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Dr. Phil is a talk show hosted by Phil McGraw. After McGraw's success with his segments on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil debuted on September 16, 2002. On both shows McGraw offers advice in the form of "life strategies" from his life experience as a clinical psychologist.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dr. Phil

S01E01 Living in Chaos 16/09/2002 Dr. Phil wastes no time kicking off his new show — what he calls Truth TV — by getting real with stressed out parents. It's a wake-up call to people who argue in front of their kids.
S01E02 Ask Dr. Phil 17/09/2002
S01E03 Kids and Weight 18/09/2005
S01E04 Marriage and Money 19/09/2002
S01E05 Dr. Phil's How To 20/09/2002
S01E06 Rubble Without A Cause / Dressed Up Dino / The Ditto Master 00/00/0000
S01E07 Can't Stand Being a Mom 23/09/2002
S01E08 When Sexual Styles Don't Match 24/09/2002
S01E09 Rob Lowe: Cancer In The Family 25/09/2002
S01E10 Fight Over Fat 26/09/2002
S01E11 Should You Have A Baby? 27/09/2002
S01E12 Heartbreaking Headlines 30/09/2002
S01E13 Ask Dr. Phil 01/10/2002
S01E14 Body Image 02/10/2002
S01E15 Feuding Families 03/10/2002
S01E16 Revenge and Deception 04/10/2002
S01E17 Rescuing Angela 07/10/2002
S01E18 Rescuing Angela, Part 2 08/10/2002
S01E19 Controlling People 09/10/2002
S01E20 Face Your Fears 10/10/2002
S01E21 Project Single Girls 11/10/2002
S01E22 Moochers 14/10/2002
S01E23 Ask Dr. Phil 15/10/2002
S01E24 Sibling Rivalry 16/10/2002
S01E25 'Should We Get Married?' 17/10/2002
S01E26 Addicted To... 18/10/2002
S01E27 Mother vs. Daughter 21/10/2002
S01E28 Commitment Phobia 22/10/2002
S01E29 Discipline Debate 23/10/2002
S01E30 How To Heal A Broken Heart 24/10/2002
S01E31 Mixed Signals 25/10/2002
S01E32 The Sex Talk 28/10/2002
S01E33 Ask Dr. Phil 17/12/2002
S01E34 Fighting in Front of Your Kids 30/10/2002
S01E35 Eating Disorders 31/10/2002
S01E36 Mom Follow-Up 01/11/2002
S01E37 Child Predators 04/11/2002
S01E38 Anger Management 05/11/2002
S01E39 Marriage Roles 06/11/2002
S01E40 Angela Update 07/11/2002
S01E41 How To Get Kids To... 08/11/2002
S01E42 More Controlling People 11/11/2002
S01E43 Living Beyond Your Means 12/11/2002
S01E44 Sexy Too Soon 13/11/2002
S01E45 Dr. Phil's Family Crisis 14/11/2002
S01E46 Infidelity 15/11/2002
S01E47 How Well Do You Know Your Kids? 18/11/2002
S01E48 Your Questions Answered 19/11/2002
S01E49 Top Three Threats to Your Marriage 20/11/2002
S01E50 Moms on the Verge 21/11/2002
S01E51 A Dr. Phil Checkup 22/11/2002
S01E52 Flirts and Teases 25/11/2002
S01E53 Self Matters 26/11/2002
S01E54 My Big Fat Attitude 27/11/2002
S01E55 Empty Nest 29/11/2002
S01E56 Get Straight With Your Weight 02/12/2002
S01E57 Empty Nest 00/00/0000
S01E58 Is This Normal? 03/12/2002
S01E59 Self Matters, Part 2 04/12/2002
S01E60 You're Not Who I Married 05/12/2002
S01E61 Larry King 06/12/2002
S01E62 Cheaters 09/12/2002
S01E63 Closing The Gap 10/12/2002
S01E64 Blended Families 11/12/2002
S01E65 How Are They Now? 12/12/2002
S01E66 Creating Happiness 13/12/2002
S01E67 Spouses Who Let Themselves Go 16/12/2002
S01E68 Ask Dr. Phil 17/12/2002
S01E69 Wrongly Accused 18/12/2002
S01E70 Runaways 19/12/2002
S01E71 Dreading The Holidays 20/12/2002
S01E72 Making Your Resolutions A Reality 06/01/2003
S01E73 How to Talk to Your Kids About... 07/01/2003
S01E74 Opposites 08/01/2003
S01E75 Eating Disorders, Part II 09/01/2003
S01E76 Couple Follow-Ups 10/01/2003
S01E77 Mom's On The Verge, Part II 13/01/2003
S01E78 Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior 14/01/2003
S01E79 Afraid To Age 15/01/2003
S01E80 Can This Marriage Be Saved? 16/01/2003
S01E81 Suddenly Rich 17/01/2003
S01E82 Guest Check-Ups 20/01/2003
S01E83 Is This Normal? 21/01/2003
S01E84 Settle Your Disputes 22/01/2003
S01E85 How to Talk to Your Teens 23/01/2003
S01E86 Self-Defeating Games 24/01/2003
S01E87 Mamma's Boys 27/01/2003
S01E88 My Big Fat Attitude, Part II 28/01/2003
S01E89 For Better or Worse! 29/01/2003
S01E90 Are You Ready for Plastic Surgery? 30/01/2003
S01E91 Etiquette 31/01/2003
S01E92 My Big Fat Baby 03/02/2003
S01E93 My Big Fat Baby, Part II 04/02/2003
S01E94 'How To' For Husbands 05/02/2003
S01E95 Wedding Etiquette 06/02/2003
S01E96 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make 07/02/2003
S01E97 Phil and Robin's Favorite Valentine Gifts 10/02/2003
S01E98 Ask Dr. Phil 11/02/2003
S01E99 Double Trouble 12/02/2003
S01E100 Will There Be a Wedding? 13/02/2003
S01E101 Project Single Girls, Part 2 14/02/2003
S01E102 Looking For Mr. Millionaire 17/02/2003
S01E103 Debate Dr. Phil 18/02/2003
S01E104 The Other Woman 19/02/2003
S01E105 Men Who Cheat 20/02/2003
S01E106 Take It Off! 21/02/2003
S01E107 Moochers, Part 2 24/02/2003
S01E108 How To Fight Fair 25/02/2003
S01E109 Parenting Follow-Up 26/02/2003
S01E110 Bullies 27/02/2003
S01E111 Town Controversies 28/02/2003
S01E112 Shocking Headlines 07/03/2003
S01E113 Annoying Habits 10/03/2003
S01E114 Ask Dr. Phil 11/03/2003
S01E115 Multiple Marriages 12/03/2003
S01E116 Perfectionists 13/03/2003
S01E117 Follow Ups 31/03/2003
S01E118 Ask Dr. Phil, with Teens 01/04/2003
S01E119 Newlyweds 02/04/2003
S01E120 Living with the War, Part 1 03/04/2003
S01E121 Living with the War, Part 2 04/04/2003
S01E122 Ask Dr. Phil 08/04/2003
S01E123 Secrets and Lies 09/04/2003
S01E124 Jay Follow-up 10/04/2003
S01E125 Debate Dr. Phil, Part 2 11/04/2003
S01E126 'My Spouse Acts Like a Child' 14/04/2003
S01E127 Center of Attention 15/04/2003
S01E128 Birth Order 16/04/2003
S01E129 Women Who Dislike Women 17/04/2003
S01E130 Moving On 18/04/2003
S01E131 How to Negotiate 21/04/2003
S01E132 Obesessed with Food 22/04/2003
S01E133 Money Matters 23/04/2003
S01E134 Sex Wars 24/04/2003
S01E135 Kids Gone Wild 25/04/2003
S01E136 Be My Guest 28/04/2003
S01E137 Drama Queens 29/04/2003
S01E138 Adult Bullies 30/04/2003
S01E139 Big Changes, Bigger Problems 01/05/2003
S01E140 Are You Raising a Spoiled Brat? 02/05/2003
S01E141 Kids and Weight Follow-up 05/05/2003
S01E142 What's Behind Our Choices 06/05/2003
S01E143 Worst Spouse in America 07/05/2003
S01E144 People Pleasers and Doormats 08/05/2003
S01E145 The Dark Side of Cheerleading 09/05/2003
S01E146 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make, Part 2 12/05/2003
S01E147 Moms with Secret Lives 13/05/2003
S01E148 Marriage Checkups 14/05/2003
S01E149 Family Grudges 15/05/2003
S01E150 Trading Places 16/05/2003
S01E151 What Dr. Phil Knows About Men 19/05/2003
S01E152 Hormones From Hell 20/05/2003
S01E153 Weight Controversies 21/05/2003
S01E154 Ask Dr. Phil 22/05/2003
S01E155 Fifteen Minutes of Fame 23/05/2003
S01E156 What Dr. Phil Knows About Men, Part 2 26/05/2003
S01E157 Naysayers and Passive-Aggressives 27/05/2003
S01E158 Dr. Phil's Vault 28/05/2003
S01E159 Surviving Divorce 29/05/2003
S01E160 What Do We Do Now? 30/05/2003
S01E161 Get Straight with Your Weight, Part 2 02/06/2003
S01E162 OCD Follow-up 03/06/2003
S01E163 Surviving the Worst 05/06/2003
S01E164 Behind the Scenes 06/06/2003
S01E165 How to Make Millions 13/06/2003
S01E166 Balance of Power 20/06/2003
S01E167 How Long Will I Live? 04/07/2003
S02E01 Parenting 101 01/09/2003
S02E02 'Yup, I Screwed Up!' 02/09/2003
S02E03 Married Too Fast, Too Young 03/09/2003
S02E04 Dr. Phil's Most Memorable Guests 04/09/2003
S02E05 Men and Sex 05/09/2003
S02E06 Biggest Money Mistakes 08/09/2003
S02E07 Couple Wars 09/09/2003
S02E08 Breaking Teens' Bad Habits 10/09/2003
S02E09 'My Personality Is a Problem' 11/09/2003
S02E10 Dr. Phil's Success Stories 12/09/2003
S02E11 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Show 1 15/09/2003
S02E12 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Show 2 16/09/2003
S02E13 Competitive Parents 17/09/2003
S02E14 A Family Divided 18/09/2003
S02E15 One Year Later 19/09/2003
S02E16 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Show 3 22/09/2003
S02E17 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: One-on-One With Dr. Phil 23/09/2003
S02E18 Ask Dr. Phil 24/09/2003
S02E19 A Family Divided, Part 2 25/09/2003
S02E20 Dr. Phil's Confidence Course 26/09/2003
S02E21 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: One-on-One With Dr. Phil 29/09/2003
S02E22 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: The Final Cut 30/09/2003
S02E23 Kids' First... 01/10/2003
S02E24 A Family Divided, Part 3 02/10/2003
S02E25 What's Your Personality? 03/10/2003
S02E26 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Right Thinking, Key #1 06/10/2003
S02E27 Stand By Your Man? 07/10/2003
S02E28 Divided by Race 08/10/2003
S02E29 A Family Divided, Part 4 09/10/2003
S02E30 That's Rude! 10/10/2003
S02E31 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Key #2 13/10/2003
S02E32 Surviving the First Year of Marriage 14/10/2003
S02E33 Are You Disciplining Your Child the Wrong Way? 15/10/2003
S02E34 A Family Divided, Part 5 16/10/2003
S02E35 What Are You Really Mad About? 17/10/2003
S02E36 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Key #3, A No-Fail Environment 20/10/2003
S02E37 Going for Broke 21/10/2003
S02E38 Consumed With Conceiving 22/10/2003
S02E39 A Family Divided, Part 6 23/10/2003
S02E40 How Honest Are Your Friends And Family? 24/10/2003
S02E41 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Confrontations 27/10/2003
S02E42 The Most Overscheduled Moms in America 28/10/2003
S02E43 Family Freeloaders 29/10/2003
S02E44 A Family Divided, Part 7: Delivery Day! 30/10/2003
S02E45 Sex Games 31/10/2003
S02E46 Take It Away! 03/11/2003
S02E47 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Nutrition 04/11/2003
S02E48 Family Matters: An Intervention 05/11/2003
S02E49 An Intervention, Part 2 06/11/2003
S02E50 Marriage Hungry 07/11/2003
S02E51 Mom vs. Mom 10/11/2003
S02E52 Wedding Nightmares 11/11/2003
S02E53 Are They Still Fighting? 12/11/2003
S02E54 A Family Divided, Part 8 13/11/2003
S02E55 Debate Dr. Phil 01/03/2004
S02E56 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Decision Day, Who Gets Kicked Out? 17/11/2003
S02E57 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Decision Day, Part 2 18/11/2003
S02E58 Is This Normal? 19/11/2003
S02E59 A Family Divided, Part 9 20/11/2003
S02E60 Follow Ups 21/11/2003
S02E61 Parenting 101: Biggest Nightmares 24/11/2003
S02E62 Jay's Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens 25/11/2003
S02E63 Brandon's Intervention: Follow-up 26/11/2003
S02E64 You Either Get It or You Don't 28/11/2003
S02E65 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Key #7, Circle of Support 01/12/2003
S02E66 Sexual Slumps 02/12/2003
S02E67 Profile of a Pregnancy 03/12/2003
S02E68 The Role of a Man 04/12/2003
S02E69 Have They Changed? Follow-ups 05/12/2003
S02E70 Ask Dr. Phil About Weight 08/12/2003
S02E71 The Dark Side of Teens 09/12/2003
S02E72 More Hormones from Hell 10/12/2003
S02E73 Was Our Marriage a Mistake? 11/12/2003
S02E74 Accidents Waiting to Happen 12/12/2003
S02E75 Holiday Eating 13/11/2003
S02E76 Girls Misbehaving 16/12/2003
S02E77 Parenting 101: FAQ's 17/12/2003
S02E78 A Family Divided, Part 10 18/12/2003
S02E79 Holidays From Hell 19/12/2003
S02E80 Jealousy and Envy 22/12/2003
S02E81 Dr. Phil's Booty Camp 23/12/2003
S02E82 Heroes and Role Models 24/12/2003
S02E83 Resolutions Revisited 05/01/2004
S02E84 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin 06/01/2004
S02E85 Weight Loss Challenge: Dr. Phil's Family 07/01/2004
S02E86 A Family Divided: America Talks Back 08/01/2004
S02E87 'My Makeover Didn't Work' 09/01/2004
S02E88 Weight Loss Challenge Superstars 12/01/2004
S02E89 Ask Dr. Phil 13/01/2004
S02E90 Adjusting to Parenthood 14/01/2004
S02E91 Inside a Family Divided 15/01/2004
S02E92 Let's Make a Deal! 16/01/2004
S02E93 Weight Loss Challenge Success Stories 19/01/2004
S02E94 The Role of the Man, Part 2 20/01/2004
S02E95 True Love 21/01/2004
S02E96 A Family Divided: A Reunion in Germany 22/01/2004
S02E97 What Are You Thinking? 23/01/2004
S02E98 Bye Bye Booty! 26/01/2004
S02E99 Addictions 27/01/2004
S02E100 Profile of a Pregnancy Follow-up 28/01/2004
S02E101 A Family Divided: Alexandra's Journey 29/01/2004
S02E102 Teen Weight Loss Challenge 30/01/2004
