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Anthony Anderson is on a mission to discover what's truly at the heart of America — one food festival at a time. Anthony will travel to the most colorful and delicious festivals in America, tasting everything from classic interpretations to surprising twists. He'll also meet the amazing characters devoted to these regional favorites and follow some of them as they compete to find the best of the best. There's nothing like a small-town food festival to make summer come alive!


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S01E01 Shrimp Festival 04/08/2014 Anthony Anderson tastes his way through the Amelia Island, Fla., Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival along with 10,000 food fans discovering some interesting combinations. Contenders in the Shrimp Dish Challenge share their ingredients and tips as they prepare to be judged and later, Anthony assists with a large shrimp boil and helps the island's pirates save it from invaders.
S01E02 Crab Festival 11/08/2014 Anthony Anderson takes on the Texas Crab Festival in Crystal Beach. He tries various vendors' unique offerings and participates in a Crab Race, a Weiner Dog Race and even a Texas Two-Step dance-off before checking out the competition for Best Crab Dish.
S01E03 Steak Festival 28/07/2014 Anthony Anderson gets his steak on at the World Championship Steak Cook-off in Magnolia, Ark., where over 80 grillers compete for the Governor's Cup trophy and $4,000 top prize. He checks out some of the top contenders, a steak eating contest and even tries his luck at the Grill Games.
S01E04 New Orleans Food Festival 18/08/2014 Anthony Anderson pops up in the Big Easy to make his way through the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience and tries NOLA-inspired delights by over 70 restaurant vendors before going behind-the-scenes to cook with the elite competitors vying for the coveted title of "King of Louisiana Seafood."
S01E05 Ribfest 25/08/2014 Anthony Anderson joins the rib enthusiasts who devour 50,000 pounds of pork on the streets of Chicago during the city's annual Ribfest. He checks out the world-ranked competitors at the rib eating contest and challenges a fest-goer to balloon darts, before finding out the winner of the People's Choice and critic's Best Ribs titles.
S01E06 Barbecue Festival 01/09/2014 A giant slide and mechanical bull are among the attractions at a barbecue festival in Tryon, N.C., where chefs compete for a trophy, and Anthony tries offerings, including an elk burger, deep-fried pickle and Asado goat.
S01E07 Strawberry Festival 08/09/2014 Anthony attends a strawberry festival in Long Grove, Ill., where he chats with competing chefs, challenges kids to a berry-eating contest and tries his hand at balloon art.
S01E08 Ice Cream Festival 15/09/2014 Anthony attends the Rockwood Ice Cream Festival in Wilmington, Del., where he satisfies his sweet tooth with a tasty combo of bacon and salted caramel. Also: He tries a creative raspberry-chocolate concoction; and checks out the "Best Sundae on Sunday" contest.

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