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Welcome to the Cul-de-Sac. The dead-end street where three friends bound by one name spend their days concocting crazy schemes, making a mess, and generally getting on everyone’s nerves. Like the time Ed sleepwalked into people’s houses and ate everything in their fridges. Or the time The Eds offer the neighborhood kids a “luxury cruise” in a floating inner tube. Yup, they’re just like your real friends. Only weirder. We hope.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ed, Edd n Eddy

S01E01 The Ed-Touchables 04/01/1999 It seems that someone is stealing everyone's stuff. Double D's magnifying glass is missing and so is Sarah's doll. Eddy goes all around town making wrong accusations until they seem to find their culprit.
S01E02 Nagged to Ed 04/01/1999 During a trip to the woods, The Eds are captured by 3 troublemaking girls named The Kanker Sisters (May, Lee, and Marie)! The 3 Kankers want to serve The Eds some food and they accept! But what will they do when they have to clean The Kankers' trailer?
S01E03 Pop Goes The Ed 11/01/1999 It's hot out, very hot. The Eds, and the rest of the cul-de-sac, are desperate for a way out of the heat. Kevin accidentally tells the Eds that Nazz is having a sprinkler party. The Eds aren't invited, but they don't care. Eddy decides this is the perfect time to score some social points. He dresses the Eds in the speedos of the gods, and together they go to be the lives of the party. No one notices them, though. And in one last attempt to impress everybody, their ultratight swimsuits snap off, and they are stuck naked in a wading pool. Now they have to sneak home casually, but it's not an easy task.
S01E04 Over Your Ed 11/01/1999 The Eds are setting up a routine scam: their home-blended En-O-Gee Drink, but Ed ruins it, as usual. Edd suggests giving Ed a full image makeover and Eddy likes the idea. They start by giving Ed a bath. He hadn't had one in ages. Then they dress him up in clothes only Eddy would own. Double-Dee comes up with a list of super cool phrases for Ed to use. They let him wander in the cul-de-sac, where Jimmy finds him and shows him to the other kids. They're so impressed by his super cool persona that Eddy comes up with an even better idea, charging kids money to meet Ed. Just when things are going great for everybody, the Kanker sisters show up and ruin everything.
S01E05 Sir Ed-a-Lot 18/01/1999 When Ed is stuck babysitting Sarah, Eddy wonders why he is doing it. As they play little kiddy games with Sarah, Eddy becomes a real party pooper. But when Eddy learns there is cash on the line...he quickly starts to pucker up. Determined to earn some cash, Eddy takes on the task of amusing ""Queen Sarah"" and ""Prince Jimmy"". After Eddy tries all of his ""Best Stuff"" he starts to go overboard. Everything goes crazy when Eddy drops everything he is juggling. The Eds scramble to clean everything up before Ed's parents return and ends up with quite a productive solution to their problem.
S01E06 A Pinch To Grow an Ed 18/01/1999 After Eddy grows extremely angry with being short, Double D and Ed fix the problem with a pair of elevating shoes. He uses them to show off and then the Kankers break them, dropping Eddy into a crib dressed as a baby. Ed and Double D walk off referring to him as a baby while pushing him around.
S01E07 Read All About Ed 25/01/1999 Edd's got a paper route, saving up for an expensive electron microscope. Eddy finds out, and comes up with a new plan, the Eds will take up 50 paper routes at once and they'll be rolling in cash. Double-Dee doesn't like the idea all that much. When he wakes up the next morning to find his house covered in undelivered papers. The Eds try different ways to deliver the hundreds of papers and Edd's latest invention works great. Ed, of course, manages to jam it up and the Eds are stuck with a huge mess of papers. Things couldn't get worse, until it starts to rain.
S01E08 Quick Shot Ed 25/01/1999 The Eds are rummaging through Eddy's attic, when they come across an antique camera. They're not sure what to do with it, until Eddy comes up with a great idea to make cash, go on a photo safari, taking pictures of the cul-de-sac kids, then make a calendar and sell it to them. They go on a photo safari, taking pictures of everyone. Their safari soon leads them to the Park-n-Flush trailer park, where Eddy tries to sneak a picture of the Kankers. The Kankers spot the Eds, though and give them a little ""makeover.""
S01E09 An Ed Too Many 01/02/1999 The Eds are searching for a four-leaf clover, but aren't having any luck. Ed comes across a very rare flower, though, which Edd is very careful with. The Eds decide they're hungry and go off to make a pizza (and a big mess). On the way, they encounter Sarah and Jimmy. Double-Dee hands the flower to Sarah so that it doesn't get damaged. Sarah takes this to mean more than that, though, and immediately falls in love with him. As the Eds go to make their pizza, Sarah shows up and starts creeping out Edd. Ed and Eddy try to keep her away, but she follows Double-Dee everywhere. Eventually, they realize that the answer is to get Jimmy and Sarah back together.
S01E10 Ed-n-Seek 01/02/1999 The Eds are couch-diving, searching for change and other assorted things, when Jonny shows up and starts looking around. The Eds go out to see what's up, and find that the cul-de-sac kids are playing hide-and-seek. The Eds want to play, but Sarah (who is It) doesn't let them. They gather up all the kids to ruin Sarah's turn, and then the kids decide to let them play-- but one catch: They have to be It. They don't mind, though, and decide to play their own way. They keep a careful eye on Home Base, and use one of Edd's inventions to find everyone. They round up everyone, except Jimmy-- who Ed manages to tag at the last second. Now Jimmy's It and they get to hide, which they do well. They manage to get to Home Base... but pummeled a little along the way.
S01E11 Look Into My Eds 08/02/1999 After another failed scam, Ed, Edd n Eddy see the mail is here. It turns out to be Edd's new psychology manual. After Edd gives Ed and Eddy a personality test, Eddy is sure the book is wrong. He shakes it up and finds a Hypo-Disk. After Edd explains what it does Eddy is eager to try it out. He hypnotises Ed in being ""what he's always dreamed of"" which is really a ballerina. Then the Eds go all around the neighborhood hypnotising everyone. But when the Kankers show up their fun ends.
S01E12 Tag Yer Ed 08/02/1999 After Kevin and Rolf embarrass Edd yet again in his weakness, Eddy decides to take action. No matter how much he tries to toughen Edd up, he refuses to improve. Finally Eddy takes a desperate attempt by turning him into a wrestler, ""The Masked Mumbler"". In a raging tiring fight with Plank, and a little help from Eddy, Edd defeats the board. The Eds' next enemies are the Kankers...which aren't that easy. The Eds go head-to-head against the Kankers but finally fail.
