????????? Nobita's too honest comments upsets his parents so Doraemon gives him a lipstick which makes him charm everybody. His mother finds a discarded lipstick which makes wearers insult everybody and Nobita comes home to find her and his father shouting insults at each other.
S01E35 Missing Grandmom (Part 1) 11/05/1979 ?????????????????? (??????) Looking through some old photos, Nobita is very upset as he misses his (dead) grandmother who made a lot of fuss over him. Against his will Doraemon takes them back 8 years. Nobita upsets his mother who doesn't recognize him as her 3 year old son.
S01E36 Missing Grandmom (Part 2) 12/05/1979 ?????????????????? (?????) Nobita gets to meet his grandmother and finds he was a bit of a bratty kid. Again upsetting his then mother and self, his grandmother protects him again and he shows her what he looks like in his school uniform before leaving.
S01E37 The Beeper to Go to the Future 14/05/1979 ????????????????????????????? Despite being told not to, Nobita plays with Doraemon's machine, finding it calls a UFO from far away. The alien is upset, being called for no good reason but they manage to placate it with beer. Nobita's mother upsets it and it wants to invade the Earth but is again placated by Nobita's marble collection.
S01E38 My Teacher 15/05/1979 ????????????????? Nobita's parents decide to get him a tutor as his grades are bad so Nobita decides to use himself 3 years in the future to answer his school questions now. But his future self is dumb because Nobita did not study and that Nobita too has a future self who turns up and complains that he is dumb too because Nobita 3 years in the future did not study either.
S01E39 Nobita in the Mirror 16/05/1979 ???????????????? Nobita wants lots of toys but can't afford them. Using Doraemon's magic mirror, what he holds up to it is copied, so he borrows toys and copies them. But Nobita also gets copied himself producing a mischievous Nobita.
S01E40 Dimensional Copy 17/05/1979 ?????????????? Nobita cannot go out so Doraemon produces some magic paper that makes paper copies of anything including Nobita (also see ep 24). However as soon as they leave, a wind blows away the paper figure of Nobita which then has a number of adventures.
S01E41 Take Submarine into the Sea 18/05/1979 ?????????????????????????? Doraemon produces a miniature submarine which makes many jumps into all sorts of liquids including a toilet bowl on its way to the sea.
S01E42 Friendship Capsule 19/05/1979 Suneo tries to lure Doraemon from Nobita but he won't go so he gives Suneo a capsule which makes anyone your friend as a consolation. Cunning Suneo uses it to make Doraemon become his friend.
S01E43 Goku Cross 21/05/1979 Nobita is too lazy to do his homework without pressure so Doraemon gives him a headband which is painful if anyone says "close", which Doraemon uses to make Nobita do what he should do.
S01E44 Apartment Tree 22/05/1979 ?????????????????? Nobita wants his own apartment so Doraemon gives him a tree which grows rooms underground and the gang move in.
S01E45 Use Time Machines to Get the Inmates 23/05/1979 ??????????????????????? Nobita is wrongly blamed for breaking a school window. A time machine helps him find out what really happened.
S01E46 Shooting Championship 24/05/1979 ????????????????????? Doraemon gives Nobita an ointment which when rubbed on your fingers, you shout "peng" and a jet of air powerful enough to knock someone over comes from your finger, so allowing the gang to play at shooting each other.
S01E47 Finebox 25/05/1979 ????????????? Gian busts another football so all the gang say they have no money for another one. Doraemon produces a small robot which takes 100 yen from anyone who does something bad, to get money for a new ball. Bully Gian quickly falls foul of it.
S01E48 Nobita's Adventure 26/05/1979 ????????????????????????? Nobita wants to live on an island like Robinson Crusoe, but is such a helpless cry baby that hidden Doraemon has to keep helping him.
S01E49 Air Diamonds Manufacturing Machine 28/05/1979 ?????????????????????? Doraemon gives Nobita a machine which produces blocks of solid air which stay in position. Unfortunately he forgets to tell Nobita that they vanish after a time, leaving him hanging high up in the air.
S01E50 Continuing Atomizer 29/05/1979 ??????????????? Spray it on a picture and you see what would happen next in the picture, like a ship moving. Nobita ruins a man's art collection trying it out.
S01E51 Take Back the Lost Machine 30/05/1979 ???????????????????????? Doraemon produces a machine which can find anything that has been lost, even Nobita's long lost baby bottle, which reminds him of his kind grandmother.
S01E52 The Pre-requisite Antenna 31/05/1979 ????????????????????? Like a TV antenna, it allows the wearer to be prepared for any event that will happen very shortly.
S01E53 Sound Nugget 01/06/1979 ????????????????????? Gian is giving Nobita trouble so Doraemon gives him a medicine which makes his words into solid letters which can be used as weapons.
S01E54 Star of Hope 02/06/1979 ??????????? Doraemon decides to get rid of some useless inventions, including the Star of Hope. Gian and Suneo dig it up, not realizing that the wishes it grants are always wrong.
S01E55 Become Thunder 04/06/1979 ?????????????????????? Doraemon produces a small thunder cloud to cure Nobita of his fear of thunder. This done, Nobita uses it to shock people.
S01E56 XYZ Light Camera 05/06/1979 ?????????? XYZ A special camera can see through things including clothing. Not knowing this, Shizuka wants Nobita to take a picture of her. Some nudity.