S02E103 Thomas, the Bachelor! 02/02/2004
S02E104 Parenting 101: Follow-ups 03/02/2004
S02E105 Financial Fiascos 04/02/2004
S02E106 A Family Divided: Marty and Erin's Marriage 05/02/2004
S02E107 'The Buttinskys' 06/02/2004
S02E108 Weight Interventions 09/02/2004
S02E109 Meet the Newest Dr. Phil Family 10/02/2004
S02E110 'Our One Big Fight!' 11/02/2004
S02E111 A Family Divided: Six-Month Checkup 12/02/2004
S02E112 Ask Robin About Valentine's Day! 13/02/2004
S02E113 Weight Sabotage! 16/02/2004
S02E114 A Family in Crisis: Stacy Drops A Bombshell 17/02/2004
S02E115 Brandon's Family Follow-up 18/02/2004
S02E116 A Family Divided: Concerns About Katherine 19/02/2004
S02E117 Spend the Day With Dr. Phil 20/02/2004
S02E118 Parenting Gone Bad 23/02/2004
S02E119 A Family in Crisis: 12-Year-Old Michael Leaves Home 24/02/2004
S02E120 Kick 'em Out! 25/02/2004
S02E121 A Family Divided: Confronting Alex About Dating Again 26/02/2004
S02E122 Extreme Follow-ups 27/02/2004
S02E123 Debate Dr. Phil 01/03/2004
S02E124 A Family in Crisis: Stacy and Chris Face Off 02/03/2004
S02E125 'My Big Day Was Ruined!' 03/03/2004
S02E126 A Family Divided: Robin's Intervention 04/03/2004
S02E127 Single and Sick of It 05/03/2004
S02E128 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Check-ups 08/03/2004
S02E129 Booty Camp Finale 22/03/2004
S02E130 A Family in Crisis: Stacy and Chris Put to the Test 23/03/2004
S02E131 Big Bad Bullies 24/03/2004
S02E132 A Family Divided: Alex's Dating and Birth Control 25/03/2004
S02E133 Teen Weight Loss Challenge 29/03/2004
S02E134 A Family in Crisis: Will Dr. Phil Fire This Family? 30/03/2004
S02E135 The Reality of Reunions 02/04/2004
S02E136 'My Big Fat Follow-up' 05/04/2004
S02E137 Baby Dilemmas 06/04/2004
S02E138 'My Gripe With Mom' 07/04/2004
S02E139 A Family in Crisis: Fired For Good? 08/04/2004
S02E140 Too Rich, Too Young 12/04/2004
S02E141 Kids Ask Dr. Phil and Robin 13/04/2004
S02E142 A Family Divided: The Real Marty 15/04/2004
S02E143 Follow-ups 16/04/2004
S02E144 Weight Interventions, Part 2 19/04/2004
S02E145 Mean Girls 20/04/2004
S02E146 O, The Oprah Magazine: Sexual Confidence 21/04/2004
S02E147 A Family in Crisis: Still Fighting 22/04/2004
S02E148 Staff Asks Dr. Phil and Robin 23/04/2004
S02E149 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: The Final Physical Challenge 26/04/2004
S02E150 Debate Dr. Phil 27/04/2004
S02E151 'Afraid of My Children' 28/04/2004
S02E152 A Family Divided: Marty's Confession 29/04/2004
S02E153 'The Bickersons' 30/04/2004
S02E154 Relationship Rescue Retreat 03/05/2004
S02E155 Relationship Rescue Retreat 04/05/2004
S02E156 Parenting 101: Extreme Mistakes? 05/05/2004
S02E157 A Family in Crisis: Will Chris Cheat? 06/05/2004
S02E158 Extreme Marriages 07/05/2004
S02E159 Parenting 101: Parenting Bloopers 10/05/2004
S02E160 Relationship Rescue Retreat: Self-Defeating Games 11/05/2004
S02E161 Anatomy of a Divorce 12/05/2004
S02E162 A Family Divided: After the Confession 13/05/2004
S02E163 A Family Divided: Erin Explodes at Alex 14/05/2004
S02E164 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Who Won't Make It? 17/05/2004
S02E165 Relationship Rescue Retreat: Infidelity 18/05/2004
S02E166 Anatomy of a Divorce, Part 2 19/05/2004
S02E167 A Family Divided: What Lies Ahead? 20/05/2004
S02E168 Extreme Behaviors 21/05/2004
S02E169 Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge Finale 24/05/2004
S02E170 Relationship Rescue Retreat: Parental Legacy 25/05/2004
S02E171 Anatomy of a Divorce: The Final Verdict 26/05/2004
S02E172 A Family in Crisis: What Does the Future Hold? 27/05/2004
S02E173 The Real World 28/05/2004
S02E174 Weight Loss Challenge Success Stories 31/05/2004
S02E175 Relationship Rescue Retreat: Finale 01/06/2004
S02E176 Anti-Aging 02/06/2004
S02E177 tba 00/00/0000
S03E01 How to 'Get Over It' 30/08/2004
S03E02 Ask Dr. Phil 31/08/2004
S03E03 Dads and Daughters 01/09/2004
S03E04 Inspired by a Guest 02/09/2004
S03E05 Mom vs. Mom, Part 2 03/09/2004
S03E06 Inside the Mind of a Mistress 06/09/2004
S03E07 Trading Places, Part 2 07/09/2004
S03E08 Where's Your Child on the Development Curve? 08/09/2004
S03E09 Faultfinders and Flakes 09/09/2004
S03E10 Follow-ups 10/09/2004
S03E11 Dr. Phil Takes on a Town! 13/09/2004 If your kids are kicking, screaming, calling you names or saying "I hate you!" help is on the way. Michelle says her two boys are so out of control, they've even taken a bite out of her! Her husband blames her for their bad behavior, but what's really the problem? Then, Kyle and Jill say their 4-year-old daughter is obsessed with kissing. They even found her in a closet smooching a sweater! Is this normal? Plus, advice for dads about when and how to have the sex talk with their daughters.
S03E12 Family First 14/09/2004 After spending more than two years working on his latest book, Family First, Dr. Phil shares his step-by-step plan for creating the phenomenal family everyone wants. "I know you have the love in your heart," says Dr. Phil. "Family First is the plan to live the love you feel and create a healthy and nurturing family."
S03E13 Custody Battles 15/09/2004 Dr Phil highlights three custody battles that see innocent children being caught in the crossfire of bitter fueds. First, recently divorced Heidi and Will are arguing about Heidi's decision to take their three children and move to Alaska. Next, Twelve-year-old Dillon is caught in the middle between his grandmother, Robin, who raised him, and his mother, Jamie, who is desperate to regain custody. Last, model Bridget Marks' talks to Dr Phil about the high profile battle that made the headlines when she had to hand over her twin daughters to their biological father after a court deemed that she falsely accused him of molestation.
S03E14 Follow-ups with the Dr. Phil Families 16/09/2004 Dr Phil catches up with last year's Dr Phil Families and updates the audience on Marty and Erin's progress, as well as that of Stacy and Chris. Both families have been dealing with the arrival of new babies in the aftermath of their time on the show.
S03E15 Jealous of My Extreme Makeover 17/09/2004 Dr. Phil and Robin give away amazing gifts to honor deserving and caring mothers. One mom will even be driving home in a new Mercedes Benz! ----- A Grandmother's Love Tracy recently became a first-time mother to triplets. She says she couldn't have managed without support from her mom, Debbie. ----- Absentminded Husband Toby says he's clueless when it comes to Mother's Day. Robin comes to his rescue with gift ideas, including favorites she received from her sons, Jay and Jordan. ----- A Special Wish Nicole's mom, Shari, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. Her condition is now terminal, and Nicole worries that this could be their last Mother's Day together. ----- A Reason to Smile Candy is a 35-year-old single mother of four whose abusive ex left her with cracked teeth. Her 14-year-old daughter, Kate, says she hasn't smiled in nearly 10 years. ----- A Mom in Need Matthew's father passed away two months ago, and his mom, Josephine, has been working two jobs to make ends meet and put him through school. "Love does not pay the bills," he says.
S03E16 Anywhere, USA: Teens in Trouble 20/09/2004
S03E17 More Sex! 21/09/2004
S03E18 How To Get Your Kids To ... 22/09/2004
S03E19 Blended Family Trouble 23/09/2004
S03E20 Two Years of 'Dr. Phil': A Look Back 24/09/2004
S03E21 Exclusive: Cher Opens Up About Family 27/09/2004
S03E22 Parenting with Pills 28/09/2004
S03E23 Exclusive: The Bush Family 29/09/2004
S03E24 A Checkup with the Horvath Family 30/09/2004
S03E25 Weight Loss Challenge Follow-ups 01/10/2004
S03E26 Anywhere, USA: Weight Loss Challenge 04/10/2004
S03E27 Suddenly Single 05/10/2004
S03E28 Exclusive: The Kerry Family 06/10/2004
S03E29 Ask Dr. Phil About Parenting 07/10/2004
S03E30 'Is My Spouse Normal?' 08/10/2004
S03E31 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin! 11/10/2004
S03E32 What Type of Parent Are You? 12/10/2004
S03E33 Adoption (1) 13/10/2004
S03E34 Family First: Follow-ups 14/10/2004
S03E35 Newlywed Dread 15/10/2004
S03E36 'Don't Be a Mooch!' 18/10/2004
S03E37 Parents' Top Three Problems 19/10/2004
S03E38 Critical Mates 20/10/2004
S03E39 Blended Family Trouble (2) 21/10/2004
S03E40 Totally Obsessed! 22/10/2004
S03E41 Postpartum Depression 25/10/2004
S03E42 Desperate Parents' Biggest Dilemmas 26/10/2004
S03E43 Judgmental People 27/10/2004
S03E44 Hot Warning Signs 28/10/2004
S03E45 Gastric Bypass Controversy 29/10/2004
S03E46 Custody Battles Update 01/11/2004
S03E47 Families on Fire: Managing Crisis 02/11/2004
S03E48 Extreme Behaviors and Disorders 03/11/2004
S03E49 The Rules of Fighting 04/11/2004
S03E50 How YOU Look Drunk! 05/11/2004
S03E51 The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (1) 08/11/2004
S03E52 The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (2) 09/11/2004
S03E53 Desperate Diets 10/11/2004
S03E54 A Family Affair 11/11/2004
S03E55 'Where'd the Money Go?' 12/11/2004
S03E56 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin 15/11/2004
S03E57 The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (3) 16/11/2004
S03E58 Pedophiles: A Parent's Worst Nightmare 17/11/2004
S03E59 A Family Affair (2) 18/11/2004
S03E60 Left at the Altar 19/11/2004
S03E61 Stage Parents 22/11/2004
S03E62 The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (4) 23/11/2004
S03E63 'Afraid of My Child's Behavior' 24/11/2004
S03E64 Anywhere USA (5) 26/11/2004
S03E65 Black Sheep of the Family 29/11/2004
S03E66 Real Talent? Or Get Real! 30/11/2004
S03E67 'Afraid of My Child's Behavior' Update 01/12/2004
S03E68 Desperate Diets Update 02/12/2004
S03E69 Follow-ups 03/12/2004
S03E70 Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge 06/12/2004
S03E71 Kids Ask Dr. Phil 07/12/2004
S03E72 Aging Gracefully With Robin 08/12/2004
S03E73 Family First Follow-ups (2) 09/12/2004
S03E74 Five Factors for a Phenomenal Family 10/12/2004
S03E75 Medical Controversies 13/12/2004
S03E76 The Rudest Kids in America 14/12/2004
S03E77 Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Party (1) 15/12/2004
S03E78 Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Party (2) 16/12/2004
S03E79 Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Party (3) 17/12/2004
S03E80 Women Addicted to Psychics 20/12/2004
S03E81 Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge 21/12/2004
S03E82 Money Makeovers 03/01/2005
S03E83 Weight Loss Resolutions 04/01/2005
S03E84 Addiction Resolutions 05/01/2005
S03E85 Family Resolutions 06/01/2005
S03E86 'Makeover Our Marriage' 07/01/2005
S03E87 Coach Carter 11/01/2005
S03E88 Overweight Brides 12/01/2005
S03E89 Adoption (2) 13/01/2005
S03E90 Custody Battles Update 00/00/0000
S03E91 Dr. Phil Takes on Abusers 17/01/2005
S03E92 Staying Alive in 2005 18/01/2005
S03E93 More Parenting Dilemmas 20/01/2005
S03E94 Letting Go of Love 21/01/2005
S03E95 Dr. Phil and Dr. Bill 24/01/2005
S03E96 Adoption (3) 25/01/2005
S03E97 Brides with Secrets 26/01/2005
S03E98 Parents Ask Dr. Phil 27/01/2005
S03E99 Adoption Controversy 28/01/2005
S03E100 'Overhaul My Spouse' 31/01/2005
S03E101 Parents' Biggest Mistakes 01/02/2005
S03E102 Newlywed Nightmares 02/02/2005
S03E103 The Doctor, the Wife and the Mistress 03/02/2005
S03E104 'My Child Is Ruining My Life' 04/02/2005
S03E105 Invasive In-laws 07/02/2005
S03E106 Pushy Parents? 08/02/2005
S03E107 Celebrity Obsessed 09/02/2005
S03E108 Gold Diggers and Trophy Wives 10/02/2005
S03E109 Finding Your Perfect Match 11/02/2005
S03E110 Ask Dr. Phil About Sex 14/02/2005
S03E111 Fixing the Feuding Family 15/02/2005
S03E112 Dr. Phil's Premarital Bootcamp 16/02/2005
S03E113 'Grow Up!' 17/02/2005
S03E114 Debate Dr. Phil 18/02/2005
S03E115 Scary Trends 21/02/2005
S03E116 Wedding Disasters 22/02/2005
S03E117 'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?' 23/02/2005
S03E118 'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?' (2) 24/02/2005
S03E119 'My Life is a Mess!' 25/02/2005
S03E120 In-law Intervention 28/02/2005
S03E121 Extreme Sex Differences 01/03/2005
S03E122 'Help Me Get My Kids Back!' 02/03/2005
