Affiche Dusty: Little By Little
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It's day one of the full cast rehearsal for Dusty, The Original Pop Diva; ahead is a gruelling month-long schedule that will test the energy, discipline and tempers of everyone involved in getting this new Australian musical off the ground. Will they make it to opening night? Much of the show rides on Tamsin Carroll, who plays Dusty Springfield. She speaks about creating her version of Dusty and the need to be true to those who knew her best. Co-star Deni Hines has a different problem. She is a singer, not an actor, and performing in the show means learning a whole new set of skills. It's a daunting challenge. At the end of the rehearsal period, the cast come together for what many describe as their favourite part of a musical - the sitzprobe - when the ensemble and the band get together for the first time to perform the show.