S01E57 House Robot 06/06/1979 Nobita tries to get the better of bully Gian using Doraemon's things from the future, but Gian has things from the future too and gets the better of him.
S01E58 The Love of Machines 07/06/1979 ??????? ?????? Nobita is doing poorly with girls so Doraemon makes him a girl to love him but the powerful machine gets jealous of Shizuka and angry when Nobita's mother shouts at him.
S01E59 Take Out the Cloud to Play 08/06/1979 ??????????????????????? Nobita is working on his tan when a cloud covers the sun. Doraemon gives him a machine which controls clouds and he uses it to scare Shizuka and a friend as well as Gian. Then it overheats.
S01E60 The Sellotape of Fact 09/06/1979 ?????????????? Suneo butters up everybody, to Nobita's annoyance so Doraemon gives him a square of sellotape which when put on Suneo's back reveals his true bad personality to everyone.
S01E61 Fake Universe Man 11/06/1979 Gian and Suneo trick Nobita with a fake UFO so Doraemon comes up with a real one and a remote controlled alien, then make the pair regret their joke.
S01E62 My Birthday 12/06/1979 ????????????? Nobita is a bad boy and has let his parents down. He becomes convinced he is adopted so he and Doraemon go back ten years in the past to find out the truth. The name "Nobita" means hero.
S01E63 Go to School by Bow and Arrow 13/06/1979 ????????????????? A special arrow is fired from a bow and if you hold onto the string tied to it, it will take you to wherever the target is, even across the city. Gian and Suneo are angry and move Nobita's target.
S01E64 With Mirror Ads 14/06/1979 ?????????? Anything held in front of a telescope mirror appears on every shiny surface in the area so Nobita thinks it can make a fortune if used in advertising. Unfortunately, the images sent startle people.
S01E65 The Snail Room is Very Relaxing 15/06/1979 ??????????????????? Nobita has lost a test paper and his mother thinks he is lying. Very upset at this, he retreats into a giant snail shell Doraemon gave him and nothing can touch him in there.
S01E66 Man-Making Machine 16/06/1979 ?????????????????? Doraemon tells Nobita not to touch a machine he has, so Nobita tries it out and it makes a very powerful demon child with strange powers.
S01E67 Steal Mom's Diamond 18/06/1979 ????????????????????? Nobita's mom tells him a story of 2 men who stole her mother's valuable diamond when she was a child (so they don't have it now to sell for lots of money). Nobita and Doraemon go back into the past to stop the theft.
S01E68 Hot Powder 19/06/1979 ????????? Nobita cannot swim so Doraemon uses a powder on him which makes him able to swim through the ground or anything else solid as though it were water, so he can learn to swim. Bit of nudity.
S01E69 Shopping in the Future 20/06/1979 ?????????????????? Nobita wants a new bike but his parents cannot afford it, then he comes across a catalog from 2087 and orders and gets many things, not realising that they have to be paid for.
S01E70 The Robot-Control-Training Machine 21/06/1979 ????????????????? Nobita wants to be a space pilot so Doraemon brings out a machine where a remote controlled small saucer gives an impression of being on an alien world, even when in Shizuka's bath room when she is taking a bath. Nudity.
S01E71 Tatami 22/06/1979 ????????????? Nobita and Doraemon both like rice cakes but fight over the last one so Doraemon uses a DIY paddy field to grow lots of rice and a machine to make lots of rice cakes but with 259 of them to eat, the two still fight over the odd one.
S01E72 Cat Runs a Company 23/06/1979 ???????????????????? Nobita takes four cats off of Shizuka's hands as a favor but his mother doesn't want them in the house. Doraemon uses bracelets to control them and the cats become obedient mousers in the neighborhood.
S01E73 Speed Clock 25/06/1979 ?????????????? Nobita can't wait for a holiday from school so Doraemon gives him a clock which can make the days fly by. Nobita ends up making his vacation fly by as he tries to please everyone.
S01E74 Girlfriend List 26/06/1979 ??????????????????? A machine which can predict future girlfriends causes trouble for Nobita when he visits them before they will know him. He realizes he is best off with Shizuka.
S01E75 Pocket Telescope 27/06/1979 ???????????????? Gian steals Nobita's yoyo so Doraemon gives him a telescope where when you look at something, you can reach there and pick up something from the scene. Or if an immovable object like a tree, you can travel to the scene.
S01E76 Home's Further and Further Away 28/06/1979 ????????????????? Nobita eats a biscuit used to get rid of dogs. Once they leave home they can't find their way back. Nobita tries not to leave home but does and gets lost.
S01E77 Bribe War Plan 29/06/1979 ????????? Gian will only have the best people on his baseball team and Nobita is the worst. A bribe stick given to someone makes them do what you want, and Nobita takes Suneo's place on the team.
S01E78 We Can't Read in the Sahara 30/06/1979 ?????????????????????????????? Nobita wants a different environment to study in so Doraemon uses a machine which can make the surrounding area look like any place in the world. In the desert scene they see a man dying of thirst.
S01E79 Cram Mirror 02/07/1979 ????????? A true vanity mirror that makes everyone look good and tells them how good they are, but it has a malicious streak and convinces Nobita he is handsome when he pulls an ugly face.