S03E123 Dr. Phil's Premarital Bootcamp (2) 03/03/2005
S03E124 Dr. Phil's Premarital Bootcamp (3) 04/03/2005
S03E125 Biggest $$$ Mistakes Families Make 07/03/2005
S03E126 Ask Dr. Phil 08/03/2005
S03E127 'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?' Aftermath 09/03/2005
S03E128 ADD Dilemma 11/03/2005
S03E129 The Osbournes: 'Is My Family Normal?' 21/03/2005
S03E130 Weight Loss Challenge Updates 22/03/2005
S03E131 'Help Me Get My Kids Back!' Follow-up 23/03/2005
S03E132 Sports Fanatics 28/03/2005
S03E133 Teens Who Cheat and Gamble 29/03/2005
S03E134 Favorite Guests Follow-ups 31/03/2005
S03E135 Too Old or Too Young for Babies and Sex? 04/04/2005
S03E136 Raising a Stepchild 05/04/2005
S03E137 Secrets in the Suburbs 06/04/2005
S03E138 Unethical Marriages? 07/04/2005
S03E139 Ultimate Revenge 11/04/2005
S03E140 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin 12/04/2005
S03E141 Stories of Survival 14/04/2005
S03E142 Extreme Envy 15/04/2005
S03E143 Big Dollar Dilemmas 18/04/2005
S03E144 Bullies 19/04/2005
S03E145 Reunited 20/04/2005
S03E146 Kids Ask Dr. Phil 21/04/2005
S03E147 Too Much of a Good Thing 22/04/2005
S03E148 Prenup Problems 25/04/2005
S03E149 'Act Your Age!' 26/04/2005
S03E150 Parenting Headaches 27/04/2005
S03E151 Torn Between Two Lovers (1) 28/04/2005
S03E152 Torn Between Two Lovers (2) 29/04/2005
S03E153 Bad Influences 02/05/2005
S03E154 Brainwashed Brides 03/05/2005
S03E155 Reality Check 04/05/2005
S03E156 The Realities of Rehab 05/05/2005
S03E157 Mother's Day Celebration 06/05/2005
S03E158 Meddling Mother-in-Law 09/05/2005
S03E159 Cheaters Caught on Tape 10/05/2005
S03E160 Mikai Returns 11/05/2005
S03E161 OCD Nightmares 12/05/2005
S03E162 Dr. Phil's 500th Show 13/05/2005
S03E163 Ultimate Moochers 16/05/2005
S03E164 'Fighting for My Children' 17/05/2005
S03E165 'Get Off My Back!' 18/05/2005
S03E166 Alcohol and Abuse 19/05/2005
S03E167 If People Really Knew ... 20/05/2005
S03E168 Torn Between Two Lovers (3) 23/05/2005
S03E169 Inside the Cult 24/05/2005
S03E170 Desperate Husbands 25/05/2005
S03E171 Follow-ups 26/05/2005
S03E172 Weight Loss Challenge Finale 27/05/2005
S03E173 Kids Ask Dr. Phil 30/05/2005
S03E174 Parenting Secrets 31/05/2005
S03E175 Unforgivable Past 11/07/2005
S03E176 The Power of Music 18/07/2005
S04E01 The Secret Lives of Single Moms 29/08/2005
S04E02 "Get Rid of It!" 30/08/2005
S04E03 Reunited (2) 31/08/2005
S04E04 Family Intervention 01/09/2005
S04E05 "I Hate Myself" 02/09/2005
S04E06 Phobias 05/09/2005
S04E07 "Fighting For My Children" Follow-Up 06/09/2005
S04E08 Dark Family Secrets 07/09/2005
S04E09 Hurricane Katrina: The Aftermath 08/09/2005
S04E10 Ask Dr. Phil and Follow-ups 09/09/2005
S04E11 Hurricane Katrina: Rescuing the Rescuers 12/09/2005
S04E12 Hurricane Katrina: Rebuilding Lives 13/09/2005
S04E13 1,000 Women! 14/09/2005
S04E14 The Disappearance of Natalee 15/09/2005
S04E15 Pretty/Ugly 16/09/2005
S04E16 Afraid of My Mom 19/09/2005
S04E17 Little Mean Girls 20/09/2005
S04E18 Meddling Future Mothers-in-law 21/09/2005
S04E19 Are You a Racist? 22/09/2005
S04E20 What a Difference a Year Makes! 23/09/2005
S04E21 Honeymoon's Over! 26/09/2005
S04E22 Shocking Teen Trends 27/09/2005 Teens play a potentially deadly choking game.
S04E23 Overmedicating America: The Cruise Controversy 28/09/2005
S04E24 Hurricane Katrina: Follow-Ups 29/09/2005
S04E25 "Get a Backbone!" 30/09/2005
S04E26 The Family Cult 03/10/2005
S04E27 Ask Dr. Phil 04/10/2005
S04E28 Moms: Cut the Chaos 05/10/2005
S04E29 "Stand Up for Yourself" 06/10/2005
S04E30 The Latest Debates 07/10/2005
S04E31 Wifestyles 10/10/2005
S04E32 College Chaos 11/10/2005
S04E33 Overprotective Moms 12/10/2005
S04E34 Cheerleader Scandal 13/10/2005
S04E35 Kick 'Em to the Curb! 14/10/2005
S04E36 Stalking the Stars 17/10/2005
S04E37 I Am Right! 18/10/2005
S04E38 I'm Gay, OK? 19/10/2005
S04E39 You Ruined My Reputation! 20/10/2005
S04E40 Moms and Money Conflicts 21/10/2005
S04E41 Is This Normal? 24/10/2005
S04E42 Deadly Injustice 25/10/2005
S04E43 More Sex with Kim Cattrall 26/10/2005
S04E44 Extreme Parenting 27/10/2005
S04E45 Addicts Transformed 28/10/2005
S04E46 Spoiled and Entitled? 31/10/2005
S04E47 The Stepford Family 01/11/2005 A woman tries to create a perfect existence for her household; a woman wants her husband to stop criticizing her.
S04E48 Falsely Accused 02/11/2005
S04E49 Extreme Food Obsessions 03/11/2005
S04E50 A Shopping Intervention 04/11/2005
S04E51 Dr. Phil's Road Show: Newlywed Challenge 07/11/2005
S04E52 Dr. Phil's Road Show: Newlywed Challenge (2) 08/11/2005
S04E53 The New Generation of Moochers 09/11/2005
S04E54 Infidelity Aftermath 10/11/2005 Couples struggle to save their marriages in the aftermath of infidelity.
S04E55 Dating Disasters 11/11/2005
S04E56 Dr. Phil and Robin's First Wives Club 14/11/2005
S04E57 Dr. Phil and Robin's First Wives Club (2) 15/11/2005
S04E58 My Kid's a Star 16/11/2005
S04E59 The Search for Natalee and Amy 17/11/2005
S04E60 My Annoying Family 18/11/2005 Women say their husbands are crude, rude and obnoxious; an opinionated, blunt mother gets a wake-up call. First aired: 11/18/05
S04E61 Childhood Secrets 21/11/2005
S04E62 Yours, Mine & Ours 22/11/2005
S04E63 Schizophrenia 23/11/2005
S04E64 Biggest Parenting Problems 25/11/2005
S04E65 Conception Deception 28/11/2005
S04E66 Fighting Over the Will 29/11/2005 Families contest wills
S04E67 You Wouldn't Last a Day! 30/11/2005
S04E68 House Call Intervention 01/12/2005
S04E69 Dr. Phil and Robin's First Wives Club (3) 02/12/2005
S04E70 Nasty Breakups 05/12/2005
S04E71 Love Smart (1) 06/12/2005
S04E72 Love Smart (2) 07/12/2005
S04E73 Extreme Follow-Up 08/12/2005
S04E74 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin Plus the JCPenney Jam! 09/12/2005
S04E75 Conned By a Con Artist? 12/12/2005
S04E76 Mom's Biggest Mistakes 13/12/2005
S04E77 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Extravaganza! 14/12/2005
S04E78 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Extravaganza (2) 15/12/2005
S04E79 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Giveaways 16/12/2005
S04E80 New Year: Old Habits 02/01/2005
S04E81 Love Resolutions 03/01/2006
S04E82 Unforgettable Weight Stories 04/01/2006
S04E83 'Am I Cursed?' 05/01/2006
S04E84 No More Excuses with Star Jones Reynolds 06/01/2006 Couples who felt pressured into marriage share their stories.
S04E85 Nasty Custody Battles 09/01/2006
S04E86 Pressured Into Marriage 10/01/2006
S04E87 Living on the Edge 11/01/2006
S04E88 Racism Experiment 12/01/2006
S04E89 Old Flames 13/01/2006
S04E90 Honeymoon's Over Follow-Up 16/01/2006
S04E91 Extreme Disorders 17/01/2006
S04E92 Follow-Ups 19/01/2006
S04E93 Kids Ask Dr. Phil 20/01/2006
S04E94 Too Hot! 23/01/2006
S04E95 Dreams, Nightmares and Night Terrors 24/01/2006
S04E96 Is This Normal? 25/01/2006
S04E97 Shopping Intervention: The Aftermath 26/01/2006
S04E98 Money Disasters 27/01/2006
S04E99 Trapped 30/01/2006
S04E100 Cut 'Em Off! 31/01/2006
S04E101 Throw It Out! 01/02/2006
S04E102 Twisted Love 02/02/2006
S04E103 Competition Freaks 03/02/2006
S04E104 Bad Brides 06/02/2006
S04E105 The Hunt for Amanda 07/02/2006
S04E106 Deadly Eating 08/02/2006
S04E107 Family Secrets, Family Lies 09/02/2006
S04E108 Last Chance 10/02/2006
S04E109 . 06/08/2013
S04E110 Love Smart Island 13/02/2006
S04E111 Love Smart Island (2) 14/02/2006
S04E112 Mr. Mooch 15/02/2006
S04E113 Trouble in the Spotlight 16/02/2006
S04E114 Family Troublemakers 17/02/2006
S04E115 Are You a Bitch? 20/02/2006
S04E116 More Wifestyles 21/02/2006
S04E117 Wedding Wars 22/02/2006
S04E118 Exes from Hell 23/02/2006
S04E119 Liar, Liar 24/02/2006
S04E120 Twisted Love: The Aftermath 27/02/2006
S04E121 On the Outs With In-Laws 28/02/2006
S04E122 Cheaters 01/03/2006
S04E123 Our Biggest Battle 02/03/2006
S04E124 Stop Ruining Your Child! 03/03/2006
S04E125 Love, Lies and the Law 06/03/2006
S04E126 Extreme Highs and Lows 07/03/2006
S04E127 I'm a Slave to My Spouse 20/03/2006
S04E128 More Annoying People 21/03/2006
S04E129 More Wifestyles (3) 27/03/2006
S04E130 Money Hungry 28/03/2006
S04E131 Mommy Dearest 03/04/2006
S04E132 I Want My Ex Back 04/04/2006
S04E133 Loving Dumb 05/04/2006
S04E134 Plastic People 06/04/2006
S04E135 Social Taboos: Is This Normal? 07/04/2006
S04E136 Settle This! 10/04/2006
S04E137 What Are You Afraid Of? 11/04/2006
S04E138 Dangerous Love 12/04/2006
S04E139 Engaged Too Soon 13/04/2006
S04E140 The Dr. Phil Foundation: Helping Kids 14/04/2006
S04E141 Dangerous Kids 17/04/2006
S04E142 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin 18/04/2006
S04E143 Teen Dating and Abuse 19/04/2006
S04E144 I Love Myself 20/04/2006
S04E145 Baby Wars 21/04/2006
S04E146 The Final Ultimatum 24/04/2006
S04E147 Teen Wake-Up Calls 25/04/2006
S04E148 You're Not Hot Enough 26/04/2006
S04E149 Big Burden 27/04/2006
S04E150 Dr. Phil's Mooch Squad 28/04/2006
S04E151 Fighting Styles 01/05/2006
S04E152 Missing 02/05/2006
S04E153 Possessive People 03/05/2006
S04E154 Violent Love Intervention 04/05/2006
S04E155 When Sex Styles Don't Match 05/05/2006
S04E156 A Mother's Rage 08/05/2006
S04E157 Finding Allene and Mollie 09/05/2006
S04E158 Finding Allene and Mollie (2) 10/05/2006
S04E159 Mind Your Business! 11/05/2006
S04E160 Toxic Relationships 12/05/2006
S04E161 Son-in-Law vs. Mother-in-Law 15/05/2006
S04E162 The Divorce Experiment 16/05/2006
S04E163 Brandon Behind Bars 17/05/2006
S04E164 Alex Turns 18 18/05/2006
S04E165 My Fiance is a Stalker 19/05/2006
S04E166 Predator Sting 22/05/2006
S04E167 Abandoned 23/05/2006
S04E168 Get My Groom to Grow Up! 24/05/2006
S04E169 Cheating Fiancés? 25/05/2006
S04E170 Summer Slim 26/05/2006
S04E171 Biggest Brats 10/07/2006
S04E172 Domestic Dollar Disputes 11/07/2006
S04E173 A Predator in the House? 12/07/2006
S04E174 Online Dating 13/07/2006
S04E175 End of the Year Follow-Ups 14/07/2006
S04E176 Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later 28/08/2006
S04E177 Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later (2) 29/08/2006
S05E01 More Feuding In-laws 04/09/2006
S05E02 Biggest Love Mistakes 11/09/2006
S05E03 Inside My Heart 12/09/2006
S05E04 Man Stealers 13/09/2006
S05E05 More Brats 14/09/2006
S05E06 Dirty Little Secrets 15/09/2006
S05E07 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance 18/09/2006
S05E08 When In-Laws Cross the Line 19/09/2006
S05E09 Revenge of the Exes 20/09/2006
S05E10 Cult Confrontations 21/09/2006
S05E11 Follow-Ups 22/09/2006
S05E12 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance (2) 25/09/2006
S05E13 Marry Me or Else! 26/09/2006
S05E14 Generation Rx 27/09/2006
S05E15 Love Scams? 28/09/2006
S05E16 Wedding Dos and Don'ts 29/09/2006
S05E17 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance (3) 02/10/2006
S05E18 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin 03/10/2006
S05E19 Custody Battles Gone Bad 04/10/2006
S05E20 Attack in the Night 05/10/2006
S05E21 The IQ Answer 06/10/2006
S05E22 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance (4) 09/10/2006
S05E23 Drunken Mistakes 10/10/2006
S05E24 One Paycheck Away 11/10/2006
S05E25 Divorcing the Family 12/10/2006
S05E26 Teen Plastic Surgery 13/10/2006
S05E27 Runaway Dramas 16/10/2006
S05E28 What Would Robin Do? 17/10/2006
S05E29 In-Law Threats 18/10/2006
S05E30 Teachers Caught in the Act 19/10/2006
S05E31 Cheapskates and Big Spenders 20/10/2006
S05E32 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred (1) 23/10/2006
S05E33 Fifty and Fabulous! 24/10/2006
S05E34 Home Wreckers 25/10/2006
S05E35 Backstabbing Sisters 26/10/2006
S05E36 New Orleans Scam? 27/10/2006
S05E37 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred (2) 30/10/2006
S05E38 Cheating Disasters 31/10/2006
S05E39 Is This Normal? 01/11/2006
S05E40 Gorgeous Isn't Enough! 02/11/2006
S05E41 Shocking Accusations 03/11/2006
S05E42 The Lie Detector Tests 06/11/2006
S05E43 The Lie Detector Tests (2) 07/11/2006
S05E44 Cougars and Sugar Daddies 08/11/2006 Is age just a number when it comes to love? Sanjay, 40, is rich and dating an 18-year-old. His friend fears she’ll have Sanjay in the poorhouse! Then, Ryan, 24, is engaged to a woman 15 years older.
