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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dr. Rintaro

S01E01 Now, Afflicted Lambs, Let's Examine Your Mind! 15/04/2015
S01E02 Love is Transitory, Similar to a Mental Disorder. That's What I Thought 22/04/2015
S01E03 The Midnight DV Incidents that Happened to a Married Couple Full of Love! 29/04/2015
S01E04 The Psychiatrist that Dances and the Ballerina that does not Dance! A Sudden Sexual Harassment Allegation! 06/05/2015
S01E05 Is this Love? The Psychiatrist that Makes a Bet Against a Gambling-Dependent Girl! 13/05/2015
S01E06 Where is the Boundary Between Love and Hate? The Incident of the Psychiatrist Attacked by a Stalker! 20/05/2015
S01E07 The Miracle that Happened to the Boy with the Locked Heart! "I'll Protect Mom!" 27/05/2015
S01E08 The Great White Tower conspiracy! The Ambition and Determination of a Neurosurgeon that has Lost his Sight 03/06/2015
S01E09 The Scandal of a Desperate Situation! The Arranged Road to Ruin! 10/06/2015
S01E10 What is the Most Important Thing? The Final Choice in Life 17/06/2015
S01E11 24/06/2015

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