S01E80 Peck Rope 03/07/1979 ?????????????? A rope that can bring anything falls into Suneo's hands and he uses it to take stuff from the other kids, then Nobita gets the blame but a good deed reveals the true villain.
S01E81 Go Forward the Devil Road 04/07/1979 Nobita is inspired by a book of Great Men and resolves to do good deeds but they all turn out bad. He gets angry and resolves to do bad things, which all turn out good.
S01E82 The Medicine of Boy Students and Girl Students 05/07/1979 ???????????????? Nobita's father moans at him because he doesn't like boy's games. Doraemon uses a spray which makes boys behave like girls and girls behave like boys. Nobita doesn't like the result and even less when he finds it has affected his parents too.
S01E83 The Pengpeng Leaf 06/07/1979 ?????? A dog is very cruelly mistreated by a violent owner. The Pengpeng leaf, placed on the dog's head causes it to swap places with its owner, so the dog has a day of freedom as the human being while the owner is chained up as the dog.
S01E84 The Forgotten Iron Hammer 07/07/1979 A man goes around the houses in the neighborhood trying to find out who he is. Doraemon hits him over the head with the forgotten hammer which causes his memories to be projected on a wall.
S01E85 Happy Life 09/07/1979 ???????????????? Nobita is so bored he annoys Doraemon into giving him a smiling earphone. When Nobita puts it in his ear, he hears lots of funny stuff which makes him laugh uncontrollably. This first upsets his mother, then his friends who thinks he is laughing at them.
S01E86 Space Mountain Tai, The Forepart 10/07/1979 ???????????? ?????? Space Mountain Tai about prehistoric men and spacemen is Nobita's favorite show but he meets the star and finds it has gone over budget too much and is close to being canceled because of falling viewing figures. He decides to help him by going 150 million years into the past to get some real dinosaurs to replace the poor models they use in the show.
S01E87 Space Mountain Tai, The Postpart 11/07/1979 ???????????? ????? After a few narrow escapes, Doraemon and Nobita feed mealie pellets (which make any animal tame) to a load of dinosaurs. Doraemon fixes his time machine to a hut door so when Tai and his producers walk through the door, they are 150 million years ago. The show becomes a success thanks to the "real looking dinosaurs and scenery" which cost nothing.
S01E88 The Soul Machine 12/07/1979 ????????????????????? Cry baby Nobita is upset when he grazes his knee and his mother doesn't make a fuss of him. He wishes he was a baby again, so Doraemon sends his soul back to his baby body and his mother fusses a lot over him. Nobita comes back to the present to find his mother very upset as she thought he had died and realizes she does really still care about him.
S01E89 Even It's in the Gaster-Water 13/07/1979 ????????????? Shizuka accidentally swallows her mother's opal which is worth 500,000 yen. Doraemon and Nobita use the miniature sub from episode 41 to recover it from inside her, but play a trick on her which results in Nobita swallowing an eraser, which will have to be recovered.
S01E90 Channel of Dream 14/07/1979 ???????????????? Nobita can't sleep so Doraemon gives him a TV that lets him see people's dreams. He finds that he is represented as cowardly and a cry baby in all his friend's dreams, and even in his own dreams.
S01E91 Development and Degradation Radiation 16/07/1979 ??????????????? Nobita's father is old fashioned, so Nobita uses Doraemon's ray gun to make things as they would have been in the past or future, then starts on living things with a mouse de-evolutionized 200,000,000 years to become a large dinosaur and his father evolved into a future man.
S01E92 The Super Armor 17/07/1979 ???????????????? The Emperor's New Clothes, as in non-existent armor which does not work for stupid people. It fools Nobita then Gian who also tries it on.
S01E93 Hot Spring Travel 18/07/1979 ?????????????????? Nobita's mother wants to go to the hot springs for a holiday but his father says it is too crowded and hard to get there, so Doraemon sets up 3D projectors around the house which make it look like they are at the hot springs.
S01E94 If Gian's a Superman 19/07/1979 ?????????????????????????????????? Gian grabs a "superman" cloak off of Nobita who has grabbed it from Doraemon, and puts it on. It gives him the power to fly when someone blows a flute, but it is cursed in that he must help one hundred people before he is able to take it off again and even if the bath will still have to go if a flute is blown.
S01E95 Mouse and Bomb 20/07/1979 ??????????????? Doraemon is even more scared of mice than Nobita's mother is and starts shooting at everything that moves when one turns up in the house.
S01E96 Fantastic Pellet 21/07/1979 ????????? Despite having learned to swim in episode 68, Nobita can't swim so Doraemon gives him a pill that allows wishes to come true, so Nobita can learn to swim by swimming through the air.
S01E97 Special Vision Report 23/07/1979 Nobita cannot remember what he has done with the money he and Doraemon has saved. Instead of using the hammer from episode 84, Doraemon uses a machine which projects memories on a wall.
S01E98 Human Remote Control 24/07/1979 Gian is in charge of baseball practice but is a tyrant so Nobita uses a remote control box on Gian which controls him like a robot.
S01E99 Disgust Maker 25/07/1979 After Gian tricks Nobita into running away from a worm, something he cannot stand, Doraemon uses a machine to first make Gian scared of puppies, then scared of Nobita.
S01E100 Huko the Typhoon 26/07/1979 Nobita hatches a 22nd-century egg and out comes a small typhoon, which he treats as a pet. Then Japan suffers a major typhoon which is heading towards their house which has a loose roof and the little typhoon goes out to try and stop it.