S05E45 Dr. Phil Scam 09/11/2006 Dr. Phil is outraged by phonies who allegedly take viewers’ money by promising therapy with Robin and him. Then, Robin makes a call to the alleged scammers, and a private investigator sets up a sting.
S05E46 Dr. Phil Scam (2) 10/11/2006 It’s day two of the hunt for con artists posing as Dr. Phil and Robin. Don’t miss his confrontation with the scammers. Then, Renee, who was cheated out of thousands, sits down with the real Dr. Phil.
S05E47 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred (3) 13/11/2006 After nine days of intense exercises designed to question their beliefs and values, are the six prejudiced people who walked into The Dr. Phil House the same people who leave?
S05E48 Sisters at War 14/11/2006 You’ve heard the saying, “Blood is thicker than water,” but is it really? Colleen says her sister, April, betrayed her by trying to fix up her boyfriend and father of her children with another woman.
S05E49 When Too Much Is ... Too Much 15/11/2006 Kristy has over 200 cats, and her neighbors, Dennis and Ray, say her property is a big, disgusting litter box. Then, Mike says his wife won’t throw anything away, and he’s ready to take desperate measures
S05E50 Starving for Perfection 16/11/2006 Have you ever thought, "If I could lose five more pounds, I'd be perfect?" Darlene thinks that every day, even though she's 5' 3" and weighs 60 pounds. And, Jennifer is 23 but only weighs 63 pounds.
S05E51 In-Laws' Dirty Secrets Exposed 17/11/2006 Gerri fears that her son-in-law, Alan, is such a danger to her daughter, Melissa, and her grandchildren, that he may even kill them. Alan and Melissa are outraged and say Gerri is out to destroy their marriage.
S05E52 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins, The Intervention 20/11/2006 Two all-American twin sisters find themselves in a downward spiral of drug addiction, homelessness and prostitution. How did their lives spin so out of control? This is a wake-up call for parents!
S05E53 Nightmare Brides and Grooms 21/11/2006 What happens when wedding preparations get crazy? Mike and Jamie agreed to a small Vegas wedding, but ended up spending over $6,000. Then, Richard wants his fiancé’s mom to sew her gown.
S05E54 Rude Relatives 22/11/2006 Do you know someone who makes you cringe? Dana says her sister-in-law calls her “dyke,” “bitch,” and “whore.” Then, Paula lives in terror of her son, and says he threatened to set their house on fire
S05E55 Great School Debate 24/11/2006 Parents want the best for their kids, but what’s the best way to educate them? Dana and her husband don’t believe in tests or grades. Plus, RaeAnn calls schools unsafe, and wants to homeschool her kids.
S05E56 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins, The Intervention (2) 27/11/2006
S05E57 Jeremy Returns 28/11/2006
S05E58 Out of the Dog House! 29/11/2006
S05E59 Spoiled and Entitled 30/11/2006
S05E60 Big Weight Issues 01/12/2006
S05E61 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins, The Intervention (3) 04/12/2006
S05E62 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin 05/12/2006
S05E63 Teacher Troubles 06/12/2006
S05E64 Homework Hell 07/12/2006
S05E65 Out-of-Control Husbands 08/12/2006
S05E66 Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Show! 11/12/2006
S05E67 Convince Me! 12/12/2006
S05E68 Holiday Horror Stories 13/12/2006
S05E69 Extreme Lives 14/12/2006
S05E70 Children of Addicts 15/12/2006
S05E71 How Are They Now? 18/12/2006
S05E72 Wacky Resolutions 02/01/2007
S05E73 Meet Your Match 03/01/2007
S05E74 What I Want This Year! 04/01/2007
S05E75 No More Jerks! 05/01/2007
S05E76 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention 08/01/2007
S05E77 False Confessions 09/01/2007
S05E78 Mega Moochers 10/01/2007
S05E79 In Search Of ... 11/01/2007
S05E80 Settle This! 12/01/2007
S05E81 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention (2) 15/01/2007
S05E82 Marriage Deal-Breakers 16/01/2007
S05E83 Gender Identity Crisis 17/01/2007
S05E84 Mr. Wrong 18/01/2007
S05E85 Young Moms Ask the Experts 19/01/2007
S05E86 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention (3) 22/01/2007
S05E87 Snobs and Egomaniacs 23/01/2007
S05E88 Problem Parent or Problem Child? 24/01/2007
S05E89 Rude and Crude People 25/01/2007
S05E90 Bullies 26/01/2007
S05E91 Fatal Attraction? 29/01/2007
S05E92 Should I Stay or Should I Go? 30/01/2007
S05E93 Big Love 31/01/2007
S05E94 A Difficult Reunion 01/02/2007
S05E95 A Difficult Reunion (2) 02/02/2007
S05E96 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp 05/02/2007
S05E97 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (2) 06/02/2007
S05E98 Little Boys, Big Weight Problems 07/02/2007
S05E99 Flasher Exposed 08/02/2007
S05E100 Sign on the Line! 09/02/2007
S05E101 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (3) 12/02/2007
S05E102 Secret Love 13/02/2007
S05E103 Valentine Troubles 14/02/2007
S05E104 The Young and the Reckless 15/02/2007
S05E105 Biggest Reunions Ever 16/02/2007
S05E106 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (4) 19/02/2007
S05E107 Love or Money 20/02/2007
S05E108 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins Follow-Up 21/02/2007
S05E109 Adoption Scams 22/02/2007
S05E110 Adoption Scams (2) 23/02/2007
S05E111 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (5) 26/02/2007
S05E112 What Would You Do? 27/02/2007
S05E113 Silent Darkness 28/02/2007
S05E114 Sudden Fame 01/03/2007
S05E115 Caught in the Act 02/03/2007
S05E116 Anna and Britney: Behind the Headlines 05/03/2007
S05E117 To Be a Child Star 06/03/2007
S05E118 The Scott Peterson Jurors 08/03/2007
S05E119 Dominating Spouses 09/03/2007
S05E120 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (6) 12/03/2007
S05E121 Weddings Gone Bad 19/03/2007
S05E122 I Hate This Marriage 20/03/2007
S05E123 Anna's Aftermath 22/03/2007
S05E124 Teen Intervention Follow-Up 26/03/2007
S05E125 Fifteen Minutes of Fame 27/03/2007
S05E126 Runaways Gone Wild 28/03/2007
S05E127 The Price of Privilege 03/04/2007
S05E128 Did He or Didn't He? 04/04/2007
S05E129 What's Up, Doc? 05/04/2007
S05E130 Explosive Anger and Its Aftermath 06/04/2007
S05E131 The Dr. Phil House: Saving Grace 09/04/2007
S05E132 Husbands Ask Dr. Phil 10/04/2007
S05E133 Anna Nicole Smith: Family Controversy 11/04/2007
S05E134 Twin Tug of War 12/04/2007
S05E135 180-Degree Turn 13/04/2007
S05E136 The Dr. Phil House: Saving Grace (2) 16/04/2007
S05E137 Identity Theft 17/04/2007
S05E138 Wrongful Punishment 18/04/2007
S05E139 Moms Gone Wild 19/04/2007
S05E140 Mistrust in Love 20/04/2007
S05E141 Family Drama 23/04/2007
S05E142 Is This Normal? 24/04/2007
S05E143 Know-It-All In-Laws 25/04/2007
S05E144 Obsessive Love 26/04/2007
S05E145 Obsessive Love: The Drama Continues 27/04/2007
S05E146 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention 30/04/2007
S05E147 Call it Off! 01/05/2007
S05E148 Bully Dads 02/05/2007
S05E149 Lay Down the Law 03/05/2007
S05E150 Overweight and Forgotten 04/05/2007
S05E151 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention (2) 07/05/2007
S05E152 Torn between Two Husbands 08/05/2007
S05E153 Strung Out! 09/05/2007
S05E154 Obsessive Love: Secrets Revealed 10/05/2007
S05E155 Obsessive Love: On the Run 11/05/2007
S05E156 The Dr. Phil House: Make My Kid a Star 14/05/2007
S05E157 The Dr. Phil House: Make My Kid a Star (2) 15/05/2007
S05E158 Anatomy of Abuse 16/05/2007
S05E159 Meddling Moms 17/05/2007
S05E160 Girly Men? 18/05/2007
S05E161 The Dr. Phil House: Make My Kid a Star (3) 21/05/2007
S05E162 The True Life of Marcia Brady 22/05/2007
S05E163 Secret Love: The Aftermath 23/05/2007
S05E164 Who Am I? 24/05/2007
S05E165 Step Monster 25/05/2007
S05E166 Family on Fire: House Intervention (3) 28/05/2007
S05E167 Family on Fire: House Intervention (4) 29/05/2007
S05E168 Ask the Authors 30/05/2007
S05E169 You Owe Me an Apology! 09/07/2007
S05E170 Slacker Wives and Moocher Moms 10/07/2007
S05E171 What Happened Next? 12/07/2007
S05E172 Prison Moms 13/07/2007
S05E173 Who's the Evil-Doer? 03/09/2007
S05E174 Violent Kids 04/09/2007
S05E175 Family Follow-Up 05/09/2007
S05E176 The Ex Factor 06/09/2007
S05E177 Kids Caught in the Middle 07/09/2007
S06E01 Season 6 Premiere 10/09/2007
S06E02 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds 11/09/2007
S06E03 The Nanny Affair 12/09/2007
S06E04 The Nanny Affair (2) 13/09/2007
S06E05 Saboteurs 14/09/2007
S06E06 Faking It? 17/09/2007
S06E07 Etiquette Dilemmas 18/09/2007
S06E08 Nasty Neighbors 19/09/2007
S06E09 Change My Face, Change My Race 20/09/2007
S06E10 Does Age Matter? 21/09/2007 Same-Sex Marriage: The Prop 8 Debate It’s a hot-button topic in California and around the country: The passage of Proposition 8, which reinstated a ban on same-sex marriage. Supporters of this initiative voted to preserve the sanctity of marriage solely between a man and a woman. Opponents of Prop 8 say it violates the constitutional rights of the gay community and that America’s laws should treat everyone equally. Since Election Day, numerous protests and rallies have been organized to overturn the law, and the debates are getting heated regarding this highly personal and controversial topic. Dr. Phil’s guests debate their opposing points of view: Discrimination attorney Gloria Allred, president of the Human Rights Campaign Joe Solmonese, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Pastor Jim Garlow, president of National Organization of Marriage Maggie Gallagher and co-campaign manager for the Yes on 8 Campaign Jeff Flint. Whatever your beliefs, you won’t want to miss this show!
