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Vampy vampire, Elvira, hosts horror films her own way, making fun of the films and herself.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Elvira's Movie Macabre

S01E01 Grave of the Vampire 00/00/0000 Vampire attacks woman and rapes her. Woman gives birth to a boy who must have mother`s blood instead of milk. When boy becomes an adult, he is determined to find and destroy his father.
S01E02 Silent Night, Bloody Night 00/00/0000 The townspeople are upset when a man begins to research the history of his inheritance: an old mansion that used to be used as a mental institution.
S01E03 The House That Screamed (La Residencia) 10/10/1981 Mistress Madame Fourneau (Lilli Palmer) runs her French boarding school for troubled girls with an iron fist. Still, one by one, her students have gone missing without a single trace of evidence left behind. Are the girls escaping Fourneau's absolute authority and torturous 19th-century social conditioning? Or are they being taken against their will?
S01E04 The Fall of the House of Usher 00/00/0000 In search of the woman he loves, a young man goes to the ancestral home of the Ushers. He discovers a house of madness and death. The first Roger Corman Poe adaptation.
S01E05 The Dunwich Horror 00/00/0000 Once upon a time, twins were born. One looks and acts human, the other is a many-headed creepy crawly. The human brother wants to bring ""the old ones"" from another dimension. He needs a book called the Necromicon and a human sacrifice. He picks Sandra Dee. ""Hey, look at me, I`m Sandra..."" Oops! Heh heh, wrong movie. Anyway, the creepy-crawly gets out and starts eating all the townspeople. That`ll drive down property values, I can tell ya. Based on H P Lovecraft story.
S01E06 Blacula 00/00/0000 African Prince, cursed with vampirism, is shipped to the US and accidentally revived in the 1970`s. Talk about culture shock.
S01E07 The Comedy of Terrors 00/00/0000 Business is so poor, a cash-strapped undertaker and his bumbling assistant decide to ""persuade"" people to become clients. Classic Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, and Basil Rathbone horror comedy.
S01E08 The Thing With Two Heads 00/00/0000 White bigot plans to have his head transplanted to another man`s body. He is dying and this is his idea to thwart death. Without his knowledge, his head is transplanted onto a black convict`s body. And the convict still has his own head.
S01E09 The Werewolf of Washington 21/11/1981 While on assignment in Hungary, a young reporter (Dean Stockwell) is attacked by a mysterious animal. When he returns to the United States as the President's press assistant, authorities begin to find political socialites ripped apart by a similar creature. No one is safe while the Werewolf of Washington is roaming the nation's Capital.
S01E10 Cry of the Banshee 00/00/0000 Evil ruler with an obsessive hatred for witchcraft, destroys a witches coven. The head witch puts a curse on his entire family. Title creature begins killing family members one by one.
S01E11 Count Yorga, Vampire 00/00/0000 Modern (circa 1970) vampire causes havoc amongst some twentysomthings in Los Angeles.
S01E12 Murders in the Rue Morgue 00/00/0000 Masked man is killing members of a theatre troupe. Film has very little to do with Edgar Allan Poe.
S01E13 Baron Blood 00/00/0000 Visiting his ancestral castle, a young man accidentally brings the sadistic title fiend back to life. Oops!
S01E14 Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde 00/00/0000 A novel twist to the classic tale. When Jekyll drinks his potion, he turns into a woman!
S01E15 The Crimson Cult 00/00/0000 In search of his missing brother, a man discovers witchcraft at a country estate. Boris Karloff`s last A film.
S01E16 The Murder Clinic 00/00/0000 Someone or something is killing inmates and medical personnel at a mental institution.
S01E17 Horror Express 00/00/0000 Ape-like creature, found frozen on an archeological dig, thaws out and begins killing people on board a train traveling across Siberia.
S01E18 The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant 00/00/0000 Doctor transplants the head of a psychotic killer onto the body of a retarded young man.
S01E19 Horror Hospital 00/00/0000 Doctor and his wacky wife experiment on people who answer their newspaper advertisement.
S01E20 Rattlers 00/00/0000 Rattlesnakes high on nerve gas decide to kick some human butt.
S01E21 Disciple of Death 00/00/0000 One of Satan`s own is accidentally brought back to life. (here we go again) He immediately begins searching for women to sacrifice to his boss.
S01E22 Frankenstein 00/00/0000 Still another version of the classic tale. This time the monster is more sympathetic. A Dan Curtis production.
S01E23 The Devil`s Rain 00/00/0000 If you cross these satan worshippers, you end up as a puddle on the floor.
S01E24 Psychic Killer 00/00/0000 After learning astral projection from a fellow inmate in a mental institution, a man uses it to kill people who tick him off.
