Affiche Edgar de la Cambriole
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Edgar, Rupan, Wolf, Lupin. Sous ces noms se cache un seul et même personnage : Lupin III ! Créé en 1969 par Monkey Punch, son succès est mondial.Edgar est avant tout un cambrioleur, mais aussi un grand séducteur qui ne sait résister aux charmes de la gente féminine.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Edgar de la Cambriole

S01E01 Edgar brule-t-il ? 24/10/1971 The Hida Speedway has been completed and Lupin is looking to take top prize at the first race. Unfortunately for him, the race is an elaborate trap designed by the Scorpion Gang; they want to kill him and elminate all criminal competition. With Zenigata watching his every move and Scorpion holding Fujiko hostage, can Lupin outmaneuver them all in his Formula-1 Ferrari?!
S01E02 Celui qu'on appelait le magicien 31/10/1971 Fujiko has stolen something from a man named Pycal, and he wants it back. Normally, Lupin would have no problem dealing with him, but Pycal can shoot flame from his hands, can walk on air, and can have bullets bounce right off of him! Can Lupin and Jigen discover Pycal's secret before it is too late?!
S01E03 Adieu ma sorcière bien aimée 07/11/1971 A boat collision ruins Lupin and Fujiko's quiet boating expedition. They discover a woman named Linda in the other boat just as gunmen on a larger boat attack them. After avoiding the gunboat, they learn she is the assistant to a world-renowned expert in nuclear fission. She lived on an island with the doctor. Unfortunately, the island also housed the "Kirein Killers" ("Killers of the Sea").
S01E04 L'évasion de la dernière chance 14/11/1971 Lupin and Fujiko successfully pull off a heist; that is, until Zenigata manages to shoot Lupin with a tranquilizer dart. Zenigata hauls Lupin off to jail. Despite Fujiko's best efforts, she cannot break Lupin out of prison, and Jigen provides no help claiming that Lupin can leave whenever he wants. One year passes, and Lupin's execution day draws near. Is this the end of our favorite thief?!
S01E05 L'entrée en scène de Goemon, 13ème du nom 21/11/1971 Ishikawa Goemon is the thirteenth direct descendant of a famous samurai highwayman of the same name. Goemon's mentor has given him a mission; find Lupin and use his invincible sword Zantetsuken to carve Lupin into tiny pieces. Little does Goemon or Lupin know that Goemon's mentor and Fujiko are working together for other purposes. Can Lupin discover their plot and avoid becoming thief sashimi?
S01E06 Attention après-midi pluvieux 28/11/1971 One rainy afternoon, a man seeks Lupin's help on behalf of a young woman. The young woman turns out to be Fujiko who is naturally after a piece of jewelry. This is no ordinary piece of jewelry though. The Star of Killamanjaro diamond was implanted into the chest of a mob boss. This boss had his memory wiped but died days before it was to be restored. Now, Lupin and the gang are after the ambulance carrying the corpse and the diamond in it. Naturally, Zenigata is in charge of the ambulance and its escort. Who will get to the diamond first?
S01E07 Les loups attirent les loups 05/12/1971 Three scrolls contain the secret of creating a blade like the Zantetsuken. Lupin wants to steal them as a matter of family pride. His grandfather stole them in the 19th century. Lupin's father stole from a swordsman a dagger forged using the same process. The swordsman challenged Lupin II to a duel and lost. But, he managed to steal the scrolls for himself. Now, Lupin means to steal them back but must face Goemon and Fujiko's own plans for acquiring the scrolls themselves. Who will get to the scrolls first? Can Lupin restore his family pride?
S01E08 Rassemblement général pour l'opération jeu de cartes 12/12/1971 Napoleon once owned a deck of fortune-telling cards. These cards have come into the hands of the millionaire known as Mr. Gold. Lupin plans to steal them during Mr. Gold's birthday party, and Zenigata plans to stop him! Lupin succeeds in stealing them, but the cards appear to have a mystic secret. Will Mr. Gold be successful in getting the cards back? And what secrets do the cards hold for Lupin and the gang?
S01E09 L'assassin chante le blues 19/12/1971 Lupin and the gang aim to steal the plans for a new computer. In their way is a man skilled with the machine gun and his hit man partner named Poon. The gang succeeds but not before Poon and Fujiko come face to face. Poon and Fujiko used to be a team in the past, but things went wrong. Poon's boss shots Fujiko before they can have a proper reunion. Lupin manages to get Fujiko back to their hideout, but she is near death. Poon and his boss follow Lupin back to their hideout and manage to oust Lupin from his hideout leaving a dying Fujiko inside. It is now a race against time as Lupin must try to save Fujiko's life. And what secret history do Fujiko and Poon share?
S01E10 Sus au faussaire 26/12/1971 Lupin and Baron Ukraine are both after the world's most skilled counterfeiter. Normally, Lupin would have no problem beating the Baron, but the Baron has hired Fujiko and and a man called Flinch to kill him. Who can get to the counterfeiter first?!
S01E11 Quand le 7ème pont s'écroulera 02/01/1972 Someone is posing as Lupin and is blowing up bridges causing a lot of damage and injuries. Lupin and Jigen discover that the bomber is trying to force an armored car to travel along a route of his choosing. They track down the bomber, but he forces Lupin and Jigen to attempt to rob the armored car. He threatens to kill a girl named Lisa that he kidnapped unless Lupin and Jigen perform the job. Can Lupin and Jigen pull off the job and save the girl?
S01E12 Rira bien qui rira le dernier 09/01/1972 Fujiko is racing against a criminal organization to acquire a pair of gold statues that are owned by a snowbound village in the mountains. Lupin naturally throws his hat into the ring and attempts to acquire the statues. The village elder is caught between being a pawn of the criminal organization and his desire to sell the statues to help his village. As the three combatants square off for the statues, who will end up having the last laugh?
S01E13 Attention à la machine temporelle 16/01/1972 Mamo Kyosuke claims that Lupin will disappear from the world in four days. He claims that he is a time traveler from 2874 seeking revenge. Apparently, Lupin XIII destroyed the Mamo clan on 31 March 2874; Kyosuke has traveled back in time to destroy Lupin III preventing his clan's future destruction. Kyosuke backs his claims up by traveling into the past and killing the builder of a castle causing it to disappear in front of Lupin's eyes. As time runs out for Lupin, can he discover Kyosuke's secrets? Is he all he appears to be?
S01E14 Le mystère de l'émeraude 23/01/1972 Lupin and Fujiko are both after the legendary Eye of the Nile emerald. It is going to be a wedding gift presented on the yacht holding the wedding. Lupin and Fujiko learn that Catherine Burgess, Queen of Hollywood, has lured them there to liven up her otherwise dull wedding party. Can Lupin and Fujiko find the emerald before being caught by Zenigata?
S01E15 Je boucle Edgar et cap sur l'Europe 30/01/1972 Zenigata has been invited to an international police convention in Europe; his chief wants him to go, but Zenigata does not want to since Lupin has declared that he will steal a gold bust within the next three days. Zenigata vows to catch Lupin before going to the convention. Lupin learns of this and begins to hatch a scheme that involves him being captured by Zenigata intentionally! What can Lupin be thinking?!
S01E16 Un voleur de bijou vole en plein vol 06/02/1972 Fujiko goads Lupin into stealing a large shipment of diamonds. Lupin takes the task despite Jigen's protest that Fujiko is playing them for fools. Of course, Jigen is right. Just who will end up with the diamonds?
S01E17 Edgar pris au piège 13/02/1972 Fujiko invites Lupin and the gang to a famous night club owned by the sexy Hoshikage Rinko. Only Goemon refuses. This was a wise move as Rinko places timebombs on Fujiko, Jigen, and Lupin. They must cough up 3,000,000,000¥ within twenty-four hours if they want the bombs removed. With the clock ticking, can Lupin come up with a scheme to get that much money?
S01E18 Surveillez bien le concours de beauté 20/02/1972 Smith is an art thief that is selling stolen paintings under the guise of a beauty contest. Can Lupin manage to outwit Smith and make off with the paintings?
S01E19 Qui l'emportera ? Le combat de la 3ème génération 27/02/1972 Inspector Ganimard III is the grandson of Lupin I's arch nemesis. He has come to Japan has the head of security for the 1972 France Fair but also intends to restore his family's honor by arresting Lupin III. Ganimard publicly baits Lupin into trying to steal the Fair's exhibits by insulting Lupin's family pride. Ganimard is convinced that reason and science will capture Lupin. Lupin takes up the challenge, and the third generation duel is on!
S01E20 Attrapez le faux Edgar 05/03/1972 Someone is committing thefts under Lupin's name. Lupin follows the impostors back to their island hideout. He has apparently stumbled into a whole island of thieves. Can Lupin learn their secrets and escape with his life?
S01E21 La sauvetage de la petite peste 12/03/1972 Rie is being held captive though she does not realize it. She believes the man holding her is a friend of her father, Ken Makita. Lupin shows up to rescue her. Rie does not want to be rescued by Lupin and does not understand why he is trying to. Lupin's father was a friend of Rie's father. The "friend" is Jooji Takigawa; he is holding Rie hostage in an attempt to get her father out of retirement to do his bidding. Can Lupin uphold his family honor by saving Rie?
S01E22 Un coup d'avance : Opération Computer 19/03/1972 Gordon, an FBI computer specialist, is in Japan to operate a computer capable of predicting crimes and determining how to stop them. The Metropolitan Police Dept. hopes that this will finally help them capture Lupin. Zenigata is unimpressed and warns that the machine will not be able to stop Lupin. For once, Zenigata and Lupin see eye to eye. Lupin sets out to prove that the computer is no match for his intellect. Who will win? Man or machine?
S01E23 La grande bataille des pièces d'or 26/03/1972 A disputed horde of recently discovered ancient gold coins draws the attention of Lupin and company. As the ownership of the coins is disputed, Lupin decides to settle the matter on his own by stealing them from the Dai Nippon Bank. After a dispute with his chief, Zenigata resigns and vows to stop Lupin on his own in one final showdown. As each man races after his prize, who will win this climatic series showdown? Note: This episode features a rare extended sequence of Jigen without his hat, as well as a brief shot of animation director Ootsuka Yasuo driving by in his Army surplus jeep, and another of he and Miyazaki looking under the hood.
S02E01 Une bonne mine 03/10/1977 After a long time, invitations come from Lupin III, and Jigen Daisuke, Ishikawa Goemon, and Mine Fujiko are reunited aboard the luxury liner Sirloin. But when Lupin appears afterward, he tells them that he was himself invited by Fujiko. Why have they received false invitations? Trapped aboard the ship together with their eternal rival, Inspector Zenigata, the moment of confrontation with their bitter rival Mister X (the commissioner of Scorpion) is fast approaching!
S02E02 La coupe du monde Brésilienne 10/10/1977 When Brazil's illustrious Santos FC and their American counterparts square off at the world's largest sports arena, Rio de Janeiro's Stadium Maracanan, the box office and betting takes are huge. Thus, Lupin and company plan to take the money, first getting themselves thrown in jail to give themselves alibis, and then escaping to make the theft once this is done. Will things go entirely as planned?
S02E03 Trésor de guerre 17/10/1977 Supposedly, an old man who knows the secret of the legacy of Hitler is living on the other side of the Berlin Wall. Walls are no problem, and taking Genhardt, the old man, to the West is easy enough, but he is absolutely senile and recalls nothing about any legacy. Therefore, the plan is to reenact a scene from the period, but... What has happened to the legacy, anyway?
S02E04 Tu peux entendre Nessie chanter 24/10/1977 At Loch Ness, Scotland, the mysterious monster Nessie shows itself charmed by Fujiko's singing. Doctor Oz, seeing this, decides to use Fujiko to draw out Nessie so that he can capture it and show it all over the world. There is also revenge involved. It's a fight to the death between Nessie and Oz's dinosaur robot. Will Lupin let Oz get away with his scheme?
S02E05 Comment transporter les lingots 31/10/1977 Fujiko and a mystery man come bringing a request that Lupin steal a mountain of gold bullion from a Swiss bank, which is renowned throughout the world for the strength of its security. The man's idea, for them to join forces, steal the gold from underneath the vault, melt it down, and remold it so as to look like the body of a truck, is carried out to that point. What is the man's true identity? Who will have the last betrayal?
S02E06 Ne laissez pas tomber la tour de Pise 07/11/1977 Someone comes along and demands that the Italian government pay him a ransom if they don't want the Leaning Tower of Pisa destroyed by an earthquake. It seems he really does have a device for generating artificial earthquakes. The government meets his demands, but Lupin has it in mind to take the money for himself. The chase scene with Zenigata leads right to the enemy's lair, and the maddened criminal hits the switch, determined to teach everyone a lesson! What will become of the Leaning Tower?
S02E07 Le masque de Toutankhamon 14/11/1977 The place is Egypt. Lupin uses a balloon to boldly steal the deathmask of the boy-king, Tutankhamen. But the instant he puts it on, what appears before his eyes is the world of the pharaohs, 3000 years ago. The only way to break the ominous pharaoh's curse which is possessing Lupin is to put the mask back where it came from. How effective will the plan to return the golden deathmask be?
S02E08 L'Orient Express 21/11/1977 The Transeurope Superexpress is transporting a racehorse from Italy to France. But the collected valuables of crime boss Don Marcino is also aboard that train. His true objective is to get his ill-gotten gains out of the country. Lupin and company pull off a beautiful theft, but Marcino mounts his own counterattack, and the Superexpress is on a collision course!!
S02E09 L'estampe Japonaise 28/11/1977 An old man Lupin meets by chance turns out to be the grandson of Ukiyoe master Tooshuusai Sharaku. In order to test his own skill he has been switching his own works for Sharaku's originals, but suffered a heart attack just as he was about to make the last switch. At Fujiko's request, and after much trouble, Lupin succeeds in acting as Sharaku III's stand-in. But the old man has already died by that time. Where have the Ukiyoe gone?
S02E10 Dérobez le dossier M123 05/12/1977 At the invitation of Marcel, a young noble of Paris' jetset, Lupin escorts Fujiko to a party. But this is a trap set by Marcel, who has another face. He takes Fujiko hostage, straps a timebomb belt around Lupin's waist, and tells him to steal a certain criminal list from Scotland Yard before time runs out. There's hardly any time left!
S02E11 Grand prix à Monaco 12/12/1977 Racing freak Lupin has come to Monaco for the Gran Prix. Beforehand, when he goes to the casino to try his luck, he gets taken to the cleaners, losing even his Formula-1 car. But this is a set-up arranged by a fixer as part of a conspiracy aimed at the race. If the unknown Lupin wins, those who bet on him will win big. The starting light is blinking!!
S02E12 Un cadeau pour le président 19/12/1977 The last bottle of Bordeaux wine which Napoleon had made for Josephine is going to be given to the President of the United States as a Christmas present. Lupin and company head to Bordeaux in order to claim it for themselves, but are chased off by gunfire from Zenigata, whom they had intended to use. Their next attempt is the challenge of a transport aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean. Who will receive the present?