S06E11 Bishop T. D. Jakes 24/09/2007
S06E12 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (2) 25/09/2007
S06E13 Cranky Kids 26/09/2007
S06E14 Hobo Daddy 27/09/2007
S06E15 The Jena 6 28/09/2007
S06E16 Jena 6 Continues 01/10/2007
S06E17 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (3) 02/10/2007
S06E18 Mama Drama 03/10/2007
S06E19 Britney Breaking News 04/10/2007
S06E20 Follow-Ups 05/10/2007
S06E21 Frankie and Gwen 08/10/2007
S06E22 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (4) 09/10/2007
S06E23 Troubled Teen Love 10/10/2007
S06E24 Munchausen Mom 11/10/2007
S06E25 Mild vs. Wild 12/10/2007
S06E26 The O.J. Book Battle 15/10/2007
S06E27 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (5) 16/10/2007
S06E28 Sexual Predators? 17/10/2007
S06E29 Deadly Kids 18/10/2007
S06E30 Suing for Love 19/10/2007
S06E31 Exes at War 22/10/2007
S06E32 Tuesdays with Morrie 23/10/2007
S06E33 Controversial Love Affairs 24/10/2007
S06E34 Policing the Parents 25/10/2007
S06E35 Devastating Divorce 26/10/2007
S06E36 Parent Trap 29/10/2007
S06E37 Body Dysmorphia 30/10/2007
S06E38 A Model's Dangerous Marriage 31/10/2007
S06E39 Teacher Sex Scandal 01/11/2007
S06E40 Teacher Sex Scandal (2) 02/11/2007
S06E41 DNA Dramas 05/11/2007
S06E42 Introducing the House of Judgment 06/11/2007
S06E43 Finding Alex 07/11/2007
S06E44 Banned from the Wedding 08/11/2007
S06E45 Debate Dr. Phil and the Bishop 09/11/2007
S06E46 House of Judgment 12/11/2007
S06E47 Will Fights 13/11/2007
S06E48 A Daughter in Danger? 14/11/2007
S06E49 A Daughter in Danger? (2) 15/11/2007
S06E50 Scary Skinny 16/11/2007
S06E51 A Husband's Shocking Confessions 19/11/2007
S06E52 A Husband's Shocking Confessions (2) 20/11/2007
S06E53 A Husband's Shocking Confessions (3) 21/11/2007
S06E54 Katherine Returns 26/11/2007
S06E55 Banned from the Wedding (2) 27/11/2007
S06E56 Divorce Decision 28/11/2007
S06E57 Too Big, Too Young 29/11/2007
S06E58 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin 30/11/2007
S06E59 Shocking Teen Trends 03/12/2007
S06E60 Doomed from the Start? 04/12/2007
S06E61 Internet Dangers 05/12/2007
S06E62 Desperate to Be a Mom 06/12/2007
S06E63 A Killer among Us? 07/12/2007
S06E64 House of Judgment (2) 10/12/2007
S06E65 Plastic Surgery Nightmares 11/12/2007
S06E66 Christmas Chaos 12/12/2007
S06E67 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Celebration 13/12/2007
S06E68 Is This Normal? 14/12/2007
S06E69 House of Judgment (3) 17/12/2007
S06E70 Dangerous Daughters 18/12/2007
S06E71 Parents' Ultimate Test: Dealing with Autism 19/12/2007
S06E72 No Kidding New Year's Resolutions 02/01/2008
S06E73 Shocking Trends of the New Year 03/01/2008
S06E74 New Year's Resolutions 04/01/2008
S06E75 Don't Be That Girl 07/01/2008
S06E76 Cyber Bullies 08/01/2008
S06E77 When to Call It Quits 09/01/2008
S06E78 What's Age Got to Do with It? 10/01/2008
S06E79 My Big, Fat, Spoiled Family Member 11/01/2008
S06E80 At War with My Teen 14/01/2008
S06E81 Internet Mistakes 15/01/2008
S06E82 Get Rich Quick Disasters 16/01/2008
S06E83 Get Your Act Together! 17/01/2008
S06E84 Butt Out! 18/01/2008
S06E85 Real Life Gossip Girls 21/01/2008
S06E86 Cojo: Back from the Brink 22/01/2008
S06E87 Con Artists and Thieves 23/01/2008
S06E88 I Want Out! 24/01/2008
S06E89 Secrets in the Suburbs 25/01/2008
S06E90 The Baggy Pants Debate 28/01/2008
S06E91 Extreme Weight with The Doctors 29/01/2008
S06E92 Get Rid of It! 30/01/2008
S06E93 Vigilante Justice 31/01/2008
S06E94 Teens Having Babies 01/02/2008
S06E95 Dirty Little Secrets 04/02/2008
S06E96 The Dr. Phil House: Rules of Engagement 05/02/2008
S06E97 Pill Popping Twins 06/02/2008
S06E98 Pill Popping Twins (2) 07/02/2008
S06E99 My Worst Valentine! 08/02/2008
S06E100 1000th Show! 11/02/2008
S06E101 1000 Celebration Continues! 1001! 12/02/2008
S06E102 Behind Closed Doors 13/02/2008
S06E103 Lies and Betrayal 14/02/2008
S06E104 Living on a Prayer 15/02/2008
S06E105 Sober Up or Else! 18/02/2008
S06E106 The Dr. Phil House: Rules of Engagement (2) 19/02/2008
S06E107 Bully Husband 20/02/2008
S06E108 Family Court Battles 21/02/2008
S06E109 Hell Weddings 22/02/2008
S06E110 Deadly Thin 25/02/2008
S06E111 Alter Egos 26/02/2008
S06E112 Internet Cheats 27/02/2008
S06E113 Still Chasing the Crown 28/02/2008
S06E114 Follow-Ups 29/02/2008
S06E115 Teens and Sex with the Bishop 03/03/2008
S06E116 The Dr. Phil House: Rules of Engagement (3) 04/03/2008
S06E117 Identity Theft (2) 05/03/2008
S06E118 Dr. Phil Now: Sex Offenders Next Door 07/03/2008
S06E119 Underage Marriage 10/03/2008 A family drama revolves around teen marriage, accusations of sexual abuse and maternal abandonment.
S06E120 Dr. Phil Now: Targeting the Paparazzi 11/03/2008
S06E121 Let's Talk about Sex 12/03/2008
S06E122 Dr. Phil Now: Fly Girls 14/03/2008
S06E123 Love Junkies 18/03/2008
S06E124 Battered and Bruised 31/03/2008
S06E125 The Superbug Scare 01/04/2008
S06E126 Hitting Rock Bottom 02/04/2008
S06E127 Perfectionist Moms 03/04/2008
S06E128 Ask Dr. Phil about Parenting 04/04/2008
S06E129 Will Fights 07/04/2008
S06E130 Ask The Doctors 08/04/2008
S06E131 Fat Abusers 09/04/2008
S06E132 Marriage Dilemmas 10/04/2008
S06E133 Women Beware! 11/04/2008
S06E134 The Dr. Phil House: House of Greed 14/04/2008
S06E135 Desperate for My Daughter 15/04/2008
S06E136 Drug Troubles 16/04/2008
S06E137 You're a Liar! 17/04/2008
S06E138 Exhibitionists 18/04/2008
S06E139 The Dr. Phil House: House of Greed (2) 21/04/2008
S06E140 Dr. Phil Now: Secrets inside the Compound 22/04/2008
S06E141 Dr. Phil Now: The Children of the Compound 23/04/2008
S06E142 A Boy in Trouble 24/04/2008
S06E143 Confronting Grandpa 25/04/2008
S06E144 A Secret Inside: Extreme Hoarding 28/04/2008
S06E145 Daddy Drama 29/04/2008
S06E146 It's My Baby Too! 30/04/2008
S06E147 Inappropriate In-Laws 01/05/2008
S06E148 Cougar Craze 02/05/2008
S06E149 Divorce that Daughter- in-Law! 05/05/2008
S06E150 Moochers 06/05/2008
S06E151 Male Egos Out of Control 07/05/2008
S06E152 Is This Marriage Really Over? 08/05/2008
S06E153 Mama Drama 09/05/2008
S06E154 Sister-in-Law from Hell? 12/05/2008 Bad relationships with in-laws are discussed.
S06E155 Babysitter Gone Bad 13/05/2008
S06E156 I'm Hot, You're Not! 14/05/2008
S06E157 Psychic Dramas 15/05/2008 Psychic medium James Van Praagh discusses his latest book, "Ghosts Among Us"'; actress Jennifer Love Hewitt; a woman spends excessive amounts of money on psychic readings.
S06E158 Spanking Scandals 16/05/2008
S06E159 Nuptial Nightmares 19/05/2008
S06E160 The Dr. Phil House: Brat Camp 20/05/2008
S06E161 Grandpa Returns: The Aftermath 21/05/2008
S06E162 Cults? 22/05/2008
S06E163 Beach Body Boot Camp 23/05/2008
S06E164 The Dr. Phil House: Brat Camp (2) 26/05/2008
S06E165 The Dr. Phil House: Brat Camp (3) 27/05/2008
S06E166 Against All Odds 28/05/2008
S06E167 The Sex Talk 29/05/2008
S06E168 Adult Sibling Rivalry 07/07/2008
S06E169 Ask Dr. Phil 08/07/2008
S06E170 Newlywed Bank Robbers 09/07/2008
S06E171 Can This Family Be Saved? 10/07/2008
S06E172 Abducted from School 11/07/2008
S06E173 Custody Chaos 01/09/2008
S06E174 Ask The Doctors 02/09/2008
S06E175 More Nasty Neighbors 03/09/2008
S06E176 Ask Dr. Phil 04/09/2008
S06E177 Party Mom 05/09/2008
S07E01 Busted Online 08/09/2008
S07E02 Make It or Break It 09/09/2008
S07E03 The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution 10/09/2008
S07E04 The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution (2) 11/09/2008 Dr. Phil celebrates 40 years of musical genius with legendary music producer David Foster. After four decades, 45 nominations and 15 Grammy wins, David shares his memorable stories in his new book, Hitman: Forty Years Making Music, Topping the Charts and Winning Grammys, and DVD/CD, Hit Man: David Foster and Friends.
S07E05 The N-Word Debate 12/09/2008
S07E06 Money Rescue: Surviving the Crisis 15/09/2008 When you tie the knot, you don't just marry your spouse, in-laws and siblings often come with the package. But what should you do if you find yourself feuding with your new family? Jessica says she hoped that her relatives would love her husband, Seth, as much as she does, but most of them say they hate him. Her mother, Irma says she's offended by the nasty names Seth calls Jessica and says he needs to start being a man. Seth and Irma are constantly at each other's throats, and Jessica has had to physically restrain her mother from punching her husband. One of Seth and Irma's most-heated confrontations occurred two years ago in the delivery room while Jessica was giving birth! Now Seth threatens to keep the kids from visiting Grandma. Jessica says she can't take the fighting anymore, but is she contributing to the problem? Find out what Seth's mom, Laurie, says needs to happen. Can this family find a way to cease the combat and move forward? Then, Andrea says the war with her mother, Vicki, started three months ago when Vicki gave her an ultimatum: pay rent or move out of her rental house. Vicki says she had allowed Andrea and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Simon, to live in the house rent-free, but now she needs the money. Andrea, who recently suffered two heart attacks and was diagnosed with an illness, says her mom's timing was horrible, but she moved out and has barely communicated with her since. Now that the relationship has deteriorated to constant bickering, is it worth saving? Find out what Dr. Phil thinks. If your family is feuding and you want to learn how to rebuild the relationships, you won't want to miss this show!
S07E07 Real Life: Heart Shattered 16/09/2008 A new study shows that in America, as many as one in five men is having an extramarital affair, and that 15 percent of women are cheating too. Is your spouse being unfaithful? Jessica says she caught her husband of two and a half years, Ryan, having an affair with his ex-wife, April, whom she thought was her friend. Ryan admits to having a one-time only rendezvous with April, but April says it occurred closer to 60 times. Who's telling the truth? Jessica fears her husband and April are still keeping secrets from her. Because Ryan and April share custody of a son, Jessica laid down specific rules for when they interact. Are these stipulations keeping Ryan's behavior in check? After Dr. Phil sends Ryan backstage to have a private conversation with his wife, does he admit to more than the one-night fling with April? Will Jessica decide to rebuild the bond with her husband or cut him loose? Then, Daniel admitted to his wife, Karen, that he had an emotional affair with a woman he met online. Only days before coming to the show, he confessed that the affair was sexual. He says he's sorry and wants to put his family back together, but will Karen take him back?
S07E08 Save My Mommy! 17/09/2008 Dieters know how hard it is to shed five or 10 pounds. What do you do when you need to lose 100 pounds … and you’re just 10 years old? Dr. Phil talks to parents who say they can’t get their child to stop eating, and they fear this food addiction could turn deadly. Luz’s daughter, Kayla, is just 5 years old, but she already tips the scales at 113 pounds. Luz says her child throws temper tantrums when she doesn’t eat, and she once screamed so loudly for junk food, her neighbors called the police! Does Kayla have an eating disorder, or is Luz enabling her? Dr. Jim Sears, host of the new show The Doctors, gives this mom a wake-up call. Then, Stephanie says her 3-year-old daughter, SaJatta, is addicted to sausage and grits. The toddler weighs 88 pounds and gets winded just walking up the stairs in her house. SaJatta’s grandmother, Mary, says the little girl is spoiled, and she doesn’t know how to say no to her. What do the results from SaJatta's blood work reveal? Can the family conquer her obesity? Plus, Mary says her daughter, Brittany, was an active child until she broke her ankle five years ago. Now at age 10, Brittany weighs 190 pounds, and her folks say she’s turned into a couch potato. How can Mary and her husband, Roger, motivate the child to lose weight? Fitness trainer Robert Reames has a surprise for the family!
S07E09 Parents Falsely Accused? 18/09/2008 As the nation suffers through an economic meltdown, many Americans resort to drastic measures to keep their families afloat. Just how far would you go to stay in the black? Laura and her husband, Allen, say they’ve made nearly $1 million in the last six years. There’s just one problem –- they don’t have jobs! Self-proclaimed professional shoplifters, the couple says they travel across state lines to steal TVs, toys, electronics and more –- and they often take their three young children along on their heists. They videotape themselves to show Dr. Phil how they get away with nabbing big-ticket items. Do Laura and Allen just get a thrill from thievery, or are they kleptomaniacs? Can the couple quit for good before they get arrested and lose their children? Then, Tami and Chris have a beautiful house, three cars and two children. But Tami says her husband is shattering their idyllic home life with his shoplifting addiction. She says he’s been arrested four times and was recently sentenced to 90 days in state prison. Chris joins Dr. Phil via satellite from jail to tell his side of the story. Find out why he says he can’t stop stealing, but when he hears his 4-year-old daughter's emotional plea, will he change his mind? And, Tami’s mom, Marilyn, calls Chris a pathological liar and says her daughter needs to kick him to the curb. Is Chris beyond redemption? Will he be able to clean up his act?
S07E10 School Controversies 19/09/2008 Thursday - November 20, 2008 Spouses at War From the outside, they appear to be a perfect couple – successful, affluent and respected in the community. But behind closed doors, Jake and Donna’s knock-down, drag-out fights are driving them to the brink of divorce. Donna says that Jake’s abusive temper ranges from terrible verbal insults, to threatening to push her over a second-story railing, to waving a gun around! Though his apologies come with elaborate gifts, Donna says she just wants the abuse to end. Meanwhile, Jake says Donna is controlling, only in the marriage for the money and cold to their adopted 7-year-old twin daughters. What does the rest of the family think? You may be surprised by what Jake’s stepdaughter has to say. See how this couple’s constant power struggle is crippling their 20-year marriage. Will their individual need to win cause them both to lose, or will they rebuild the love they once knew?
