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Eliot is a super six year old with an overdeveloped imagination. Cheerful and mischievous, he spends most of his time inventing and playing in wild stories where monsters, knights and aliens rub shoulders.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Eliot Kid

S01E01 Mariage impossible 03/03/2008 Eliot finds out that his cousin Zoe is to be married to a man whom Eliot thinks is a spy.
S01E02 L'attaque des clones 04/03/2008 Eliot thinks his parents have become clones, so visits the clone hideout - the city dump.
S01E03 La tante Margot 05/03/2008 Eliot's great aunt shows up at his house for the weekend, and she looks like a witch.
S01E04 Le monstre des lavabos 06/03/2008 Eliot watches a documentary about people flushing baby crocodiles down the toilet.
S01E05 Igor 07/03/2008 Eliot's sister Suzie falls in love with a guitar player, and he's sure she's bewitched.
S01E06 20 000 lieux sous la piscine 10/03/2008 Eliot visits the new municipal swimming pool with his class for its inauguration.
S01E07 Le roi d'Acaria 11/03/2008 Eliot discovers that dust mites have invaded his house. He proclaims himself their king.
S01E08 Le grand prix 12/03/2008 Eliot's school holds a go-kart race, and for Eliot and Max it's Formula 1 to the finish.
S01E09 Eliot Karaté Kid 13/03/2008 It's bad news for Eliot as his sworn enemy, Max, challenges him to a martial arts duel.
S01E10 Eliot est amoureux 14/03/2008 Eliot has to do a presentation in class on musicals with Loretta, the love of his life.
S01E11 Le complot des mousquetaires 17/03/2008 Eliot, Mimi and Kaytoo swear to be faithful to each other, like the Three Musketeers.
S01E12 Le sale jouet 18/03/2008 Loretta deviously offers Eliot a broken toy that she wants to get rid of.
S01E13 Déménagement pour les étoiles 19/03/2008 When Eliot finds his father's new model rocket, he believes his family is moving to Venus.
S01E14 L'ogre Shtroum 20/03/2008 Mimi's parents arrive to take Eliot along with Mimi for an afternoon in the forest.
S01E15 Only When I Laugh 21/03/2008 Mimi finds herself in hospital after falling out of a tree. Eliot and Kaytoo visit her.
S01E16 Le grand Roger 24/03/2008 Eliot and his friends encounter Big Webster, a mysterious character who knows everything.
S01E17 Mind Control 25/03/2008 Marcus, Eliot's classmate, finds out he needs glasses. Suddenly he becomes a studious kid.
S01E18 Revenge of the Seniors 26/03/2008 Isabelle meets with the senior citizens club, and Eliot thinks she's been taken hostage.
S01E19 The Vegetari-Man 27/03/2008 Eliot decides to go on an all-vegetable diet.
S01E20 The New Kid in School 28/03/2008 Max, the school bully, picks on a new kid in class.
S01E21 The Little Mouse 07/04/2008 Eliot loses a tooth, and his mother says he'll be visited by a gift-bearing mouse.
S01E22 The Treasure Room 15/04/2008 Suzie decides to move out of the room she shares with Eliot.
S01E23 Blue Lightning 02/05/2008 Eliot discovers a dirt monster hiding in the dirty laundry.
S01E24 Hamsterman 06/05/2008 Eliot discovers an old super-hero costume that used to belong to his dad.
S01E25 Shrinking Animals 04/07/2008 Eliot and his friends must try and rescue his cat and dog from a powerful old lady.
S01E26 Eliot's Nightmare 07/07/2008 Eliot is terrified after hearing a horror story about an evil babysitter.
S01E27 The Big Expedition 08/07/2008 By chance, Eliot discovers the 'girls' plot'.
S01E28 Nature Is a Living Thing 09/07/2008 Jeremy is convinced he is going to win the best garden contest.
S01E29 The Pirate Ghost 10/07/2008 Eliot encounters a terrible pirate ghost wandering through Max's house.
S01E30 Freddy Has Disappeared 13/07/2008 Eliot has lost his favourite stuffed animal.
S01E31 Youki the Extraterrestrial 14/07/2008 Eliot's family play host to a timid Japanese boy, who Eliot thinks is an alien.
S01E32 The Werewolf 15/07/2008 The boys discover why the girls are allowed to stay up later than them at a sleepover.
S01E33 In the Time of the Pharaohs 16/07/2008 Eliot finds out that Victor is using a time machine to go to the past and collect ancient objects.
S01E34 The Revolt 17/07/2008 The kids decide to start a revolution and Eliot becomes their rebel leader.
S01E35 The Christmas Elves 18/07/2008 Eliot and Kaytoo learn about two goblins that steal the kids' presents on Christmas Eve.
S01E36 The White Phantom 21/07/2008 Eliot is convinced his mother's personal coach is a ghost.
S01E37 Greenbeard 22/07/2008 Eliot's dad brings his sailboat into the backyard and Eliot is sure it is a pirate ship.
S01E38 The Villainous Vacuum 23/07/2008 Eliot thinks the new super powerful vacuum cleaner is a voracious monster.
S01E39 Eliot Against the Bananas 24/07/2008 Jeremy invents an automatic banana dispenser for the monkeys in the zoo.
S01E40 My Neighbour, The Yeti 25/07/2008 Eliot discovers that a yeti is on vacation in the house across the street.
S01E41 The Suit of Armour 28/07/2008 Eliot and his friends leave for the land of knights, looking for the magic goblet.
S01E42 The Little Bunny That Grew 29/07/2008 Loretta asks Eliot to keep her bunny rabbit for the weekend, with disastrous consequences.
S01E43 Mission Pop-Corn 30/07/2008 Eliot decides to cross through to the other side of the cinema screen.
S01E44 The City Elections 31/07/2008 Isabelle decides to run in the local elections against Mr Torn, Max's father.
S01E45 A Knight to Remember 01/08/2008 Eliot must defend a castle from an advancing horde of barbarian invaders.
S01E46 Class Photo 04/08/2008 Eliot discovers the school photographer's camera sucks in and flattens troublesome kids.
S01E47 The Magic Spell Book 05/08/2008 Eliot discovers that his sister's private diary is in fact a powerful book of magic.
S01E48 The Virus Code 06/08/2008 Eliot and Kaytoo must break the code and make contact with Mimi's virus to get rid of it.
S01E49 The Great Dog Competition 07/08/2008 Eliot and Mimi clash after they both enrol a dog in a training competition.
S01E50 The Age of Reason 08/08/2008 After reaching 'the age of reason', Eliot loses his marvellous imagination.
S01E51 Halloween 27/10/2008 Eliot and friends find themselves in a haunted house full of monsters and ghosts.
S01E52 Snowman 28/12/2008 Eliot inadvertently destroys his sister's snowman, and faces unlikely consequences.