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Drugged uses visual effects and CGI to take the viewer on a trip through the human body. Using testimony from those who enjoy using the drugs, and those who have been addicted, the episode offers an insight into the realities of these drugs. Some of Britain and America's top scientists and doctors will also explain the surprising bio-chemical effects of these popular drugs as well as their unintended consequences.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Drugged

S02E01 High on Heroin 14/10/2012 Schuyler lives in a picturesque middle-class suburb, but he has a dark side: He smokes up to 2 grams of heroin a day. Once a star basketball player and an ?A? student, his life now revolves around hanging out with his drug-abusing friends, trapped in a desperate cycle of addiction. Can a team of doctors reveal to Schuyler the true extent of the damage caused by his addiction, and convince him to seek help?
S02E02 High on Crack 14/10/2012 Eric has been taking drugs since he was a teen and the first thing he thinks about every morning is how he's going to get high. When doctors intervene, they reveal the effects of crack on his body and mind, which they hope will shock him into getting clean. Tension mounts in the days leading up to the medical tests as Eric begins using as much as possible. Is he having his ?last hurrah? before choosing to get sober or sinking further and further into addiction?
S02E03 High on Meth 28/10/2012 This is the story of Clifford a meth addict, Hayley an alcoholic and the doctors on a mission to save them. Together they will reveal the effects of meth and alcohol on their minds and bodies. Faced head on with the ways that drugs are killing them, will they decide to get clean? Or will they continue living their lives drugged. Clifford and Hayley have agreed to go through medical and psychological testing to determine the damage their addictions have done to their minds and bodies. They'll be offered free detox and rehab for their addictions. Their friends and families are determined to see that they get help?. But will they choose to take it?
S02E04 High on Alcohol 30/12/2012 In the " Alcohol" special edition of "Drugged," viewers were presented with a story that was both a tragedy and a cautionary tale. Ryan, a 28-year-old alcoholic, drank three pints of vodka a day. Ryan turned to alcohol when his father, who was also an alcoholic, passed away four years ago. In just four years, Ryan has done severe damaged to his body, and yet he seems fully aware of the danger he's in, and oddly” My organs are shot. They hurt every day," he said at one point. "It would be weird feeling if they didn’t." And yet still he wouldn't stop drinking. While Ryan did agree to and enter rehab at the end of filming, he died just 17 days into treatment.