S01E101 Unexisting Shower 27/07/1979 To avoid getting hit by Gian, Nobita uses a shower which makes it look like he is several feet away from his actual position, which allows him to kick Gian without retaliation.
S01E102 Predicting Bug 28/07/1979 Nobita who was born on August 7 checks his astrology in a comic and thinks he is due a good week. Doraemon gives him a small mechanical bug which if you predict something, it can come true. The problem is that Nobita is a pessimist who thinks the worst, and it was last week's comic he was using.
S01E103 Wonder Rope 30/07/1979 Gian, Suneo and Shizuka are riding bikes but Nobita does not join them because he cannot rise a bike. Doraemon gives him a wonder rope (one of many he has), a harness which enables a cat or dog to be like riding a horse. Nobita falls off a cat, then a dog and as he saddles the second dog, along comes Gian and Suneo riding a cat and a dog. Shizuka gets on the dog Nobita just saddled and they ride off, leaving him alone again.
S01E104 Slowly Panicking 31/07/1979 Nobita is slow so Doraemon produces fast and slow pills, so he can speed up. Nobita does not want to try them so Doraemon has a few speed pills and rushes everywhere fast, then ready to slow back to normal, he takes what he thinks are slow pills but are more speed pills and rushes everywhere like a speed demon. Then Nobita accidentally takes slow pills and becomes even slower and his parents try some fast pills, thinking they are sweets.
S01E105 Detecting Badges 01/08/1979 Nobita can't find his friends, so Doraemon gives him shiny badges for them which on a screen will always show where they are. But their mothers learn of this, so can find their kids to scold or punish them. The kids decide to find Nobita to scold and punish him.
S01E106 Forgetful Bird 02/08/1979 Nobita's father has become very forgetful so Doraemon gives him a model bird which perches on his shoulder and reminds him when he forgets anything. But he ends up coming home without the bird which he has forgotten.
S01E107 Vending Machine 03/08/1979 Doraemon has a vending machine which is also a time machine. Example: You can use it to buy things at prices in 1925 so very cheap and Nobita makes money selling cut price things to his friends. He decides to try some sweets from the future (2561 AD) and they are heavenly, but so is the price of 230,000 yen which Nobita cannot pay.
S01E108 Grandpa in the Dream 04/08/1979 Nobita's father dreams that his father tells him to be strict with Nobita so he gives Nobita a hard time. Nobita and Doraemon travel back to the past and find Grandpa is very strict but secretly has a heart of gold. They explain to him and he goes 30 years to the future to tell dad to be kind to Nobita.
S01E109 Paper Machine Man 06/08/1979 The other kids beat Nobita at paper sumo, where paper figures fight each other, so Doraemon produces special paper from which Nobita makes a paper sumo a few inches high but stronger than a real sumo.
S01E110 Black Belt Nobita 07/08/1979 Gian is being taught judo by his father and teaches it to Nobita, by beating him up. Doraemon produces a black belt which when worn makes anyone a judo expert, but anyone who touches Nobita gets thrown including Shizuka and their teacher.
S01E111 Ultra Mixer 08/08/1979 Shizuka’s dog and cat fight so the mixer makes them into a dog-cat. Nobita uses it at home on a pot and their bath to produce an ornate bath, but then everything goes downhill from there, especially when he uses it on himself and Doraemon and one part of him wants to go out to play while the other part wants to sleep.
S01E112 The Making of Desert Island 09/08/1979 Rent has gone up so Nobita’s parents have to make economies. Doraemon and Nobita hit on making an underwater volcano erupt to produce lava which will make them their own offshore island where they will not have to pay rent. It works but everyone wants a piece of the island, then the government take it over.
S01E113 Typhoon Maker 10/08/1979 Gian bullies Nobita into tidying up his room so in revenge Doraemon uses a typhoon maker and Nobita controls it so it goes to Gian's house and room and leaves it looking like a typhoon hit it, which makes his mother start beating him up.
S01E114 A World Does Not Use Money 11/08/1979 Nobita moans because his mother won't give him any money. Doraemon produces a telephone booth which you can use wishes for so Nobita wishes for a world without money. What he gets is a world full of money that no one wants. Get a model kit worth 26,000 yen and the shop keeper gives you the money as well as the kit. Pick pockets put money in people's pockets and beggars try to give away money. Nobita for once has a fortune that he does not want.
S01E115 Reversal arrow 13/08/1979 A strange arrow makes everything work opposite so a fridge produces heat like an oven, a razor makes a beard grow and a light produces darkness. It even makes stupid Nobita smart.
S01E116 Sharing Chewing Gum 14/08/1979
S01E117 Secret Treasure of Nobita Choweiman 15/08/1979 Nobita's father finds an old family treasure map but they cannot find the treasure so Nobita and Doraemon go back 130 years to his ancestor to see exactly where it was buried.
S01E118 Plan Clock 16/08/1979 Doraemon is upset that Nobita wastes so much time so produces a clock which will make Nobita work to a schedule. Nobita writes out a schedule but unfortunately Doraemon puts it in the clock so is forced to do all the things regardless of circumstance, like watching a TV that is broken and playing baseball in heavy rain.
