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Reiji est lycéen mais il n'a aucune passion et ne soucie pas trop des autres. Mais un jour, son amie d'enfance va lui faire découvrir un jeu virtuel. Dans ce jeu, chaque personne a un Dragon personnel et différent des autres. Le Dragon de Reiji est à première vue le dragon le plus paresseux de tous les temps mais aussi le plus petit. Cependant, les capacités que Reiji montre avec son Dragon vont pousser une organisation à le faire voyager vers un nouveau monde...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dragon Drive

S01E01 Le Dragon endormi 04/07/2002 Reiji is a high school student who is the worst at everything, not to mention he is a lazy slob who never keeps any of his promises. However, when his friend Maiko introduces him to a virtual reality game known as Dragon Drive, Reiji finally finds the motivation to do something. Maiko believes that Reiji has a sleeping dragon inside of him. Unfortunately for Reiji, it's still sleeping. When he is forced into a battle upon receiving his dragon, can Reiji defeat the lovestricken Daisuke when his dragon is so weak that its stats don't even register?
S01E02 Promesse tenue 11/07/2002 Reiji promises Maiko that he'll protect her if she's in trouble next time they play Dragon Drive. Maiko tells him that he is overconfident and it was just luck. Reiji ignores her and starts bragging about how cool Chibi is. Later that day they go back to play Dragon Drive, and Ichiro is brought into the game. He is incredibly tough and shows no mercy. He says he'll beat everyone in 10 minutes or less and he'll save Reiji for last so he can witness it. He starts taking out all of the dragons, until Maiko becomes his target. Reiji discovers Chibi's wings and jumps off a building hoping he'll fly him. Chibi isn't strong enough and the two begin to plummet to the ground where if he'll sustain heavy damage in the real world. Can Reiji keep his promise?
S01E03 La revanche 18/07/2002 When a glitch in the system causes Reiji to lose all of his battle experience, he will have to face Daisuke, who has teamed up with Daisuke for revenge, in a rematch where not only are they not the only particpants, but an unmaned wild dragon is running around the battle. When the two are severely injured, can they work together and defeat the dragon to save not only save their lives, but Kanper's as well?
S01E04 Un réveil du à l'impacte 25/07/2002 Reiji's had a run of bad luck lately, as he can't stop losing matches. However, when he finds his way into a battle with the strongest players in the world, Ichiro Sumishiba, Sayaka Towa and the #1 ranked played Hikaru Himuro, Reiji may finally find the motivation he needs to awaken Chibi's true power.
S01E05 L'autre côté de la sphère 01/08/2002 Reiji wants to become stronger than Hikaru, so Agent L shows him a secret training room. Kyoji and Sayaka are already there, giving Reiji some pointers. Meanwhile, Maiko has no idea where Reiji has been going, but when she spots him him with Agent L, she drags Daisuke to spy on him. They follow him into the secret training room and are attacked by two powerful dragons. When all hope seems lost for the two, Reiji shows up and easily defeats the dragons, but who is this new powerful dragon that Reiji is on top of?
S01E06 Le successeur 08/08/2002 After waking up in a mysterious world, Reiji and Chibi discover that Maiko has been abducted by a wild dragon. After saving her, with a little help from Daisuke, Reiji and Chibi are greeted by a group of dragons and their riders. A girl named Meguru explains the truth behind RI-ON and Dragon Drive, and reveals that they are in a world known as Rikyu, where Chibi is regarded as a legedary hero. However, a boy named Gokaku confronts Reiji and claims that he is Chibi's true owner, abducting him and challenging a powerful dragon to prove it. Will Chibi accpet this boy as his master, or is up to Reiji to save both their lives?
S01E07 Le Dragonic Heaven 15/08/2002 When Reiji is requested to join the Dragonic Heaven tournament, Gokaku's brother, Rockaku, challenges him to a fight for the spot in the tournament. When Chibi is poisoned by one of Rockaku's henchmen, he is unable to battle normally, and Rockaku appears to have an easy victory. However, Reiji and Chibi aren't down yet, and Chibi is about to unleash an attack far more powerful than anything anyone has ever seen before!