S07E11 Behind the Headlines 22/09/2008 Friday - November 21, 2008 Same-Sex Marriage: The Prop 8 Debate It’s a hot-button topic in California and around the country: The passage of Proposition 8, which reinstated a ban on same-sex marriage. Supporters of this initiative voted to preserve the sanctity of marriage solely between a man and a woman. Opponents of Prop 8 say it violates the constitutional rights of the gay community and that America’s laws should treat everyone equally. Since Election Day, numerous protests and rallies have been organized to overturn the law, and the debates are getting heated regarding this highly personal and controversial topic. Dr. Phil’s guests debate their opposing points of view: Discrimination attorney Gloria Allred, president of the Human Rights Campaign Joe Solmonese, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Pastor Jim Garlow, president of National Organization of Marriage Maggie Gallagher and co-campaign manager for the Yes on 8 Campaign Jeff Flint. Whatever your beliefs, you won’t want to miss this show!
S07E12 Before You Do 23/09/2008 Dr. Phil delves into a tragic story that spanned several decades, shattered lives and left one person behind bars. Fourteen children were held captive by a man who called himself The Messiah … a man who was also their father.
S07E13 The Locator: Reunion Aftermath 24/09/2008 Family Drama Family squabbles are hard to avoid –- especially during the holidays –- but what happens when that behavior escalates to cursing, yelling and even physical attacks? Loretta says she’s tired of the constant drama in her household, and she blames her husband, Devin. She says he’s selfish, calls her a “whale” and verbally and physically abuses their 18-year-old twin daughters, Ashley and Amy. Amy recently got married, and she says her relationship with her father is so strained, she didn’t even want him to walk her down the aisle! Devin says he’s the innocent one and says his wife and daughters are disrespectful to him. Who’s telling the truth? And, a few years ago, Devin videotaped Amy when she came home drunk to teach her a lesson. How does she react when she sees the footage in its entirety? Plus, Loretta says if Devin doesn’t get a wake-up call about his behavior, then she’s ready to kick him to the curb. Is there hope for this divided family? Will Loretta and Devin be able to reconcile –- or should they?
S07E14 Fireproof Your Marriage 25/09/2008 Studies show that as many as 18 to 24 million Americans suffer from sexual addiction; an overwhelming obsession that can destroy lives, ruin marriages and tear families apart. Elaine says she wishes she had never met her husband, Michael, because of the terrible secrets she’s uncovered about him. But did she ignore the warning signs before they got married? Michael says he knew he had a problem, but thought he could keep it a secret from his wife. You won’t believe where Michael’s addiction takes him multiple times a day and how he covered his tracks for seven years. And, Elaine recently made a shocking discovery. Should she be concerned for the safety of her two children? Find out what Dr. Phil thinks. Michael says he’s come clean, but will a polygraph exam reveal more hidden truths? Viewer discretion is advised.
S07E15 Fighting the System 26/09/2008 `None of us are immune to certain life challenges, changing life moments, days we just can’t avoid. It’s doesn’t matter how smart you are, how well you live, how much money you have, there are certain things in this life that we just can’t avoid, so we have to prepare for them,` Dr. Phil says. Are you prepared to handle a crisis?
S07E16 Extreme Moms 29/09/2008 Parents try their best to protect their kids and teach them about stranger danger, but what if your child is abducted … and the abductor is the other parent? Zanni and Christine are former sisters-in-law who say their ex-husbands, George and John Silah, vanished and took their children with them. The mothers haven't heard from their sons in months and have no idea where they are. Why do Zanni and Christine wish they trusted their instincts? Don’t miss the warning signs these moms say they recognized too late. The mothers accuse the fathers of shady business practices, and you won't believe what they say they discovered in their ex-husbands' home! The men are wanted for child abduction and there is a $25,000 reward for their capture. Tune in to see if you recognize the fathers or sons and know their whereabouts. Then, David says he was happily married to Bruna and had a 4-year-old son whom he loved dearly. When he dropped them off at the airport in 2004, he never imagined that would be the last time he would see either of them for years. When Bruna arrived in her native Brazil, she called David and told him she wanted a divorce. David, who was devastated by his wife's actions, has fought tirelessly to regain custody of his son. Recently, this story took a tragic turn. Hear from David's attorney and get insight into his case. And, after losing custody of her 14-month-old, Cecilia went on the run and became a fugitive. She says fleeing was her only option, but now that she's been arrested and has served time, would she do it again?
S07E17 The Goldmans on O.J.’s Trial 30/09/2008 Do you ever wonder how your favorite Dr. Phil guest is faring since being on the show? Dr. Phil follows up with some of his most talked about guests. Up first is the story of a little girl named Kaylee. Her mother, Krista, and grandmother, Bonii, alleged she was being sexually abused by her father, Jeremy. He vehemently denied the allegations, but a lie detector test found him to be deceptive. Find out the shocking twist that has occurred since their appearance two years ago. Next, Shenek admitted that she hated ugly people and didn't want to associate with them. She also had a diva attitude and gave the show a list of demands before her appearance. Shenek says she got a wake-up call when Dr.Phil conducted an experiment to show her what kind of first impression she was making on others. Has she changed? Was there a diva in the house this time around? You'll be shocked when you find out the answers! Then, when Sylvia first appeared on the show for help coping with the death of her husband, she was seven months pregnant and struggling to raise twin 4-year-olds. Now days away from delivering a baby girl, she joins the show via Web cam to share how she's doing. Don't miss the surprise Dr. Phil has for her -- one which you may have contributed to! And, remember Pierre who couldn't decide what was more important: his mother and the luxuries she provided him or his wife? During his second appearance, Dr. Phil told him that his mom was holding his manhood in a Dixie cup, and he needed to man up. Did he listen to Dr. Phil's advice, or is his mom still clinching the purse strings?
S07E18 The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution (3) 01/10/2008 As the nation faces a collapsing financial market, record job losses and a foreclosure crisis, is your marriage strong enough to survive the storm? Bishop T.D. Jakes, renowned pastor and author of Before You Do, joins Dr. Phil to discuss how families can brave tough times. First up, Karen says she and her husband, Walter, were living the American Dream: a loving marriage, a beautiful home and a 20-acre farm. But when she quit her job for health reasons two years ago, bills began piling up, and Karen fears her spouse is cracking under the pressure. She says Walter gets tense, pounds his head with his fists and blames her for their mounting debt. Walter admits that he can hurl insults when he and Karen fight over their finances, but says Karen’s carelessness with credit cards is driving them further into the red. Find out what Karen says her husband did that pushed her over the edge. Can Dr. Phil and Bishop Jakes get the couple back on track? Then, Sherida and Brandon have been married for three months, but instead of enjoying their honeymoon, they say their relationship is already on the rocks. Sherida says that Brandon has a law degree, but he refuses to get a job, and she’s tired of being the sole provider. Brandon says he’s waiting on a higher power to provide. Can Sherida and Brandon salvage their union, or should she cut her losses? Plus, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s survival plan to get your marriage through the economic meltdown.
S07E19 Stressed Out to the Max 02/10/2008 Fourteen courageous people spend three days facing Dr. Phil and the reality of their problems, which include addiction, anger, grief and abuse. In Part 4 of Dr. Phil’s retreat, the guests examine their feelings about their mom and dad. Will the participants free themselves from the pain of their past and let go of resentment they say they harbor against their parents? When Kelly is asked what she would say to her father if he were alive, her overwhelming emotions get the best of her. And, Carina delves into her feelings about her abusive stepfather. Is she waiting for an apology that will never come? Plus, Jessica R., who battles with weight and self-image, says she doesn’t feel she deserves to be in the retreat. When Dr. Phil plays a video of her at home, will she realize she’s right where she belongs?
S07E20 Brainwashed by My Parents 03/10/2008 When you send your children to school, you expect them to be taught in a nurturing environment. But what should you do if you learn your child has experienced extreme discipline by those entrusted to teach him or her? Eva and Doug's autistic daughter, Isabel, was 8 years old when her teachers claimed her behavior became too difficult to handle, so they sent her to the Time-Out room. Cameras captured Isabel's time spent in isolation, which her parents say lasted for over three hours. Her parents say they had worked with the teachers regarding disciplining Isabel and were panicked and horrified when they saw the footage. Next, Martha says her 12-year-old daughter was in a classroom when $42 went missing. In an effort to find the money, a group of girls were strip-searched. You won't believe who reportedly ordered the investigation. Martha says her daughter is devastated and will never be the same. Then, when 5-year-old Gabriel constantly complained that his teacher was mean and yelled at him, his mom, Tabitha, sent him to school with a tape recorder in his pocket. Hear the audio recordings and find out the shocking information Tabitha discovered. Psychologist Ken Merrell, special education teacher Kathy Riley and civil litigation attorney Areva Martin weigh in on these cases. And, after years of being relentlessly bullied by fellow students, Jeremiah brought the torment to a tragic end. His father, Jeff, joins Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw to speak for the first time on television.
S07E21 Money Rescue: Extreme $pending 06/10/2008
S07E22 Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson 07/10/2008 Would you return a diamond ring if a jeweler gave you the wrong one by mistake? Is it fair for a company to ask an employee to lose weight? Dr. Phil’s guests are fighting back against what they believe are injustices. Eddie says he had already proposed to his fiancée, Ashley, when the jewelry store called and dropped a bombshell. He had accidentally been given another customer’s ring -- of a much greater value -- and the store wanted it back. Should Eddie be held responsible for the jeweler’s mistake? He finally has his day in court … on Dr. Phil’s stage! Then, Virginia was a bartender for a popular nightspot in Los Angeles, but says her employer asked her to lose five pounds and reassigned her to the kitchen. Virginia says she’s always been a size 6, and the ordeal has damaged her self-confidence. Her attorney Gloria Allred weighs in on gender stereotypes in the workplace. And, Trevor says his neighbor’s dog, Chloe, constantly barks and interrupts his sleep and meditation time. He says the canine has caused him to file several complaints with Animal Control, and he often videotapes Chloe to collect evidence. His neighbors, Ric and Sandy, say Trevor is barking up the wrong tree because he’s the only one in the neighborhood who complains about their pooch. Can these feuding neighbors reach a compromise?
S07E23 The O.J. Simpson Verdict 08/10/2008 When does a hobby become an obsession? Dr. Phil’s guests say they are definitely obsessed! First, meet a group of women who can’t get enough of a new craze called reborning -- crafting infant dolls that are so lifelike, people mistake them for real babies. Some spend thousands of dollars on their dolls, as if they were real children. Author and comedienne Stefanie Wilder-Taylor spends some time with the doting doll lovers during a party you have to see to believe! Then, Anona says she’s obsessed with her hair, which she hasn’t cut in 17 years. Anona says she’s ready for a change, but how will she react when actress Vivica A. Fox and celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch get their hands on her? Don’t miss this amazing makeover! Plus, a mom is concerned about her 7-year-old’s obsession with all things Elvis. And, Vivica spills the beans about an obsession she shares with Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin … that even Dr. Phil wasn’t aware of!
S07E24 Financial 911! 09/10/2008 Marriage is supposed to be about compromise, but what happens when one partner says, "It's my way or the highway"? Newlyweds Matthew and Lianna have been married for just three months and are already at odds about Lianna’s passion for her very unusual hobby. After a heart-to-heart on their honeymoon, Matthew says he thought they had come to a compromise, but Lianna says Matthew is squashing her dreams. Find out why Matthew says he didn’t sign up to be married to a “gay man in a woman’s body,” and how married life, for this couple, is turning into a real drag. Then, Shawna and John have been together for 13 years and share three children. Shawna says she still wants to be married to John … just not right now! You won’t believe her shocking plan for a marital sabbatical, and neither does John. How will he react when he hears the news for the first time? When Dr. Phil gives these relationships a reality check, will their mismatched expectations cause them to break their vows?
S07E25 Child Sex Slaves 10/10/2008 Imagine that you’ve fallen, had a terrible accident or been abducted, and your only lifeline is 911. What happens if you call and can’t get the help you need or emergency personnel are sent to the wrong address?America's 911 system handles nearly 240 million calls per year, and the growing number of dispatch disasters can be a matter of life or death. Edward and Ada know about this pain firsthand. They lost their loved one, Olidia, to a murder-suicide in the parking lot of a police station after what they say was a botched 911 call. Edward says his mom’s death could have been prevented, and Ada believes the operator was rude to her sister in the final moments before her murder. Joining Dr. Phil to discuss the tragedy are Charlie Cullen from the National Emergency Number Association and Caroline Burau, a 911 dispatcher and author of Answering 911: Life in the Hot Seat. Find out the most important piece of information you need to know when calling for help. Then, Nathan’s wife, Denise Amber Lee, was abducted, and a series of 911 calls -- even one placed by Denise herself -- failed to save the young mom’s life. Jane, a witness to Denise’s abduction, was on the line with 911 for more than nine minutes … but police were never dispatched. Now Nathan says he's angry with the system and has trouble explaining Denise’s death to their two young sons. What can the grieving father do to move past the pain? And, learn what constitutes a genuine emergency, and what to teach your kids about dialing those three important numbers.
S07E26 You Got Served 13/10/2008 What would push an 8-year-old to allegedly kill his own father? What would make a man brutally murder a talented anchorwoman? Dr. Phil is joined by Nancy Grace of Headline News, children’s rights attorney Paul Mones and criminologist Dr. Denise Boots as they delve into some recent shocking and horrific headlines. Recently, police were called to a fitness club in Tracy, California where an emaciated and half-naked teen boy stumbled in, covered in soot and bruises with a shackle on his ankle. The boy told a terrifying story of escaping from a house where he was kept prisoner, locked in chains, beaten and starved. Nancy Grace has some strong words for the boy’s alleged captors. Then, an Arizona town was recently rocked by the news of an 8-year-old boy arrested for allegedly shooting and killing his father and another man. See the interrogation video where the boy allegedly confessed. Are there any warning signs that a child is going to kill a parent? Should an 8-year-old be tried for murder? A heated debate ensues between Paul and Nancy. Plus, 13-year-old Tyler falsely confessed to the murder of his brother-in-law. He was tried as adult, sentenced to life in prison and served six years before being exonerated from the crime. Now 19, Tyler shares what made him lie to the police. And, Dr. Phil discusses the case of a beautiful young newscaster found brutally attacked and left for dead in her home in Little Rock, Arkansas. Anne Pressly’s case is eerily similar to the murder of another anchorwoman in 2002. Was it more than a random robbery?