S01E13 Dawn Of The Eds 15/02/1999 Ed's dying to see the newest sci-fi reject flick-- Robot Rebel Ranch. But-- of all the horror-- it's R-rated, and the Eds won't be able to get in! They immediately begin scamming to sneak in, but on the way to turn in some recyclables for ticket money, they get lost and wind up way beyond the construction site and the factory, in the worst place to get lost-- the junk yard. Stuck without a movie, the Eds begin to play it out themselves. Soon, they're starting to believe they're really there, and begin to waste away on the ""cold planet's"" surface. Edd and Eddy get a reality check when Sarah and Jimmy show up, and decide to go home for dinner. But Ed just can't be snapped out of a good sci-fi delusion...
S01E14 Virt-Ed-Go 15/02/1999 The Eds are beat after a bird steals their hard-earned quarterr, when they spot a passing plane with an ad for Joe's Clubhouse. They come up with the obvious scam-- start a hip club themselves, and charge for membership. They go through some difficulty setting up the clubhouse, but even harder is getting members. The cul-de-sac kids don't even believe they HAVE a clubhouse, and the Eds go to prove them wrong. They go back to their club site to find Club Ed transformed into Club Kanker. The Eds wage a water balloon fight against the Kankers, and the Kankers come out on top.
S01E15 Who, What, Where, Ed 22/02/1999 The Eds aren't interested in scams today, all they want is some Eddy-style omelettes! Ed manages to break every egg in the house, however, and the Eds are stuck without any omelettes. They decide to go to Rolf's to see if he can loan them a chicken; then they'll be knee-deep in eggs! But Rolf isn't going to give a chicken egg up that easily, he tells them that he'll trade it for sawdust. Confused, the Eds ask Kevin for some sawdust. He'll trade it for painting his shed. But there's no paint. They go to Jimmy's, where he is painting a masterpiece. He won't give up his paint unless they trade for it-- he wants clams. Jonny 2x4 and Plank are clam-diving in the sewer and they want to trade for an anchor, but the only anchor in the cul-de-sac belongs to the Kankers. Forget that. Plank ""says"" he'll trade some clams for a racket. Sarah, playing tennis with Nazz, says she'll trade for a giant teddy bear. Jimmy owns a teddy bear, and will trade it for plums. Back at Rolf's, he is confused as to
S01E16 Keeping Up with the Eds 22/02/1999 What's with Edd's kitchen?! It's covered in sticky notes! Double-Dee's parents make him do boatloads of chores, and communicate them through sticky notes. Edd doesn't seem to mind, except for one thing — his father wants him to mow the lawn!
S01E17 Fool on the Ed 01/03/1999 The Eds come across a card labeled "PRANK MASTER," and Eddy is mad that someone would try to take his place. The Eds go to investigate, and they find everyone in the cul-de-sac suffering horrible pranks, marked by the "PRANK MASTER" card.
S01E18 A Boy and His Ed 01/03/1999 Kevin encounters the Eds' latest scam, and isn't impressed. He tells them he wants to give them something, but Eddy doesn't believe him and sends him away. The Eds go into the cul-de-sac to find everyone eating Jawbreakers. Rolf tells them that Kevin's dad got a job at the Jawbreaker factory, and he got a whole garage of free Jawbreakers! The Eds decide to become Kevin's best friends, hoping they'll get in on the candy. But they end up being more of a hassle to Kevin, as they destroy his house and get in the way everywhere.
S01E19 It's Way Ed 08/03/1999 It's a new day in the cul-de-sac, and the Eds head down to the lane to see what's up. They find all the kids walking around on stilts. They tell the Eds that it's the latest fad. The Eds go home to make makeshift stilts, and return to find the cul-de-sac kids wearing hats with tetherballs, Wizz-Wazzing. The Eds rush home to get in on that fad, but by the time they get back, Wizz-Wazzing is way out of style. The Eds keep trying to get in style, but they give up-- what's the use? They're always behind. Eddy realizes that the only way to catch up is to be two fads ahead of everyone else. They rummage through Edd's garage and come up with the most ridiculous costumes they can come up with, and when they return to the cul-de-sac, deeming themselves Fad Freaky, no one notices them. The outfits get uncomfortable, and start to trip the Eds up. The Eds give up the fad, but at that moment, everyone in the cul-de-sac starts wearing their Fad Freaky costumes.
S01E20 Laugh Ed Laugh 08/03/1999 The Eds come up with a great scam, but all the cul-de-sac kids are missing! They go to investigate, and find that an epidemic of chicken pox has hit the neighborhood, and they're the only ones that aren't sick.
S01E21 Eds-Aggerate 15/03/1999 After a scam goes horribly wrong and ends up sending an armchair into Kevin's house, Eddy makes up a quick lie, telling Kevin the ""Mucky Boys"" did it. He convinces Kevin into believing it, and soon the whole cul-de-sac is searching for the Mucky Boys. Eddy loves it, and convinces his fellow Eds to play along. They go into the junkyard, and cover themselves in mud. They leave clues and creep the kids into believing the Mucky Boys are nearby. They lead the kids into a cave, where Sarah realizes what's going on, and exposes the Eds.
S01E22 Oath to an Ed 15/03/1999 The Eds all have new clothes, but they're still stiff from the store. Ed and Eddy try to get them comfortable, but end up ruining them. The Eds find Rolf, Jimmy, Jonny, and Plank wearing spiffy scout uniforms. Rolf tells them about the Urban Rangers, and that they can get their own uniforms if they can get a badge.
S01E23 A Glass of Warm Ed 22/03/1999 Edd discovers Ed sleepwalking and Eddy devises a way to profit from it.
S01E24 Flea Bitten Ed 22/03/1999 The Eds are cleaning Rolf's animals for money.
S01E25 Button Yer Ed 29/03/1999 Eddy lost his voice after a fly gets stuck in his throat. Therefore, Edd gets a bell that he could use when he needs to talk. Nobody knows what Eddy wants until Rolf comes along and invites the Eds to dinner. Of course, Rolf doesn't know as much as he claims to know about ""bell speak."" Example: Rolf interprets Eddy's ringing into a thanks, which it obviously isn't.
S01E26 Avast Ye Eds 29/03/1999 After Edd is accidently thrown on a flying inner tube into the creek and demonstrates a wide amount of emotions Eddy gets an idea. The Eds set up a creek cruise on the inner tube. Jonny, Plank, and Jimmy are their passengers. Everything seems to be going smoothly along with the amazing sounds of 88 Fingers Eddward until they pass by Park and Flsuh Trailor Park. Soon they notice a ship tailing them from behind! Pirates! Well the Kankers actually. It turns into wild chase and ends up with the Eds captured, Jonny and Jimmy jumping into the creek, and Plank living up to his name as the ""plank"" on the ship.