S02E13 Course poursuite à San Francisco 26/12/1977 Lately, a depressed Old Man Zenigata has even been suffering from a persecution complex, one in which he feels certain Lupin is watching him. But is this delusion, or is he really being pursued?! The truth is, some group has implanted microfilm containing a process developed by NASA for creating artificial diamond in one of Zenigata's back teeth. Will Zenigata's peace of mind be able to stand this bizarre backwards chase?!
S02E14 Le rubis sanglant 09/01/1978 Foward Hees, the world's richest man, dies a mysterious death. Fujiko receives a large ruby in his will, but she too is attacked by a flock of creepy black birds. The ruby was stolen from a temple in the Caribbean. In order to save Fujiko from a mysterious fever, Lupin and company head there to return the ruby but are attacked by black magic zombies!
S02E15 Mystère et dirrigeable 16/01/1978 Count Gabriel challenges Lupin. He dares him to steal Dracula's Tear, the world's best-known carbuncle, from on board his airship, the Hendenburg, with Holmes III, Detective Archer, Kaneda Koojisuke, and Inspector Zenigata in attendance. Let's go for it. Facing his rivals, the fateful moment gets closer and closer. The airship is headed for an airport where the police are waiting!
S02E16 Deux Edgar 23/01/1978 Transformation sickness - in which one changes into another, cruel personality, and commits crimes repeatedly, but has absolutely no memory of what happened during that time. After numerous crimes not worthy of the name of Lupin, the man himself, having completely lost his self-confidence, even contemplates taking his own life, in his depression. But due to various factors, cannot succeed at dying. But something is strange. Is the mass murderer really Lupin?!
S02E17 Des ambitions ensevelies dans le désert rouge 30/01/1978 A blackmail notice is delivered to a small Arab country: pay $100,000,000 if you don't want your oil fields blown up. Lupin and company set their sights on the payoff money, but according to intelligence agent Hassan, the enemy is apparently using human bombs. The gimmick is a remote-controlled capsule bomb implanted in the person's stomach. In fact, Hassan himself is the enemy leader, Lawrence III. Will crude oil and currency dance in the desert?!
S02E18 Panthère noire 06/02/1978 Black Panther - a one-of-a-kind emerald. When light shines on it from a certain angle, a black panther appears. Lupin, as per usual, acquires the gem and hides it temporarily in the museum in order to evade a body check by the strict security cordon, planning to come back for it later. But when both Zenigata and Inspector Conaiseau get involved as well, it's a real rough-and-tumble! What will become of the black panther?
S02E19 L'affaire des coffres forts 13/02/1978 Having returned to Japan after an extended absence, Lupin challenges the Marukin line of safes, renowned for being absolutely unbreakable, and cracks them at every turn. Having completely lost confidence in himself, Marukin experiences the grief of bankruptcy. As far as Lupin is concerned, it's his natural ability at work, but Marukin's son, Tetsutaroo, challenges him in his father's place. Giving Lupin poison, he forces him to accept the challenge of opening the safe he give him - a safe which has neither lock nor combination, nor even a door!
S02E20 Edgar est coincé 20/02/1978 "If only the wind hadn't blown that time..." Setting his sights on the large medallion on Generalissimo Hatler's chest (containing a 50-carat ruby), Lupin should have been able to take it easily enough, using his special rod-and-reel technique, but ends up exposing the Generalissimo's secret toupee. The infuriated Generalissimo order that Lupin and company be wiped out, and in the face of the attack by his combined armed forces, a wounded Lupin makes his stand in an old castle with Fujiko. Is this their end....?!
S02E21 L'ange de Goemon 27/02/1978 Goemon returns to Iga after ten years, only to find his master, Jinen, near death. Before expiring, he tells Goemon that his junior disciple, Hissatsu Jinkuroo, stole half of the Scroll of the Secrets of the Iga Ninja, which contains a map showing the location of the Treasure of Iga. He also gives Goemon the remaining portion of the scroll, with the rest of the map. Jinkuroo, knowing that he doesn't stand a chance in a straight-on fight against Goemon, boldly has himself arrested, hoping to be put in prison, and thus beyond Goemon's reach. How will the trial, and the death duel, turn out?!
S02E22 Sur la trace du mystérieux palace 06/03/1978 Lupin and Jigen hear of an amazing treasure in a remote area, and go after it. Upon saving a woman being attacked by ruffians, the place she leads them to, by way of thanks, is a paradise on earth, with good-looking women everywhere. Lupin accepts the thanks, completely forgetting about the treasure. The fact is, this mansion full of women is for the purpose of seducing men, and then exposing them to an aging gas. Is there a way for Lupin, now completely turned old, to recover?
S02E23 Une sorcière de la 4ème dimension 13/03/1978 Lupin is feeling out of sorts, because lately he hasn't been able to get ahold of Fujiko. When he receives a phone call saying that she'll marry him if he passes her test, he takes off, but what he finds waiting for him is Fujiko's aunt, Mine BUJIKO. The test is, either find Rommel's Gold, or pay for failing to do so with his life. Lupin throws himself into deciphering ancient hieroglyphics. What grade does he get?
S02E24 Voici le grand chef Mimikozo 20/03/1978 Appearing on a moonlit night, the figure in black who refers to Goemon as "the Thirteenth", calls himself "Nezumi-Koozoo IV." He informs Goemon that their ancestors teamed up in the International Thieves' Championship, but were defeated in competition by the original Lupin, and that they should team up to avenge this dishonor. The objective is top-secret data being kept under guard at Sakurada Police Station. Goemon and Nezumi split up, mounting a two-front offensive against Zenigata, who is reinforcing security. What will be the third-generation's next move?
S02E25 Le lézard au souffle mortel 27/03/1978 There is a prison from which, it is said, no one attempts to escape. The reason is that the prison is guarded by Iron Lizards - self-propelled bombs which pursue people anywhere, based on data stored in a computer, and then finishes them off. Lupin and company learn that Fujiko is inside - held by the warden - and get inside themselves, but find themselves targets of the Iron Lizards. How will the breakout of death end?!
S02E26 La rose et le pistolet 03/04/1978 Spanish roses are crimson. Zenigata, equipped to the teeth, heads to Spain for an arrest that can't fail, but a trap awaits Lupin and Jigen in Barcelona. Meyer, beaten any number of times, chooses as his trick the clever device of making them appear to be enemies in disguise to one another, and thus have them kill one another. Surrounding them is the stealthy shadow of a woman. Lupin and Jigen aim precisely at one another's hearts, and bullets fly out of the muzzles of their guns...?!
S02E27 Où est le timbre Cendrillon ? 10/04/1978 The Cinderella Shadow is a stamp which is said to possess the magical power of making its owner into a princess. Lupin casually steals it from the hall where it is being exhibited, but a girl named Alice also wants the stamp. Not only is she quite persistent, she is smart as well, and tries her best to get the stamp. At the finish of the fantastic chase through the amusement park, where has the Cinderella Stamp gone?
S02E28 Femme policier 'Melon' 17/04/1978 In response to a notice from Lupin stating that he will take the money from every bank in Paris, Melon, a femal detective and the granddaughter of Inspector Garimard, rival of the original Arsène Lupin, is selected to replace Zenigata. The sea of bills gathered and stored in the underground police morgue is guarded by a special lock, whose switch is in the Superintendent-General's office. Melon's cold beauty shines in the Metro!
S02E29 The Electroshock Pigeon Operation 24/04/1978 The great thief Lupin III has numerous secret techniques, one of which is the Mid-air Float Technique. The Syndicate uses a dirty method to get their hands on it. Using a fake Lupin and Jigen, they torture X8 excruciatingly, filling him with the desire for revenge, and then send him against the real Lupin and Jigen. Lupin, knowing of this plot, fixes a keepsake of X8's mother, in order to prove that he's being framed, but... What is a man's tenacity?
S02E30 Un vent chaud souffle sur le Maroc 01/05/1978 In Morocco, Lupin is attracted to a beautiful girl. Suddenly, he finds himself kidnapped and stuffed in a bag. he is taken to a desert encampment, where he is forcibly conscripted into the Foreign Legion. However, what should come spilling out of the bag next to his but Old Man Zenigata! Despite their protests, the two of them are shackled together by the neck, and their escape takes a twisted path. Which of them will be free?!
S02E31 Qui a tiré sur le soleil de minuit 08/05/1978 The sun doesn't set during summer in Stockholm. There, two beautiful twins, Latica and Anita, are fighting a repeated deathmatch. The reason is the location of the Viking treasure which is concealed on their backs. Lupin, playing two different roles, manages to photograph the map on both their backs, which only appears during the Summer Solstice, but the map has an additional secret!
S02E32 Edgar meurt deux fois 15/05/1978 Zenigata is at the wheel of a patrol car. Sitting next to him is, of all people, Fujiko. She believes that the best way to protect Lupin from the high-speed hitman Puma is for him to be arrested by the police. Lupin answers Puma's ability to hit at long range, in the midst of rain and hail, goes out for a one-on-one showdown, and gets shot! Will the repose of poor Lupin's soul go with his love for Fujiko?
S02E33 Qui porte la couronne ? 22/05/1978 A stolen crown goes to auction by a secret route. Jigen is with the seller, Jaguar, Goemon is with the buyer, Tatsumaki, and Lupin is in disguise as the jewelry appraiser. Their objective in sneaking in is to get both the crown and the money used to purchase it. It's a four-way tug-of-war with Lupin, the Jaguar gang, the Tatsumaki gang, and even Zenigata getting in on the act! And lest we forget, an upset by Fujiko. What effect will that have on the outcome?!
S02E34 Edgar le vampire 29/05/1978 Heburai Village, Japan - a place where, according to legend, Jesus Christ was washed ashore. In an excavated casket, a beautiful woman is found in a near-death state, together with a golden statuette of the Virgin Mary. Lupin goes after the statuette, but the woman, Camilla, revives, and brings Lupin into her circle of vampire acquaintances. She is Christ's twin sister, and she stole the statuette from her brother and fled. Will Fujiko be rescued from sacrifice at the ball 2000 years later?!
S02E35 A la poursuite du gang des gorilles 05/06/1978 A black pearl on which Lupin has set his sights is stolen just ahead of him by... a gang of three gorillas?! What would gorillas want with jewels? Lupin thinks, while setting up a decoy plan. When the gorillas next appear, they take both the jewels he set out from them, and Fujiko as well. This scene smells of a put-up job... That guardian of justice, Zenigata, doesn't give up either!
S02E36 Le mystère du chateau Tsukikage 12/06/1978 This job, oddly enough, is at Goemon's request. The will of an old man, Kuranari, says that whoever solves the "mystery" and finds his inheritance can have it. Lupin takes the challenge of deciphering the code. But the Fuuma Ninja are also plotting to take the treasure for themselves. The end of the battle over the mystery culminates on the roof of the castle tower. Where is the legendary sword, Tsukikagemaru?!
S02E37 Le trésor de Gengis Khan 19/06/1978 To steal the twin Golden Lions told of in the clan of Nariyoshi Shiase, Lupin and Jigen head for Mongolia. The real objective is the map concealed in the statue, which will lead them to the buried treasure of Genghis Khan. meanwhile, Fujiko, in search of Minamoto Yoshitsune's treasure, meets up with Goemon at Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture, where he is visiting his ancestor's grave. The two threads are brought together at Ryuujinnuma (Dragon God Swamp), and where is the treasure...?
S02E38 Le doux piège d'Interpol 26/06/1978 Zenigata's successor as head of the Lupin detail is, surprise of surprises, Lupin's own supposed companion, Fujiko. She has taken on the task of arresting Lupin in exchange for the ICPO bureau chief, who is less concerned with appearances than with actually arresting Lupin, erasing her criminal record. Facing the woman who knows all about him, Lupin finally finds himself on his way to a special prison cell. Is this the end for Lupin at last...?
S02E39 Les diamants évaporés dans le ciel de minuit 03/07/1978 Lupin and Jigen search a smuggler's ship disguised as police officials, but find only thousands of chickens, not the diamonds they expected. Even though they infiltrate Dragonbaum Garden, lair of the smuggling boss, Kou Chin Ko, they can't find hide or hair of the diamonds, which are being sold undercover of a martial-arts tournament. What will the chickens lay for Kou's favorite egg dinner?
S02E40 Opération détournement de missiles 10/07/1978 The first attempt on a shipment of Costa Rican diamonds (worth some 9,000,000,000¥ at the time) fails when the captured case is found to contain Zenigata instead. Word is that the diamonds will be transported to their destination, Puerto Rico, by missile. If Lupin loses it, it will be a blow to his reputation. The decision is made to attack the missile at the midpoint of its trajectory, but in order for this to succeed, it is necessary to get the precise launch time. What will the combination play produce?
S02E41 A la recherche du trésor de princesse Kaguya 17/07/1978 Kaguya, a beautiful young woman, asks for some strange items: from Lupin, the tears of the Yeti; from Jigen, a mermaid's scales; and from Goemon, the liver of a dragon. And she does so one at a time, all at Monaco. When the three of them return from their various adventures, the three items are combined with an elixir made of pollen from flowers from all over the world. Thus, they discover that the result is a mysterious potion. Will the sleeping prince awaken?!
S02E42 Edgar devient une mariée 24/07/1978 The last voyage of shipping magnate Onabes's bachelorhood is an extravagant affair, with a ship full of beautiful women and first-class objets d'art. Lupin, knowing that Onabes has a villainous past, decides to give him a shock, by disguising himself as a shipwrecked woman(?!), and thus getting aboard his ship... a plan which works fine up to that point, but what should happen then but that Onabes falls in love at first sight with Lupin in his female disguise, and proposes!! Will wedding bells ring out at the church?!
S02E43 Où sont les os de l'homme de Pékin ? 31/07/1978 Lupin is in Hong Kong for a vacation, when he is asked to find an old woman, as payment of a debt. Lupin is red-faced, and not just from the Hong Kong heat. A beautiful woman has also crossed his path. It turns out that her mother is the woman he is looking for, and the burial jar in her possession contains not the bones of her father, but the archaeologically famous bones of Peking Man! Fujiko is also after them. How will the struggle over the bone jar come out?
S02E44 La voiture blindée a disparu 07/08/1978 The Sleeping Golden Lion is a statue which is being moved for the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Australia's establishment as a nation. As defense against Lupin, an armored car made of a super-strong metal has been prepared. Under aerial surveillance by escort helicopters, Lupin steals the armored car by means of an underground elevator platform, using a herd of sheep as camouflage. But in addition to the lion statue, inside the car is Zenigata, nearly asphyxiated! Which will it be, the quarry, or Zenigata's life?!
S02E45 L'odeur de la mort 14/08/1978 Lupin makes off with underworld boss Mulligan's jewelry. As might be expected, Fujiko takes them for herself, but Mulligan hires the highly skilled Hangman to get them back. This strange-smelling man pins down Lupin and company with intense machinegun fire! Unable to stand simply being wiped out, they return fire with prize wine. Having escaped one disaster, next comes Zenigata?!
S02E46 Edgar à vendre 21/08/1978 On the auction block at the Wanted Club, is of all people, Lupin. This organization, which captures criminals and sells them into slavery, also finds out Jigen's location due to his own carelessness. Doctor Mad makes the winning bid for Lupin, and he intends to use Lupin as a guinea pig in his human reconstruction experiments. Killer cyborgs come at Lupin on a desert island. Does flesh-and-blood Lupin stand a chance?!