S07E27 Campus Crisis 14/10/2008 You've heard the saying that Christmas is "The most wonderful time of the year," but Dr. Phil's audience members say they're feeling stressed and worried about affording the holidays this year. To their surprise, they've been invited to celebrate a classic Christmas with Dr. Phil and Robin on their holiday giveaway show! From necessities like gas cards, cash and home-cooked dinners to cool high-tech gadgets like the latest cell phone, video camera, watch and GPS device -- each audience member is going home with more than $10,000 worth of goods. What would Christmas be without family? Dr. Phil and Robin's sons, Jay and Jordan, and daughter-in-law, Erica, join them to give away their favorite products, including clothes, beauty items and housewares. Special celebrity guests drop by to share their hottest Christmas gifts, and Santa brings a sleigh full of toys for children of all ages. When Kermit the Frog joins the show seeking advice for his relationship with Miss Piggy, he has Dr. Phil in stitches! And, Robin suggests presents for the woman in your life. Plus, don't miss the amazing musical and dance performances. If you're looking for great gift ideas for your loved ones, you won't want to miss these best-of-the-season items for every budget. And, learn how you can get discounts on some of these products
S07E28 The Bridge Controversy - Tragic Choice 15/10/2008 Does someone in your life make the holidays more of a headache than a festive, joyful time? Jennifer says her mother, Judy, otherwise known as Grandma Claus, goes way overboard when it comes to Christmas. She says her mother decorates every square inch of her house with an estimated 1,200 snowmen, 1,000 Santas and angels, and tens of thousands of lights! Judy’s Christmas spirit takes up so much space, she can’t even eat at her dining room table. Jennifer says her mother gives so many gifts to her three daughters that it takes them an overwhelming two hours to open them all -- and at least 75 percent of the gifts end up in the trash or donated to charity. Don’t miss what makes Grandma Claus’ gifts so … special. Then, Dr. Phil’s next guest, also named Judy, is a self-proclaimed Scrooge who hates Christmas and refuses to celebrate it at all. She says the holiday is nothing but greediness and commercialism. Can Dr. Phil break through her “bah humbug”? Plus, don’t miss some exclusive backstage moments from Dr. Phil and Robin’s fifth annual Christmas in Washington concert, which airs December 17 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.
S07E29 Who Am I? 16/10/2008 Since her disappearance in July 2008, Caylee Anthony's image has been splashed across magazine covers and TV screens in an effort to find the missing 3-year-old. America has been riveted by the bizarre twists and turns of this case, including reports of suspicious behavior of the child’s mother, Casey. Despite her continued claims of innocence, Casey was charged with Caylee’s murder. Now, the latest developments in this case may finally solve the mystery, as the skeletal remains of a small child were found within a mile of the child’s grandparent’s house, where she often resided with her mother. While a positive identification has yet to be made, investigators searched the home of Caylee’s grandparents, and according to police, recovered additional evidence that may lead to a resolution. Dr. Phil and his panel of experts probe into a case that has captivated millions.
S07E30 Hoarding Nightmare: The Aftermath 19/12/2008
S07E31 Virtual Chaos 20/10/2008
S07E32 What Do You Fear? 21/10/2008
S07E33 Forced to Be a Father 22/10/2008
S07E34 Killer Texting 23/10/2008 When you tie the knot, you and your spouse proclaim, “For better or for worse,” but how far are you willing to go to save a troubled marriage? Dr. Phil sits down with Bishop T. D. Jakes, renowned pastor and writer/producer of the new film, Not Easily Broken. The movie, based on Bishop Jakes’ titular novel, shows couples how to stay together during tough times.
S07E35 Dating Double Standards 24/10/2008 While battling cancer, Paula learned her 21-year-old daughter, C.J., had been turning to drugs, and that her husband had an affair. Can this family come together to save C.J.?
S07E36 Broken Trust 27/10/2008 Extreme religious groups; two women travel to a compound to try to rescue their relatives; a brother and sister say they were molested by a group's leader.
S07E37 Cyber Bullying 28/10/2008 Everyone has moments of anger, but some have tempers that flare up quickly and often. Dr. Phil explores a wide spectrum of anger and offers advice on how to reign it in and overcome it. Learn how to manage the frustrations in your life.
S07E38 Gender-Confused Kids 29/10/2008 It's Ask Dr. Phil day, and you won't believe the topics! First up, Jimmy, a 43-year-old musician, lives with his 20-year-old daughter, Morgan. He says many young ladies are attracted to him — including Morgan’s friends. He prefers dating the young ladies, but Morgan says he should stick to women his own age. Should he change his relationship rules for his daughter? Next, Jessica says her husband is like the trash man, constantly throwing away the kids' games and shredding mail, including a check he received for his birthday! Jessica says money is tight and wants to know how to curb her spouse’s urge to purge. Then, Anita and her husband, Kenny, appeared on the Dr. Phil episode "'You're Not Hot Enough,'" because Anita was overweight and Kenny made fun of her. Since the show, she has both lost and regained over 50 pounds and now wants gastric bypass surgery to take the weight off for good. Why is Kenny so opposed to the procedure? Does Dr. Phil think it's a good idea? And, Keyana says she wants to be adopted by a new mom. What does Dr. Phil think about her pursuit for new parents?
S07E39 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat 30/10/2008 The slogan "Yes We Can" and the words hope and change are the foundation and spirit of Barack Obama's platform. As the inauguration approaches and the optimism and excitement grows, so too grows the hype. The pressure on the president-elect is so enormous you may be wondering how even a strong man can withstand it. Hear from a range of commentators, from Washington insiders Ari Fleischer and Arianna Huffington to members of the millennium generation, and learn what they have to say about the campaign, the challenges Obama faces and the qualities he possesses that will help him succeed. And, what can this new first family expect as they move into a life that will certainly play out under the microscope? Then, see shocking photos showing how a couple terms in the White House may have aged previous presidents. Is Obama at risk of maturing twice as fast while commander-in-chief? Dr. Travis Stork, host of the hit series The Doctors, illustrates the toll stress can take on a president. Plus, a trend-spotter shares the biggest trends Americans can expect when a new period in history begins!
S07E40 Extreme Discipline? 31/10/2008 Social networking Web sites like Facebook and MySpace are great for meeting people, but they’re also the source of much controversy. Do the dangers of these sites outweigh their benefits? Dr. Phil takes a look at the latest issues to crop up on the digital frontier. He begins with 17-year-old Ashley, who says her mother, Janet, obsessively controls her Facebook account and also harasses her friends online. Janet says she’s witnessed disturbing things on these Web sites, and she’s not about to let Ashley get into trouble. In trying to keep her daughter safe, has the concerned mom gone too far, or not far enough? Dr. Phil’s opinion might surprise you. Then, Facebook doesn’t allow pictures of bare bosoms to grace its pages – but what if the breast that’s bared belongs to a nursing mom? See the picture that caused a firestorm of controversy, and judge for yourself whether it’s obscene. Plus, meet a woman who spent 11 months in an intimate Facebook relationship with someone she thought was actor Matthew Perry from the show Friends. When she found out the true identity of her digital paramour, you won’t believe what happened next. Before you grant your next online friend request, you’ll want to check out this show!
S07E41 Child Abductions 03/11/2008 The inauguration party is over. What’s next for this country? Dr. Phil and his esteemed guests discuss their thoughts about the new presidency and what to expect in the next four years. How will the Obama presidency change our lives? Can he save this country from financial ruin? What does his economic stimulus plan mean to you at home? Can Obama live up to the hype -- or will our hopes be dashed? Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville recaps the highlights from the inauguration, and Ann Coulter, controversial author and conservative commentator, gives her opinions on President Barack Obama. Plus, a personal finance expert tells you what you need to know to get through these tough economic times, and more!
S07E42 Grandmother vs. Mother Custody Battle 04/11/2008 Dr. Phil takes an in-depth look at unbelievable news stories that have captivated millions. Adam Herrman, 21, vanished from his Kansas home 10 years ago, but his adoptive parents, Doug and Valerie, only reported him missing last month! Dr. Phil talks to the young man’s biological parents, Gerri and Irvin, who haven’t seen each other in 22 years. What do they think happened to their child? Who’s to blame for the disappearance of Adam Herrman, and is there any chance that the young man is still alive? Nancy Grace, the host of HLN weighs in. Then, millions were inspired by the safe landing of USAirways Flight 1549, also dubbed the “Miracle on the Hudson.” Three passengers, Brad, Joshua and Denise, say they’re thankful to be alive, but they’re still haunted by memories of that fateful day. How can they deal with the psychological affects of the plane crash and move on with their lives?
S07E43 Mind Control? 05/11/2008 All couples argue, but Dr. Phil says name-calling, temper tantrums and hitting below the belt can ruin a marriage. He sits down with Mark and Leana who have been married for only five months but say they’re headed for divorce court. Leana says her husband spends more time with his band mates than he does with her and their four children. Mark says Leana constantly emasculates him, and he accuses her of being unfaithful. You won’t believe what home video cameras captured during the newlyweds' 62-minute fight. Find out what Dr. Phil witnesses that disturbs him the most. Can this couple resolve their differences, or should they call it quits? If you and your mate are having knock-down, drag-out battles, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s rules for fighting fair!
S07E44 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat (2) 06/11/2008 From sending sexual text messages to taking a punch to the face for fun, today’s teens are engaging in outrageous trends. First up, 13-year-old Reina made headlines when she racked up 14,528 texts in one month! Her father, Greg, wrote an article about her excessive texting but says she's just being a teenager. What does Dr. Phil think? His observations may surprise you. Then, Gwen and Mike say they’re worried about their 12-year-old daughter, who has sent risqué text messages, otherwise known as sexting, since she first owned a cell phone. When Dr. Phil meets with the preteen backstage, what does she say drives her behavior? Could she be headed down a dangerous path? Plus, 16-year-old J.R. says he allows his friends and family to sock him in the head and then posts the videos on YouTube. His mother, Tammy, says his videos are hilarious, and she supports his dream of training for the reality show The Ultimate Fighter. Dr. Travis Stork, host of the hit show The Doctors, warns about the dangers of J.R.’s hobby. Plus, meet a teen who played the punch-out game with tragic consequences.
S07E45 Child Abandonment 07/11/2008 Are you a newlywed suffering from honeymoon hangover? It’s when the vacation in the Bahamas is over, the dress is put away and couples realize there’s an important thing they now have to face: Marriage. Dr. Phil is shocked to find how little couples know about each other before they walk down the aisle. Jeremy and Tamarra have been married for only eight months, and they wonder if their marriage can be saved. Jeremy says Tamarra is so clingy that he’s had to give up everything he enjoys in order to spend time with her. Tamarra says being married means doing everything together, so why wouldn’t Jeremy want to spend every free minute with her? Dr. Phil gives them a newlywed quiz. How well do they really know each other? Then, Mandy says her husband of three years had a 180-degree turn after they got married and changed his mind about an important value they shared: faith in God. Now, Nic says he’s an atheist, and Mandy is worried about what this means for their marriage and their family. Plus, Dr. Phil answers important questions from engaged couples: Should partners open a joint checking account? Do you need to get along with your future spouse’s family? How much do you need to know about your partner’s past? If you’re about to tie the knot, grab a pen and paper and make sure you know these important facts about your mate!
S07E46 Drew Peterson 10/11/2008 As the economy struggles, many Americans are suffering financially and find themselves without extra cash in hand. Dr. Phil's guests say their money is maxed out, and they're tired of supporting their adult children too. Ardy and Brian say their household expenses have pushed the limits ever since Ardy's 25-year-old son, Jason, moved in. Ardy says he's lazy, unmotivated and acts like a 10-year-old. So why does she continue doling out dollars? Brian says Jason's selfish ways have gone too far, and he wants to evict the young man. You won't believe Jason's excuses. Will these parents decide to pull the plug on their ATM? Then, Maurice and Sharon say they want the best for their 24-year-old daughter, Samantha, and 21-year-old son, Jonathan, but providing for them has put them in the red to the tune of $100,000. Sharon says she'll be paying off the debt until she's 84! Do the brother and sister have a good reason for needing Mom and Dad's help, or are they living beyond their means? Dr. Phil sends the siblings back to school to learn elementary money lessons. Will they come away with a new outlook for their financial future? And, financial expert Susan Beacham shares her top money lessons to teach your children ... starting when they're kids.
S07E47 Risky Teen Behavior 11/11/2008 Horrifying, enraging, downright shocking … words that come to mind as you read some of the biggest headline news stories that gripped the nation in the past few weeks. Go inside the lives of ordinary people and see what happens when their lives are thrown in the spotlight during a time of crisis and tragedy. From a husband demanding his estranged wife return the kidney he donated to her, to Drew Peterson taking a new fiancée while his wife, Stacy, remains missing, Dr. Phil and his panel of experts including host Nancy Grace, HLN and attorney Lisa Bloom, tackle these topics and more. Plus, don’t miss the latest twist in the Caylee Anthony case and hear firsthand what Casey Anthony's ex-fiancé has to say about the mom and daughter.
S07E48 Hitman 12/11/2008 Dr. Phil continues his look at rage. When Isabella first appeared on the show, cameras installed in her home captured outrageous behavior. Has she changed? Find out how she reacts when she hears what message board writers posted about her. Isabella's mom, Mary, joins the show and gives insight into Isabella's childhood. Why does she feel her daughter's anger is like a cancer that could destroy her? Then, find out why Isabella says she feels like she could actually hurt someone. Dr. Frank Lawlis, Chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board and author of The Stress Answer, reveals the results of Isabella's evaluation, which he conducted at his PNP Center. Will the findings shed light on why Isabella loses control? And, Stuart says his rage is like a train on a collision course, and he's fearful for what might happen. He unleashes on everyone from his family members to strangers. How will he react when he sees what it's like to be on the receiving end of his out-of-control anger? What's at the root of Stuart's behavior? Plus, if you feel a fit of rage coming on, don't miss the exciting feature on that will help mellow your mood!
