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Egypt Unwrapped searches for Egypt's lost treasures and redefines the way we look at ancient Egypt.


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S01E01 Mystery of the Screaming Man 13/11/2008 Over 100 years ago an unidentified mummy was found lying alongside some of the most famous pharaohs in Egyptian history but his face is locked in an eternal scream. What caused this man's haunting expression? Why wasn't he mummified according to custom? AKA Screaming Man
S01E02 The Scorpion King 20/11/2008 The Scorpion King was a mythical Egyptian ruler who predated the pharaohs. Recent developments, such as the excavation of the king's tomb, have revealed surprising new details about early Egyptian civilization.
S01E03 Secrets of the Sphinx 11/12/2008 Was the Sphinx originally built with a lion's head and later remodeled? Dr. Zahi Hawass presents the latest theories and evidence in the mystery of the Sphinx. AKA Sphinx
S01E04 The Real Cleopatra 18/12/2008 Cleopatra has been depicted throughout history as a temptress who ruined two generals of Rome. Yet scholars now believe that the last pharaoh of Egypt in fact possessed great political ability and knowledge. Despite a lack of physical evidence of her reign, they are able to piece together the story of her rule during the dying days of Ancient Egypt. AKA Cleopatra
S01E05 The Pyramid Code 06/01/2009 The pyramids of Egypt are the most enduring monuments of the ancient world. From underground burial chambers they developed into soaring structures that revolutionized architecture. This film reveals the name of the man who designed the very first pyramid and shows how his ideas were refined and perfected, until pyramids eventually fell out of fashion altogether. AKA Pyramids
S01E06 Secrets of the Valley of the Kings 13/01/2009 This episode explores the Valley of the Kings, the royal necropolis of the pharaohs. A new generation of Egyptologists presents revolutionary theories on why the pharaohs abandoned the grandeur of the pyramids in favour of these secret underground tombs. AKA Valley of the Kings
S01E07 The Real Ramses 20/01/2009 This instalment charts the life of Rameses II, the longest-lived pharaoh, who is widely regarded as Egypt’s greatest ruler. New discoveries have shed more light on the king’s successful reign, while Egyptologists continue to debate the nature of his character and achievements. AKA Rameses
S01E08 Alexander the Great's Lost Tomb 27/01/2009 Alexander the Great is one of historys greatest warrior kings, and was the leader of the most powerful nation in the ancient world. The location of his tomb has eluded archaeologists for nearly 2,000 years but new theories may help reveal its location. AKA Alexander's Tomb
S02E01 Egyptian Secrets of the Afterlife 14/10/2009 Relentless demons, writhing serpents, the lake of fire and final judgment from the god Osiris. Ancient Egyptians believed that these and other terrifying obstacles challenged their pharaohs in the afterlife. The hieroglyphs in the tomb of Pharaoh Seti I most clearly illustrate the 12 perilous gates a dead king had to navigate to achieve resurrection. Enter Seti's tomb with National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Zahi Hawass as he traces this king's arduous journey through the netherworld.
S02E02 Race to Bury Tut 28/08/2010 A team of Egyptologists has uncovered a tale of political intrigue surrounding the death of one of Egypt's most famous pharaohs, King Tutankhamun. Was he quickly and disrespectfully laid to rest? Were his tomb and the renowned gilded treasures buried in it not meant for him? Was his mummification rushed and poorly executed?
S02E03 Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty 12/11/2010 Narrated by Emmy award-winning Alfre Woodard, Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty documents a high-tech forensic investigation by international experts lead by Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, dedicated to resolving the fate of the famed queen. AKA: King Tut and the Lost Dynasty
S02E04 King Tut's Final Secrets 19/11/2010 The most famous Egyptian king in history ruled for only 10 years before his mysterious death. Using 3-D CT-scan imaging, NGC reveals what King Tutankhamun looked like on the day he died and unveils new findings relating to his death.
S02E05 Tut's Treasures 26/11/2010 With special access to artifacts in the Cairo Museum and using the latest techniques, NGC reveals a very different pharaoh from the King Tut we've long imagined.

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