S01E08 Le début du combat 22/08/2002 Rockaku takes Reiji and Daisuke to the tournament location. When they arrive, Chibi falls into a river and is found by two mysterious twins. Reiji goes looking for Chibi, and ends up finding him with the twins. The twins have tied him to a rope and is forcing him to dance on a ball in the middle of the ocean. Reiji is furious and demands Chibi back, but the twins refuse because they found him and say they own him. Plus, he is much more entertaining than their previous dragon. The twins' escort appears and tells him that she'll pay him a bunch of money if he lets them keep it. Reiji refuses the money and the twins are shocked about how ungreedy he is. They call forth this giant fish to eat Chibi and their previous lame old dragon. Can Reiji save Chibi and the other dragon?
S01E09 La place de la colère 29/08/2002 Reiji, Daisuke, and Rockaku have only a few hours to get a special stone to qualify for the tournament. Rockaku decides to take a nap and tells them that this will prove whether they should be able to be on his team or not. Reiji and Daisuke find a bunch of stones huddled together, but it turns out to be a trap set by the two twins from before. They use their dragons to ambush Reiji and Daisuke. Daisuke orders Reiji to stay out of the fight so he can prove his strength. Daisuke is severely overpowered, but refuses to give up. Touched by his determination, the sister of the twins gives Daisuke an orb and tells him that he deserves it because she wants to see somebody like him make it to the next rounds so they can defeat him. But, it is all a trick and Daisuke is attacked by both dragons and defeated. Reiji gets very angry at the twins for tricking Daisuke like that and begins to go into a rage. Chibi's body begins to turn black and seems to have become more powerful. What is happening to Chibi?
S01E10 Preuve de confiance 05/09/2002 Chibi's body has turned black and seems even more powerful than before. Reiji fights the twins' dragons and appears to be easily winning. However, Reiji is so blinded by rage that it doesn't last long and the twins soon make their comeback. A dark figure appears behind them and the twins' dragons get even more power. Reiji takes a beating and the twins' escort appears. She tells Reiji the truth about the twins and the fact that they are possessed by an evil dragon named Darks. She begs Reiji to help and Reiji agrees to save them. Chibi returns to normal and Reiji explains that rage is not how to unlock Chibi's true potential. Chibi returns his form to Senkoh Coola and Reiji fights the two dragons again. The twins regain control of their bodies long enough to explain that it's too late for them and want Reiji to kill them so they can be free. Will Reiji be willing to kill them?
S01E11 Être sois-même 12/09/2002 Rockaku claims that Maiko can't take Daisuke's place because she is too weak. Maiko takes a bet that says if she can reach the end of the desert on her own, since her dragon can't fly, then she gets to take the injured Daisuke's place. Reiji tries to convince Maiko not to, but Rockaku agrees to the condition. Maiko starts to realize how hard it really is. After being chased quite a ways, she finds an abandoned music house where she discovers a tiny pink dragon that tells the story of it. As the music house soon comes under attack, it's up to Maiko to protect it. But, can she do it and still make it across the desert?
S01E12 Réunion 19/09/2002 While visiting the town, the group spies some three contestants picking on another person. Rockaku mocks them and the three get ready to fight him. However, a mysterious person arrives and stops the fight. That night, the three contestants abduct Maiko to use her a bait to defeat Reiji. Reiji goes after them and is led into a fight. The leader starts attacking him with Maiko tied up to the dragon. Unable to fight back, Reiji takes a heavy beating. Just when he is about to be defeated, the mysterious warrior from before arrives and reveals himself to be the winner of the last tournament. He saves Maiko and Reiji is given the oppurtunity to defeat them. However, Reiji says he'll spare them so they can fight properly in the first round. The next morning, Maiko tells Reiji and Rockaku to stay back so she can get revenge on them. Maiko easily beats all three of them and Daisuke arrives for the match, only to discover that it is already over.