S02E01 Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Ed 13/09/1999 The Eds' latest scam, a miniature golf course, is of course ruined by Ed. As Edd goes off to fix it, Ed asks Eddy why Double-Dee is so smart. Eddy decides to have some fum with him, and tells him that Edd is not human. Ed, being the sci-fi freak he is, falls for it and starts questing out to see Double-Dee do something inhuman. Eddy tells him that Edd is The Lizard Boy, a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong who has been experimenting on the cul-de-sac kids, changing them into insects. Ed is horrified, and avoids Double-Dee at all costs. The Eds get invited to a BBQ at Nazz's place, and Ed thinks it's a ceremony. Eddy pretends he's been turned into a bug, and ends up wrecking the party.
S02E02 Ready, Set... Ed! 13/09/1999 The Eds go off to the lane one morning to find Kevin showing off in front of the other kids on his stunt bike, easily breaking every record in the book. Eddy's unimpressed, and decides to show off his own skills. The Eds end up constructing a massive stunt ramp, and fail miserably at riding it. Eddy knows he's not going to beat Kevin at what he's good at, and decides to break his own records. Eddy returns to the park and tells the kids that the Eds just broke a record for flying around the world. The kids don't believe him, and go off to see. Eddy gives them a ride in his ""rocket car"", and manages to convince them that they're riding around the world. Kevin realizes it's all a sham, and ruins it.
S02E03 Knock, Knock, Who's Ed? 20/09/1999 It all starts out when the Eds are building a pool full of gelatin. Ed ruins the scam as usual and they decide to go back to his house for more gelatin. When they get to Ed`s basement Edd and Eddy stumble onto signs saying ""Don`t Miss,"" ""All Day Movie."" Ed tells them that the signs remind him not to miss the monster movie marathon. Edd and Eddy decide to watch the marathon also but Sarah and Jimmy kick them out while they're getting snacks. They also try to get into Kevin's house to watch it but that plan fails. Finally they go to Rolf's house and get to watch. Edd and Eddy are not impressed and they and Rolf are stuck watching the marathon.
S02E04 One + One = Ed 20/09/1999 Ed can't sleep so he goes to Eddy's house and starts irritating Eddy all night. The next morning they go to Edd's house to find he's taking apart an old radio which somehow leads Eddy to think if knowledge is power then it's also money. The Eds start to take everything they can get their hands on apart. Then, after they take his chicken coop apart, Rolf tells the Eds one of his crazy tales. Now the boys don't want to stick around for the story so they narrowly escape into an alternate cul-de-sac, where they find that physics no longer apply, and they have fun wrecking their cartoon universe-- until they realize it was just their imagination.
S02E05 Know It All Ed 27/09/1999 The Eds are at the dump, goofing off, when they come across a box of strange tubes. Edd recognizes them as turkey basters, but Eddy doesn't believe that and tells him they're squirt guns. From Canada. Canadian squirt guns. The Eds go off to the cul-de-sac for their latest master scam. Eddy, in a cowboy get-up, shows off his squirt gun skills. The kids go right for it and buy the whole box. The whole cul-de-sac turns into a Western setting, with squirt gun battles. Jonny 2x4 shows up and tells the Eds that Plank was abducted and soaked in perfume. The Eds go off to serve justice, and end up having a showdown with the Kanker sisters, who easily defeat them with their perfume squirt guns.
S02E06 Dear Ed 27/09/1999 Another day, another dollar... The Eds find Jimmy hanging out with Plank one day, and ask him why. Jimmy tells them that Jonny 2x4 and Plank had ""a horrible tiff,"" and Jonny left Plank for good. Jimmy offered Plank a home. The Eds decide to help Jonny out, and make him a new friend. Eddy sets up a new scam, Ed's Friend Store, and offers him a traffic cone named Bob to be his new friend. Jonny and Bob don't hit it off, and they decide to go to Ed's house to find some potential friends. A worn boot named Salty Sam turns out to be rabid, and the Eds decide to go for one last idea. They put a face on every inanimate object in Eddy's house, and invite Jonny over. But he eventually finds Plank again, and they become friends once more.
S02E07 Hands Across Ed 04/10/1999 After a plan gone horribly wrong winds up with the Eds cornered in the dump, Ed gives Eddy the idea for his next scam-- holdingg a TV telethon to raise money. They will pick selected talented people to help with the telethon. They hold auditions for ""local talent,"" and decide to have Jimmy and Nazz on the show. The Eds start their telethon, claiming that Ed's eyebrow is beginning to spread all over his body, and they need money for the operation. They don't quite keep the other kids' attention, as everything starts to go wrong, and they don't get any donations. The other kids go off to do their own show, and the Eds are stuck with another failed scam.
S02E08 Floss Yer Ed 04/10/1999 The Eds' latest scam goes well, but Jonny 2x4 doesn't have any money and pays them with coconuts instead. Ed gladly takes a bite out of his, and finds that his tooth is sore. Edd inspects him and finds that he's losing his last baby tooth. Eddy knows just what to do-- they'll yank the tooth out and get a well-needed load of cash from the tooth fairy. Ed and Double-Dee don't like the idea of pulling the tooth out, but Eddy won't be convinced otherwise. He cons the other kids into helping him out, and the whole cul-de-sac begins to try to get Ed's tooth out. A series of unfortunate accidents causes Eddy's tooth to fall out, whereupon it lands in the gutter. Ed inadvertantly eats it.
S02E09 In Like Ed 11/10/1999 The Eds are setting up an overpriced garage sale, but all their potential customers are over at Kevin's garage sale. Kevin seems to know exactly what all his customers want, which makes Eddy furious (and Edd slightly jealous). Eddy decides he must have inside information, and the Eds go off to investigate. Double-Dee shows them a variety of James Bond-esque spy gadgets, and together they go to where all the other kids are congregating-- Jimmy's house. They sneak into the meeting, and start rummaging through packages, when Edd realizes that they've made a terrible mistake-- it's just Jimmy's birthday party. The kids are all mad at the Eds, but Eddy thinks quickly and uses a baking soda smokescreen to elude them. It wasn't properly tested, though, and winds up flooding Jimmy's house with white powder. The kids are not happy.
S02E10 Who Let the Ed In? 11/10/1999 Eddy's latest scam cannot fail... but, as usual, he's wrong. As Edd tries to set it up, Ed's off goofing around. When Eddy and Double-Dee go to find out what he's doing, they find him acting strangely. He introduces them to his friend, Jib... and Edd realizes it's an imaginary friend. They play along, and start their scam up again: an enormous prize-grabber machine. Double-Dee and Eddy realize Ed's serious, though, when ""Jib"" tells the other kids that it's a scam. Edd and Eddy decide that Jib's going to keep getting in the way unless they do something. They go to Jonny 2x4 for help, and he tells them to build an invisible trap. Jib ends up beating the tar out of Eddy somehow, but he manages to trap him. Edd and Eddy tell Ed that Jib has to move away, but Eddy's not going to let it go without getting Ed back.