S02E47 Détective de sa majesté 28/08/1978 This time, Lupin's target is the historic Imperial State Crown, but it won't be easy, because Inspectors Dover and Pepper of Scotland Yard are keeping a tight guard on it. On their second try, on the day of the royal wedding, their trick comes off, and when the wedding bells of Westminster Abbey peal, will Big Ben chime the witching hour?!
S02E48 Alerte à la banque 04/09/1978 Even though he announces that he will take the till from the Kentucky Derby, Lupin's first strike, on the transport car, fails. A despondent Lupin jumps straight into the Hudson River... but it's all part of his scenario. The main act is a supposedly perfect, supposedly foolproof cracking of the Metropolitan Bank's vault. How will Lupin penetrate an alarm system that sounds loud bells at the weight of even a handkerchief?
S02E49 Une femme venimeuse 11/09/1978 Jacqueline - a beautiful woman who has become a multimillionaire through acquiring alimony and inheritances whenever she changes husbands. Lupin set his sights on her diamond collection, which is fine, but before you know it, Lupin and Jacqueline are very close. To a man and woman, time is unnecessary. Fujiko, who as usual is also after the treasure, is captured by the Cobra crime syndicate. What is the thread that ties together a beautiful body and a venomous snake?
S02E50 Edgar mon amour perdu, partie 1 18/09/1978 Tonight another secret auction of smuggled artworks is beginning. Naturally, just as Lupin is taking possession of same, Fujiko comes along yet again and snatches them away. But Fujiko goes missing soon after. The pursuing woman takes off her mask, revealing to Lupin a woman he had loved in younger days, a woman, who lost her life saving Lupin's - Cornelia?!
S02E51 Edgar mon amour perdu, partie 2 25/09/1978 Having met Lupin again, Cornelia does not remember him, and complains of headaches. The secret is her father, Doctor Zell, one of the last remaining Nazis. During World War II, he conducted secret experiments, the Corpse Preservation Project, and has been continuing them ever since. He has even sacrificed Cornelia, who chose Lupin over himself, to the Project. An army of the dead rises from the cemetery. Memories of love cause Cornelia confusion. "Remember, Cornelia!"
S02E52 La jeunesse éternelle 02/10/1978 A canon for eternal life and youth is said to be concealed in the jungles of Thailand. Not only is Fujiko after it, but so is the beautiful and coldly intelligent Emmanuelle Poirot, granddaughter of the legendary detective, Hercule Poirot. With Surrender, her cat with poisoned claws. Lupin goes to the temple where the canon is said to be, being manipulated all the way, and takes the challenge of stealing the canon from the footstone containing it!! A beautiful trap is set, stealing even into the heart.
S02E53 The Mad Fantoma Mark III 09/10/1978 Fujiko is taken hostage in exchange for the world's largest ruby, which Lupin recently acquired from the royal house of India. The one making the demand is Fantoma Mark III, grandson of the mysterious European master thief and disguise artist, Fantoma. He intends to use the ruby as the oscillation unit of a laser satellite, with which he will melt the Antarctic ice, thus sinking the world's major cities, and enabling him to conquer the world. Lupin's attitude is, how dare you think of using my ruby and Fujiko for something like that! Can Lupin figure out how to swim in space?
S02E54 Detective Hanshichi's Ten-Year Promise 16/10/1978 The aging detective Mikawa Hanshichi is treated as a nuisance at the downtown police station where he is assigned, but to Zenigata he is a great and respected elder. At this time, in celebration of the founding of Asakusa Temple, a golden statuette of Kannon, long since hidden away, will go on display, and Lupin, setting his sights on it, sends word of his intended coming. Hanshichi, who experienced trouble with Lupin ten years before, is determined that this time for sure he will match wits, with a great arrest taking place on the roof of Asakusa Temple. It's official business!
S02E55 Falling Cherry Blossoms - The Mysterious Gang of Five (Part One) 23/10/1978 Lupin and company acquire the 36 Views of Mt. Fuji from an exhibition hall in Shinjuku. A group calling themselves the "Shiragami Five" bar their way. As a tryout, they steal just one of the 36 Views, indicating that they will come for the others at another time. Lupin deposits them in his electronically-locked vault, and prepares for attack. But Fujiko is captured, and even Goemon sides with the Five. What will happen?!
S02E56 Falling Cherry Blossoms - The Mysterious Gang of Five (Part Two)) 30/10/1978 Goemon challenges Lupin to a one-on-one duel, in order that they may at last fight their decisive battle. Lupin is caught on the point of his sword. Taking advantage of this opening, the Five take the 36 Views, but one of their members, Benten Kikuko, escapes, telling Goemon she wants to show the Views to her gravely ill father. When Goemon discovers that he's been deceived, he bares his neck to Lupin. Where are the 36 Views? If groups of five are the rule, then who's the lead for our side?!
S02E57 Will It Be the Computer or Lupin? 06/11/1978 The one and only supposedly perfect safe in the world is housed inside a VTOL aircraft. And it is guarded by a supposedly almighty defense computer, programmed with all of Lupin's data, making it Professor Hunter's masterpiece. On a sudden impulse, Old Man Zenigata steals one of the throwing coins of his great Edo-period ancestor, Zenigata Heiji, and ends up carrying out a strange team-up operation with Lupin to put it back again. Is it possible to escape from an infinite maze?
S02E58 The Border Is the Face of Farewell 13/11/1978 The target is the Aurora Drop, a diamond adorning a ballerina's forehead. A special remote-control operation nets the diamond easily enough, but a wounded Jigen is rescued by said ballerina, Monika, and ends up helping her put her desire to defect into action. With fake passports declaring them husband and wife, the two of them head for the border. The only way to escape the Communist Bloc is to smash through the checkpoint. I pay my debts, Monika!
S02E59 The Mysterious World of Madame X 20/11/1978 Having yet again shaken off Zenigata's pursuit, Lupin finds his way barred by a gigantic Fujiko. This device is the work of Madame X. Imprisoned in an old castle, he can do nothing as he is toyed with in the midst of mysterious phenomena. Madame X's hobby is collecting famous personages from around the world and turning them into living wax figures, and she means to add Lupin and company to her collection. How are illusions being worked?!
S02E60 A Flower of Suicide Blooms in India 27/11/1978 The Suicide Ray Gun - once you're hit with it, it causes a sickness in which one wants to die as soon as possible. When the inventor of this weapon turns to evil, stopping it is no easy matter. Bandit leader Basara is the man with the gun, and he tries to wring out of Lupin the location of a diamond he's hidden in India. He even tries a fake Fujiko when all else fails to get Lupin to talk, but... What is the specific remedy for death-wish sickness?!
S02E61 The Flying Zantetsuken 04/12/1978 When a gang boss and a death-dealing arms merchant join forces, nothing good is certain to come of it. They set their sights on Zantetsuken, which can cut even tanks in half, get Fujiko to steal it for them, and transform it into an invincible flying weapon of war. Meanwhile, Lupin and Jigen head to Central Africa to get Zantetsuken back for Goemon, whom they have left with Zenigata, as he is determined to die, seeing no other path for himself now that he has lost his warrior's soul. Does Zantetsuken have a weakness?!
S02E62 The Sound of the Devil's Bells Calls Lupin 11/12/1978 Lupin receives a letter from Jigen and Goemon asking for help. He heads for their location, but finds the men of Gemallschaft, this village which isn't to be found on any map, where the church bells ring, living their lives under the guidance of Sister Labina. Jigen and Goemon seem to be different people. The secret is the sound of the bells. Labina is using mass hypnosis to turn the villagers into perfectly obedient soldiers, whom she then intends to sell. Jigen and Goemon close in on Lupin with intent to kill!!
S02E63 A Trap for a Trap! 18/12/1978 Don Kecchi, the richest man in America, plans to donate all his wealth to charity. Lupin steals his money, and of all things shoots Fujiko right before Zenigata's eyes. But the real Lupin witnesses that Lupin's actions with his own eyes?! This is an act put on by Kecchi, who has learned that his illness was misdiagnosed, and decided that he wants his money back. The whole sequence was done with holograms. Who will end up with the 20,000,000,000,000¥?
S02E64 Christmas Is in the Hands of the Goddess 25/12/1978 Lupin and company are spending their Xmas vacation in New York, but Margaret who owns both Tiffany's and a TV station, hires them to rob the store on live TV. Even though they don't feel up to it, Fujiko ends up using the blank check provided as token of the agreement, and they're stuck with going through with it. With the eyes and ears of all America tuned in, the exciting stealing technique will be lure fishing for jewelry?!
S02E65 Lupin's Enemy Is Lupin 08/01/1979 "You are the only ones who can rescue our kidnapped Princess Yasmin!" Lupin and company are hired for the task by a small Silk Road country in exchange for all the holy curry they can eat. But this is in fact a trap set for Lupin. Within a fortress guarded by automatic missiles is Mister X, who looks exactly like Lupin. At the conclusion of a duel with water-sabers, which is the real one?!
S02E66 Shooting Orders! 15/01/1979 Lupin tries to take it easy while Zenigata's away, but he suddenly finds himself being shot at. It's the coming of Beauty, who has accepted secret shooting orders from ICPO Headquarters. At the site where Lupin meets him for a one-on-one showdown, Lupin is blown away by Beauty's powerful Dum-Dum rounds, but gets away with his life thanks to Jigen's last-second save. When Jigen confronts Beauty to avenge Lupin, Lupin has only one handmade fulminate-of-mercury round for Jigen's gun!
S02E67 Lupin's Big Saiyuuki 22/01/1979 The mountain country of Kima, hidden away in Tibet, has mountains of treasure! On hearing this, Lupin and company head there. Though they infiltrate as a group of anthropological researchers, they are captured by Kinkaku and Ginkaku, the giants who rule the country, and ordered to fight each other as human playing pieces in a game of killer shogi. Jigen and Goemon are sucked into a gourd full of sulphuric acid. How will they get out of this pinch?!
S02E68 Casino Island - Inversions and More Inversions 29/01/1979 Casino Paradise is an artificial island floating in New York Harbor. Domino, its operator, plans to use the $500,000,000 capital contained in the casino's three mobile safes to back his own run for president. Of the opinion that there is nothing he cannot steal, Lupin goes on a preliminary tour, and gets friendly with Nina, Domino's daughter. A big fan of Lupin's, she offers her assistance, but just then the artificial island is inverted through the strategy of Robert, Domino's campaign manager.
S02E69 The Woman the Old Man Fell in Love with 05/02/1979 Political fixer Pomade Jors didn't trust anyone, so he implanted a miniature bomb inside the heart of his wife, Laura, and put all the scandal data he had acquired on political leaders of various countries into a special voice-activated safe. New York mafia boss Alec Cabane, having set his sights on that data, kills Pomade, steals the safe, and threatens Laura's life, because it is her voice that is the key to the safe. But if she speaks, and thus opens the safe, without her husband present to speak first and activate the safety mechanism, the bomb inside her heart will explode one minute later, with distance not a factor. Seeking help, Laura finds Zenigata, and they escape, their ongoing flight leading to love... Tragedy and confession come together.
S02E70 Classic Thieves and Mynah Birds 12/02/1979 Even though Zenigata comes raging up to FBI HQ, Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon are... clearly all in solitary confinement. This is actually all part of their plan, and they spring Clyde Barlow, an old man with the same name as the one-time machine-gun bandit. Then they get him to help in their attack on the trailer which the National Super Bank is using as temporary facilities while the main building is renovated. The old man's companion, Bonnie Parker, also signs on, and the activities of a mynah bird open the vault's door, but...?
S02E71 Lupin vs The Shinsen Group 19/02/1979 Kondoo Isamu III, grandson of the leader of the Shinsen Group of Tokugawa loyalists who fought the New Meiji Government during the collapse of the Shogunate, hires Lupin and company to recover the legendary Golden Cannon, sunk by the Shogunate forces in the Tsugaru Strait (between Hokkaido and Honshu), and which would be worth some 7-8,000,000,000¥ to collectors. The problem is the violent deep-sea current which protects the sunken vessel. A ring toss catch project acquires the golden cannon, but afterwards a death struggle for possession takes place. Okida, controlling a monster squid, takes a do-or-die course of action, shouting that he will take his ancestors' legacy and make Hokkaido an independent country.
S02E72 The Skateboard Murder Mystery 26/02/1979 The owner of the legendary sapphire, the Eye of Solomon, is Ellary Queen, who also owns the Red Eagles football team. Lupin, coming for the sapphire as he declared he would, retreats for the time being when he finds Queen near death. Someone has already attacked Queen, attempting to hand him. According to the deduction of Bolonco, son of Detective Lt. Columbo, the sapphire has not yet been stolen. Who really dunit?
S02E73 Flowers and Storms and a Thieves' Race 05/03/1979 Lupin and Jigen are full of fighting spirit as they enter the final event of the Thieves' Olympics, the getaway race, beginning at Sooyamisaki, Japan's northernmost point, with the finish line at Japan's southernmost point, Sakurajima, Kyuushuu. If they win this event, they will be the greatest thieves in history. The only rule of the race is to win. How you do it doesn't matter. Getting past the strong American and Soviet teams, they move into a dead heat. But there is yet again a clear scent of conspiracy surrounding the proceedings. The sponsor of the event is Fantoma Mark III, hell-bent for revenge. Will the racetrack set as the goal be destroyed?
S02E74 The Terrifying Chameleon Man 12/03/1979 The world's largest uncut diamond has been discovered in South Africa, and naturally Lupin goes there and gets it. Unable to cut the ore, no matter how he tries, he finally gets Goemon to do it. But this is part of the plan of the diamond concern, who have the cut diamond recovered by Guiness, the Chameleon Man. Guiness's special tank cannot be affected by ordinary bullets. This will require a round made from a diamond.
S02E75 Fujiko Doesn't Look Good in a Bridal Gown 19/03/1979 Unable to bear Fujiko getting married all in white, Lupin shoots her, then follows her by blowing himself up. But it's a trick. It's a big show, the purpose of which is to get the jewelry collection of Fujiko's would-be groom, Hafner. But Hafner is also a collector of brides, on a scale that would do justice to Bluebeard. Danger is closing in on Fujiko. Will Lupin arrive in time?
S02E76 Do You Know Shakespeare? 26/03/1979 Jigen heads for the African republic of Borodias, with Lupin and company in pursuit, when he receives a letter from Sister Angelica. Angelica wants his help in rescuing Dr. Othello, head of the country's independence movement. Once a member of a noble Venetian family, she devoted herself to this land ever since Jigen left her eight years ago, when she looked to God for help. But the whole thing is the conspiracy of a major world power, which is controlling the situation from behind the scenes. Why are Othello's eyes blue?
S02E77 Arrest Lupin with Horoscopes 02/04/1979 The Astrology Project: ICPO's special operation. Marianne, who can predict all of Lupin's actions via scrying with her crystal ball, is the opponent this time. The objective is Poseidon's Tear, an emerald which is the sign of the king of the country of Danmal. Goemon, charmed and mesmerized by a strange pigeon, tries to cut Lupin! Marianne wants the Emerald for herself. What is her gimmick?
