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Here Comes Dr. Tran opens upon a small 5-year old Asian boy eating a strange purple fruit in what appears to be a hut in an Eastern tropical locale, possibly Vietnam. Suddenly, a voice, from an unseen narrator, begins to deliver a bombastic movie trailer-style monologue praising the boy as the greatest action hero the world has ever known-- an action hero whom the narrator calls "Dr. Tran." The small boy, initially confused, grows increasingly aggravated with the intruding voice and repeatedly expresses that he is neither a doctor nor an action hero and asks the voice to leave him alone. After this, the trailer becomes increasingly surreal and strange, revealing some odd proclivities belonging to the character of Dr. Tran and disclosing that a massive library of previous films (at least thirty thousand) already exists in the Dr. Tran series. Shortly after, the voice descends into deliberately thin biological humor, and eventually even the young boy's world begins to alter. Much of this deliberate agitation of the child is continued until the movie draws to a close with the production credits.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dr. Tran

S01E01 Here Comes Dr. Tran! 01/01/2003 Tran, attempting to eat his breakfast, is accosted by a bombastic movie voice-over proclaiming his status as an action hero.
S01E02 Roybertito's 16/07/2005 A Spanish-language commercial for a Mexican restaurant featuring its new, Dr. Tran themed meal
S01E03 Quiet Log Time 12/10/2005 Tran enjoys a peaceful night sitting on a log, when a Chicken innocently approaches and threatens to kill him.
S01E04 Summer Splash 08/05/2006 Leland and Fat Friend debate if Tran is an action hero, with Tran sitting mere feet away in a backyard pool that just happens to bear his likeness.
S01E05 Peanut Butter Square Hula Quest 21/06/2006 A 1950s style commercial for a Dr. Tran boardgame.
S01E06 Mr. Tran and the Toy Cack 27/07/2006 Leland's Grandma Norma attempts to take Leland and Tran to a toy store only to end up killing numerous "little boys" with her senile and reckless driving, effectively scarring the children for life. Hotel Soap makes his first appearance, as the mascot for Toy Cack.
S01E07 Dickable Afternoons 27/07/2006 A commercial for an unspecified food product called a 'Dickable', the definition of which keeps changing. Tran somehow ends up in a bunny suit and can't scratch an itch.
S01E08 The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun 05/08/2008 A small pastry gets very upset for no discernible reason and runs off in a huff, killing a Shave Ice Baby along his way. (Dr. Tran appears after the end credits, in the posters on the wall as Leland asks Grandma Norma what is going on.)
S01E09 100% ICE (Part 1 of 3) 27/01/2009 Grandpa visits Dr. Tran's "100% ICE" stand and gives some business advice to Dr. Tran.
S01E10 100% ICE (Part 2 of 3) 05/02/2009 Fat Friend is berated by Grandpa for his "Hot Dog on a Plate" stand.
S01E11 100% ICE (Part 3 of 3) 12/02/2009 Grandpa is impressed by Leland's "TITS" stand.
S01E12 Fruit Hat 27/07/2009 While waiting for the subway, pudgy little Dr. Tran must match wits with a talking fruit hat that demands mint gum.
S01E14 Nail to the Gut 00/00/0000 Tran is still learning to read. A fan writes in with suggestions on what Tran should wear and anything he or The Narrator suggest magically appears on Tran's body. Fat Friend gets shot with a nail gun.