S01E13 La mission 26/09/2002 Reiji and the gang soon learn about an evil dragon who destroyed Madina's home, and that he is keeping people hostage. In order to save them, and against Rockaku's wishes, they are forced to risk their own particpation in the tournament. They find one lady, but fall into a trap where a dragon made of liquid can burn anything it touches. Kyoji arrives to save the day, and we find out a bit more about Mukai's past. Unaware to Reiji and the others, the lady they are trying to save is Mukai's mother. Kyoji announces that they will be fighting each other in the next round.
S01E14 Un gagnant et un perdant 03/10/2002 While Maiko and Sayaka duke it out, Daisuke tries to sace the mysterious woman on his own. After Maiko and Sayaka's match ends in a draw, Reiji fights against Kyoji. When Chibi finally gets the strength to defeat Kyoji, Kyoji gives up, saying he wans to learn more about Reiji. Now Reiji must fight against Mukai, while at the same time Daisuke finds out the truth about the mysterious woman.
S01E15 Dernière nuit 10/10/2002 With the battle against Mukai over with, Reiji watches as Hikaru's team mercilessly beats down Sun Wols'. Unable to contain his rage, he goes in search of Hikaru that evening. However, when Hikaru challenges Reiji to a match, can Reiji defeat him after learning his true motives?
S01E16 Hold-up 17/10/2002 Mukai confronts the one who kidnapped his mother in the first place, and he wants revenge for his mother's death. In order to save him, Reiji and the others give up their chance to win the Dragonic Heaven. Will their decision allow Kouhei to steal the Dragonite?
S01E17 Réduit à la vengeance 24/10/2002 The tournament may be over, but that won't stop Rockaku from taking revenge on Kouhei. As Kouhei tries to escape from Rikyu with the Dragonite, everyone tries to stop him. When Kouhei proves to be too powerful for Rockaku to handle, somebody will have to pay the ultimate price to protect him!
S01E18 Voyage 31/10/2002 As the group mourns Mukai's death, Reiji reflects on all the events up to the current point.
S01E19 Renaissance 07/11/2002 Chibi has fallen ill, and is slowly dying. To stop this, Reiji goes on a journey to find a special herb that may save Chibi's life. Also, RI-ON decides to come back to Rikyu to carry out their plans and revive Shinryu. To prepare for Kouhei's return, Daisuke, Rockaku, and Maiko decide to seek out a warrior that may aid them in their fight. They soon discover a guy named Chihiro, who is the warrior, and see he has no dragon. They later find his dragon, but it is locked up. Chihiro explains that his dragon went crazy and betrayed him. Kanper soon does the same, but it turns out he was trying to protect Daisuke. Chihiro finally realizes his mistake, and is soon saved by his friend. Meanwhile, Reiji returns with the herb, but finds that Chibi won't wake up...Chibi has died. Is this truly the end of Chibi?
S01E20 Un voyage d'épreuve 14/11/2002 Ichiro appears to offer his services to Maiko, Daisuke, and Rockaku, but wishes to speak with Meguru first. Ichiro remembers his past, and begs Meguru to come back to Earth for her sister Agent L. Meanwhile, Reiji goes off on a journey with Chibi to defeat a legendary dragon named SinnSaber, and get more power. He soon gets stuck in a swamp while a dragon attacks him. A mysterious lad appears to help, but doesn't stand a chance. At the last second, Hikaru shows up and defeats the dragon, but destroys a sacred shrine in the process. Reiji and Hikaru are soon arrested, and the lad explains the situation. When he learns about Reiji's plan, the lad decides to go and ask that they be set free, but soon discovers the truth about his master and the dragon that has been attacking the village. He busts Reiji and Hikaru out, and then all three must defeat the dragon to prove their trust. Hikaru watches from the sidelines as Chibi is too hungry to transform, and Reiji and the lad struggle to survive. He then decides to help, only to find that Reiji had a plan that defeats the dragon and gets the lad a spot on the defence force. The lad's master is expossed for the fraud he is, and Reiji takes his leave. But, Hikaru joins him.