S02E78 Diamonds Gleam in a Robot's Eye 09/04/1979 A scientist who has no shortage of strange devices accidentally invents a robot that manufactures diamonds. Gavotte, a New York gangster, gets it to give to his girlfriend, Baby, but all they get out of it is ice. And thus follow a series of ridiculous failed exchanges surrounding the doctor and the robot, leading finally to a swap site at an amusement park. Can the robot be restored to its proper function?
S02E79 The Lupin Funeral March 16/04/1979 Genius musician Kyoransky's conducting stick is conducting the music of Lupin's death. Those who hear the performance attack him. Lupin's target is also that diamond-studded conducting stick. Pretending to be a cameraman, Lupin records the orchestra on video, analyzes the orchestra recording, and solves the mystery: it's hypnosis, manifest through soundwaves beyond the range of human hearing. When the moment of the showdown approaches, Lupin wields a soup ladle full of holes in his hand.
S02E80 The Last Meal Is Cup Ramen 23/04/1979 Silver, who once worked with Lupin on a train robbery, stole the money himself, hid it somewhere, and promptly got himself thrown into prison on a rinky-dink charge. Lupin, having learned that Silver is about to be released, goes to the prison intent on making Silver tell what he did with the loot, only to discover that, while Silver was in prison, a new top-of-the-line prison was built over the site where he hid the money. Now, will the operation to trade an execution for the recovery of the money succeed?
S02E81 Fujiko! Men Are Tough 30/04/1979 Lupin and company are after the Bell of the Duchy of Beltenberg, constructed in the 15th century. However, it's a fake, and it's being guarded by Zenigata. Angered at these various problems, Fujiko takes off for Paris, where she falls in love with, and becomes engaged to, Claude, heir to the duchy. She has a weakness for royalty, after all. But the aim of the rulers is to exchange Fujiko for discovery of the real bell.
S02E82 The Old Man Hostage Rescue Operation 07/05/1979 Zenigata is abducted from ICPO?! Terrorists demand the release of Napoleon XI from prison in exchange for their hostage. ICPO refuses to answer the demand because of concerns of face, but Zenigata's life is at stake. This is where Lupin comes in. But Napoleon XI is a narcoleptic, who can only stay awake for three hours a day. What will become of the Old Man's rescue?
S02E83 Lupin's Big Western 14/05/1979 Due to heavy competition in the hit-man industry, the Smith Gang's business results aren't good. So, at Fujiko's suggestion, they make a real-life film of killing Lupin, making it look like they're filming a Western. If they complete this commercial, it will be proof that they're No. 1 in the industry, and it will also make an excellent promotional piece as well! Lupin nonchalantly comes and goes on the set at Fujiko's invitation.
S02E84 Leave Revenge to Lupin 21/05/1979 Joe Spade, once an expert gunman who taught Jigen how to shoot, unable to ward off the passing years, he has been cornered, and comes begging for help. Jigen, who takes debts very seriously, goes to Marseilles, but Joe is completely gone. The same gang which was after Joe is also after Lupin! There are also a string of jewel thefts using a telephotograph machine.
S02E85 ICPO Secret Directive 28/05/1979 In order to make the dream of Maureen, daughter of a Mafia boss, come true in the brief time remaining to her, Stefan, her street-punk boyfriend, risks the showdown of his life. Lupin and company end up helping them out because Fujiko is moved by their plight, but it's all a secret ICPO project! Bureau chief Jasmine's strategy chases them all into a room with special mobile grating. Trouble!!
S02E86 The Mysterious Nightlight Mask Appears 04/06/1979 The true identity of Nightlight Mask, who killed the Duke of Le Mond and stole his opal, is Lupin! Working on the deduction of novelist Conan Dorill, the mystery man will appear at the costume ball, kill the daughter of Count Johannes and steal a second opal. An innocent Lupin is not at all satisfied. Professor Dolmen has the third opal. How will the revenge concealed within the ancient treasure of the Incas resolve itself?
S02E87 When the Devil Beckons to Lupin 11/06/1979 On a night of pouring rain, a doll in the shape of a small girl is delivered to Lupin's hideout, and manipulates Lupin into stealing the jewel known as the Phoenix's Tear. From the shadows, the villain Mephistopheles is pulling the strings. The next objective is the Dragon's Tear, the Phoenix's Tear opposite. They are legacy of slain Jewish millionaire Jacob, and the true identity of the doll's controller is his son, Peter. The danger of a big explosion at a stadium, meant to kill former Nazis is closing in.
S02E88 Lupin's Big South Pole-North Pole Adventure 18/06/1979 To steal the Nobel Prize, all you have to do is successfully carry out an experiment to move the penguins from the South Pole to the North Pole?! Lupin wastes no time in carrying out this plan, but this is in fact camouflage. His real objective is to take the Vatican Crown, placed at the North Pole as a prayer for peace. The penguins he brings with him confound both Fujiko and the underground organization known as the Red Voyagers League. So where is the crown?
S02E89 Play the Thieves' Symphony 25/06/1979 Within the special vault of the World Crime Prevention Devices Association are drawings of all the world's safes. It's impregnable, with explosives rigged to go off at the slightest change in weight in its elevator, and a sound-gathering and detection system connected to a nuclear reactor. Lupin even retires to the mountains and devises a sound-dampening device, but is defeated by the sound of the device's own functioning. Surprise of surprises, what is the special vault's blind spot?
S02E90 Bad Guys Are Truly Big Villains 02/07/1979 Having a gun pointed at him in Harlem, Lupin makes the acquaintance of Chico, a street-smart kid. Even while Lupin plays tag with Zenigata, Chico can only think of making small change, but sucking up even such small pickings is Boss Markane. Lupin sneaks into Markane's party in order to expose Markane's hypocrisy, but becomes the target of the evening's entertainment: a game of murder.
S02E91 The Girl Who Travels Through Time 09/07/1979 Lupin rescues a beautiful girl who has completely lost her memory. Learning that the key to her identity is in Persia, Lupin and company fly to Tehran, but through the machinations of Giranin's Red Spider Gang, who are after the girl, they end up being sentenced to beheading by the Iranian Army. The girl is in fact Ianne, daughter of Darius, king of ancient Persia. Will the "Eternal Rainbow," which only a hero may hold, disappear in a faraway whirlwind?
S02E92 Madame and a Thieves' Quartet 16/07/1979 Learning that the entire possessions of Piccolo, a man who taught Lupin about thievery when he was a young punk, have all been impounded by the police, Lupin and company go to see what they can do. Madame, his widow, knows nothing of her husband's true profession, believing him to be a musician, which means one big headache. The foursome are stuck with raiding the Liverpool Police Department while deceiving Madame with musical instruments at the same time.
S02E93 Operation Great Wall of China Invader 23/07/1979 Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon steal the jade mah-jongg set which belonged to Emperor Shi, from the Peking Old Palace Museum. Even though he's kept his promise to get them for her, Fujiko won't marry him because he lacks intellect and refinement?! In that case, Lupin drinks the Confucian Analects, steeped in the Elixir of Learning, an ancient Chinese potion which enables one to absorb instantly the knowledge contained in any book which has been dissolved in the fluid. However, drinking the Analects transforms Lupin into a holy man, one who hates money and women. It's the conspiracy of Chang, a scientist turned gangster, who wants the mah-jongg tiles.
S02E94 Lupin vs Superman 30/07/1979 When Superman appears in the New York City sky, a bank robbery takes place nearby. Investigating together with Inspector McCleed, Zenigata suspects that it's Lupin's doing, but Lupin himself finds the notion simply ridiculous. Checking the banks which have been robbed, Lupin finds a small supermarket at the center of the ring they make. How will the showdown between Superman, Lupinman, and Fujikowoman end up?
S02E95 From the Ghost Ship with Love 06/08/1979 Lupin and Fujiko obtain the statuette known as the Stonechild from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, only to have their Cessna crash in the Bermuda Triangle, and run into a ghost ship. The ship's female captain, Jeanne, confronts Lupin, but it develops that there are three of these stone figurines: Lupin has one, Jeanne has another, and shipping tycoon Hees has the third. Who made them? Will the mystery of the century be answered at Stonehenge?
S02E96 Lupin's Gourmet Heaven 13/08/1979 There are any number of repulsive things to eat, but Baron Gourmel wants to eat Lupin's fresh brain. The promise of his diamond collection to whoever delivers it is irresistible to Fujiko. With Jigen, who likes pork and beans, and Goemon, with his three-minute soba noodles, mixed in for good measure, how will the sublime pie-throwing showdown with the army of cooks come out? Is Lupin's cooking any good...?
S02E97 Find the Treasure of Lupin I 20/08/1979 Within one of Lupin's back teeth, a piece of microfilm containing the location of the grave of Lupin I is concealed. Using a nude operation, Fujiko takes it, teams up with Holmes III, and together with three secret agents representing the U.S., Great Britain, and the U.S.S.R., they take to the sky in a gigantic hot-air balloon. Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon fight the secret weapons of the three agents, meant to eliminate interference, with the "Live Capture" technique(?!) taught to them the hard way by Zenigata. Where is the treasure? Who is the thief?
S02E98 The Day the Old Man Died 27/08/1979 Zenigata, barring Lupin's path today the same as he has every other day, is suddenly shot in the middle of his attempted arrest! Fujiko is burning with rage, but Paris Police Superintendent Truffaut, who has declared that the killer is Lupin, is himself suspicious. Following the regulations concerning death in the line of duty, he tries to have Zenigata's corpse cremated, but just when he finally gets it to the site, after strenuous efforts, it abruptly gets up?
S02E99 The Combat Magnum Scattered in the Wasteland 03/09/1979 The loot this time is the single Hannibal coin, which is in the Duchy of Blanco. Hidden within it is the site where the hero Hannibal buried his war chest, but Jigen, who was late for a duel five years ago due to unavoidable circumstances, chooses instead the road that leads to the showdown with his enemy, Stoneman. The time for the border closing is near. When the duel begins, Jigen's Magnum isn't in his holster. What is Lupin up to?
S02E100 The Famous Painting Theft Ultra Operation 10/09/1979 To cover the dinner bill for the President of France, an auction of artworks in storage at the Louvre is held, with an extemporaneous piece by Lupin I going on the block. It goes to Nai Baba, Arabian village chieftain and oil millionaire. It gets transported under heavy guard, but Zenigata knows that Lupin will try to take it. Fending off numerous sneak attacks, Zenigata finds himself the object of the chieftain's attentions
S02E101 Versailles Burned with Love 17/09/1979 The Black Lilly Party, obsessed with restoring the aristocracy, tries to get Lupin to find the phantom Crown of Marie Antoinette. On a hint from Oscar, the young, very attractive leader of the Black Lilly's Stormtroopers, Lupin removes the crown from a hidden compartment in a mirror at the palace of Versailles, but, breaking the promise of a 50/50 split, Oscar takes the crown and turns fugitive. What is Oscar's true identity?
S02E102 Lupin Is Fond of Chanel 24/09/1979 Lupin is after the golden gun and diamond bullets that are the heirlooms of the House of Wilhelm, but upon learning that the current head of the house, Brillia, is a girl still in her teens, Lupin gives up. At the same time, a string of handgun thefts are taking place in London. The 99th gun stolen is Jigen's Magnum, and the 100th is Lupin's Walther P-38. Lupin fights Benkei's magnet-gun with a remote-controlled flying gun. The scent of Chanel fills the air. How does the vault containing the golden gun open?
S02E103 The Wolf Saw an Angel 01/10/1979 The LA National Bank is hit with a rash of robberies, their objective being the World's Jewelry Fair exhibits being stored there. Lupin, of course, is also carrying out his own plan, an underground attack which is a smashing success. At the moment when he has acquired the valuable jewelry, Vietnam veteran Harry Satler strikes with heavy artillery. He needs money for the treatments his daughter's eyes require. The blind daughter, Mary, meets an angel in the badlands...!
S02E104 The Most Dangerous Golden Bed 08/10/1979 If you wonder why the golden bed in Texas millionaire Morgan's possession is said to be the most dangerous, it's because it's guarded by laser beams, immersed in a pool of high-strength sulphuric acid, and is shielded by a tank division and numerous other systems. Lupin can't back down from stealing it because Fujiko wants it for a love nest, so, on their third assault, Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon draw off the tanks and fighter planes, and attempts to use Morgan's own 45-inch gun himself. Now, how will he fare in the end?
S02E105 Horror - A Woman Disappeared on Devil's Head Island 15/10/1979 On Devil's Head Island, in the Seto Inland Sea, there is a legend of refugees from the Heike Clan. Gempaku, who wants to see his descendant, Motomaro, continue the family line, has tried all manner of methods, using the Forest of Disappearances as a cover, but Motomaro keeps stuffing and mounting the women Gempaku brings him. With treasure seeking Fujiko and Lupin, and Zenigata and Goroohachi, the patrol officer stationed on the island, who are in hot pursuit, getting all mixed in, the battle with the samurai army is a seesaw. Is there no escape from the heavy siege?
S02E106 You're a Cat, I'm a Dried Tuna 22/10/1979 Vivian wants to become a star so badly that she's even willing to become Lupin's victim if it'll make her famous, but a slip of the tongue causes her to say "Lupin stole a cat that eats pencil shavings." Lupin, infuriated at the grade-school newspaper report, begins a search for the cat in question, feeling disgraced at having been accused of stealing something so stupid. The duo of Bucky and Butcher also get mixed up in the proceedings. But does this cat really exist?
S02E107 A Wedding Ring Is an Accursed Trap 29/10/1979 What Fujiko has priced out for her wedding ring is the legendary Hope Diamond, said to cause all its possessors misfortune. During the taking of it from the Smithsonian Institute, Lupin suffers a multitude of bad luck and disasters. This diamond really is possessed by a demon. Even though they manage to hold the wedding, Fujiko transforms into an old woman! Will love's tenacity win out?! Whose face is that in the mirror?
S02E108 Zantetsuken's Lament 05/11/1979 Even on vacation, Goemon has eyes for nothing except swordsmanship. A girl named Naomi takes on of the iron bars Goemon had wrapped in bundles of straw for the purpose of cutting practice. Her grandfather is a swordsmith, and he wants very much to make a katana better than Zantetsuken. Naomi puts energy into her support of her grandfather, and they discover Zantetsuken's secret: the high temperature of its blade. Who holds the true legendary blade?
S02E109 Lupin's Toughest Battle Ever 12/11/1979 Once again, Lupin's life is the object of a wager. If he wins, Fujiko will get a 5000-carat raw diamond. Lupin's opponent, chosen by Almighty, with whom Fujiko has her bet, is the high-speed killer, Tiger. He's enough of a marksman to hit Lupin in the forehead with a ketchup bullet. The showdown has begun, but is there some sort of trick to Tiger's ability to appear and disappear without warning? The showdown comes to a climax in the amusement park's house of mirrors.