S01E119 Ancient Venture 17/08/1979 Nobita does not understand that where they live now was once underwater, so they go back ten billion years and find it is so but get stranded there. Some nudity.
S01E120 Everywhere Cannon 18/08/1979 Doraemon produces a cannon which in use with a TV will send anyone anywhere. Nobita is going to try it out with his friends but a bank robber wants to use it.
S01E121 Flying Fish 20/08/1979 Nobita is jealous of Suneo's carp pond so Doraemon gives him some magic food which when fish eat it, they can swim through air like it is water and they are tame. Suneo is jealous of Nobita's flying fish so steals the food and gets his sea captain uncle to use it on fish out at sea. A box arrives for Suneo and when opened is full of deep sea flying fish monsters.
S01E122 One-Inch Boy 21/08/1979
S01E123 Moving Everywhere 22/08/1979 Nobita is jealous of a boy who has moved many times as he has always lived in the same place. Doraemon uses a model flying house which when it finds an ideal place, can move their house there. After two bad choices, Nobita moves the house out into the country where he and Doraemon play in the forest for a while, then back to the city. However, his mother has left the house and is now marooned miles from anywhere.
S01E124 Dream Walker 23/08/1979 A machine which fits on the head allows someone to live a dream. After a bad tryout, Nobita settles on adventure but then comes up against all sorts of monsters before finding treasure. Doraemon is his dog in the dream.
S01E125 Ghost Lamp 24/08/1979 The kids meet to tell ghost stories but Nobita is hopeless so Doraemon gives him a ghost lamp to make whatever he says happen.
S01E126 Predictable Diary. How Horrible 25/08/1979 Whatever is written in the magic diary will happen. Suneo grabs it and writes some bad things about Nobita, ending with him being eaten by a lion. The bad things start to happen as predicted.
S01E127 Ace cap 27/08/1979 Nobita is hopeless at pitching a ball so Doraemon gives him a hat which makes sure he cannot miss any target, but it turns out that lazy Nobita is not really interested in baseball. He throws a book and it goes back on the shelf where it should be. He is too lazy to walk to Shizuka's house so throws himself to see her, not knowing she is a long way away.
S01E128 Kettle Recorder 28/08/1979 The other kids have tape recorders but Nobita's mom won't get him one so Doraemon gives him a tea pot where the words spoken into it come out in balloons. The kids use the speech balloons to get their own back on Gian who has been bullying them.
S01E129 Multiply medicine 29/08/1979 Nobita only has one cake left so Doraemon treats it with Peipei medicine to make more but warns Nobita every single cake must be eaten as any remaining cakes double every 5 minutes. Nobita cannot eat them all and suddenly finds himself with lots of cakes on his hands. Even his mom and friends cannot manage them all so as the cakes begin to pile up, and would cover the Earth in just a day, so Doraemon sends them into space.
S01E130 Mad watch 30/08/1979 Nobita is due for an hour long moan from his mother, so Doraemon gives him a watch which speeds up or slows down time in any area.
S01E131 Avalanche at Nobita's Study Room 31/08/1979 Nobita wants to go skiing with his friends, and his father even gives him some skis but he can't ski. Doraemon produces the equivalent of a Star Trek Holosuite (before the show had them) and it is like skiing in real snow on a real mountain, but it becomes a bit too real, leaving them both in trouble.
S01E132 Sesame Lock 01/09/1979 Nobita is in trouble when his mother finds a test paper he failed in, in his drawer. Nobita wants a lock so Doraemon gives him a key which can lock anything. Once done, only the user can open or shut it, using the words: Open Sesame or Close Sesame. The episode ends up with Nobita locked out of the house in heavy rain because he has a cold which has changed his voice so the key no longer recognizes him.
S01E133 Received Coin 03/09/1979 Nobita is even lazier than usual so Doraemon gives him a coin which when he sticks to his back means he can become small and attached to the back of others, so use them to get somewhere. This finally backfires when he uses it on Gian who unknowingly sits on tiny Nobita, and farts.
S01E134 Robot pellet 04/09/1979 Nobita's mom tells him to clean up his room but he is too lazy so Doraemon gives him a tube of small metal balls which when placed on something inanimate make it behave like a machine and so do what you want. Things start off well, but everything revolts against Nobita and things end up worse than before, just as his mother comes home.
S01E135 Odd Umbrella 05/09/1979 It's raining and Nobita is supposed to take an umbrella to his father at the station but he gives one away to Shizuka and Gian grabs the other. However Doraemon has many umbrellas but unfortunately they are all novelty ones like a bat umbrella that flies and carries his father away.
S01E136 'What if'Telephone booth 06/09/1979
S01E137 Time savings box 07/09/1979 Doraemon produces a machine which can save time so it can be used later. It ends with Nobita putting time back 3 hours so he can do the homework he forgot and his father thinking he left work three hours too early so rushing back there.
S01E138 Leading part insertion machine 08/09/1979 Suneo has a part in a TV show and the others are jealous. Doraemon produces a ray which allows Nobita to be the main character in a story, TV show or anywhere else, and while Suneo just turns out to be one in a crowd, Nobita gets to be the lead in the show (he has Nobita's face, voice, etc.).
S01E139 Telepath robot 10/09/1979 Lazy Nobita is in bed with a minor cold so Doraemon gives him a cap which allows a small robot to read his mind and do what he wants. This leads to the robot stealing Suneo's cake and beating up Gian, unknown by Nobita till he meets them later (both have guessed the robot could have only come from Nobita).
