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Droopy is an American animated cartoon character, an anthropomorphic dog (supposedly a Basset Hound) with a droopy face, hence the name Droopy. He was created by Tex Avery, for theatrical cartoon shorts produced by the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio, in 1943. Essentially the polar opposite of Avery's other famous MGM character, the loud and wacky Screwy Squirrel, Droopy moved slowly and lethargically, spoke in a jowly monotone, and, though he didn't look like much, was shrewd enough to outwit his enemies and, when finally roused to anger, capable of beating adversaries twice his size with a comical thrashing. The character first appeared, nameless, in Avery's 1943 cartoon Dumb-hounded.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Droopy

S01E01 Entourloupes 20/03/1943 The Wolf escapes from prison but is hounded by the police dog named Droopy. Wherever The Wolf goes, the little fellow is there, too.
S01E02 Le meurtre de Dan McGoo 14/04/1945 This starts off as an adaptation of Robert Service's poem 'The Shooting of Dan McGrew', complete with a literal depiction of a man with one foot in the grave, but when Dan McGoo turns out to be Droopy, it turns into another Droopy-versus-the Wolf gagfest.
S01E03 Le grand méchant louche 03/11/1945 The Wolf rides into town, terrorises it, kidnaps the girl, and is chased by the outraged townspeople, accompanied by Droopy, who despite introducing himself as "the hero" at the end, in fact barely features in this one - but connoisseurs of Tex Avery wolves will have a field day.
S01E04 Un de la police montée 03/08/1946 A wolf convict makes his escape, but is pursued by a diminutive Mountie who seems to be everywhere.
S01E05 Señor Droopy 09/04/1949 A bullfight contest between Droopy and The Wolf, staged in the Chili Bowl.
S01E06 Un cador cousu d'or 13/08/1949 A millionaire with two dogs (Spike and Droopy) leaves his fortune to Droopy with the stipulation that should he be killed the entire fortune who would to Spike. Guess what Spike is up to?
S01E07 Le corniaud et le renard 05/11/1949 Droopy is an unlikely fox-hound, but the highly civilised (and resourceful) English upper-class fox makes even more unlikely prey.
S01E08 Le champion a du chien 04/11/1950 Droopy and Spike compete in a series of athletics contests, and no prizes for guessing who starts cheating.
S01E09 Droopy trompe-la-mort 31/03/1951 Similar in tone to 'The Chump Champ' (1950), but this time Droopy and Spike are in competition for a circus acrobat's job.
S01E10 La BA de Droopy 05/05/1951 Droopy the Boy Scout attempts to do good deeds, but has various Spike-related hurdles to overcome first.
S01E11 Double Droopy 17/11/1951 Droopy and his identical twin brother Drippy are assigned to look after a house, and are told to deal violently with strangers. But Droopy takes pity on his friend Spike, and agrees to put him up for a few days - but he forgets to warn Drippy.
S01E12 Caballero Droopy 27/09/1952 Droopy is on his way to woo his lovely señorita when he is waylayed by a wolf intent on winning the fair lass. But the wolf wasn't counting on Droopy's uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time.
S01E13 Les trois petits chiots 26/12/1953 A variation on the age-old 'Three Little Pigs' theme, with Droopy and pals being the target of one of the most laid-back wolves you'll ever see.
S01E14 Droopy chien de prairie 20/02/1954 Droopy is a shepherd. His sheep graze into cattle country, despite the warning sign. He gets in an argument with the cattle owner, but of course, nobody wins a battle against Droopy.
S01E15 Droopy pionnier 10/07/1954 Homesteaders are not popular in cattle country, so when the cows complain to the sheriff (The Wolf), the law makes it tough on the Droopy family.
S01E16 Droopy roi du rire 04/12/1955 Don't be fooled by the title - Droopy looks like Droopy, but he's actually jazzman John Pettibone, with his performing flea combo, and the film shows how it came into being.
S01E17 Droopy sherif adjoint 28/10/1955 A jailhouse, a tempting safe... and a sleeping sheriff. Can the two villains make off with the loot without waking him up? Not if deputy Droopy has his way.
S01E18 Millionaire Droopy 21/09/1956 Despite what's printed on the credits, Tex Avery had nothing to do with this cartoon - it's a Cinemascope remake of 'Wags to Riches' (1949), put together by others from his original artwork and production cels. Apart from the new Cinemascope backgrounds, it's identical to the earlier film.
S01E19 Grin and Share It 17/05/1957 Butch and Droopy have equal shares in a gold mine. When they finally strike gold, Butch tries to make his share more equal by doing away with Droopy, with no success.
S01E20 Blackboard Jumble 04/10/1957 A wolf with a Southern accent walks by just as a teacher is getting fed up with his class and walks out. Unfortunately, the class consists of three junior clones of Droopy, who manage to try his patience.
S01E21 One Droopy Knight 06/12/1957 Sir Droopalot and Sir Butchalot (Droopy and Butch) vie with each other to kill a dragon that is terrorizing their kingdom. Whoever vanquishes the dragon will marry the king's daughter.
S01E22 Sheep Wrecked 07/02/1958 Droopy is guarding his flock of sheep from the rebel wolf.
S01E23 Mutts About Racing 04/04/1958 Droopy and Butch are competing race car drivers in a road race. While Butch has the faster car, his cockiness and the time he spends on unsuccessful schemes to stop Droopy work against him.
S01E24 Droopy Leprechaun 04/07/1958 Droopy, on an Irish stopover of an international flight, buys a souvenir leprechaun hat, and is mistaken for a real leprechaun by Spike.
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