S02E11 Homecooked Eds 18/10/1999 Eddy goes home to find a trailer on his lawn. Edd tells him that some misinformed out-of-towners must've lost their way. The Eds go inside and find that the trailer belongs to the Kanker sisters. The Kankers tell the Eds that they're on holiday, and they can hang there as long as they want. They took all the Eds' stuff, and even kidnapped Plank to use him as a backscratcher. The Eds try to get rid of the trailer, but to no avail. Eventually, Jonny goes inside to rescue his buddy, and the trailer winds up on top of the fence between Eddy's and Kevin's houses, and the two fight to keep the trailer off their lawns...
S02E12 Rambling Ed 18/10/1999 Sarah interrupts the Eds' latest scam, a ghostly séance, to order Ed to clean up her room-- and a thousand other ""favors"". The Eds aren't going to get anything done if Ed's busy, and they decide that it's time for him to move out. Eddy leaves a gullible Jonny 2x4 to finish the chores, and together they go to Rolf's place, unloading Ed's stuff into his barn. Rolf is intrigued by the idea, and lets them stay there. But they start to drive him nuts as they make a mess of everything. They tip over the barn, Eddy lounges around on Rolf's stump, Edd is doing experiments with Rolf's eggs, and Ed is just generally being stupid. Rolf has had enough, and forces the Eds to do his chores for him.
S02E13 To Sir With Ed 25/10/1999 It's late in the evening when Eddy realizes his parents are out, and he's home alone. He's a little scared, and tries to get his fellow Eds to come over, but when the doorbell rings, he finds that it's Nazz at the door. Terrified, he lets her in, and she goes into his kitchen and starts making dinner. Eddy has no idea what's going on, but Edd comes up with the solution when he and Ed arrive-- Nazz is coming over on a date! Double-Dee tries to inform him of the fine maneuvers of dating, but Eddy decides to let his charm do its thing. Nazz makes him macaroni and cheese (essentially just a mountain of cheese with a few noodles here and there), and sends him up for a bath. Ed and Edd help him out with his ""date"", until Eddy lets it slip and Nazz tells him she's just babysitting him, much to Eddy's humiliation.
S02E14 Key To My Ed 25/10/1999 Another Edd invention gone horribly wrong ends with Ed being rocketed through the air, powered by ultra-fizzy soda. Double-Dee and Eddy chase after him, when they come across a key on the ground. They speculate about what it might open, and Edd insists that they return it to its rightful owner. Eddy's not listening, and tries to open every lock in the cul-de-sac with it. Nothing works, and Double-Dee finally manages to convince him to returning the key, but Eddy gets a better idea and holds it for ransom. None of the cul-de-sac kids own the key, but the Kankers show up and decide to take it anyway. They chase the Eds through the cul-de-sac, where they wind up at Ed's house, and Ed realizes it was just the key to his back door, which fell out of a hole in his pocket.
S02E15 Honor Thy Ed 01/11/1999 The Eds are setting up a taco stand, when they hear a scream in the distance. They go off to see what's up. It was Jimmy that screamed. He had seen a ghostly figure in the window of the abondoned house. All the other kids think it's haunted, but Eddy remains skeptical. Kevin dares the Eds to go inside, and says he'll give them a jawbreaker if they go in. Piece of cake, or so it seems. The Eds end up getting trapped inside the house, and fall victim to an elaborate series of traps. They all wind up on a train ride to a far corner of the house, where they meet up with the Kankers. The Kankers had prepared a wedding ceremony, and force the Eds to ""marry"" them.
S02E16 Scrambled Ed 01/11/1999 Exhausted to the marrow, Edd finally finishes building his latest opus - a fort made from toothpicks - sometime w-a-y past bedtime and it puts his body clock into a severe state of rebellion. Morning comes and Ed n Eddy arrive with fantastic plans to build ""Ed's Sea Ranch"" but they can't get any enthusiasm - let alone wake Double-Dee. But without Edd of course their plan's a complete non-starter, so after trying to keep him alert by taping his eyes open and dragging him through the creek they simply dump his semi-comatose body over a boulder and improvise. The resulting mess blocks the creek but nobody notices. Back at Ed's place, Double-Dee is almost tempted into snuggling down in that bed - but not quite, so while Ed n Eddy are busy he slinks off to Sarah's instead. From here on in everybody wants a piece of Edd, be it for his body or his mind and still half asleep he finds himself being pulled in every direction and only saved when the long forgotten creek finally decides to unblock
S02E17 Urban Ed 08/11/1999 The cul-de-sac is too quiet and peaceful for Eddy. He wants a real neighborhood-- the kind that can only be found in the big city. The Eds can't drive, so they improvise and built a giant city out of cardboard. It's a hit with the other kids, all except Jonny. Jonny warns the kids that the city is a bad place, but they don't listen. The kids fall victim to the ways of life in the big city, and the Eds make a jarload of money. Jonny is still angry, as Plank too falls into the trap of rude drivers and no speed limit. In the end, Jonny snaps and steals Eddy's money, threatening to drop it from the highest tower if Plank isn't returned to normal. It all gets sorted out, but Jonny ends up dropping the money anyway, which all the kids take back.
S02E18 Stop, Look, and Ed 08/11/1999 The Eds are fooling around, but the moment turns serious when Eddy nearly steps on a private lawn, marked by ""DO NOT STEP ON THE GRASS."" Double-Dee warns him that rules are the most important part of life, but Eddy's not convinced. To prove his point, he goes around breaking every rule he can find. Edd tells the other kids not to listen to him, but Eddy convinces them that rules are for losers. As Double-Dee tries to stop everyone's rebellion, Eddy is forced to tie him to his ceiling lamp to keep him from ruining everyone's fun. Edd manages to escape, though, and informs everyone that he's called all their parents. Everyone's really mad that they're going to get in trouble, and trap the Eds up in a cage.
S02E19 Rent-a-Ed 15/11/1999 The Eds' circus act is a flop, and Eddy is starting to run out of ideas. He suddenly realizes that everything breaks, and someone needs to fix them. The Eds can become handymen! They go out to try to fix Jimmy's mini-oven, for a small fee, of course. They end up just smashing it into the wall, putting holes in the floor, and scorching his cookies. They later come across Jonny 2x4, his massive head stuck in a tree. They go off to get something to slip him out, and end up wrecking his kitchen pipeline. As steam fills the room, they get a better idea-- they'll set up a luxury spa! The spa is a hit, until Ed manages to knock down the main support beam to Jonny's house, causing the whole place to collapse. Jonny's not happy.