S01E140 Striking the big prize 11/09/1979 Nobita's mother complains to his father about wasting money on lottery tickets. Nobita decides to use the time machine to win some money on the lottery. The tickets are printed out with a number and Nobita has no money to buy a ticket but sees his father buy a ticket worth 300,000,000 yen. The family are planning what to do with the money only to find out his father has taken his mother's moan seriously and sold the ticket to someone else.
S01E141 Actual solid body Sunlight photograph camera 12/09/1979 After ruining Suneo's old camera, Nobita gives him a camera which takes pictures of people and objects then makes 3D versions of them. Suneo manages to upset his mother, Gian and Shizuka using it and they end up chasing him. One of Gian's friends looks exactly like Nobita, even to the clothes.
S01E142 News Publisher Game 13/09/1979 Suneo has got a game which allows him to print his own small newspaper. His first edition comes with a picture of Nobita hitting the ground after Gian has thrown him. Doraemon gives Nobita a machine which will find news and print it but Nobita's run of bad luck goes from bad to worse as more ridiculous pictures of him are taken.
S01E143 Appraising Machine 14/09/1979 Shizuka's uncle is an art critic and thinks Nobita's picture is childish so Doraemon gives him a toy that will make anyone think any painting is the best one ever. Nobita loses it and someone else gets all the praise.
S01E144 Skiing in the Park 15/09/1979 Nobita is jealous of Suneo who is going far from Tokyo to ski. Doraemon's machine enables any section drawn in chalk to be exchanged for a section of land elsewhere. They end up changing the park (at night) for a snow covered mountain so Nobita can try skiing.
S01E145 17/09/1979
S01E147 19/09/1979
S01E148 00/00/0000
S01E150 22/09/1979
S01E151 24/09/1979
S01E152 25/09/1979
S01E153 26/09/1979
S01E154 27/09/1979
S01E155 28/09/1979
S01E156 00/00/0000
S01E157 01/10/1979
S01E158 02/10/1979
S01E159 03/10/1979
S01E160 04/10/1979
S01E161 05/10/1979
S01E162 06/10/1979
S01E163 08/10/1979
S01E164 09/10/1979
S01E165 10/10/1979
S01E167 12/10/1979
S01E168 13/10/1979
S01E169 15/10/1979
S01E171 17/10/1979
S01E172 18/10/1979
S01E173 19/10/1979
S01E175 22/10/1979
S01E176 23/10/1979
S01E177 24/10/1979
S01E178 25/10/1979
S01E179 26/10/1979
S01E180 27/10/1979
S01E181 29/10/1979
S01E182 30/10/1979
S01E183 31/10/1979
S01E184 01/11/1979
S01E185 02/11/1979
S01E188 06/11/1979
S01E189 07/11/1979
S01E191 00/00/0000
S01E192 09/11/1979
S01E193 10/11/1979
S01E194 13/11/1979
S01E195 14/11/1979
S01E196 15/11/1979
S01E197 16/11/1979
S01E198 00/00/0000
S01E199 19/11/1979
S01E200 20/11/1979
S01E201 21/11/1979
S01E202 22/11/1979
S01E203 23/11/1979
S01E206 27/11/1979
S01E207 28/11/1979
S01E208 29/11/1979
S01E209 30/11/1979
S01E210 00/00/0000
S01E211 03/12/1979
S01E213 05/12/1979
S01E214 06/12/1979
S01E215 07/12/1979
S01E216 08/12/1979
S01E217 10/12/1979
S01E218 11/12/1979
S01E219 12/12/1979
S01E220 13/12/1979
S01E221 14/12/1979
S01E223 17/12/1979
S01E224 18/12/1979
S01E225 19/12/1979
S01E226 20/12/1979
S01E227 21/12/1979
S01E228 00/00/0000
S01E230 25/12/1979
S01E231 26/12/1979
S01E232 27/12/1979
S01E233 28/12/2009
S01E234 00/00/0000
S01E235 Cursing Camera 21/09/1979
S02E01 Huko the Typhoon 03/01/1980 Nobita hatches a 22nd century egg and out comes a small typhoon, which he treats as a pet. Then Japan suffers a major typhoon which is heading towards their house which has a loose roof and the little typhoon goes out to try and stop it.
S02E02 1979-07-27 00/00/0000 To avoid getting hit by Gian, Nobita uses a shower which makes it look like he is several feet away from his actual position, which allows him to kick Gian without retaliation.
S02E03 Predicting Bug 07/01/1980 Nobita who was born on August 7 checks his astrology in a comic and thinks he is due a good week. Doraemon gives him a small mechanical bug which if you predict something, it can come true. The problem is that Nobita is a pessimist who thinks the worst, and it was last week's comic he was using.
