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Ever wonder what life was like before the dynasty? Take a trip back in time to when the Duck Commander crew was a whole lot younger and the beards were a whole lot shorter. For the first time on A&E, "Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty" gives us a nostalgic look at what life was like for the Robertson Family prior to becoming the reality television sensations they are today.


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S01E01 The Family that Plays Together, Stays Together 20/08/2014 The Robertsons are a family of athletes; here's a look at some of their most competitive moments from Duck Commander.
S01E02 Honorary Duckmen 27/08/2014 Sitting in the same blinds with the same guys for almost three months can get a bit monotonous; see some of the most memorable guests from Duck Commander who joined the Robertson men in the duck blind. Look back to when the Robertson wives first set food in a duck blind and Phil meets some New York Firemen.
S01E03 All Work and Some Play 03/09/2014 It's not always just fun and duck hunting! At the DC warehouse there is always work to be done, check out some favorite Duck Commander scenes as Willie and the family run their business.
S01E04 Robertsons' 2nd Favorite Pastime 10/09/2014 There aren't many things that the Duckmen like as much as hunting, but eating is a very close second. Check out the family's favorite food feasts from Duck Commander.
S01E05 Duck Commander Gives Back 17/09/2014 The Robertsons have always loved giving back to their country and community, look back at those most memorable moments from Duck Commander.
S01E06 There's No Duck Hunting in Vegas! 24/09/2014 Favorite highlights from the original Duck Commander, when the Robertson men take a trip to Vegas for the annual trade show — much to the dismay of Phil who'd rather be hunting.
S01E07 A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That 01/10/2014 Memorable moments from the original Duck Commander highlighting all sorts of the crazy antics the Robertson Family gets up to when they're not hunting. Plus, meet the Robertson's trusty hunting dogs, those faithful companions that do all the leg work for the Duckmen.
S01E08 Everything but the Kitchen Sink 08/10/2014 Memorable Duck Commander moments of behind the scenes fun with the Robertsons that answer some burning questions: What happens when Willie takes a break as CEO? Does Jase ever miss a hunting season? How does Phil test a new boat? What is Duck Commander Sunday? It's an entertaining and revealing look inside the lives of the Duckmen.
S01E09 The Kitchen Sink 15/10/2014 Answers to burning questions about the Duckmen, including the reason Willie is always late to duck hunting and how Phil became known as the River Rat.