S02E20 Shoo Ed 15/11/1999 The Eds overhear Kevin muttering how annoying Jonny 2x4 is. Eddy jumps on the opportunity, and tells Kevin he'll get rid of Jonny for a small fee. Kevin's skeptical, but plays along anyway. Eddy realizes the greatest scam ever-- make Jonny the most annoying thing imaginable, and charge money to get rid of him! The Eds give Jonny a total makeover. Eddy puts him in an annoying suit, Edd feeds him annoying (and foul-smelling) fish bits, and Ed glues an annoying... block of wood... to his foot. Ahem. Jonny manages to drive everyone nuts except Rolf, who likes Jonny's new persona. Jonny proceeds to disturb all the animals in Rolf's farm, trapping the Eds in a box with them.
S02E21 Ed In A Halfshell 29/11/1999 Sarah interrupts the latest scam to tell Ed she's going to a ballet lesson-- and he has to take care of Jimmy. Jimmy's not any more enthusiastic about the idea than the Eds are-- now everyone's day is ruined. The Eds, not wanting to invoke Sarah's wrath, are forced to watch Jimmy. They decide to play a harmless game of dodge ball. Ed and Edd help Jimmy knock Eddy out, and Jimmy decides the Eds aren't so bad after all. Jimmy and Ed start playing together, and Jimmy begins to copy Ed's behavior. Eddy decides that he'll turn Jimmy into the fourth Ed, and starts teaching him all the ways of scamming, conning, and being generally rude. Jimmy puts together a fantastic scam, but refuses to give the Eds and money from it. Sarah returns, and Jimmy pretends that he had been abused all day. Eddy created a monster.
S02E22 Mirror Mirror On the Ed 29/11/1999 The Eds are taking a walk when they stumble on to the cul-de-sac kids playing Truth or Dare. The Eds want to join but all the kids quit, leaving the boys alone. They play by themselves and then Ed dares Eddy to be Double-Dee who dares Ed to be Eddy who dares Edd to be Ed. In the next scene Rolf is looking for Ed but when he finds him it's really Edd wearing Ed's clothes a comb tied onto his head (over his sock hat) and a piece of paper around his neck. Ed is in Eddy's clothes which are too small for him and Eddy is in Edd's clothes and he's wearing an old sock on his head. After a lot of confuison Edd ends up at Ed's house. Eddy is hiding from Kevin in Edd's house. And Ed takes a dare from Jonny 2x4 to be Plank.
S02E23 Hot Buttered Ed 06/12/1999 No scams tonight-- the Eds are getting ready to hit the beach the next morning. They stay up too late, though, and oversleep the next day. They make it to the beach just as Kevin steals their perfect spot. The Eds try to trick him into moving, but just can't get their spot back. Now their day is wrecked, and even worse, Edd discovers he forgot his sunscreen. The Eds decide to use the fine maneuvers of chess to capture their spot, first starting with the ""pawns,"" Jimmy and Sarah. They capture the tykes' spot, and then try to move in on Kevin. They decide the best way to do that is to capture Jonny 2x4's spot on a cliff high overhead. Double-Dee, still ticked from the UV rays destroying his skin, clears Jonny away easily. The Eds keep a close eye on Kevin, but by the time he leaves, they're already sunburnt to a crisp.
S02E24 High Heeled Ed 06/12/1999 The Eds plan to get big money with their ""Sewer Swamp Ride"", but when they find out the only kids around are Sarah, Jimmy, and Nazz, who are less than impressed, they have to change gears. When ""Snuggle-Me-Ed"" also fails to impress, the Eds get some gold paint and make ""jewelry"" to wow the more ""sensitive"" members of the cul-de-sac.
S02E25 Fa-La-La-La-Ed 20/12/1999 Ed and Eddy are fooling around in the upper floor of Edd's house, much to Edd's dismay. After making a mess of sticky notes, they come across Edd's parents' closet, and inside is a giant fruitcake. Double-Dee explains the tradition of fruitcakes on Christmas, which sets off a switch in Ed's head, and he begins to develop a Christmas spirit. Eddy finds this annoying, since it's July, but Ed doesn't listen. He goes off and tries to bring Christmas spirit to the whole cul-de-sac, and they love it. Eddy sees this and decides that the Eds should sing Christmas carols to make some honest money. They go around, and make enough money to buy a weeks' worth of jawbreakers. Just as the Eds are about to dig into their candy-coated motherlode, Ed gives all the jawbreakers away.
S02E26 Cry Ed 20/12/1999 The Eds are attracting the other kids' attention, when Jimmy's foot gets hit with a clothes peg. Jimmy puts on a pity play and everyone starts attending to him. Eddy's mad that everyone's ignoring him, and decides that he'll have to pretend to be injured in order for people to notice him. He pretends that he was attacked by a giant meatball (with some input by Ed), and the kids all come to him. But then, a tree happens to fall on Jimmy, and they all go back to him. Edd tells Eddy that he'll get more attention if his cry of anguish is REAL, so Eddy has Ed drop a house on him. When that doesn't work, he rides a frying pan and crashes. Now everyone's interested in him again. Edd doesn't like everyone getting hurt, so he manufactures Jimmy an indestructible bubble suit, which everyone loves. Eddy decides to one-up him and uses a steel furnace as a suit, but that still doesn't work--it just gets him beat up by Kevin and Rolf.
S03E01 Wish You Were Ed 23/02/2001 After losing a cul-de-sac race, Rolf mopes about how he is homesick and misses his old country. Eddy comes up with the scam of a lifetime. He pretends that Ed's shoe is a magic wishgiver. When Rolf asks to use it, Eddy declines until Rolf gives up some change. Rolf wishes to return to his home country, and the stench from Ed's shoe causes him to pass out. He wakes up in an old-world-style village created by the Eds. Edd's Encyclopedia of Old World Culture helped them to create a perfect replica. Eddy is satisfied, but Edd feels bad for Rolf and makes the Eds play along with their scam, so now they have to succumb to Rolf's odd culture. All goes well until a curious Jonny wrecks the whole thing.
S03E02 Momma's Little Ed 23/02/2001 Eddy wants to get on with yet another summer day of scams, but Edd refuses to leave the house until he's done his chores. Eddy gets and idea and makes Ed forge some ridiculous sticky notes. Ed's a human Xerox machine, so Edd has no idea. Ed and Eddy spend the rest of the day watching Edd humiliate himself miserably. Edd begins to fear his parents, and decides to move in with Eddy. Eddy doesn't like it, but he has no choice against Edd's guilt routine, and now he's Edd's slave for life (until the next episode).
S03E03 Once Upon An Ed 25/05/2001 Jonny and Plank are ready for bed, when suddenly he finds the Eds stuck in his bedroom wall. Jonny won't let them lose until they tell him how it happened, so they each give a piece of their story on how they escaped the wrath of the Kankers from their own skewed perspective. In the end, Jonny falls asleep before he pulls the Eds loose, and the Kankers show up to finish off the Eds.
