Affiche Elias - The little rescue boat
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Little Elias lives in a unique world of interesting animated characters. The little rescue boat starts his career in the charming coastal village of Cozy Cove. Among the many colorful characters he encounters are the rough and tough deep sea fishing boat Trawler, who only cares about making money. The Singing Boathouses who comment on each day's events; and old Smacky who is mostly concerned about his tired hull and often falls asleep at sea. The rescue helicopter Helinor is a touch little gal who's good at straightening things out. And far out by the open seas stands the lighthouse Big Blinky who's been there as long as anyone can remember. Slowly but surely, Elias proves himself both trustworthy and brave, as he goes about saving one boat in dire straits after the other. The Elias series portrays houses, boats, cars and cranes as living individuals. Humans have no place in this universe. Each episode focuses primarily on entertainment but will also try to show children how a coastal society works and how important each member is for the community as a whole.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Elias - The little rescue boat

S01E01 Welkom in thuishaven 20/08/2005
S01E02 Joris de vuurtoren 20/08/2005
S01E03 Snorrevet 20/08/2005
S01E04 Speedy supercool 20/08/2005
S01E05 Trolle in moeilijkheden 20/08/2005
S01E06 Trolle in de scheepswerf 04/01/2006
S01E07 Dinkie komt naar thuishaven 04/01/2006
S01E08 Bromberg 04/01/2006
S01E09 Sjakie en meeuw 04/01/2006
S01E10 Een nieuwe lamp voor joris 04/01/2006
S01E11 Kruse på prøvetur 01/03/2006
S01E12 Båtracet 01/03/2006
S01E13 Sjarke i tåka 01/03/2006
S01E14 Lunormen 01/03/2006
S01E15 På vakt 01/03/2006
S01E16 De hongerige meeuw 04/10/2006
S01E17 Zondag 04/10/2006
S01E18 De geblokkeerde doorgang 04/10/2006
S01E19 Goliath brengt redding 04/10/2006
S01E20 Bewusteloos 04/10/2006
S01E21 Dinkies grote avontuur 10/01/2007
S01E22 Motorpech 10/01/2007
S01E23 Speedy's afscheidstoer 10/01/2007
S01E24 Storm op komst 10/01/2007
S01E25 De grote herfststorm 10/01/2007
S01E26 De klok van dapperhart 10/01/2007
S01E27 De viswedstrijd 29/10/2008
S01E28 Het rommelmysterie 29/10/2008
S01E29 Waar is Elias? 29/10/2008
S01E30 Het vrachtschip Soeverina 23/09/2009
S01E31 Speedy geeft een feestje 29/10/2008
S01E32 De bodemloze grot 29/10/2008
S01E33 Het spookschip 23/09/2009
S01E34 Elias en Boris 23/09/2009
S01E35 Flessenpost 23/09/2009
S01E36 Het magische medicijn 23/09/2009
S01E37 Kapitein kruit 21/10/2009
S01E38 Crisis in Thuishaven 21/10/2009
S01E39 Zou de koning nog komen? 21/10/2009
S02E01 02/03/2014
S02E02 03/03/2014
S02E03 03/03/2014
S02E04 03/03/2014
S02E05 03/03/2014
S02E06 06/04/2014
S02E07 04/05/2014
S02E08 03/05/2014
S02E09 04/05/2014
S02E10 11/05/2014
S02E11 18/05/2014
S02E12 25/05/2014
S02E13 01/06/2014
S02E14 07/09/2014
S02E15 31/08/2014
S02E16 14/09/2014
S02E17 21/09/2014
S02E18 28/09/2014
S02E19 05/10/2014
S02E20 12/10/2014
S02E21 25/12/2014
S02E22 26/12/2014
S02E23 27/12/2014
S02E24 28/12/2014
S02E25 29/12/2014
S02E26 30/12/2014
S00E01 Elias en het koninklijke avontuur 23/02/2007
S00E02 10/12/2010

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