S02E04 08/01/1980
S02E05 09/01/1980
S02E06 10/01/1980
S02E07 00/00/0000
S02E08 00/00/0000
S02E09 14/01/1980
S02E10 15/01/1980
S02E11 16/01/1980
S02E12 17/01/1980
S02E13 18/01/1980
S02E14 00/00/0000
S02E15 21/01/1980
S02E17 23/01/1980
S02E25 01/02/1980
S02E27 00/00/0000
S02E28 05/02/1980
S02E29 06/02/1980
S02E37 00/00/0000
S02E38 18/02/1980
S02E39 19/02/1980
S02E40 20/02/1980
S02E41 21/02/1980
S02E42 22/02/1980
S02E43 00/00/0000
S02E44 25/02/1980
S02E45 26/02/1980
S02E46 27/02/1980
S02E47 28/02/1980
S02E48 29/02/1980
S02E49 01/03/1980
S02E50 03/03/1980
S02E51 04/03/1980
S02E52 05/03/1980
S02E53 06/03/1980
S02E54 07/03/1980
S02E55 00/00/0000
S02E56 10/03/1980
S02E57 11/03/1980
S02E58 00/00/0000
S02E59 13/03/1980
S02E60 14/03/1980
S02E61 00/00/0000
S02E62 Plan of Shoot! 17/03/1980
S02E63 Energetic Shill 18/03/1980
S02E64 Feeling Instrument Panel 19/03/1980
S02E65 It's the Secret Passage to Run Away 20/03/1980
S02E66 Combination of Watching Free of Charge 21/03/1980
S02E67 Romance in the Mountain 22/03/1980
S02E68 The Money Bees Are Working Hard 24/03/1980
S02E69 00/00/0000
S02E70 The Sniffy Octopus 26/03/1980
S02E71 With the Almighty Camp, You'll Have a Great Camping 27/03/1980
S02E72 Take the Pluto 28/03/1980
S02E73 Inorganic Soporific Megaphone 29/03/1980
S02E74 Magic Straw 31/03/1980
S02E75 Salvation Pill at the Eleventh Hour 01/04/1980
S02E76 02/04/1980
S02E77 How Melting 12/02/1980 A microphone makes every word someone says of great importance to all listeners. Nobita plans to use it on his friends and others but passes wind when it is in his back pocket and he is pursued by a crowd who want to hear him make that great sound again.
S02E78 04/04/1980
S02E79 Visional Call System 07/04/1980
S02E80 08/04/1980
S02E81 To Perform in TV with the Touch Camera 09/04/1980
S02E82 10/04/1980
S02E83 11/04/1980
S02E84 14/04/1980
S02E85 00/00/0000
S02E86 16/04/1980
S02E87 17/04/1980
S02E88 18/04/1980
S02E89 21/04/1980
S02E90 00/00/0000
S02E91 00/00/0000
S02E92 24/04/1980
S02E93 25/04/1980
S02E94 28/04/1980
S02E95 00/00/0000
S02E96 30/04/1980
S02E97 01/05/1980
S02E98 02/05/1980
S02E99 06/05/1980
S02E100 07/05/1980
S02E101 08/05/1980
S02E102 09/05/1980
S02E103 00/00/0000
S02E104 13/05/1980
S02E105 14/05/1980
S02E106 15/05/1980
S02E107 16/05/1980
S02E108 19/05/1980
S02E109 00/00/0000
S02E110 21/05/1980
S02E111 22/05/1980
S02E112 23/05/1980
S02E113 26/05/1980
S02E114 27/05/1980
S02E115 28/05/1980
S02E116 29/05/1980
S02E117 00/00/0000
S02E118 02/06/1980
S02E119 03/06/1980
S02E120 04/06/1980
S02E121 05/06/1980
S02E122 06/06/1980
S02E123 09/06/1980
S02E124 10/06/1980
S02E125 11/06/1980
S02E126 12/06/1980
S02E127 13/06/1980
S02E128 16/06/1980
S02E129 17/06/1980
S02E130 18/06/1980
S02E131 19/06/1980
S02E132 20/06/1980
S02E133 23/06/1980
S02E134 24/06/1980
S02E135 25/06/1980
S02E136 26/06/1980
S02E137 27/06/1980
S02E138 30/06/1980
S02E139 01/07/1980
S02E140 02/07/1980
S02E141 00/00/0000
S02E142 04/07/1980
S02E143 07/07/1980
S02E144 08/07/1980
S02E145 09/07/1980
S02E146 10/07/1980
S02E147 11/07/1980
S02E148 14/07/1980
S02E149 15/07/1980
S02E150 16/07/1980
S02E151 17/07/1980
S02E152 18/07/1980
S02E153 21/07/1980
S02E154 22/07/1980
S02E155 23/07/1980
S02E156 24/07/1980
S02E157 25/07/1980
S02E158 28/07/1980
S02E159 29/07/1980
S02E160 30/07/1980
S02E161 31/07/1980
S02E162 01/08/1980
S02E163 04/08/1980
S02E164 05/08/1980
S02E165 06/08/1980
S02E166 07/08/1980
S02E167 08/08/1980
S02E168 11/08/1980
S02E169 12/08/1980
S02E170 13/08/1980
S02E171 14/08/1980
S02E172 00/00/0000
S02E173 00/00/0000
S02E174 19/08/1980
S02E175 20/08/1980
S02E176 21/08/1980
S02E177 22/08/1980
S02E178 25/08/1980
S02E179 26/08/1980
S02E180 27/08/1980
S02E181 28/08/1980
S02E182 29/08/1980
S02E183 01/09/1980
S02E184 02/09/1980
S02E185 03/09/1980
S02E186 04/09/1980
S02E187 05/09/1980
S02E188 08/09/1980
S02E189 09/09/1980
S02E190 10/09/1980
S02E191 11/09/1980
