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The bustle and banter of London's iconic Billingsgate fish market provided the backdrop for Reg Varney's first sitcom following his phenomenal success in On the Buses. In the mid-Seventies, Billingsgate was Europe's premier fish market, its turnover running into the hundreds of tons: a muddle of boxes and barrows, merchants and white-smocked porters with their fish boxes perched precariously on their heads. East Ender Varney plays porter Reg Furnell, whose misadventures Down the 'Gate and beyond were charted over two series between 1975 and 1976; Dilys Laye stars as his long-suffering wife, Irene. Although twelve episodes were made only seven now still exist and, for the first time, this set brings together all the remaining episodes of this lesser-known slice of Cockney humour.


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S02E01 The Lie 00/00/0000 Reg has a dilemma: he's promised to take Irene to the pictures, but it's his best mate Wol's birthday. He really catches it when he tries to please them both. But a mink stole is surly the way to win a woman's heart - provided he can get around all those lies he's told. Down the 'Gate ran for two successful series but at some point after transmission all the master taper were destroyed. The only copies now known to exist are six episodes from series two that Reg Varney himself recorded off-air in 1976 and which the kaleidoscope organisation have preserved and transferred to a modern digital format. Though these recordings are obviously not of transmission quality they are the only copies in existence
S02E02 Held In Camera 00/00/0000 There's a double-take down at the fish market. Reg's ma-in-law gives him a super complicated camera that he can't use. So he sells it.
S02E03 Squatters' Rights 00/00/0000 Reg sees red when he finds squatters, in the shape of his brother-in-law and his sister, eating him out of house and home.
S02E04 The Green-Eyed Monster 00/00/0000 It's not Reg's day. He rows with his wife, falls foul of the new guv'nor Mr Preston, then ricks his neck trying to climb the steps of the Monument with four cases of fish on his head.
S02E05 The Guv' Comes to Dinner 00/00/0000 When inflation bites, Reg things his job could be under threat - and cooks up some fishy business of his own.
S02E06 Pearls for Tears 00/00/0000 There's certainly something to sing about when you find an oyster with a pearl in it. That's just what Reg does - but who does it belong to?

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