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As an author of international repute, his books were popular in Germany in the 1920s onward, though banned during the Nazi years. Germany had already begun filming Wallace titles in 1927, but the Nazi era stopped any further production of such films. In 1959, inspired by the British Wallace film THE RINGER (1952), Preben Philipsen A/S and Rialto Film began making their first Edgar Wallace film, DER FROSCH MIT DER MASKE, based on Wallace's THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE FROG (1925). The German Edgar Wallace "krimi" was born. (A criminal or mystery thriller is called "krimi" in Germany.) Soon a familiar cadre of actors was inhabiting the Wallace krimi world: Joachim Fuchsberger, Heinz Drache, Siegfried Schurenberg, Siegfried Lowitz, Eddi Arent (providing comic relief), and that lovable maniac Klaus Kinski, best known to American audiences for his many films outside of the krimi genre. The jazzy, innovative music, provided by such composers as Martin Bottcher and Peter Thomas, added a contemporary hipness to stylish updates of stories decades old. It is these series of Rialto films, and a couple of other films made at the same time but from different producers, that represent "The German Edgar Wallace Films," and not any productions made in the 1920s or after the early 1970s.


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S01E01 04/09/1959
S01E02 02/03/1960
S01E03 05/08/1960
S01E04 25/08/1960
S02E01 28/03/1961
S02E02 20/07/1961
S02E03 15/08/1961
S02E04 08/11/1961
S03E01 01/03/1962
S03E02 19/06/1962
S03E03 28/09/1962
S03E04 26/04/1963
S05E01 30/04/1964
S05E02 18/12/1964
S05E03 23/04/1964
S05E04 04/06/1965
S06E01 17/12/1965
S06E02 06/09/1966
S06E03 16/12/1966
S06E04 28/04/1967
S07E01 11/08/1967
S07E02 18/01/1968
S07E03 26/04/1968
S07E04 27/09/1968
S08E01 01/03/1969
S08E02 04/07/1969
S08E03 30/03/1971
S08E04 09/03/1972
S08E05 30/06/1972
S09E01 06/02/1996
S09E02 20/02/1996
S09E03 05/03/1996
S10E01 06/04/2002
S10E02 13/04/2002
S10E03 20/04/2002
S10E04 27/04/2002
S10E05 04/05/2002
S00E02 00/00/0000
S00E03 23/04/1964
S00E04 20/12/1963
S00E05 30/04/1965
S00E06 29/04/1966
S00E07 05/03/1971