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An office manager for a giant computer software company teaches her reclusive boss and his nerdy employees how to communicate better.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dweebs

S01E01 Pilot 22/09/1995 A technophobic young woman hired as office manager tries to hide her lack of technical skills from the software company's brilliant but socially inept founder.
S01E02 The Privacy Show 29/09/1995 Carey feels violated after the guys use their computer wizardry to do a background check on the man she's dating; but ""they just don't know how to get to know someone the normal way.""
S01E03 The Birthday Party Show 06/10/1995 Carey persuades the guys to overcome their paralytic fear of socializing and come to her birthday party, but they don't click with her cool friends.
S01E04 The Cyrano Show 13/10/1995 Carey assumes the Internet identity of verbally challenged Warren, and cyberchats with a flirty woman who suggests an in-person tete-a-tete.
S01E05 The Bad Back Show 20/10/1995 Corey puts her back out, so the boys bring the office to her home -- literally.
S01E06 The Crush Show 27/10/1995 Vic realizes he's head over heels for Carey and suffers the pangs of unrequited love.
S01E07 The Bad P.R. Show 00/00/0000 When Cyberbyte releases a software program riddled with bugs, Warren's mishandling of the resultant media attention creates a full-blown P.R. disaster.
S01E08 The Noreen Sleeps with Warren Show 00/00/0000 After Noreen has an eventful evening with Warren, Carey wonders if her other co-workers are more than just innocent nerds.
S01E09 The Karl's Crisis Show 00/00/0000 Karl's attempt at a nightclub to prove he is not ready to retire lands him in trouble.
S01E10 The Actress Show 00/00/0000 The guys are awestruck when a gorgeous Hollywood actress agrees to model for the computer game they're designing.