S01E21 Vers la montagne légendaire 21/11/2002 Hikaru pursues Reiji as he trains, but Reiji eventually gives Hikaru the slip. Meanwhile, Ichiro tries to convince Meguru to return to Earth, but she refuses. They begin to question if Ichiro really plans to help, and Ichiro tries to find a way to get them to trust him. Sun Wols shows up to assist them, but gets angry when he sees Ichiro. He doesn't trust Ichiro, because he was on a team with Kouhei Toki. Ichiro proposes a battle to prove his loyalty, and Sun eagerly accepts. The two fight with what seems to be equal strenth, but Meguru begs them to stop. Sun targets Meguru with his attack, and Ichiro saves her. Sun agrees that Ichiro can now be fully trusted. Also, Reiji is getting closer to his detination.
S01E22 Fou furieux 28/11/2002 Kouhei's brother explains Kouhei's past, and tries to get him to change his ways. However, Kouhei wants nothing more than to please his father, and he will do anything to do so. He agrees to try his brother's simulation game, and easily wins. He leaves his brother and gets ready to depart to Rikyu. Meanwhile Reiji continues to go after SinnSaber, and ignores a warning not to go. Along the way, he once again encounters Hikar, who found a man unconcious. The man wakes up and runs away in fear. Hikaru asks if Reiji really wants to fight SinnSaber and says he wants to fight him so he can tick Reiji off. Hikaru asks for a battle against Reiji, with the winner facing off against SinnSaber.
S01E23 Shinsabez 05/12/2002 Reiji and Hikaru face off once again, but their battle is interupted by SinnSaber. Now the two rivals must work together to defeat this powerful dragon. But even their combined strength is not enought to defeat him. They are saved by an old man that warned Reiji earlier about SinnSaber. In return for the good deed, Hikaru and Reiji agree to save the old man's daughter from some bandits. In the process, they encounter SinnSaber once again. Reiji and Hikaru attack together, but Hikaru can't stand the power and backs off. Chibi and SinnSaber have one final clash and both are engulfed in a huge explosion. Reiji emerges as the victor with one new ultimate weapon.
S01E24 De retour pour le pouvoir 12/12/2002 Chibi may have received the power of SinnSaber, but the power is too much for Chibi to handle. As a result, Chibi goes out of control and Reiji is warned that if he doesn't find a mineral that surpresses the power, Chibi will die. Hikaru carries Reiji to the location and tells Reiji he wants Chibi to get better so he can defeat him and get even greater power. Hikaru takes his leave, and Reiji finds the mineral. Meanwhile, Kouhei Toki has returned to Rikyu, and is attacking the shrines of priests to learn the location of the Shrine of the 4 Dragons. Daisuke tries to hold Houhei off while Maiko goes to get the others. Also, Rockaku is attacked by a mysterious warrior in shades for no reason. Reiji has gotten the mineral, but Chibi refuses to accept any help. Reiji risks his life to save Chibi, and manages to do so. After resting, they go off to find the others. All of the others get ready to attack Kouhei, but Reiji shows up and reveals his new power. Kouhei flees, and is happy that he now has an opponent worth fighting.
S01E25 Le guerrier mystérieux 19/12/2002 The mysterious warrior in shades decides to team up with Kouhei, hoping he'll take out the others while he goes after Rockaku. Reiji and Chibi try to train, but they are too strong for everyone else to help much. However, something isn't quite right with Chibi. Kouhei and the warrior arrive at Reiji's location, but Rockaku isn't anywhere to be seen. Maiko refuses to tell, and the warrior must fight them all to prove his strength to Kouhei. Reiji decides to take him on by himself, and appears to have the advantage. But, Reiji has trouble hitting his opponent. Chibi begins to lose power and Kouhei finally understands that the warrior is strong enough to be his partner. Reiji is told that Chibi doesn't have the stamina to use the power of SinnSaber too many times, and needs to work on improving that. Meanwhile, Sayaka Towa decides to team up with Kouhei and the warrior.