S03E04 For Your Ed Only 25/05/2001 A scam gone horribly, horribly wrong crash-lands the Eds in Sarah's bedroom. The Eds try to clean up the room before Sarah gets back, when Eddy uncovers her secret diary. Sarah chases after the Eds, while Ed and Edd try to persuade Eddy not to read the diary. In the end, the Eds and Jonny all get stuck together in a giant mess of ultra-powerful chewing gum.
S03E05 It Came From Outer Ed 19/09/2001 Eddy and Edd come up with an idea to trick Ed for laughs. Eddy drags Ed from his room while he is reading his new comic, ""Evil Tim."" After this idea bombs, Ed thinks of an idea for a scam. Throughout the episode, they follow through Ed's scam, doing some senseless things. We find out, Ed's scam has nothing to do with taking everyone's cash, but is ideal for a curse.
S03E06 3 Squares And An Ed 19/09/2001 Edd is showing Eddy his laundry chutes, bragging about how he laced them with silicon. Unimpressed Eddy questions Edd. After Edd explains how fast they get to the bottom, Eddy takes off down one without listening to Edd's safety precautions. In the basement, Eddy stumbles upon Edd's failed inventions. Again, ignoring Edd, Eddy finds himself helpless to one of the older ones, messing up his face. Edd finds this funny, sending Eddy chasing him to Ed's house. Guardsmen Jimmy and Sarah stand in front of Ed's window, informing Eddy and Edd on how Ed's been grounded. Distractions involving Jonny, give Edd and Eddy time to sneak Ed out of the house. Of course, they get caught, and all three of the Ed's are grounded.
S03E07 Dueling Eds 23/11/2001 The Ed's have a scam for Jonny. No one can resist karate! This scam is a failure, but is soon dropped when everyone's attention is directed to Rolf's house. Rolf is modeling his sea cucumber suit for everyone, and offering them some for eating. Eddy shames ""the son of a shepherd"" once he takes one of the sea cucumber balls, and tosses it at a hole in the fence. Edd gives Eddy a potted plant to give to Rolf for forgiveness. Turns out, this plant is the ""potted plant of ridicule"" and Rolf and Eddy ensue in a duel.
S03E08 Dim Lit Ed 23/11/2001 After an encounter with Jimmy, Jonny, Ed and Eddy, Edd has come to the conclusion that the whole cul - de - sac lacks good judgment. Edd gathers everyone together, and encourages their education with a scavenger hunt. Rolf yells out that the prize is a jawbreaker, and everyone gets so excited, that Edd doesn't have time to tell them what the prize really is. Once everyone finds out the prize isn't what they expected, they all turn against Edd. To no surprise, the Eds get back together, and go back to scams.
S03E09 Will Work for Ed 04/01/2002 The Ed's stumble upon a 3 for 1 Jawbreaker sale. Just so happens, they are all ""flat broke."" Rolf is nailing papers to light posts, just as the Ed's find him. He is looking for a hired hand, and Ed takes on this task, hoping to earn some cash. The day goes on, Ed messing up, getting continuous pay deductions from Rolf. After Eddy has had enough of this, Edd and he take on to help Ed with the job of peeling potatoes. Of course, they mess up, but Rolf and Edd come up with an agreement.
S03E10 Ed, Edd and Away 04/01/2002 The Eds come up with a plan to scam Kevin into a new ""Custom Hot Bike."" After Kevin finds out that it's just for looks, he promises he'll get the dorks. The Eds spot an abandoned balloon floating freely, as Edd yells about all his hard work. Ed and Eddy have plans to pop it, while Edd is sure to stop them. The chase goes on, the Eds hopelessly trying to get the balloon. After the second time they interrupt Sarah and Jimmy's ""flight,"" they declare revenge on the Eds, and easily capture the balloon. Eddy takes back the balloon, but sadly doesn't get to pop it himself. In the end, it was Kevin who is letting free the balloons.
S03E11 X Marks the Ed 27/09/2002 Eddy discovers that he has a pimple, and Rolf might be able to make it go away.
S03E12 From Here to Ed 25/01/2002 After a scam gone wrong, Eddy declares war on Kevin, much to Edd's disgust. Kevin insists he was completely uninvolved in the scam's failure.
S03E13 Boys Will Be Eds 15/02/2002 Most of the boys develop a crush on Nazz, and follow her everywhere. They all try to win her over.
S03E14 Ed or Tails 15/02/2002 Ed ordered a pack of two jawbreakers, and now Edd tries to share the jawbreakers between three people.
S03E15 Gimme Gimme Never Ed 08/03/2002 The Eds' spend the whole day making rides for Plank.
S03E16 My Fair Ed 08/03/2002 Ed and Eddy are rummaging through Edd's groceries, Eddy pulls out some brocoli and Ed runs away scared destroying everything in his path. The kids are upset by this and tell Edd to set them straight or they'll twist his legs into a pretzel. He tries to reform them by ripping a bandaid of their head every time they fail. He believes it to have worked, the two go out and start to ""help people"" but are screwing everything up and turn out to be worse than before. The next day Edd is ashamed and wants his old friends back and Ed and Eddy reveal the were playing and that they fooled him, Edd takes some brocoli and begins to chase them for ""toying with his emotions.""
S03E17 Rock-A-Bye Ed 22/03/2002 After Ed has a nightmare, he develops a phobia to Jonny.
S03E18 O-Ed Eleven 22/03/2002 While going through his brother's old stuff, Eddy and his friends stumble upon a map to Eddy's brother's "secret stash" and decipher it, only to find it lies underneath the Kankers' trailer.
S03E19 The Luck of the Ed 21/06/2002 Ed forgot where he hid Eddy's magazines, and they spend the day finding them. But he starts to think that Edd knows something that Eddy doesn't know.
S03E20 Ed... Pass It On... 21/06/2002 After Eddy's restaurant scam fails, Eddy decides to start a rumor about his big brother coming home that eventually gets out of hand.
S03E21 Brother, Can You Spare an Ed 28/06/2002 Sarah wants Ed to buy her fudge with her money, but Eddy has other ideas.
S03E22 The Day the Ed Stood Still 28/06/2002 To attract customers to their arcade, Edd puts Ed in a monster costume. Now, Ed thinks he is a monster, and starts eating all of the kids.
S03E23 If It Smells Like an Ed (1) 05/07/2002 The Eds' are the ones being blamed for ruining friendship day, and they now must prove they did not.
S03E24 If It Smells Like an Ed (2) 05/07/2002 The Eds' are the ones being blamed for ruining friendship day, and they now must prove they did not.
S03E25 Don't Rain on My Ed 12/07/2002 It is "Customer Appreciation Day" at the Candy Store - a chance for the Eds to get free jawbreakers. But they must avoid annoying obstacles to reach the candy store before it closes.