S02E110 Hot Shot: This Is Fujiko 19/11/1979 A theft report is received from the police state of Malda. The investigation methods are much too harsh and unforgiving, considering that all that was stolen was one camera. Actually, this camera is the invention of the century: it can take pictures of the future. Thus, the hand of the state police closes in on Fujiko, who has been winning a string of large gambles. The excessively heavy-handed treatment pushes Zenigata past his limits. Against a robot adversary, will one police officer's fighting spirit do the job?
S02E111 Is the Invader Safe Open? 26/11/1979 While walking around New York City's downtown area, where Jigen grew up, Catherine, an old acquaintance who is now the widow of a diamond broker, issues a challenge: "Can you steal my jewelry?" Jigen goes, reluctantly, with Lupin and Goemon tagging along, but security is tighter than tight, and a half-baked effort will not suffice. The final Space Invader Safe is itself a major obstacle, but there is no time remaining to Catherine.
S02E112 Goemon's Close Call 03/12/1979 Through his own carelessness, Goemon is taken prisoner at a hot spring, and subjected to torture by the assassin team of Rose and Wolf. They want to kill Lupin, because that will make the best proof of them being the best in the world. To that end, they are attempting to make Goemon, as Lupin's associate, tell them Lupin's weakness. The torture gets intense, but Goemon doesn't tell them anything. At the very moment when things look their worst, Zantetsuken flashes.
S02E113 The Name of the Operation Is Chuushingura 10/12/1979 The chief of police is reprimanded for his laissez-faire attitude toward Lupin, and dismissed from his post after assaulting the Prime Minister. Things having come to that point, the only way to restore his loss of face is to arrest Lupin! While the 47 top police officers are assembling, a strange old man asks Lupin to dig up the treasure of Kira Koozukenosuke from underneath the police station. The time is naturally a snowscape, and how will the showdown with Zenigata, in battle costume, turn out?
S02E114 The Secret of the Mystery Painting, 'The First Supper' 17/12/1979 For 2000 years, the clan of Judas Iscariot, betrayer of Jesus Christ, have searched for the whereabouts of Christ's legacy, but have been unable to solve the mystery. The current descendant, Nova, has succeeded in inventing an eye medicine that gives one the power to see through anything. She gives it to Zenigata, and stirs him up by telling him that Lupin will only interfere with their getting married. Zenigata goes all out for love, but Nova's objective is the half of the mystery painting, "The First Supper, " painted by Christ, that is in Lupin's possession, having been stolen by Lupin I. The painting has a map concealed within it showing the location of Christ's treasure.
S02E115 Mona Lisa Smiles Twice 24/12/1979 The famous painting, "Mona Lisa," is going on a rare international exhibition. Zenigata shouts far and wide that Lupin will come for it. But Lupin has personal reasons in this case. The truth is that his ancestor once was stuck with a fake. The security system in the floor of the exhibition hall is tricky: unless one walks the correct pattern, it will promptly become a pit. There are any number of Mona Lisas. What of the "true" Mona Lisa?
S02E116 Have the 108 Bells Rung 01/12/1979 As Lupin enters his own time of bad luck, in order to change his fate, he heads for Koohooji, in Kyooto, following the method explained in the time of the Three Kingdoms for evading such misfortune: stealing the Golden Treasure Ship of the Gods of Luck, from Mt. Hoorai. Both the chief of detectives, who receives Lupin's advance warning, and the Kyooto Mafia, send in men, and build up a desperate defense. And there is Antonio, out to avenge himself on Lupin and Jigen, who shot his ears off seven years before. While the temple bell rings out with its explanation of the carnal desires of mankind, Lupin's project starts!
S02E117 The Chewing-Gum Disguise Operation 07/01/1980 Lupin's friend Buckingham is always coming up with weird inventions. This time, he's come up with a bizarre type of chewing gum, one which enables one to disguise oneself on the spot. At the bar where they close the sale of the gum, Boss Gasper sets his sights on Lupin. he plans a wedding scam, wherein he has his girlfriend, a dancer named Amore, marry Lupin, after which he kills Lupin and takes his fortune. Gasper is the jealous type, and all hell breaks loose.
S02E118 The Southern Cross Looked Like Diamonds 14/01/1980 In the eastern part of Rabaul, which saw some of the heaviest fighting of the Second World War, lies a cross which marks the location of Captain Cook's treasure. Lupin and company, who've come looking for it, find themselves suddenly under air attack by Zero. They are rescued by a man called Samejima, but he takes Fujiko hostage in exchange for having them get the A-bomb away from the Zero. It seems it was a holdover from the Bikini Atoll testing days, but Sergeant Kimihiro of the Imperial Japanese Air Corps is guarding it with his life, recalling the ghosts of both the Japanese and American soldiers.
S02E119 Lupin, Who Killed Lupin 21/01/1980 Fujiko dies in Lupin's arms. Lupin flips out, but it's all a put-up job: having heard, at the last, the location of Lupin's most precious treasure, Fujiko teams up with the villain Helgar. An extremely angry Lupin takes off after them, but an almighty Minotaur defense system awaits at the hiding place, on the island of Crete. Helgar himself developed this transforming weapon. What is Lupin's treasure?
S02E120 Frankenstein Attacks Lupin 28/01/1980 There is a gang who is swiping Lupin's intended targets right before his eyes. The Red Ghost gang uses a spirit gun to call forth a person's spirit, thus getting accurate information. To make it work, they need the body of one of that person's descendants. The next target is Goemon. The plan is to recover Frankenstein's soul, which was stolen by the original Goemon. Will the mightiest monster of all walk the earth again? What will happen to Goemon?
S02E121 The Treasure My Grandfather Left Behind 04/02/1980 The Opal Venus, a statue which Lupin's grandfather, Arsène Lupin, stole from the Palace of Elysees. According to an old document found in Arsène Lupin's silk top hat, Lupin left it with Gregoire, the No. 2 great thief of the time. Lupin's feeling is, if my grandfather left it, I'll go get it back. So saying, he and his friends get as far as Gregoire's castle, but there is one way to get across the garden which the Venus is decorating, and thus collect it! What the hell is the gimmick involved?
S02E122 Rare Find: Napoleon's Fortune 11/02/1980 The pie-throwing gun with which the head of the ECC personally supplies Zenigata is a special weapon: it immobilizes opponents with its adhesive pies. Fujiko and Lupin are arrested in rapid succession, but the ECC head's objective is unexpected. He forces them to solve the mystery of Napoleon's Fortune, by threatening them with guillotining in Tahiti. The clue is a single Elmeth scarf. Just as they solve it, they find their existences on the verge of death.
S02E123 Paris Is for Thieves 18/02/1980 Fracois [sic], a nuisance of a little girl, has fallen for Lupin, even going so far as to place an advance-warning message on his behalf in the newspaper. She wants Lupin to replace the real Oppenheim Rose, a ruby which her father, a jewelry appraiser, switched with a fake. But he's up against the Louvre's maximum security unit. The girl is determined to succeed somehow, but Lupin takes her to school. What will happen tomorrow?
S02E124 1999: A Popcorn Odyssey 25/02/1980 A romantic night means a flight to the moon. For Fujiko, who tells him she wants to take a flight to the moon, Lupin decides to borrow the mass-popcorn-producing machine developed by Professor Pancho. NASA, however, doesn't buy it, because their prestige will be ruined if it is shown that the moon can be reached that easily, and take the Professor and his wife into custody, in an attempt to stop the launch. After various events, the countdown begins at last.
S02E125 The Big Oildollar Plot 03/03/1980 In exchange for Fujiko's life, Lupin steals a crown from a fountain of concentrated sulphuric acid. This is actually a test of skill: the real objective is to show snow to Princess Guiana, of the country of Iraran. The little princess doesn't have long to live. The only way to make snow fall in the desert is to acquire the Snow Cannon from Spinar, the world's most powerful secret society. Will Lupin make it in time?
S02E126 Together with Lupin to Hell 10/03/1980 Lady Black, who wants for nothing in life, makes a certain wager with Fujiko, who believes in Lupin's immortality. If Lupin can get out alive from a maze equipped with killing devices, she will give Fujiko her fine art collection. All manner of traps attack Lupin and Jigen. Black has a secret. Lupin and Black's mother had a relationship... And what of Goemon?
S02E127 Direct Hit! Operation Dead Ball 17/03/1980 Lupin and company took the complete take of a gambling casino, a little while ago. Boss Largo comes up with the most powerful group of killers in order to get it back. He hypnotizes a big-league baseball team, implanting a suggestion that they pitch and hit at Lupin, who has a toothache, whenever he puts his hand to his cheek. The pain of a cavity cannot be withstood. Is it game, set, and match when the opponents are pro-baseball players?
S02E128 The Old Woman and Lupin Thievery Contest 24/03/1980 There is a reward of $1,000,000 for Lupin's arrest. This in itself is not unusual, but when a newspaper reports of Lupin's crimes before they happen, something is definitely not right. The way Old Lady Dokonjo, who publishes a small newspaper all by herself, figures it, scoops are the only way to increase sales. Lupin and company fall for her tearful pleas, but her son, Benson, is a sinister character. It's a motorcycle showdown!
S02E129 In Jigen, I Saw the Gentleness of a Man's Soul 31/03/1980 Jigen has gone on his own ahead of Lupin to Janaika, which is on the verge of revolution. There, he rescues Sandra, who tried to sneak into the Presidential Palace by herself. Sandra is the daughter of the former president, and was trying to liberate a rare painting, a keepsake of her father, from the palace, so that she cen be married with Guyler, head of the freedom fighters. "The Naked Venus" is suspended in midair, protected by a special system. Jigen, who learns the deactivation method, cuts through the battlefield, and heads for the palace, alone.
S02E130 Lupin Vs. the Mystery Man with Two Faces 07/04/1980 A strange meeting is taking place at the atelier of surrealist artist Darac. Inspector Magrey is saying that he will recover what Lupin has stolen. Having no idea what awaits him, Lupin nonchalantly shows up, only to be put to sleep, and then locked in a smokehouse by Inspector Magrey, who is actually Darac. He says that Lupin is indeed the ultimate in source material for a work of art.
S02E131 Two Goemons - the Mystery of Zantetsuken 14/04/1980 A nationwide warrant is out for Goemon, who not only robbed a bank but also stabbed a security guard to death. The Zantetsuken in Goemon's hand has none of the blood-clouding on the blade that would indicate stabbing a person. This is the work of Goemon's archenemy, Nidaemon. There are two Zantetsukens, a male and a female variety. According to tradition, unless the two blades lay together once every 300 years, the larger, male blade will lose its potency. This time is Midnight straight up. Will the disgrace be cleared up?
S02E132 The Himalayan Holy Mountain Thieves' Cult 21/04/1980 The holy ground is in the middle of the roof of the world. Discarding the fat that is the common world's wealth, believers who appeal to Guru Fandar can disappear from this world, and be given an new life in Utopia. "Don't be ridiculous." As it turns out that amongst the believers is a man who stole Lupin's 30,000 bills of Napoleon currency, Lupin goes out to expose the scam. But when the disguise at which he is so good is uncovered, things get bad!
S02E133 Keep Your Hands Off the Hot Treasure 28/04/1980 Lupin's date while Fujiko is away is Claudia. Lupin's objective is the gold and silver fortune placed in the mouth of the 100-year Volcano, on Cleo Island. Once every 100 years, the volcano stops erupting, for only 30 minutes. Jigen and Goemon, accepting Claudia's pleas not to steal that which supports the spirit of the natives, attempt to stop Lupin. With the girl and the Mafia also mixed in, who will get the hot fortune?
S02E134 The Climactic Lupin Arrest Operation 05/05/1980 The Kimberly Diamonds, which take up a full half of the diamonds traded annually worldwide, are worth a good $30,000,000,000. Lupin's dream is to claim those diamonds and make them into a diamond carriage for his honeymoon with Fujiko, but Zenigata isn't so naive as that. Lupin and company's crash-landed transport plane is fully surrounded by policemen from all over the world, gathered together and mobilized by a call from the UN! Will a shot from a giant crossbow made on the spot succeed in snatching victory from the jaws of defeat?
S02E135 Poison and Magic and Lupin III 12/05/1980 The spinster Lucrezia, last of the notorious Borgia clan, who used poison as a favorite means of murder, is in prison. Lupin and company, asked by her nephew Caldan to spring her, get themselves arrested and thrown in jail, and free her, bed and all. But Galdan was actually after Lucrezia's life, and getting her out was so that he could make her confess where the clan's jewels have been hidden. With the Old Man strangely mixed in, what will be the resolution?
S02E136 Revenge of the Gold Butterfly 19/05/1980 Lupin and company pull off a string of bank robberies in one evening, but Lupin's objective is to buy the only Great Golden Swallowtail Butterfly in captivity at auction. This butterfly has the ability to detect gold veins. Maniak, winner of the auction, leads an armed troop who destroy the environment in their search for gold. Their acts of trampling the butterfly paradise under their feet is unbearable. Will nature be avenged against such brutality? The butterflies' eyes light up.
S02E137 The Magnificent Team-Play Operation 26/05/1980 The Museum of Jewelry is holding a special exhibition of the diamond known as "Cleopatra's Tear." Lupin quickly makes a preliminary inspection, but with Zenigata showing up yet again, he has to run away. This was a planned appointment, so that he could hear from Zenigata the date and time of the diamond's delivery to the exhibition hall. Afterwards, Lupin and company conduct special blindfolded training in order to carry out their plan. The chance will only be for a few seconds, in pitch darkness. In that time, the four of them must successfully carry out a sequential, collaborative play, but will their labors bear fruit?
S02E138 The Treasure of Pompeii and Venomous Snakes 02/06/1980 The Treasure of Pompeii has lain forever untouched because it is guarded by countless venomous snakes, deep inside a convent. Lupin acquires an anti-venom set from the Red Cross, and promptly makes his own attempt on the treasure. Lucia, a girl who has numerous loves for a nun, plots to take the treasure for herself while helping Lupin. She wants to be happy, you see. What is the treasure, really?
S02E139 Steal Everything of Lupin's 09/06/1980 Even for truly wealthy men, the greatest wish in life is to once again acquire a youthful body. Mister Steel has chosen Lupin III as the destination body for his brain transplant. The procurer is, of course, Fujiko. After a faked traffic accident, Lupin is borne to Steel's mansion, where the brain transplant takes place successfully. The old man has only a little time left, but the brain is Lupin's. How will the brain shuffle resolve itself?
S02E140 Wolf, Run, Pig, Fall Down 16/06/1980 At an auction held by Whitney, owner of a diamond mine, the items scheduled for bidding are stolen by mice and king salmon! Lupin, sensing that there is more to this than meets the eye, follows the salmon, who are migrating via their homing instinct, and ends up in Canada. Whitney, a connoisseur of food, has been using a clever method of circulating his diamonds so that his mine never runs dry.
S02E141 1980 Moscow Revelation 30/06/1980 On the night before the Moscow Olympics, Zenigata is called to the Kremlin to safeguard a chandelier hanging from its ceiling, a chandelier made up entirely of over 3,000,000 diamonds. It's a special creation, with all the diamonds strung together on a single string. Lupin learns of its design from the engineer who made it, while they are locked up in adjoining cells, and mounts a rain gutter operation to steal it, under cover of repairing it, disguised as the engineer. The diamonds fly through the air as the gun salute goes off!