S01E26 L'ombre d'un ami 26/12/2002 Everyone decides to go off and find the shrine before Kouhei, while Daisuke and Maiko stay behind. Reiji and Sun Wols decide to tell about themselves, while Kyoji searches for Sayaka and Ichiro searches for his own path. Reiji and Sun meet up with some guys who are capturing dragons, and are taken to where their madam lives. They ask her for the location of the shrine, but she refuses to tell them. She then shows them her "Dragon Paradise", where she catches dragons alive and keeps them as trophies, trapped forever in a crystal shell where they live forever. Reiji tries to free them, but Chibi is captured and frozen as well. Meanwhile, Sayaka has gained Kouhei's trust, but not the warrior's. So, she decides to fight Kyoji to earn it. It doesn't take longer fer to to be outmatched, so Kouhei and the warrior help her out. But, Rockaku shows up and draws the warrior's attention. The warrior reveals himself to be Mahiru, Rockaku's friend's little brother, and he wants revenge for his brother's death. Rockaku and Yako promised to become the best together and die together, but Rockaku's still alive. Mahiru thinks Rockaku betrayed his brother and attacks, but Kyoji helps out. Kouhei, Mahiru, and Sayaka decide to leave and move to the next stage of their plan. However, Chibi is still trapped...How can Reiji save his best friend?
S01E27 La vie éternelle 02/01/2003 Reiji and Sun must think up a plan to save their dragons, as well as all of the others from the madam. After sneaking inside, they discover that the madam's name is Bloody Mary, and she used to be a Dragonic Heaven champion. However, her dragon died protecting her, and she decided she never wanted to let another dragon ever die again. Now that the dragons can live eternally, she wants to do the same and asks Reiji to join her. Reiji and Sun try to convince her she is wrong, and all of the dragons break free. Reiji and Sun allow their dragons to get beat up to relieve the dragons of their anger. Mary realizes her mistake and tells them a clue to finding the Shrine of the Four Dragons.
S01E28 Souvenirs 09/01/2003 Meguru struggles to remember where the shrine is located, but can't remember a thing. They decide to go looking for the shrine, in hopes of jogging her memory. Sayaka convinces Kouhei to let her go find information on the location. She confronts Meguru and asks for information, but Kouhei shows up to try and kidnap her. While the group fights, Sayaka blows her cover by seeking out Reiji and asking him to help. When the reinforcements arrive, Kouhei is forced to retreat. Meguru finally remembers the location of the shrine.
S01E29 Jeune Garçon 16/01/2003 A young boy named Hideaki appears in Rikyu, claiming his machine malfunctioned. Kouhei appears to see what the fuss is about, and is defeated by Hideaki single handed. Reiji and the others try to get him to join them, but Ichiro doesn't trust him, and neither does Chibi. He falls in love with Meguru, and when ichiro tells her he shouldn't be trusted, he runs away. They find him holding up a dam to protect a city and they all work together to stop the water. It appears they now trust Hideaki and Meguru tells him their plan. Hideaki then leaves with Meguru and heads towards Kouhei and Mahiru.
S01E30 Trahison 23/01/2003 Hideaki is working for RI-ON, and he now knows where the shrine is. Kouhei tells her to lead them there, but she refuses. When Ichiro arrives, Hideaki wants to prve his strength to Meguru and defeats him. Everyone else shows up and a huge battle ensues. Meguru is determined not to help Kouhei and jumps off of Kouhei's dragon, attempting to commit suicide. Ichiro saves her and Hideaki is furious, he wants Meguru back! However, with help from Agent L, Ichiro's life is spared by affecting Hideaki from Earth. Something strange goes on with him, and the president of RI-ON orders them to head to the shrine. As they leave, Reiji and the others wonder how they can possibly win, and are determined to reach the shrine before Kouhei, Mahiru, and Hideaki.
S01E31 Shishinryuu 30/01/2003 The group struggles to find the shrine, and Kouhei watches from the sidelines. They soon discover the location of the shrine, thanks to Kouhei secretly helping them, and they try to get through. However, in the process they awaken four of the most powerful dragons who ever walked the face of the planet.