S03E26 Once Bitten, Twice Ed 12/07/2002 Eddy keeps tweaking a scam and tries to keep business running.
S04E01 An Ed in the Bush 27/09/2002 Rolf readies The Urban Rangers for their hike into the nearby woods, but it's near dark. Eddy attempts to scare The Urban Rangers to prove they are big phonies.
S04E02 See No Ed 27/09/2002 Kevin and the rest of the kids are in the lane when the kids realize they haven't seen the Eds all day. Kevin thinks they are up to something, while the others celebrate.
S04E03 Is There an Ed in the House? 01/11/2002 Sarah gets sick, and both Ed and Jimmy try to help her, which strikes a rivalry between them.
S04E04 An Ed is Born 01/11/2002 Eddy proves to his brother that he is a big shot by making a home movie.
S04E05 One Size Fits Ed 15/11/2002 After Jimmy makes a wish at the Ed's fake wishing well to become a star, the Eds attempt to make Jimmy's wish come true into a sumo wrestling star.
S04E06 Pain in the Ed 15/11/2002 When Ed begins to take violin lessons which annoy the heck out of Eddy, he makes several attempts to destroy the violin while Double-D tries to keep Eddy from smashing it.
S04E07 Ed Overboard 24/08/2003 Eddy and Ed must turn to the Urban Rangers for help after the Kanker Sisters kidnap Ed.
S04E08 One of Those Eds 24/08/2003 Everyone in the neighborhood competes to be the first to remove a quarter that's stuck to the sidewalk.
S04E09 They Call Him Mr. Ed 10/11/2003 Ed, Edd and Eddy spend the day attempting to move up in the world.
S04E10 For the Ed, by the Ed 10/11/2003 When Jimmy nominates Plank to be King of the Cul-de-sac, Eddy decides to run an election campaign against him.
S04E11 Little Ed Blue 17/11/2003 Ed is in a bad mood so Edd and Eddy try to cheer him up.
S04E12 A Twist of Ed 17/11/2003 The Eds try to use reverse psychology to ward off the Kankers.
S04E13 Your Ed Here 23/01/2004 After finding Eddy's wallet, Kevin begins to blackmail Eddy after learning his middle name is "Skipper."
S04E14 The Good Ol' Ed 23/01/2004 Ed, Edd and Eddy reminisce about past exploits when Edd asks them to contribute to his new time capsule.
S04E15 Thick as an Ed 30/01/2004 Eddy is caught in the middle when Edd and Ed fight over Ed's stinky jacket.
S04E16 Sorry, Wrong Ed 30/01/2004 Ed, Edd and Eddy run afoul of Rolf's cursed phone.
S04E17 Robbin' Ed 06/02/2004 A hero is foiling Eddy's scams, and he becomes a villian to take down this hero
S04E18 A Case of Ed 06/02/2004 Ed and Eddy trick Edd into believing he has a terminal illness, while taunting a grounded Kevin.
S04E19 Run for Your Ed 13/02/2004 The Kanker sisters are combing the cul-de-sac for a missing heirloom when Edd and Eddy discover that it's stuck on Ed's finger.
S04E20 Hand Me Down Ed 13/02/2004 A mysterious neighborhood toy is passed from one person to another, changing everyone who touches it.
S04E21 Stiff Upper Ed 20/02/2004 When Sarah and Jimmy start a "Rich Club" in Ed's backyard, inviting everyone except the Eds, Eddy tries to prove he has got what it takes to be a member.
S04E22 Here's Mud in Your Ed 20/02/2004 After Eddy creates a scam called Smileyville, which makes Jimmy's bad day worse by scamming him out of his last quarter, Rolf and Jimmy team up to turn the tables on Eddy by pulling his leg and ripping him off.
S04E23 Stuck in Ed 27/02/2004 After Kevin makes a mint selling his surplus jawbreakers, Eddy tries to con some of it out of him, only to find he is completely tapped for scam ideas. Eddy ends up turning to his old disciple, Jimmy, for an idea.
S04E24 Postcards from the Ed 27/02/2004 When Plank's "parents" come to town, Ed irritates Eddy by offering to show them around the cul-de-sac. But then Eddy gets the idea to take them on his own tour.
S04E25 Take This Ed and Shove It (1) 05/11/2004 Eddy gives jobs to the growing up kids, and Eddy gets injured and falls into a deep sleep. He then wakes up... 90 years in the future!
S04E26 Take This Ed and Shove It (2) 05/11/2004 Eddy gives jobs to the growing up kids, and Eddy gets injured and falls into a deep sleep. He then wakes up... 90 years in the future!
S04E27 00/00/0000
S04E28 00/00/0000
S05E01 Mission Ed-Possible 04/11/2005 Report card day is no fun for the Ed's, because Edd is delivering Eddy and Ed's report cards to their parents. The Eds find out what's going on and attempt to stop him.
S05E02 Every Which Way But Ed 04/11/2005 Flashback episode that features alternate stories. The Eds try to make their way back to the place all the flashbacks began. In this journey many things are explained, including: Plank's chip (Plank got stuck in Rolf's teeth), and why Jimmy wears a retainer (the Eds tricked him into eating a bowling pin when he thought it was a cream horn).
S05E03 Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed 11/11/2005 The power goes out, and everyone's wondering what happened. Ed starts a panic when he blames the blackout on "mole mutants" (a parody of the C.H.U.D.s and The Mole People), and Eddy tries to cash in. Meanwhile, Rolf enlists Kevin in jump-starting the power grid, and Edd overcomes his fear of the unsanitary sewers to conduct his own investigation.
S05E04 Cleanliness Is Next to Edness 11/11/2005 Edd tries to take his morning shower, but blunders into the bathroom to find it is undergoing repair. He desperately tries to borrow a shower from one of his neighbors, but as Edd gets progressively dirtier in his quest to find a place to bathe, he eventually goes off the deep end, which means the more nobody would help Edd, the more dirtier he'd be.
S05E05 Out with the Old, in with the Ed 18/11/2005 Eddy tries to convince the kids of the cul-de-sac (and himself) that it is still summer, even though it is actually the day before school starts. At school, the Eds find they've been assigned separate home rooms, and must negotiate with the Kanker Sisters if they want to spend the school year together.
S05E06 I Am Curious Ed 25/11/2005 Sarah and Jimmy discover Jimmy's fish have babies and try to learn where they come from, but when they ask the other kids about it, they keep getting different answers. They eventually turn to the Eds for help, but even they can't agree on the subject of human reproduction.
S05E07 No Speak Da Ed 25/11/2005 Ed receives a variety of wolf-themed gifts from his pen-pal, and ends up suffering the wrath of Rolf, who suspects said pen-pal is actually his old arch-nemesis, and ends up sending the Eds to Norway.
S05E08 Cool Hand Ed 31/03/2006 Eddy plans to break out of school, enlisting the help of the other Eds and Jonny.