S02E142 The Big Favorite Disappeared at the Grand Race 07/07/1980 Enraged at the hypocritical courtesy of English Lord Weather, Lupin accepts a bet over whether he can steal the Lord's horse, Red Arrow. Though he makes attempts while the horse is in transit, and during the hunt, the Lord's counterstrategies are scrupulous, leaving no opening. Lupin makes an impossible announcement: "I will take the horse in the middle of the Grand National Race, before a full crowd in the stands!" In a jumping accident, only the horse disappears.
S02E143 The Miami Bank Raid Anniversary 14/07/1980 Lupin and company are taking a summer vacation on Miami Beach. Suddenly, a helicopter appears in the sky overhead, its passenger shouting something about Lupin having placed a call saying that he was going to raid Miami Bank. After that comes a phone call asking them to raid the bank, adding the strange proviso that if they do, then Miami Bank will join the ranks of the country's best. So, Lupin agrees, for the moment. Though he takes a shot at cracking the vault, it turns out to be empty. The bank becomes very famous for not having had a single cent stolen. And they plan to hold an anniversary celebration next year on the same date.
S02E144 Fujiko's Close Call Rescue Operation 21/07/1980 Lupin is attacked by the brothers Nanja-Monja while waiting for Fujiko to come over so they can celebrate her birthday party, which he has made all the preparations for. They have kidnapped Fujiko, and made her the prize inside the Lucky Safe on display at the stadium of the tourist country of Karchina. The only way to release her is for Lupin himself to be the key, accepting certain death by electrocution in exchange for Fujiko's freedom. Brushing aside Jigen and Goemon's hands, Lupin charges forth: "I love you..."
S02E145 Wings of Death - Albatross 28/07/1980 Just when Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon wonder what she's called them for, Fujiko shows up, kicks their sukiyaki, has a firefight, and leaves them a present: the detonator plug to a pint-sized A-bomb. An aircraft museum which is restoring old aircraft is merely a cover: in fact, it's a flying merchant of death, with an A-bomb manufacturing plant housed in its wings. The head man, Lonebach, tries to seduce Fujiko by telling her that he will make her his first wife. Will Lupin let him get away with it?
S02E146 Lupin's Splendid Failure 04/08/1980 Even though Fujiko says, which of you can capture my heart? Lupin's heart just isn't in it when he finds out his opponent is an eight-year-old kid. Romanov is a boy genius, made so with drugs. In any case, the duel to see which of them can gather the most money before sunset is a draw. The next showdown is to see who can get the largest diamond. Romanov, who is in poor physical condition, is determined to prove his intellect. Who has the smartest brain in the world?
S02E147 The Mermaid That Disappeared in the Midnight Sun 11/08/1980 Fujiko, wearing not a stitch of clothing, is the model for a statue of a mermaid, carved from quartz crystal. With a heave, a pile of bills are laid before the sculptor, Vingel, by the mayor of a town who says he wants to make the mermaid into a tourist attraction, and Vingel sells it to him. When Fujiko cries to Lupin to get it back, he makes his entrance. The boxcar of the transport train carrying the statue has a special coupling mechanism, and stealing it will require a little engineering. Lupin's fanciful notion is a cold and clear one.
S02E148 The Target Is 555 Meters 18/08/1980 The Marine Tower Observation Room, where this year's diamond auction is to be held, is a safe room floating in midair, accessible only by a single see-through elevator. Range: 555 meters. The success or failure of this job depends on Jigen's precision long-range marksmanship. Jigen, Lupin, and Goemon assume their various positions, and Jigen suddenly remembers a prize he failed to get in a shooting contest, for lack of one more bullet.
S02E149 The Treasure of Mecca Wore a Veil 25/08/1980 The treasure of the prophet Mahomet is held in the Islam holy city of Mecca. Patra Lawrence, daughter of Lawrence of Arabia, is guarding it as head of mosque security, because if she does, she will be accepted as a Moslem. It's secured in a vault operated by crude oil pressure. So long as the crude oil pressure does not drop, the vault cannot be opened. Fujiko is nowhere to be seen, but when Lupin concludes from the arrangement of the Earth's tectonic plates that drilling a new well at the South Pole should do the trick, he finds a trap awaiting his swift attack.
S02E150 Piano Symphony 'Zoo' 01/09/1980 Genius pianist and defector Keransky performed on a legendary Jovich Grand Piano, in a concert hall of his own design. The hall was built around the piano, thus its entrance is too small for the piano. Also, the hall has the newest anti-theft devices, and is guarded by a squad of snipers. "If it won't come out, we'll just bring it out"?
S02E151 The Arrest Lupin Highway Operation 08/09/1980 The operation this time is to take an entire shipment of South African diamonds, but oddly enough, the Old Man is calm and relaxed. He lets Lupin and company escape, at one point, taking Fujiko prisoner, but so long as he has the highway collapse machine devised by the combined leading-edge scientific resources of ICPO, he radiates confidence in each and every direction he gives. This serves to give Lupin a bad feeling, but oh well. The decisive point has almost arrived.
S02E152 Jigen and a Hat and a Pistol 15/09/1980 The president of a large trading company declares in his will, "I will give $10,000,000,000 to whoever is the best in the world with a pistol." Vice-president Don Hagero hires expert marksman Minnesota Fats to eliminate all of the competition, in order to ensure that no one else will get the fortune. His final target is Jigen. Fats, learning Jigen's secret, burns all of Jigen's hats, and challenges him with his special cuestick ricochet gun. Jigen can't sight without his hat. It's the ultimate pinch.
S02E153 The Bills That Came from God 22/09/1980 Once a year, ICPO takes the money they've collected from criminals all over the world to a Swiss bank, where they make an accounting. This year, Zenigata is given the task of escorting the money, which makes taking it like candy from a baby to Lupin. He acquires it easily enough, but all those bills are a major obstacle to getting away. Just then, they spot Sister Joanna's church, in need of renovation... Oh, a miraculous rain falls in the Alps.
S02E154 The Hexagon's Great Legacy 29/09/1980 Within Raika Bank, inside the Grand Hexagon, lies Nazi gold on a scale that would make the world tremble if it knew. The bank itself uses a construction of stacks of gold bullion, and has an alarm system that goes off if even one bar is missing. Fifty tons of gold bullion. If we can't have any missing, then we'll just add on. Shall we go for it? Within a defense net reminiscent of the war, the exchange bullion for bricks operation begins.
S02E155 Farewell My Beloved Lupin 06/10/1980 An armored robot flying through the skies of 1981 Tokyo raids a jewelry store, demonstrating truly amazing capabilities, and disappearing no one knows where. Lupin's announcement is, what's strange about me using a robot like this? The operator, Oyamada Maki, is cooperating in order to show what a dangerous weapon this robot is, but the truth is, the whole thing is a conspiracy. Thieves love peace!
S03E01 The Gold Is Beckoning Lupin 00/00/0000 On his deathbed, the notorious gangster Al Capone gave a tile to his most loyal servant. That tile, along with four others, would reveal the location of his greatest treasure. After a quick phone call from Fujiko, Lupin and company are on the case. Quickly, they acquire four of the necessary tiles; but soon after, Fujiko is captured by the evil mob boss, Lord Chinkai while Lupin is intensely interrogated by Stromo the mercenary.
S03E02 Expose The Great Trap 00/00/0000 With the permission of the ICPO Captain, Inspector Zenigata hatches a foolproof plan to at last capture Lupin. By melting down six tons of gold, forging it into the shape of a meteor, and then televising it's discovery to the world, Zenigata is positive Lupin will try to steal it. Indeed, Lupin does steal it; but under closer inspection with Goemon's sword, the meteor appears to be a gold-plated rock.
S03E03 Good Afternoon, Hell's Angel 00/00/0000 Lupin sneaks into an old castle to steal a collection of priceless angel paintings; what he finds instead is a teenage girl named Flora. Despite his numerous objections, Lupin cannot seem to get rid of her, and she accompanies him back to his hideout. As it turns out, Flora is the daughter of the late Malcolm Hurst, owner of the angel collection. If Lupin agrees to let her be a thief for the next three days, she will reveal the location of the paintings. Lupin has no choice but to put up with this energetic girl all while avoiding attacks from Hurst's greedy ex-wife, who wants the paintings for herself.
S03E04 Telepathy Is Love's Signal 00/00/0000 Deep beneath the whirlpools of the Bermuda Triangle, Lupin and Jigen discover a pirate ship containing tons of Spanish gold. Before the two can collect it, a submarine manned by a team of female pirates intervenes. After a quick skirmish, Lupin and Jigen escape empty-handed, as do the pirates who cannot get past the whirlpools to reach the gold. Later that evening, Fujiko is kidnapped right before Lupin's eyes. The Captain informs him that if he wants to see Fujiko again he must steal the gold for them. Will the pirates hold up their end of the bargain? And whose voice is Lupin hearing in his head?
S03E05 Goemon Daydream 00/00/0000 Lupin, Jigen and Goemon head to an ancient South African temple to receive a treasure map from a retired Nazi. Shortly after receiving the map, it is stolen from them by two young soldiers and a giant condor who are working for another former Nazi. Fleeing with the map, one of the soldiers, a young lady, encounters Goemon. Before she can shoot, Goemon cuts all of her clothes to ribbons not realizing she was a woman. She escapes with the map via her pet condor while Goemon, disgraced by his actions, leaves to meditate. Will Lupin be able to outwit the former Nazi? And can Goemon ever get the image of naked women out of his head?
S03E06 Lupin Has Come With A Tank 00/00/0000 Alone, Jigen enters a bar to meet with his old war buddy, Giranko. Back in his army days, Giranko taught Jigen his infamous quickdraw. But his friend seems troubled. Soon, the enemy army invades the city, and Giranko heads off to battle with Jigen not far behind. Meanwhile, Lupin and Goemon search the city for their lost comrade so they can find the lost treasure they came in search for and leave. But Jigen will not go. What is Giranko hiding? And can Lupin withstand the might of an entire army?
S03E07 The Man Is Called The Death Garb 00/00/0000 Back in her younger days, Fujiko performed a heist with the man known as Death Garb. Greedily, she left him to die so she could have the money for herself. Now, Death Garb is back and has the ability to effortlessly dodge bullets. Lupin dedicates himself to Fujiko's survival, but Fujiko seems more interested in using him as a shield. After first avoiding a round from Jigen's magnum and then the best strikes Goemon can offer, all hope seems lost. How did Death Garb obtain his new power, and can Lupin devise a way to kill him?
S03E08 Virgin Mary's Getaway Strategy 00/00/0000 Deep within the frozen Alaskan wilderness, a mysterious cult chants before a sold gold Virgin Mary idol. The high priest prophesizes the coming of the great demon who will steal their sacred artifact. Elsewhere, Lupin and Fujiko are escaping a fleet of police officers. Without warning, a team of hooded cult members appears and quickly abducts Fujiko right from their getaway car. Lupin gathers his teammates and heads off to Alaska to save Fujiko before she is burned at the stake. All is not as it seems, however. What is the true identity of the high priest and his cult? And does somebody else have eyes for the Virgin Mary statue?
S03E09 The Copy-Man Comes Expensive 00/00/0000 Lupin visits a doctor to seek treatment for one of the worst cases of athlete's foot in the world. The Doctor takes a skin sample and informs him that the only way to make a cure is with powder from an ancient seed locked away in a museum. Unable to withstand the horrible itching, Lupin sets off immediately to steal the seed. Unfortunately for him, he was set up, and Zenigata arrests him with haste. To make matters worse, the Doctor has plans for the skin sample that he took from Lupin.
S03E10 Lay a Plot with the Treasure 00/00/0000 A message appears in the morning paper reading "Lupin Is an Idiot". Lupin says it is a secret code from his late grandfather telling him it's time to reclaim Lupin the First's prized diamond. But the gem is locked away in police headquarters, encased in a globe of liquid. Should a single vibration touch the liquid, the entire facility will explode. To make matters worse, Lupin is tricked into accepting a challenge from the police chief. If he does not steal the diamond within one week, he will spend the rest of his life in prison
S03E11 The Ruby Sheds Bloody Tears 00/00/0000 In Chicago, a sniper kills a man under the orders of the mysterious "Mother". Even more strange, Fujiko seems to be under her spell. Lupin sneaks into Mother's mansion and manages to steal the Dracula Heart ruby. Once every century, this ruby bleeds, and whoever drinks its blood is granted youth for another 100 years. Mother has used the blood to maintain life for the past 300 years and will not be denied. She wants the ruby back, and Fujiko will do anything to reclaim it for her.
S03E12 The Prisoner of a Valtan Palace 00/00/0000 After much labor, Lupin successfully steals a painting of Lupin the First's beloved. He is less than thrilled to discover that it is in fact a fake. Fujiko enters the scene and explains that it is actually a Valtan forgery. Valtan has the artist and his daughter Sofia captive in his palace; he forces him at gunpoint to recreate his own paintings. Lupin heads off to Valtan's palace to rescue an old friend of his grandfather's and maybe keep a few paintings for himself.
S03E13 Play a Joke on the Variation 00/00/0000 After narrowly escaping Zenigata, Lupin is both physically and mentally exhausted. However, he jumps at the chance to help Fujiko. Together, they attend a party of rich women located in an old castle, intent on stealing all their jewelry. Things take a turn for the worse when the castle tower they are in turns out to be a rocket ship that carries them all to an island nation at war. Zenigata is then called in to collect funds for the ransom of all the women as well as capture Lupin. When he gets there, he finds Lupin hanging from a cross, seconds away from being shot to death by Fujiko. It is all part of the plot designed by the mysterious Madam Razor.
S03E14 Let's Play the Abduction 00/00/0000 In Central Park, Zenigata waits outside an armored car to ambush Lupin. Not to protect the money, but because Lupin is the prime suspect in the kidnapping of Madam Fiona. Lupin steals the money, eludes Zenigata, and delivers it to another party. It would seem he had been hypnotized by Fujiko to perform the task and is quickly knocked out with a monkey wrench. Zenigata arrests Lupin; and shortly afterward, Madam Fiona is set free claiming Lupin to be her kidnapper. Fujiko arrives at Madam Fiona's mansion expecting her cut of the profits only to find that Madam Fiona insists that she marry her bratty son, Roger. With the help of Goemon and Jigen, Lupin escapes prison.
S03E15 The Killer Comes Along Quietly 00/00/0000 In an abandoned baseball stadium, Jigen and a mysterious woman are shooting it out. She soon bests Jigen and proceeds to take on Goemon in a sword fight. She manages to strike him down as well. Lupin shows up and congratulates her on the success of her training with him. The woman's name is Glory, and Lupin needs her in order to access an ancient treasure. Only a girl who is pure of heart can ride atop a camel that will lead them to the treasure. Lupin and Glory head off to Jordan leaving Jigen and Goemon behind. They find out quickly that Lupin is in danger. Bruce the Robot-Man, one of the world's greatest assassins, is after Lupin and his $100,000 reward. Will Glory's training save her when the Robot-Man strikes? And is she all that she seems to be?