S01E32 Rival 06/02/2003 The group must deal with the four dragons, and Kouhei tries to sneak into the shrine. He fails, and everyone must fight the dragons. However, Reiji is having trouble getting a chance to help Sun Wols (now known as Mr. Taiyou which is his original Japanese name) blast the dragon. Unexpected help in the form of Hikaru shows up. With Hikaru's advice, Reiji finally masters SinnSaber's power. Hikaru explains to Reiji that he was always alone, and he wants to fight Reiji so badly because it's the only way Hikaru can find out what makes Reiji seem like himself, when he has friends. Reiji agrees to challenge Hikaru, but only if he helps them in the final fight. Hikaru agrees and the true fight begins.
S01E33 Le labyrinthe des ténèbres 13/02/2003 Daisuke appears to have defeated the dragon he was fighting. However, he becomes possessed in the process and traps his friends in a dark sphere. He explains that they are all evil on the inside, and want Shinryu's power for themselves. He then pits them against their dark side. Meanwhile, Hikaru and Rockaku must deal with a dragon while Reiji and Chibi restore their energy. Thanks to Maiko, everyone defeats their darker side. But, now they must defeat their own friend. Reiji and Chibi are finally ready, and they encounter Kouhei. A dragon interferes with their fight and traps them both in an ice prison.
S01E34 Vérité 20/02/2003 Reiji wakes up and realizes he's trapped. Kouhei tells Reiji to take the oppurtunity and fight him now. When Kouhei misses an attack, Reiji realizes he's blind. Kouhei begs Reiji to finish him off, or RI-ON will do it for sure. Kouhei tells Reiji about his past, and how if they met earlier, they might have been friends. Reiji offers to help Kouhei, and Kouhei agrees to join them. The two work together and break free. They then defeat the dragon. Kouhei takes off and tells Reiji he should save his friends. Reiji says Kouhei used him, but Kouhei said he didn't actually and he meant everything he said. However, he must complete his mission now that his eyesight is back. Reiji goes to help the others, while Kouhei and Hideaki steal Shinryu. Hikaru says he'll have to kill Daisuke to save him, but Maiko begs him not to. Reiji shows up and frees Daisuke, but not before promising the dragon to not release Shinryu. Kouhei tries to make a break for it, but Rockaku tries to stop him. Mahiru shows up and doesn't do what Kouhei asks. Kouhei attacks him, but Rockaku protects him. Kouhei attacks again, but Kyoji and Sayaka stop the attack. Kyoji makes Kouhei reveal that he killed Mahiru's brother. Mahiru now knows the truth and prepares to attack.
S01E35 Zone D 27/02/2003 Reiji and the others must stop Kouhei and Hideaki from returning to Earth, but fail in doing so. Rockaku and Mahiru manage to follow them back to Earth, leaving the others behind. Meanwhile, Kouhei's father, Souzi, finally has the Dragonite and is ready to release Shinryu, having Hideaki do it from D-Zone. Kouhei travels to D-Zone to prove his strength and steals it from Hideaki. Kouhei then figures out what Hideaki really is. Souzi shows up and Hideaki runs over to him, happy to meet him. Kouhei explains that Hideaki is a computer program created to keep an eye on Kouhei. Hideaki can't believe it, that is until Souzi deleted him. Kouhei then decides that it's time to release Shinryu and does so. Can Reiji and the others stop him when they're trapped in Rikyu?
S01E36 Retour 13/03/2003 While Reiji and the others try make it back to Earth, Kouhei battles his own father for control of Shinryu.
S01E37 Shinryuu 20/03/2003 Reiji awakes and finds that he's in his room. When he goes to school, Daisuke and and Maiko both seem to have forgotten anything. In truth, they're pretending they forgot because they don't want to face Shinryu. Reiji finally convinces them to face Shinryu one more time, and with the help of L, S, Meguru, and Ichiro, prepare for the final showdown.
S01E38 D break 27/03/2003 It's the final battle against Shinryu, and even with his new allies, Reiji can't defeat Kouhei. It's time for Chibi to prove his worth as a hero. However, a return home forces Reiji to leave his friend behind...forever!