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Chicago's Clark Street Hospital was the setting for this comedy about the staff and patients of the hospital's emergency room. Howard Sheinfeld (Elliott Gould) was the sarcastic, talkative doctor who oversaw most of the emergency room treatment. An ear-nose-and-throat specialist, he moonlighted at the hospital doing 48-hour shifts to help him keep up with alimony payments to two ex-wives. Dr. Eve Sheridan (Marcia Strassman in the pilot than played by (Mary McDonnell), his no-nonsense boss at the hospital, wished he would take things a little more seriously and not work such long shifts. Harold Stickley (Jason Alexander) was the hospital administrator, George Clooney as Mark "Ace" Kolmar, the med tech, Joan Thor (Conchata Ferrell), was the head nurse and Lynne Moody as Nurse Julie Williams. Broadcast History ______ Sep 1984, CBS Sun 8:00-8:30 ______ Sep 1984-Oct 1984, CBS Tue 8:30-9:00 ______


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de E/R (1984)

S01E01 Pilot (1) 00/00/0000 Julie's visiting uncle is bemused by the succession of illnesses, non-illnesses, and general mayhem in the E/R.
S01E02 Pilot (2) 00/00/0000 Julie's visiting uncle is bemused by the succession of illnesses, non-illnesses, and general mayhem in the E/R.
S01E03 The Sister 00/00/0000 As Dr. Sheridan ponders putting her elderly father in a nursing home, Howard becomes romantically interested in her visiting sister.
S01E04 My Way 00/00/0000 A cancer patient in severe pain asks Howard to let him die, and Nurse Thor has marital problems with her unemployed husband, who watches TV all day.
S01E05 Son of Sheinfeld 00/00/0000 Sheridan is told to cut costs by letting Howard go, and then his son shows up with blue hair and a buddy unconscious from a drug overdose.
S01E06 Save the Last Dance for Me 00/00/0000 Howard's ex-wife tries to get them together again when she discovers she's pregnant.
S01E07 Say It Ain't So 00/00/0000 A family complains that Dr. Sheridan gave them false hopes, while Howard awaits the results of his ex-wife's pregnancy test.
S01E08 Growing Pains 00/00/0000 Synopsis coming soon.
S01E09 All's Well That Ends 00/00/0000 Howard is trying to sell his old practice, and a woman shows up in the ER with an unexploded bullet in her arm.
S01E10 Only a Nurse 00/00/0000 Nurse Thor quits over Sheridan's refusal to allow her to make minor medical decisions, and Nurse Cory confesses to Howard she's in love with him.
S01E11 Sentimental Journey 00/00/0000 Howard is dating a 23-year-old aerobics instructor, while Sheridan is attracted to an older Latin gentleman.
S01E12 Mr. Fix-It 00/00/0000 A hectic night sees the ER visited by Howard and Maria's fathers, as well as an injured basketball star.
S01E13 A Cold Night in Chicago 00/00/0000 A sick boy's parents claim that medical testing would violate their religion, Julie's apartment is burglarized, and an old army buddy whose life he once saved visits Howard.
S01E14 Both Sides Now 00/00/0000 Howard is being sued for malpractice, but is doubtful about calling Sheridan as a character witness when she refuses to shade the truth a little, and Nurse Thor's nephew is hired as a med tech.
S01E15 The Storm 00/00/0000 When a blizzard strikes and the staff's replacements don't arrive, Julie is fired for refusing to continue working past her shift, and Jenny wants to come live with her dad.
S01E16 Enter Romance 00/00/0000 Howard's first wife drops by to discuss Jenny, Ace asks Sheridan out, and the new hospital administrator makes advances to every woman on the staff.
S01E17 Brotherly Love 00/00/0000 The staff relaxes at their favorite hangout, and a romantic interest develops between Dr. Sheridan and Howard's psychologist brother.
S01E18 I Raise You 00/00/0000 Howard moves his Saturday-night poker game into the ER, and Ace asks out his daughter Jenny.
S01E19 Merry Wives of Sheinfeld (1) 00/00/0000 Both Howard's ex-wives drop in on a hectic night that sees Nurse Thor worried about her health.
S01E20 Merry Wives of Sheinfeld (2) 00/00/0000 Howard's new girlfriend meets his first wife, and the staff tries to help Nurse Thor deal with her discovery that she is seriously ill.
S01E21 All Tied Up 00/00/0000 Sheridan loses her life savings because of investment advice from Howard, Maria's boyfriend Fred asks Julie out on a date, and drug thieves strike fear into the staff.
S01E22 A Change in Policy 00/00/0000 Synopsis coming soon.