S03E16 The Golden Apple has Poison 00/00/0000 Lupin and Jigen sneak aboard a yacht narrowly avoiding Zenigata; aboard that yacht is the precious golden apple being sent to New York for exhibition. Zenigata catches on to Lupin's plans to steal the apple and keeps his eyes open. Meanwhile, Fujiko is trying to get her hands on it as well, but she is stuck with the owner of the apple, the annoying Prince Oji. When the attempt on the yacht does not work out, Lupin has plans for the New York Marathon. Will Lupin or Fujiko ever get their hands on the apple? What tricks does Zenigata have up his sleeve? And what secret does the golden apple hold?
S03E17 Are You Really Getting Married? 00/00/0000 It is Fujiko's birthday, and this year she wants the "Golden Puppet" worth ten million dollars. If Lupin can get her the Golden Puppet, Fujiko claims she will marry him. Lupin goes to the bank vault and escapes with all the gold nuggets. Now, they must get married, but Fujiko gives Lupin a sleeping potion and escapes with the Golden Puppet. Lupin manages to find her, and they both get arrested by Zenigata. In jail, Lupin pleads for a wedding in the biggest church, and Zenigata allows it. Will they really get married? Where did Goemon and Jigen run off to?
S03E18 Show Time Is Death Feeling 00/00/0000 Lupin and Jigen are after the party presents of "the boss of the underworld". While checking out the future scene of the crime, Lupin finds a dancer named Jenny. Jenny is being stalked by two thugs, but Lupin saves her. Lupin hangs out with this Jenny so he can get some valuable information on the premises. Will Lupin succeed in his mission, and what secrets does Jenny hold?
S03E19 An Act of Betrayal 00/00/0000 Lupin breaks into a prison and frees a strange looking man he knows from previous heists. When the strange man questions what Lupin plans on doing with him, Lupin begins to talk about a hidden "safe trunk" containing millions. Lupin proposes an offer to split it 50-50 if he helps him get the trunk, an offer the man readily agrees to. But Zenigata is on Lupin's tail. Who is this man, and will he really agree to help Lupin? Will Jigen and company come to help? Will Zenigata finally catch Lupin?
S03E20 Cross His Name Off the List 00/00/0000 Lupin and Fujiko are enjoying a nice day together. Fujiko asks Lupin to steal an expensive painting. Learning Fujiko is the reward, Lupin jumps at the job. After Lupin runs off with the painting, he learns its a fake and finds himself in a bind when he learns Fujiko double crossed him and is working for the owner of the painting. After finding out the man once conned him years before, Lupin begins to wonder what this man plans to do. Lupin's suspicions get the best of him, and after a couple of failed attempts, he breaks into the man's house. What does this man wish to do, and what is Fujiko up to?
S03E21 Farewell, Golden Legend 00/00/0000 An ancient japanese piece of art is being excavated when Lupin and Jigen pop onto the scene. Apparently, the "Golden Legend" has a dazzling pearl where its eye is, and Lupin wants it. After learning more about the "Golden Legend", they kidnap one of the archeologists, and Lupin and company find themselves on a wild adventure with Zenigata on their tail... and maybe someone else too.
S03E22 The Fire Is Not Suitable for a Diamond 00/00/0000 Lupin and company are sneaking inside a room with a vault in it. After breaking into the vault, they all begin to steal thousands of wonderful diamonds. But a fire breaks loose in the room, and they narrowly escape with only one diamond but without Fujiko. Lupin immediately investigates the incident and soon finds that the diamonds are all fakes and part of a plan to make the cost of the diamonds rise. What Lupin doesn't know is that the owner is telling Zenigata that Lupin burned the diamonds to increase their value. Lupin will not let this go unanswered. What will Lupin do? Where did Fujiko run off to?
S03E23 The Strategy of Beirut Mobile Bank Robbery 00/00/0000 Lupin and company plan to rob a bank, but not just any bank. This bank carries the "Prince of Oils" money and has extremely high security. Also, wheels on the bottom of the bank enable it to move, making it an unusually difficult task for Lupin. In order to get inside of the bank, they need to wait for the bank to stop moving. Disguising himself, Lupin manages to get into the bank, but will he be able to leave?
S03E24 Pray for the Repose of Your Soul 00/00/0000 Lupin has his sights on a valuable antique owned by Hong Kong businessman Gozen. However, Gozen has plans to amuse himself by using the antique to bait Lupin and the gang into a trap. To counter Goemon's swordsmanship, Gozen enlists the kung-fu expert and Goemon's former rival Seiryu. Silver threads gleam in the moonlight, and the martial arts battle rages in the sky between the skyscrapers. Can Goemon best his rival and help Lupin secure Gozen's prize?
S03E25 We Are not Angels 00/00/0000 Lupin has set his eyes on the "Heart's Eggs", but the woman who possesses them has them locked behind an impregnable safe. Can Lupin penetrate the safe and steal the eggs? Are his motives selfish, or does he have a benevolent streak?
S03E26 The Ghost of New York 00/00/0000 The gang is in New York to steal a solid gold pinball machine, but Goemon finds himself haunted by an attractive specter. Will the gang be pinball wizards, or will Goemon's friendly ghost spook the treasure away?
S03E27 Code Name Is Alaska Star 00/00/0000 The Star of Alaska is a mysterious gem sought by the CIA, the KGB, and now Lupin. The Star is also tied to Barbara, a woman from Jigen's past. As the parties maneuver for the gem, a shot rings out... Barbara!
S03E28 The Alaska Star Is a Ticket to Hell 00/00/0000 A showdown for the Alaska Star is brewing, but Jigen has a personal score to settle with Georgy. As the Star sparkles in the twilight, is Jigen doomed to repeat the past?
S03E29 Let's Go to the Honey-Moon 00/00/0000 Lupin has won Fujiko's hand in marriage by stealing Marie Antoinette's bridal ensemble; as a honeymoon surprise, Lupin plans their trip to... the moon?! Does Lupin's plan have the right stuff, or will his wedding flame out?
S03E30 The Name of the Cocktail Is Revenge 00/00/0000 One rainy night, a valuable gold shipment makes its way across the country, but Lupin is busy playing bartender to an attractive woman. He pours her a special cocktail laced with the promise of revenge for her father's murder. Does revenge and thievery mix well?
S03E31 Reversal. Reversal and Again Reversal 00/00/0000 Mr. Gellon has an impressive art collection, a collection worthy of Lupin's special attention. However, Mr. Gellon is aware of Lupin's motives and takes steps to ensure the safety of his collection. Both sides try every conniving trick in their arsenal to thwart the other; can Gellon and his luchadore henchman stop Lupin from making off with his entire gallery?
S03E32 10 million Dollar Key 00/00/0000 Stopping for some fast food proves to be a fast way to prison for Lupin courtesy of Zenigata. A mysterious man breaks Lupin out of prison and takes him to his boss. They have an interesting proposal for Lupin -- steal the ten million dollar US presidential limo for us. Lupin is game for the challenge and knocks over the Chase Manhattan bank to find the spare key. Lupin's clients have a more sinister plot behind the theft and want Lupin to take the fall. Is Lupin destined to save the US government?
S03E33 A Boy Genius Plays a Dangerous Game 00/00/0000 The Macintosh Jewelry building is Lupin's next target, but he quickly finds himself having to rescue a kidnapped boy. This is no ordinary boy though; his is the keeper of revolutionary scientific research. He also happens to be a huge fan of Lupin and as much of a lecher as Lupin. How can Lupin stop Macintosh from stealing the boy's secrets, steal Macintosh's inventory, and keep himself from getting slapped for the boy's penchant for peeking up women's skirts?
S03E34 Manhattan Crisis 00/00/0000 Lupin is in Manhattan to score the mafia's largest cash deposit, but the mafia has caught wind of his plans. To thwart Lupin, they have placed a hefty bounty on his head, and all of New York aims to collect! Can Lupin take a bite out of the Big Apple for himself, or is he going to be worm food?
S03E35 Target Was Gone Beyond the Snow Field 00/00/0000 When a heist of gold bullion goes awry, Lupin suspects a pair of adept disguise artists beat them to the score. He finds them tucked away in a mountain cabin but also finds himself Zenigata's prisoner! How will Lupin get his plan rolling and steal the gold for himself?
S03E36 The Eagle Alights on the Glory 00/00/0000 Betraying Lupin once again, Fujiko steals a golden bird statue from him, but her heart has been stolen by Valon. Valon leads the rebel forces of a small African nation and believes the bird is the key to a legendary treasure that will overthrow the dictatorship. To find the treasure, they must penetrate the computer controlled defenses of the dictator's palace. Will the golden bird soar towards freedom?
S03E37 Pops Boils over with Rage 00/00/0000 An attempt to break an old man out of prison turns into a trap for Lupin. He can quickly escape from this trap, but others have set another more dangerous trap in motion. When Zenigata's rage boils over, Lupin has more to worry about than a set of cuffs.
S03E38 Letiethia Loved Me 00/00/0000 While trying to enjoy a simple Japanese meal, Goemon has been arrested and thrown into prison! This is all part of a scheme to use Goemon as leverage against Lupin. An arm to a mermaid statue is in the wreckage of the Santa Maria; if Lupin can retrieve it, Goemon will be freed as payment for Lupin's services. Can Lupin outwit everyone and resist the amorous advances of a dolphin?
S03E39 Give the Gold to the Rival 00/00/0000 A Neo Nazi organization has stolen a shipment of gold to finance their dream of a United States of Africa. Lupin is taking the blame for the job and for trying to kill Zenigata. Can Lupin clear his name when his opponent is a solid gold tank?!
S03E40 In a Panic over the Treasure 00/00/0000 Lupin has lottery fever! However, he never leaves anything to random chance. All that stands between him and the jackpot is an elaborate security system. And the winning number is...
S03E41 A Night under Martial Law 00/00/0000 Lupin is using a coup d'état to pilfer a nation's treasure but finds the treasure already gone. While in disguise as an evil general, Jigen has also been wounded by a mysterious woman. Do the paths of revenge and avarice cross each other?
S03E42 Plunder the Pyramid of Insurance 00/00/0000 Lupin decides to engage in a little pyramid scheme with two hired guns. Can Lupin turn those giant stone bricks into giant piles of cash?
S03E43 Farewell, Cinderella 00/00/0000 A king concocts a scheme to find a new Cinderella to fit his diamond slipper. However, Lupin has a different ending in mind for this fairy tale. Who will win the happy ending?
S03E44 Our Papa Is a Thief 00/00/0000 Lupin has his eyes set on a jewel heist, but he finds his hands a bit full. Some children are claiming that he is their father! Jigen and Goemon scoff at Lupin's impropriety until they find themselves in the same mess. Can the gang juggle their jobs and fatherhood?
S03E45 A Toast to the Con-Game 00/00/0000 The key to an unbreakable safe is hidden in a near impregnable prison. With a bit of help, Lupin makes off with the key, but crime boss Carlos makes off with the safe. As the two sides square off, can any of them remember the old saying about honor among thieves?
S03E46 Worn-Out Wings 27/07/1985 When did Lupin start playing with dolls?! The dolls in question can lead to a large sum of money and are promptly stolen by Lupin. However, Fujiko double crosses him (again!) and takes them to an eccentric collector. The collector wants to make Fujiko part of his collection too. With Lupin and the gang stuck on a deserted island, can he rescue Fujiko and the treasure? Fly, Zantetsuken!
S03E47 A Famous Picture 00/00/0000 A young boy named Ken attacks Goemon! Ken's father was killed by the mafia after painting a picture that contains a treasure map. Goemon enlists Lupin's help to avenge Ken's loss. With Ken kidnapped, can Lupin reveal the painting's secret and keep Ken from suffering his father's fate?
S03E48 Tears Stood in Hades' Eyes 00/00/0000 The Tears of Hades is an exquisitely large diamond embedded in a statue; Lupin plucks it from Hade's eye but soon finds more than meets the eye. The diamond holds secret plans, and a group of mercenaries want Lupin to exchange it for the life of a girl named Maria. Does Hades weep for joy or sorrow?
S03E49 Pops Was Adopted into the Family 00/00/0000 Lupin wants to steal the valuable jewel of a famous female shot putter, but Zenigata is putting up a valiant defense. His efforts impress the lady so much that she wants to adopt him! Whose tenacity will win the day?
S03E50 Kill the Atomic Submarine Ivanov 06/11/1985 Lupin has absconded with the Russian submarine Ivanov, and the world's spy agencies are haggling over the price to buy it with Fujiko. However, Lupin just wants to use it to salvage some sunken gold in Bermuda. Will the Ivanov be Lupin's watery, iron coffin?
S00E01 Pilot Film 01/01/1969 Two years after the birth of the manga a pilot film was realized. It was a brief film of only 15 minutes that had the purpose of assay the response to a possible future anime realization of Lupin III. The pilot opens with a challenge call from Lupin to Zenigata from a public phone.
S00E02 Secret Files 00/00/0000 "Lupin III: Secret Files" is actually a compilation of two previously unreleased works and three film trailers. The first unreleased work is the original pilot film which was to be Lupin's anime premiere, but was replaced by the TV series. The second is a remake of the pilot which, for unknown reasons, also went unreleased. The trailers are for the first three Lupin films: "Lupin vs. the Clone", "Castle of Cagliostro", and "Legend of the Gold of Babylon".
S00E03 Strange Psychokinetic Strategy 00/00/0000 Jigen who is a follower of the Lupin Empire, hopes to convince Lupin III to reinherit his family's legacy. Lupin however is busy with trying to steal an artifact that's being targetted by the mob. It'll be a matter of time in seeing if Lupin will take over his family's empire or not.
S00E04 Mystery of Mamo 16/12/1978 Lupin, the master thief/spy/Jack of all Trades, has been executed, but he is still alive, and not even Lupin himself knows how that is possible. While trying to figure out, however, he and his gang are thrust into a conspiracy involving clones, Lupin's un-trustworthy rival Fujiko, and a minature mad-madman's plot to take over the world.
S00E05 The Castle of Cagliostro 15/12/1979 Tracking the legendary counterfeits known as "Goat Bills," international thief Arsene Lupin III arrives at the Duchy of Cagliostro. Once there, he nearly rescues a damsel in distress from the Regent's guards. Following his failure, Lupin takes it upon himself to save her from captivity.
S00E06 Bye Bye Liberty Crisis 01/04/1989 In this adventure, Lupin III tries to erase the files about him in the world police network. He finds out about the Ultravirus, a computer virus that controls all others and its location is only known by a little kid. Meanwhile, he steals the Statue of Liberty to look for a diamond the size of a football that is said to be hidden somewhere in it. Apparently, the diamond and the ultravirus are somehow related...
S00E07 Legend of the Gold of Babylon 00/00/0000 Deep beneath New York city are buried tablets that tell the tale of Babylon's gold that was lost during Babylon's destruction. Lupin is interested in finding this gold, but will have to deal with two mafia families and Zenigata during his quest in unsolving the mystery of the tablets. During Lupin's journey he encounters an old woman who has a connection with this treasure.
