Affiche Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel

The story advances on in a normal Dragonquest video game fashion. Along the way, the Hero gains additional allies and has numerous encounters with many different creatures from the Dragonquest series. The end of each Japanese episode through to the 32nd episode shows one of the main characters going through a level up process. This adds to the Dragonquest video game feel. The story is about a teenage boy named Abel and his best friend Tiala. On Tiala's 16th birthday she receives a red jewel. Unbeknownst to her, the red jewel has the power to awaken the great dragon, which legend has it can grant eternal life to one who drinks its blood. Baramos, a demon from the ancient and evil kingdom of Estark, desires to find the stone and gain immortality. After tracking the stone to Tiala's village, Baramos kidnaps her and sets off to find the location of the dragon. Abel, who was injured in a vain attempt to fight off Baramos is revived by his friend Moco and the village elder who gives him the blue stone, which he is told has the power to seal the dragon if it is woken. Baramos then returns again to the village in order to gain more information on the dragon's whereabouts. After doing so he leaves, but not before unleashing a giant anteater on the village. The elder uses a special crest to stun the beast and then Able and Moco finish it off. The elder imparts some advice to Abel before passing away and thus begins the adventure to save Tiala and defeat Baramos. Abel and Moco travel to Ariahan Castle to get help from the king who helps them escape, via a teleport pool, from an ensuing monster invasion. During this time we are introduced to Daisy, who is at this time hunting monsters in Ariahan for the gems that they leave behind after being destroyed. When Abel and Moco arrive at the other end of the teleport they gain Yanack to their party. They then do a quest together. Also during this time, a side story is going on explaining the exploits of Tiala onboar

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