S02E192 12/09/1980
S02E193 15/09/1980
S02E195 00/00/0000
S02E196 18/09/1980
S02E197 19/09/1980
S02E198 22/09/1980
S02E199 23/09/1980
S02E200 24/09/1980
S02E201 25/09/1980
S02E202 26/09/1980
S02E203 29/09/1980
S02E204 30/09/1980
S02E205 01/10/1980
S02E206 02/10/1980
S02E207 06/10/1980
S02E208 07/10/1980
S02E209 00/00/0000
S02E210 09/10/1980
S02E211 13/10/1980
S02E212 14/10/1980
S02E213 00/00/0000
S02E214 16/10/1980
S02E215 00/00/0000
S02E216 00/00/0000
S02E217 22/10/1980
S02E218 23/10/1980
S02E219 27/10/1980
S02E220 28/10/1980
S02E221 29/10/1980
S02E222 00/00/0000
S02E223 03/11/1980
S02E224 04/11/1980
S02E225 05/11/1980
S02E226 06/11/1980
S02E227 00/00/0000
S02E228 11/11/1980
S02E229 12/11/1980
S02E230 13/11/1980
S02E231 17/11/1980
S02E232 18/11/1980
S02E233 19/11/1980
S02E234 20/11/1980
S02E235 24/11/1980
S02E236 25/11/1980
S02E237 26/11/1980
S02E238 27/11/1980
S02E239 01/12/1980
S02E240 02/12/1980
S02E241 03/12/1980
S02E242 04/12/1980
S02E243 08/12/1980
S02E244 09/12/1980
S02E245 10/12/1980
S02E246 00/00/0000
S02E247 15/12/1980
S02E248 00/00/0000
S02E249 17/12/1980
S02E250 18/12/1980
S02E251 00/00/0000
S02E252 23/12/1980
S02E253 24/12/1980
S02E254 00/00/0000
S02E255 00/00/0000
S04E01 08/01/1982
S04E02 15/01/1982
S04E03 22/01/1982
S04E04 29/01/1982
S04E05 05/02/1982
S04E06 12/02/1982
S04E07 19/02/1982
S04E08 26/02/1982
S04E09 05/03/1982
S04E10 12/03/1982
S04E11 19/03/1982
S04E12 26/03/1982
S04E13 It Floats in the Sky 02/04/1982 Doraemon and Nobita are playing with balloons and paper planes. Shrinking themselves and their friends, they are going on an adventure in the sky.
S04E14 00/00/0000
S04E15 00/00/0000
S04E16 Bird Taxes 00/00/0000 Doraemon gives Nobita a bird that will tax all the pocket money.
S04E17 16/04/1982
S04E18 30/05/1982
S04E19 Weather Cushion 00/00/0000 Doraemon tries to get reluctant Nobita to get out from his room, so he devises a mat that can change the weather.
S04E20 14/06/1982
S04E21 00/00/0000
S04E22 Change to Clouds...? 00/00/0000 Nobita is playing with Doraemon tools that transform him into a small cloud.
S04E23 00/00/0000
S04E24 00/00/0000
S04E29 23/07/1982
S04E35 The Money Hasn't Enough 24/12/1982 Wanting to buy toys, Nobita tries to ask money from his dad, which tries to teach Nobita the importance of saving money. Undeterred Nobita then tries to go to the future and get the savings from his future self, which stops him from doing so.
S05E01 Plant Pen 11/02/1983 Shizuka likes flowers but Nobita has none. However a magic pen allows flowers or trees drawn on paper to come alive. When Doraemon tries it to make a tree house, he unknowingly uses a bit of paper with an advert for a washing machine on the other side with drastic results.
S05E04 28/01/1983
S05E05 Collecting Bottle Cover 04/02/1983
S05E08 25/02/1983
S05E10 Seasons Can 11/03/1983 Nobita's dad is complaining about the weather, so Nobita & Doraemon got him cans that can change the weather.
S05E12 25/03/1983
S05E13 The Proud Nobita 01/04/1983 Nobita tries to get away from his daily chores using Doraemon's gadgets.
S05E14 08/04/1983
S05E15 15/04/1983
S05E16 22/04/1983
S05E17 29/04/1983
S05E18 06/05/1983
S05E19 13/05/1983
S05E20 20/05/1983
S05E21 27/05/1983
S05E22 03/06/1983
S05E23 17/06/1983
S05E24 24/06/1983
S05E25 01/07/1983
S05E26 08/07/1983
S05E27 15/07/1983
S05E28 22/07/1983
S05E29 29/07/1983
S05E30 Chocolate of Heart Shape 05/08/1983 Doraemon gives Nobita a Heart-shaped Chocolate that will make everyone around him have the same idea.
S05E32 Save the Beetle 19/08/1983 Nobita got a Stag Beetle, which got confiscated by Gian. Doraemon then helps him to retrieve the Beetle.
S05E34 26/08/1983
S05E35 02/09/1983
S05E36 09/09/1983
S05E37 16/09/1983
S05E39 30/09/1983
S05E42 21/10/1983
S05E43 28/10/1983
S05E44 04/11/1983
S05E46 18/11/1983
S05E48 02/12/1983
S05E49 09/12/1983
S05E50 16/12/1983
S05E52 30/12/1983