S00E08 The Plot of the Fuma Clan 00/00/0000 Goemon's wedding to Murasaki Inabe, daughter of a samurai clan's leader, is interrupted when the Fuma ninjas attack, kidnapping the bride-to-be and demanding her family's ancient treasure as ransom. Lupin, Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko work together once again to try to save Murasaki and get to the treasure before the Fuma can steal it.
S00E09 Hemingway Papers 20/07/1990 A bloody civil war is the setting for Lupin's latest caper; the leader for one of the factions holds documents written by Earnest Hemingway and contain the location of a remarkable treasure. With Goemon and Jigen fighting on opposite sides of the war, Lupin must tackle this challenge alone. As the war rages on, can Lupin secure the treasure and keep Goemon and Jigen from killing each other?!
S00E10 Napoleon's Dictionary 00/00/0000 While Lupin does enjoy racing for the sport of it, the prize in an antique car grand prix across Europe is Lupin's only goal. The prize is a dictionary that once belonged to Napoleon. More importantly, the dictionary was also once owned by Lupin's family and contains the location of one of his family's most prized possessions. Lupin does not know what the possession is, but it is a matter of family pride. With the usual suspects on his trail, can Lupin outrace everyone to the treasure?
S00E11 From Russia With Love 00/00/0000 A horde of lost Romanov gold has turned up in San Antonio's Bank of Liberty, and Lupin aims to add it to his collection. Aiding him in his larceny is Jigen, Fujiko, and Judy Scott, an expert on the Romanov family. Unfortunately for Lupin, the legendary mystic monk Rasputin is also seeking the gold and has managed to convince Goemon to do his bidding. Can Lupin outwit and outrun Rasputin, Rasputin's henchmen, Goemon, and the New York mafia to claim the gold
S00E12 Voyage to Danger 00/00/0000 Inspector Zenigata has been removed from the Lupin case which leaves him despondent, and he ends up drinking with Lupin & Jigen. Lupin decides that he and his gang should work with Zenigata to solve his new case, investigating a group of arms dealers known as Shot Shell. Lupin gathers his partners together (Jigen, Goemon, & Fujiko), and with Zenegata they steal a Russian submarine. They kidnap a scientist named Karen Korinsky to help them operate the sub, and also to protect her from Shot Shell. Meanwhile the ICPO assigns a man named Keith Hayden to the Lupin case, and unlike Zenigata he wants Lupin and his group dead. Where ever Lupin and friends go, Keith follows, as the officer attempts to pick them off one by one.
S00E13 Dragon of Doom 00/00/0000 Hong Kong crime lord Chin Chin Chu wants to hire Lupin, Fujiko, and Jigen to recover a gold dragon statue from the wreckage of the Titanic. Lupin is intrigued as it is the same statue that his grandfather attempted to steal right before the Titanic sank. However, Lupin refuses to work with Chu and vows to retrieve it and his family pride on his own. With help from Kikyo, a childhood friend, Goemon also seeks to maintain his family's honor by ensuring no one, even Lupin, gains the statue. Who will be able to hang onto the statue and learn its secrets?
S00E14 Farewell to Nostradamus 01/04/1995 A simple diamond heist leads Lupin into the machinations of a bizarre cult. The cult is based around the prophecies of Nostradamus, and they kidnap Julia, the daughter of Douglas, a wealthy American who is seeking the presidency, along with Lupin's diamond. At stake is the lost book of prophecy Douglas holds in the vault at the top of his skyscraper. Can Lupin rescue Julia, find a way into the vault, and discover the connection between the cult and the kidnapping? And what about his diamond?
S00E15 The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure 00/00/0000 Three statues hold the key to finding the eight billion dollar treasure of Harimao. Having acquired one of the statues, Lupin finds himself an unlikely ally of retired British agent Lord Archer and his granddaughter Diana. Only Archer knows where to find the remaining figure, but the Neo-Himmel group seeks the treasure to fund their own plans. Who will claim the riches of Harimao?!
S00E16 Rupan Sansei: Dead or Alive 00/00/0000 Lupin, Goemon, and Jigen take a mini-helicopter and head to the mysterious “Drifting Island” looking for a treasure rumored to be hidden somewhere on it. Through their exploration of the island, the trio encounters the lethal “Nanomachine,” the island’s security system. The trio triggers the alarm, springing “the Nanomachine” to life. The key to solving the island’s mystery lies in the small nation of Zufu. This once prosperous nation is now ruled by the ruthless, knife-collecting, General Headhunter. Fujiko does her usual probing and hacks into General Headhunter’s computer hoping to find some crucial information. Zenigata has received a video message from Lupin in which Lupin announces his desire for the priceless treasure. Oleander, a fiery blond officer with some hidden secrets of her own, steps in to help Zenigata. Armed with their newly found information, Lupin, Goemon, Jigen, and Fujiko go back to “Drifting Island,” but this time they are followed by General Headhunter.
S00E17 The Secret of Twilight Gemini 00/00/0000 A dying man hands Lupin a mysterious diamond known as "Twilight Gemini". It is one half of a larger diamond that holds the secret to a buried treasure. The search for the other half and the treasure leads Lupin and Jigen to the deserts of Moracco. Fujiko's attempt to seduce the diamond from Lupin is interrupted by Sadachiyo, an effeminate, whip-wielding villain. The search for the treasure becomes more complicated as Lara, a beautiful rebel leader joins Lupin, and Goemon seeks only revenge against Sadachiyo.
S00E18 Island of Assassins 00/00/0000 Its Lupin's greatest challenge yet as he goes toe to toe with the mysterious and deadly inhabitants of an island that doesn't exist on any map -- the Island of Assassins. The "Tarantulas" are the most fearsome gang of assassins on the face of the planet. But, in order to solve a dark mystery from his past, Lupin must lower himself into the heart of the spider's lair! Can Lupin fight an assassin army, steal their fabled cache of gold, find a cure for an "incurable" poison, and get the girl, all at the same time? One thing is certain, with Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko along for the ride; it's going to be nonstop adventure as the gang tries to escape the Island of Assassins!
S00E19 Crisis in Tokyo 00/00/0000 When a strange set of photographic plates makes its way into the hands of a famous art dealer in Tokyo, it's up to Lupin to steal them. But this time, it seems that he may have to do it alone. Or will he? Goemon and Fujiko team up and put a deal on the table that Lupin may be forced to take. Following Lupin every step of the way is Inspector Zenigata. He is so focused on his target that he tends to forget his department's deal to allow a journalist named Maria to tag along with him. However, there may be more to her and the photographic plates than anyone knows… or even begin to fathom.
S00E20 The Columbus Files 00/00/0000 Fujiko and Lupin are enjoying a romantic dinner together; as usual, Lupin's appetites include getting a taste of Fujiko's latest plan. Fujiko has uncovered the "Columbus Files" that tell of an incredible treasure known appropriately as the "Columbus Egg". Before Lupin can learn more, they are attacked by a helicopter squadron led by Nazaroff. Lupin and Fujiko end up hanging onto the edge of a cliff, but Fujiko falls to earth after a gunshot severs the rope attaching her to Lupin. A young woman named Rosaria is handing over a piece of sunken treasure to a buyer. She returns home to find an uninvited guest... Fujiko! However, Fujiko has amnesia and is haunted by frightening images of being chased by Nazaroff's men and of the contents of the Columbus Files. Can Lupin restore Fujiko's memories to find the Columbus Egg as well as for her own sake? And why is Rosaria determined to find the Egg for herself?
S00E21 Missed by a Dollar 00/00/0000 Lupin has disguised himself and is bidding on a ring up for auction in New York City. The ring holds the secret location of a legendary broach; the broach is said to bring good fortune to whoever wears it and has been in the possession of Napoleon, Lenin, and Hitler. When a bidder outbids him by one dollar, he decides to take the more traditional route and steal it. However, a heavily armed group of men relieve him of his prize. They work for Cynthia, the head of Bank of World.
S00E22 Alcatraz Connection 00/00/0000 Somewhere off the coast of San Francisco lies a sunken ship filled with gold ingots, and Lupin has just stolen some data to help him track it down. What Lupin and the gang does not know is that a crime syndicate known only as the "Secret Seven" is also after the sunken gold. Zenigata and his SFPD counterpart are hot on Lupin's trail, and mysterious men in black seem to shadow Lupin's every move. Who will win the race to the gold, and what connection does the gold have to Alcatraz and John F. Kennedy?
S00E23 Return of the Magician 00/00/0000 Lupin steals an extraordinary gem from a Mediterranean party, only to be interrupted by Pycal, the trickster "magician" who had apparently died fighting Lupin early in his career. Pycal, now armed with real magical abilities, is determined to take revenge.
S00E24 Episode: 0 First Contact 00/00/0000 igen sits in a bar; next to him is a Elana, a reporter. She starts her tape recorder and asks Jigen about the first time he met Lupin III. They walk out of the bar and into an alley. Jigen strikes a match and remembers... Jigen's tale revolves around a millionaire named Galbez and an ancient Japanese cylinder made from some green metal. The cylinder contains a scroll that tells how to forge an indestructible metal; Lupin wanted to steal it, and it was Jigen's job to stop him along with Galbez's bodyguard Shade.
S00E25 Operation: Return the Treasure 00/00/0000 "The Trick Diamond" is the key to unlocking a treasure hidden within Gaudí 's famous Park Gruell. The crime lord Mark Williams was in possession of the diamond but has recently passed away. However, his will gives Lupin a chance to gain the object of many a criminal's desire. Lupin is in for quite a shock though as Mark's conditions are quite unique. Mark replaced six treasures with copies and has kept the originals for himself. Now, Lupin must prove his talent by switching the originals back into place within seven days. Only then will he be given the location of the diamond.
S00E26 Stolen Lupin 00/00/0000 In Bastille, France, the treasure of the Bourbon Dynasty was stacked in a truck and stolen. Thinking it was undoubtedly Lupin's doing, Zenigata and the French police pursue the truck. But, the criminal was actually an unheard-of woman. Then, the true Lupin appears. Lupin successfully steals the truckload of treasure from the woman but is then mysteriously kidnapped. Malchovich is the man who kidnapped Lupin. Fujiko is also caught and kept hostage while trying to steal the worldwide famous jewel "Bull's Eye". In order to rescue Fujiko, Lupin, along with reluctant Jigen and Goemon, tries to steal Bull's Eye from the Grand Bateau, the French museum renowned for having the greatest security in the world. Everything starts from here! Female thief Becky, scoundrel Malchovich, and Lupin... Ambition, human relations... Each secret becomes gradually clear during the scramble for the Bull's Eye. The series' highest spectacle romance unfolds, and France is the stage.
S00E27 Angel's Tactics 00/00/0000 Deep in Area 51, Lupin has just purloined the extra-terrestrial "original metal" from a government research facility. With Zenigata and his new partner Emily hot on his heels, Lupin finds himself the target of an all-female assassin group known as the Bloody Angels. Can Lupin outwit the heavenly tactics of these deadly beauties?
S00E28 Seven Days Rhapsody 00/00/0000 After a successful heist at the race track, Lupin has his sights set on a valuable diamond set to be displayed in seven days. His plan is complicated when he saves a young girl named Michelle from a group of thugs. Michelle's father is very rich and connected to the diamond; her father also enlists an old mercenary friend of Jigen to persuade Jigen to work for him. Goemon has also been hired by Fujiko to assist her in her own plans for the diamond. With no one to turn to and double-crosses galore, can Lupin pull things together in a week?
S00E29 Elusiveness of the Fog 00/00/0000 On the ocean floor, Lupin is once again seeking a treasure hoping to get on Fujiko's good side. As Zenigata chases them on sea and land, people around the gang begin to vanish mysteriously. The fog rolls in and Mamo Kyosuke appears in a burst of light; he claims to be from the future and seeks revenge on Lupin III for what Lupin XIII has done to him. Mamo hurls Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, and Zenigata 500 years into the past; as two warring factions fight over a legendary shrine dedicated to time travel, Lupin must find a way to survive the past to ensure his future.
S00E30 Green Vs. Red 00/00/0000 After Arsène Lupin III disappearance in the world, people have began imitating Lupin's appearance and personality in an attempt to become the "real Lupin". After a fake Lupin was captured by the police, all the Lupins around the world travel to Tokyo to free the captured Lupin only to be captured themselves. A skilled pick pocketer named Yasuo is given a green coat and a Walther P38, the same gun Lupin uses, by a mysteriously elderly man. Yasuo decides to don the Green jacket and takes the role of Lupin. He then announces to the company Night Hawk that he will steal the object they have secured in the building, the Ice Cube. After gathering information on the Ice Cube, Yasuo is confronted by the real Lupin donning the Red Jacket. Yasuo decides that if he can defeat the real Lupin, he will be considered the new Lupin. However they are interrupted when a missile strikes the car behind Yasuo and seemingly kills him. Yasuo awakens to find out Fujiko Mine had save his life. They decide to team up in order to steal the Ice Cube. Once breaking into the Night Hawk building, Yasuo manages to possess the Ice Cube which is revealed to be the prototype of a new generation of nuclear warfare. Lupin and Koichi Zenigata allows Yasuo to escape with the Ice Cube to prevent its misuse in war. The next day, a fake Lupin decides to set up a match between Lupin and Yasuo. The two meet atop a building and a Lupin with an unknown jacket color is thrown off the building. The unknown Lupin awakens in an ambulance and escapes before Zenigata captures him. Yasuo decides to pay a visit to his sick grandmother who wishes him well. Later that night, Yasuo, revealed to be the winner of the duel, escapes with Daisuke Jigen from the cops.
S00E31 Sweet Lost Night 00/00/0000 Lupin scores a "magic lamp" and finds it does hold a genie. However, the stroke of 7PM strikes, and that is the last thing he remembers. Finding himself in Singapore, Lupin must battle his way past the forces of Colonel Garlic and discover the secret behind the lamp. But every time the clock strikes 7PM, his memory is wiped clean! How can Lupin piece together this puzzle, when he can't even remember what he is doing?
S00E32 Lupin III vs. Detective Conan 00/00/0000 A wealthy woman and her son are dead from an apparent hunting accident and suicide. The daughter, Princess Mira Julietta Vesparand, pulls the old Prince and the Pauper maneuver with Detective Conan's friend Mouri Ran. It is up to the great Detective Conan to switch them back and discover the truth behind that fateful day. Complicating the issue is the wily thief Lupin the Third, and he is after the "Queen Crown" owned by the Vesparand family. When two of legendary characters meet, who will win the day?!
S00E33 The Last Job 00/00/0000 The story begins with the discovery of a Japanese cultural treasure -- at a Nazi Germany sanatorium. Morgana, a mysterious figure who leads a ninja thief gang, battles Lupin for the treasure, and he seemingly kills Zenigata
S00E34 Blood Seal - Eternal Mermaid 00/00/0000 Lupin's latest heist involves stealing a pair of jewels that hold the secret to an even greater treasure, but unfortunatly there's a lot of obstacles in Lupin's way. The smallest one involves Maki, a 14 year old girl who wants Lupin to teach her to be a thief. But what is her connection to the treasure and the mysterious girl Misa. The secrets behind the treasure reach back even into Lupin's own past.
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