S07E49 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat (3) 13/11/2008 Pedophiles once lurked in parks and around schoolyards, and then they prowled the playground of the World Wide Web. Now these predators have a more sinister method at their fingertips – sending explicit text messages directly to your child's cell phone. Dr. Phil examines the latest technological threats to your kids and shows you how to protect them. Joining him is Colorado detective Mike Harris, who works overtime tracking online predators. He says one piece of equipment gives him a high success rate. Find out what this device is, and how you can use it to monitor your children. Next, go behind the scenes as Mike’s unit prepares to take down a 28-year-old man allegedly texting sexually explicit material to a girl he thinks is 15. Dr. Phil cameras capture the dramatic arrest on tape. Then, 16-year-old Zoe admits that she exchanges risqué photos with men online but says this is normal teen behavior. Her mother, Sharon, says Zoe invited a man into her home whom she met online, and she worries for Zoe's safety. Dr. Phil has a stern message for the teen. And, Kyra was 12 when she was sexually assaulted by a 22-year-old man she met in a chat room. How can she pick up the pieces and move on with her life? Will her story be a wake-up call to Zoe? Plus, don’t miss the top three things you can do to save your child from cell phone perverts.
S07E50 My Mom vs. My Man! 14/11/2008 Divorce is well known to be a source of pain, bitterness and often conflict. When parents who have split up carry their fight beyond the courtroom, the child is usually the one caught in the crossfire. Dr. Phil sits down with two parents, Ronald and Cathie, who say they both love their 15-year-old son, Matthew, tremendously, though what they feel for each other is a different story. After a tumultuous divorce, Ronald says Cathie abandoned Matthew and has been out of his life for nearly 10 years. Cathie says Ronald is the one responsible for that separation. She claims he did everything he could to get in the way of her relationship with her son. Now, Cathie is back in the picture, but Matthew is having a hard time adjusting. In fact, the stress is making him literally sick, and he vomits up to 40 times a day. Matthew has a list of pressing questions for his mom, including why she has been gone for so long. With Dr. Phil’s help, will this young man get to the bottom of the mysteries in his life, and can he ever trust his mother again?
S07E51 Love Triangle 17/11/2008 When people get married, they recite the vows, "To love, honor and cherish for better or worse." But with a 50 percent divorce rate in America, do newlyweds really take these words to heart? Lancine wrote the show because she and her sisters want Dr. Phil to talk some sense into their mother, also named Lancine. The daughter says her mother is wealthy and owned three homes with her husband, but she's left him for another man and now lives in a tent! The senior Lancine says she enjoys life in the portable home more than living in the house in an unhappy marriage, but her daughters say she's acting like she's been bitten by puppy love. Do the girls have valid concerns, or are they overreacting to their mother's behavior? Then, Matthew had an affair with his employee and lost his job while his wife, Libby, was pregnant. He says he made the biggest mistake of his life, but does he understand the gravity of his behavior? Libby says she was devastated to learn her husband was living a secret life for almost a year. You won't believe what she learned from Matthew’s mistress! Will she forgive her spouse and salvage their relationship? Dr. Phil tells her what she must do for herself and her children.
S07E52 My Child Can’t Stop Eating 18/11/2008 Dr. Phil addresses the question all women want to know the answer to: What’s wrong with men? With the help of TIME magazine writer and comedian Joel Stein, Dr. Phil tries to solve the mystery of what makes men tick. First up, single ladies Shannon, Emily and Caroldean all have a gripe -- or 10 -- about men! They face off with Christopher, Kayo and Marcus, self-proclaimed jerks who want to explain their point of view. Watch sparks fly as the singles debate dating, sex and relationships. Then, Kaydee says her husband of six years, Mike, is broken, and she can’t find the “man”ual. He won’t bring her flowers, he won’t buy her cards, he won’t even take out the trash! You won’t believe the reason Mike gives for being romantically challenged. And, don’t miss the couple’s hilarious home videos about what really annoys them about each other. Plus, Dr. Phil dispels the myths about men. What is fact and what is fiction? You may be surprised!
S07E53 Shoplifting Confessions 19/11/2008 “If you’re somebody who uses drugs, you do drugs recreationally, or you have a child who’s experimenting with drugs because ‘That’s just what kids do,’ or ‘Everybody does it,’ please sit down with me in the next hour, pick up the phone right now, call a friend, call two, tell them to tune in, get your child next to you on the couch,” Dr. Phil tells his viewers. Stephanie was an aspiring songwriter who loved taking care of kids. Diana was a preschool teacher with a bright future. Neither one of these women knew they could end up addicted to drugs, on the brink of death. They face Dr. Phil to ask for help, but do they really want out of their drug-crazy lifestyles? Does Stephanie deserve a second chance? Don’t miss this intense intervention. Plus, former Dr. Phil guest and addict lifeline, Joani, celebrates a milestone and receives a momentous surprise.
S07E54 Spouses at War 20/11/2008
S07E55 Same-Sex Marriage: The Prop 8 Debate 21/11/2008 The discussion continues regarding Nadya Suleman, a single mother of six children, who recently gave birth to a set of octuplets. How will she care for 14 babies? Are the newborns at risk? Will this mother be able to provide stability, or are the 14 children destined for a life of neglect and poverty? Dr. Phil and his panel of experts continue debating this controversial story as even more shocking twists come to light.
S07E56 Family Cult 24/11/2008 The discussion continues regarding Nadya Suleman, a single mother of six children, who recently gave birth to a set of octuplets. Dr. Phil and his panel of experts, including co-hosts of The Doctors pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, continue to debate this controversial story as even more shocking twists come to light. Did the system fail Nadya? Did Nadya’s doctor behave irresponsibly by implanting that many embryos, knowing of her previous six children? A fertility expert and an expert in medical ethics weigh in. And, some have noted the striking similarity between Nadya and mega mom Angelina Jolie. Is this a result of plastic surgery? Could this unwed mother be trying to emulate the looks and family life of the Oscar-winning star? What does Dr. Andrew Ordon think? And, will the children come home to a safe environment? Learn what concerns a civil rights attorney and the president of a family service organization.
S07E57 Family Drama 25/11/2008 If you are a parent of a little girl, “tween,” or teenager, you’re going to relate to this show! Dr. Phil talks with parents who say raising a teen daughter is difficult in an oversexed, celebrity-obsessed, cosmetic surgery-seeking society. Char and Robb are concerned about their 14-year-old daughter, Demi, because they say she dresses too sexy for her age. She likes to wear thong underwear, tight jeans and high heels. They admit they’ve even used the word slut to describe how she looks. Demi says she doesn’t care what names people call her – she’s “Demi-licious!” Are Char and Robb truly putting their foot down? Dr. Phil has some hard questions for these parents. And, what does Demi’s little sister have to do with the role Demi has chosen? Plus, meet the author of The Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization of Young Girls and What We Can Do About It.
S07E58 A Husband's Double Life 26/11/2008 No matter how hard we try to protect ourselves, everyone will experience trauma in our lives. Whether it's divorce, an illness or a violent attack, each one of us is a potential victim. When bad things happen, how should you react? Shelita says her life was recently turned upside down when three suspects broke into her home and held her, her mother and her 3-year-old daughter at gunpoint. Since the attack, Shelita says she's lost her sense of security, is terrified to be alone in her home, and will go to extremes to avoid it. Will moving out of her home help Shelita heal? Could she be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and not even know it? Then, Danielle says that for the last 30 years she's been haunted by a terrifying childhood encounter. She was 7 years old when a perpetrator known as the East Area Rapist invaded her home and victimized her mother. He's never been caught, and the killer may still be on the loose. Now, Danielle is married and has two daughters, and as they near the age she was when the attack happened, she is reliving her nightmare. Why does Danielle's husband, Art, say her fears are interfering with her parenting? Does he have legitimate concerns? And, see what Danielle recently discovered that terrifies her. Next, meet a man who says he's dedicated to helping police solve this crime. Will he alleviate or elevate Danielle's fears? Has an unexpected trauma left you paralyzed by fear? Learn how to take back control, let go of the fear and move on with your life.
S07E59 I Survived! Caught on Camera 28/11/2008 Dr. Phil continues his quest to help twelve people drop pounds and inches while traveling across the country. In Dallas, Texas, the participants work on Key 6: Intentional Exercise, with challenges designed to test their strength, endurance and balance. At the home of the Dallas Cowboys football team, Texas Stadium, the participants take on an obstacle course race. See who performs a victory dance in the end zone. Then, it’s weigh-in time, where viewers at home get to see what the scale says, but the challengers don’t. Plus, another exercise challenge takes them to a farm, where moving 50-pound bales of hay is on their agenda. Which duo takes the prize for both challenges, and which pair has some participants thinking they need to go home? Then, don’t miss the shocking surprise from TV personality and famous daughter, Katie Wagner. Join the weight loss movement from home!
S07E60 Bring Back My Child 01/12/2008 Single mother of six, Nadya Suleman, shocked the country by giving birth to the second-only set of octuplets recorded in the U.S. Speculation and wonderment turned to outrage and even death threats as the unemployed mom’s story developed. Now, the discussion continues, with shocking new accusations in the octuplets controversy. A former patient of Nadya’s fertility doctor speaks out! Did he ignore symptoms that could have killed her? And, should he still be practicing? Plus, exclusive video of the octuplets mom from her childhood friend. What does she have to say about the Nadya she knew in high school? And, the octo-mom’s spokesperson reveals the real reason why she had to quit!
S07E61 Whatever Happened To? 02/12/2008 Dysfunctional families are often the punch lines of movies and sitcoms, but for some households, dealing with fighting, anger and turmoil is no laughing matter. Tyler Perry says he knows about this issue firsthand. The renowned writer/actor/director has publicly spoken out about growing up in a family where rage turned into physical abuse. In 1998, as a struggling playwright, he began selling out crowds with his musicals and eventually achieved great commercial success in both theater and film. His most famous persona, Madea, returns to the big screen in Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail, in which Dr. Phil has a cameo. Tyler sits down with Dr. Phil to discuss how his titular character struggles with anger and lack of forgiveness. Plus, get Dr. Phil's advice for dealing with toxic relatives.
S07E62 Families under Fire 03/12/2008 Teen dating can be fun, romantic and totally cool. But what happens when those euphoric feelings turn into an obsession? Giesel and Steve say their 18-year-old daughter, Devynn, has an unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend, and their tumultuous union has caused a rift in their family. They say Devynn’s beau calls her names, makes her disobey them and is destroying their daughter’s once promising future. The teen admits that she and her boyfriend argue a lot, and she recently dropped a bombshell on her parents: she's pregnant and wants to keep the baby. Find out the devastating news that Devynn learned just days ago. What does the future hold for this teen if she follows through with her desire to marry the man of her dreams against her folks' wishes? Will Giesel and Steve be able to broker a peace with their child, or will this family drama continue to spiral out of control?
S07E63 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat (4) 04/12/2008 With the country facing economic woes, many Americans are on the lookout for ways to generate extra cash. But are those lucrative offers to work from home and get-rich-quick ads legitimate, or scams designed to swindle consumers? Corbie found out the hard way when she says she registered online to become a mystery shopper. The job came with a check for $4,000, so how did she lose $5,000? Next, Blair says she surfed the Net for a part-time job she could do from home. She was hired for a data entry position paying $35 an hour, so how did this one-time high school valedictorian end up losing thousands? Then, Richard and Cynthia say they were about to retire at 59, but were devastated to learn that they lost everything in an alleged Ponzi scheme. Now Richard fears he and his wife will have to pinch pennies in their golden years. Can the couple get over the guilt of losing their investments and move on? Plus, attorney Steven J. Weisman gives you the tools to protect yourself from con artists, and don’t miss the top 10 most popular scams!
S07E64 School Discipline: Out of Control? 05/12/2008 “Outrageous, irresponsible and completely out of touch with reality” are just a few comments being said about Nadya Suleman, the single mother of six who recently gave birth to octuplets in California. Now, in a daytime exclusive interview, Dr. Phil addresses the questions the public wants answered. Hear how she ended up with 14 babies, how she plans to take care of them, and if there will be more children. And, Dr. Phil shares his thoughts on the single mother.
S07E65 Marriage Crisis: Drowning in Debt 08/12/2008 Dr. Phil’s daytime exclusive with Nadya Suleman continues. The unemployed single mother of six who gave birth to octuplets answers the public’s number one question. Plus, Nadya’s mother, Angela, joins the discussion. How does she feel about her daughter’s decisions?
S07E66 Fighting Back 09/12/2008 Are deadbeat dads actually dead broke dads? As the American economy struggles, men comprise 82 percent of the recent layoffs. In child support cases, are men and women treated equally in the courts or are these laws out of touch with today's economy? Bill says he could be forced to be a deadbeat dad. He wants to leave his current high-paying job to become a teacher and spend more time with his children, but worries he won't be able to pay his current child support payments. Would it be fair to consider sending him to jail for trying to be a better father? Next, former NBA star Jason Caffey used to make $5 million a year but says he now has trouble paying the amount of child support he owes for his 10 children. He allegedly owes hundreds of thousands of dollars, and there's an order out for his arrest. Why does Jason say he has been treated unfairly? An attorney for one of the women makes Jason an offer. Will he accept the deal? Then, Bret and Jennifer say they struggle to keep up with the child support payments owed to his ex-wife. Jennifer says her family is suffering. Mel Feit, director of the National Center for Men and Lis Wiehl, legal analyst and author, weigh in on these stories and engage in a heated debate.
S07E67 Obsessions? 10/12/2008 If you're suffering through the difficult economic times and looking for ways to save money, get out your pen and paper and start taking notes! Dr. Phil's guests offer real tips to help you save money on clothes, utilities and vacations. Plus, learn how to cut your grocery bill in half and how to entertain your family on the cheap. The Economides family has mastered the art of spending less. They say they have the secret to living on $44,000 a year, even with five children. You might be surprised how easy it is to implement their frugal ways of living. See how far they can stretch $100 at the grocery store and how they expand their family wardrobe on just $