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Downtown is an animated take on urban life, based on interviews with real people the show follows a diverse and multi racial cast who live in NY. With mind blowing, award winning animation... original stories, brilliantly written... Great acting, easy to relate to likeable characters and a killer soundtrack.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Downtown

S01E01 Sin Bin 03/08/1999 Alex moves into his own apartment, which turns out to be a total dump. When a young punk steals the moving van, Chaka is determined to get it back.
S01E02 Train Pain 10/08/1999 Chaka and Mecca challenge Fruity and Matt to a battle-of-the-sexes subway race. Meanwhile, Alex and Jen's competitive board game play results in a big blowup.
S01E03 Hot Spot 17/08/1999 A trendy new club replaces a dive bar on the ground floor of Alex's building. Chaka is thrilled, but Alex and Jen are appalled and try to shut the place down.
S01E04 Insomnia 24/08/1999 Chaka arranges for Alex to share a dinner of slugs with the exotic Goth girl, Serena. Alex's overwhelming anxiety leads to night after night of insomnia. In the end, it's all worth it when he has an unexpected late-night encounter with his dream girl.
S01E05 The Con 31/08/1999 Alex attends a Horror Con, where he is torn between his wish to impress Serena and his geeky, toy-collecting inclinations.
S01E06 Graffiti 07/09/1999 A subway line fire creates an irresistible opportunity for Matt to tag the stalled trains. Fruity and Chaka tag along and their friendship is tested.
S01E07 Hotel Bar 14/09/1999 Jen accompanies her gold-digging roommate to a fancy hotel bar, while Alex and Goat go cruising for chicks. All involved get more than they bargained for.
S01E08 Limo 28/09/1999 Jen impulsively rents a stretch limo for the night and takes Alex along for a ride chock full of sexual tension. Chaka is pursued by Fruity's nasty ex-girlfriend Patty, the meanest Catholic school-girl in town.
S01E09 Testing 05/10/1999 Alex, Fruity and Goat take part in a research study. Goat becomes extremely paranoid and Alex's high score leads him to question his non-ambition.
S01E10 Night Shift 18/10/1999 Jen is sick of Alex's fixation on Serena and tells him so. But despite her supposed indifference, Jen ends up stalking Serena herself.
S01E11 Before and After 25/10/1999 A set of extremely embarassing photos of Chaka are lost and she must retrieve them. Alex's apartment cleaning results in his secrets being revealed to the public.
S01E12 Cropsey Clanners 01/11/1999 Alex, Jen, Chaka and Mecca take a trip to rural New Jersey. The car breaks down in the woods, close to where the infamous Cropsey Clanners are said to live.
S01E13 Trip or Treat 08/11/1999 Alex finally gets up the nerve to ask Serena out, but when she decides to drop the Goth look, Alex must deal with the question: does he really like her or her outfit?