S05E09 Too Smart for His Own Ed 31/03/2006 Edd is embarrassed to no end after losing to Ed in the annual spelling bee. All the other kids think he's lost his touch, and turn to Ed for help with their homework (even though Eddy insists they pay for the privilege). Meanwhile, Jonny seeks revenge on Nazz after she eliminated Plank from the Spelling Bee for not spelling a word clearly.
S05E10 Who's Minding the Ed? 28/06/2006 When Rolf goes to his family reunion, he puts Ed in charge of his animals.
S05E11 Pick an Ed 28/06/2006 After Eddy reads "Eddy is a no neck chump" on the wall, he goes undercover as "Carl" to find out who wrote that. While he's with the kids, he is surprised that they actually treat him with respect. Eddy decides to ditch Ed and Edd and hang with the other kids, but Edd is determined to get him back.
S05E12 Truth or Ed 03/07/2006 Eddy starts publishing a newspaper full of lies about the other kids, and sells them for cash.
S05E13 This Won't Hurt An Ed 03/07/2006 When Eddy discovers that Kevin has Trypanophobia, he takes advantage of his fear and tells the school that it's booster shot day.
S05E14 Tinker Ed 14/08/2006 Due to another scam failure, Jimmy doesn't believe in fairy tales anymore, bringing him in a sad emotional state which won't go away. Sarah demands the Ed's to fix this before sundown. Meanwhile, Rolf thinks everyone is after his backpack full of baloney.
S05E15 The Good, the Bad, and the Ed 14/08/2006 Eddy tries to prove that the Urban Rangers are a bunch of phonies by challenging Rolf to the most difficult badge- The Hairy Chest of Resilience Badge.
S05E16 Tight End Ed 28/08/2006 Peach Creek's football team must play a game against Lemon Brook, but the team is hopeless. Nazz thinks its due to low team spirit, so she decides to make Ed the mascot. During the game, Eddy becomes jealous that the audience is cheering for Ed, not the football team, so Eddy attempts to create a mascot of his own.
S05E17 'Tween a Rock and an Ed Place 28/08/2006 Jonny invites the Ed's to the Arbor Day party. Eddy hopes that the party will have all the kids there in attempt to boost his popularity, but his hopes are crushed when he discovers nobody else went.
S05E18 All Eds Are Off 13/04/2007 The Eds, Kevin, Rolf, and Jonny all make bets who can put off their annoying habits the longest. Eddy must stop talking in a loud voice, Ed cannot have any gravy, Double D must stop talking using complicated words (words with more than one syllable), Johnny must go on without Plank, Kevin has to stop calling the Eds "dorks", and Rolf must stop eating meat. The winner will win $1.25.
S05E19 Smile for the Ed 13/04/2007 Eddy can move into his big brother's room if he brings home a good picture for his mother. Kevin distracts Eddy when the picture is taken, resulting in an ugly picture. Kevin decides to take advantage of this and shows Eddy's embarrassing picture to everyone in the school.
S05E20 Run Ed Run 20/04/2007 Due to an argument between Eddy and Sarah about bus seating, she tricks Ed into protecting his friends from the falling sky. Edd and Eddy can't talk Ed out of it, but they make several attempts to catch the bus and get to the Jawbreaker factory.
S05E21 A Town Called Ed 20/04/2007 Eddy isn't allowed to go to Kevin's monster truck marathon party. The Eds discover a book stating that Eddy's ancestors founded Peach Creek, and Eddy attempts to use that history to lure the kids away from Kevin's party.
S05E22 A Fistful of Ed 28/04/2007 Edd accidentally hurts Lee Kanker, making everyone believe he resorts to violence. He then makes mistakes during school hours which causes some of the kids to be hurt or injured. When all of the cul-de-sac (save for Eddy) is turned against Edd, it is up to Jimmy to restore his former reputation.
S05E23 The Eds Are Coming, The Eds Are Coming 11/05/2007 Jimmy dreams that an alien space ship invades the cul-de-sac and carries it away. After Jimmy wakes up, it appears that his dream is coming true when Jonny states to the kids that aliens have invaded the cul-de-sac and are at Rolf's house. No one but Jimmy believes him at first, but shortly after Jonny's announcement, a meteor/egg launches from Rolf's chimney and it hatches, leading everyone to believe the tale that Jonny has told them. It is up to the kids of the cul-de-sac to save their pal and drive the aliens away.
S00E01 My Best Friend Plank (Music Video) 00/00/0000
S00E02 Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle 03/12/2004 The season of giving has finally come to the cul-de-sac as Eddy searches for the meaning of the holidays.
S00E03 Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo 11/02/2005 Love is in the air, as Valentine's Day begins at school. Each Ed displays his thoughts on the holiday, via Eddy's kissing booth, Edd's Valentine's Day cards, and Ed... well, trying to hide from girls.
S00E04 Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw 28/10/2005 It is Halloween night, and the Eds follow Eddy's brother's map to "Spook-E-Ville".
S00E05 Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Big Picture Show 08/11/2009 Eddy's most ambitious scam ever goes awry, leaving the cul-de-sac nearly destroyed and the neighborhood kids battered, bruised and furious. They angrily pursue the Eds as they flee the cul-de-sac. Amidst the chaos, the Eds search for the only person who can help them: Eddy's older brother.
S00E06 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Behind the Eds with shows creator 00/00/0000
S00E07 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - How To Draw Ed 00/00/0000
S00E08 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - How to Draw Eddy 00/00/0000
S00E09 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - How to Make an Ed Edd n Eddy Cartoon 00/00/0000
S00E10 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Interview with the creator 00/00/0000
S00E11 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Music video Im not coming in Today 00/00/0000
S00E12 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Interviews - Cartoon Network Interview with Danny Antonucci 00/00/0000
S00E13 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Interviews - Xolo.TV Interview with Danny Antonucci 00/00/0000
S00E14 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Antonnuci in Best Day Edder, No. 1 00/00/0000
S00E15 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Antonnuci in Best Day Edder, No. 2 00/00/0000
S00E16 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Antonnuci in Best Day Edder, No. 3 00/00/0000
S00E17 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Antonnuci in Best Day Edder, No. 4 00/00/0000
S00E18 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Antonnuci in Best Day Edder, No. 5 00/00/0000
S00E19 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Antonnuci in Best Day Edder, No. 6 00/00/0000
S00E20 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Antonnuci in Best Day Edder, No. 7 00/00/0000
S00E21 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Cartoon Network 00/00/0000
S00E22 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Kanker Sisters 00/00/0000
S00E23 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Only One Thing in Common 00/00/0000
S00E24 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Rolling in the City 00/00/0000
S00E25 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Three Hour Marathon 00/00/0000
S00E26 Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Promo - Wild West 00/00/0000