S01E25 Necromancy 00/00/0000 Warlock wants to bring his dead son back to life.
S01E26 The Spectre of Edgar Allen Poe 00/00/0000 Poe believes something strange is going on at the asylum where the love of his life, Lenore, is an inmate.
S01E27 Peeping Tom 00/00/0000 Man films his victims as he kills them. Classic film.
S01E28 Legacy of Blood 10/04/1982 When their father dies, a greedy family reunites to hear the reading of the will. His fortune is theirs... assuming, of course, they're able to survive a full week at the family mansion. One by one, the unsavory characters find themselves the targets of an unknown killer who has plans of his own for the family.
S01E29 Deathdream 00/00/0000 Family is notified that their son was killed in action while serving in Vietnam. The same day, the son returns but everyone begins to realize something is horribly wrong with him. Updated version of The Monkey`s Paw.
S01E30 The Deathmaster 00/00/0000 Vampire becomes the head of a commune of hippies.
S01E31 Beware! The Blob 00/00/0000 A piece of the original blob accidentally thaws out. Critter begins gobbling up everyone it comes in contact with.
S01E32 Good Against Evil 00/00/0000 Exorcists vs devil worshippers.
S01E33 The Brotherhood of Satan 00/00/0000 Still more devil worshippers. They recruit(read kidnap)kids for their cult.
S01E34 The Mad Magician 22/05/1982 Magician and master of disguise takes revenge on those who screwed him over.
S01E35 The Turn of the Screw 00/00/0000 The new governess at a country estate begins to see ghosts. Are they real or is she mad?
S01E36 Count Dracula`s Great Love 29/05/1982 Four women take refuge in a castle after their coach breaks down. Guess who lives there?
S01E37 Jennifer The Snake Goddess 00/00/0000 Girl has ability to control snakes. She uses them to take revenge on classmates who torment her.
S01E38 Masque of the Red Death 00/00/0000 Believing Satan protects him and his privileged guests from the plague that is ravaging the countryside, an evil count torments selected victims. Classic Price/Poe/Corman film.
S01E39 The Tomb of Ligeia 00/00/0000 Man believes his new wife is possessed by the ghost of his first wife.
S01E40 The Incredible Melting Man 00/00/0000 After returning from a space mission, astronaut begins to turn to liquid. Bloody mess, what?
S01E41 The Fearless Vampire Killers 00/00/0000 Van Helsing-like professor and his bumbling assistant hunt vampires. They stumble onto the mother lode. Classic horror comedy.
S01E42 Terror House 00/00/0000 Guests are on the menu at the Red Wolf Inn.
S01E43 The Baby 00/00/0000 Social worker investigates bizarre family where the twentysomething son is kept in diapers and treated like an infant!
S01E44 The House of Seven Corpses 00/00/0000 Someone or something is killing members of a production crew filming a movie in an old dark house.
S01E45 Psychomania 00/00/0000 Hell raising bikers discover that, if they commit suicide, they can return from the dead and raise even more hell.
S01E46 Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? 00/00/0000 Modern version of Hansel and Gretel. Wacko lures kids into her old dark house. Pie anyone?
S02E01 War- Gods of the Deep 00/00/0000 Vincent Price leads a band of immortal men who live in a series of caves beneath the sea. Directed by Jacques Tourenur.
S02E02 The Oblong Box 11/09/1982 Man cursed by witchdoctor returns from Africa to torment his brother. Vincent Price stars with an assist by Christopher Lee.
S02E03 The Raven 00/00/0000 Classic comedy horror film starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Boris Karloff. Yep, that`s a very young Jack Nicholson playing Lorre`s son. Directed by Roger Corman.
S02E04 The Conqueror Worm 00/00/0000 Merciless man hunts down witches in the name of the king. Vincent Price is pure evil in ultra violent film. British title is Witchfinder General.
S02E05 And Now the Screaming Starts! 00/00/0000 In 1795, a young bride moves into her husband`s mansion. Is it haunted or is she losing her mind? Peter Cushing saves this film.
S02E06 Blood from the Mummy`s Tomb 00/00/0000 The mummy of an evil queen is brought back from Egypt. The daughter of the expedition`s leader is possessed by the soul of the evil queen. When the daughter becomes a young woman, members of the expedition begin to be murdered one by one.
S02E07 Madhouse 00/00/0000 Vincent Price plays an aging star of horror films. He becomes a suspect in a series of murders.
S02E08 The House That Dripped Blood 00/00/0000 Film made up of short horror tales. Similar to films like Tales From the Crypt, Asylum, Vault of Horror.
S02E09 Tales of Terror 00/00/0000 Another monster fest with three tales based on Poe short stories or poems. Starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Basil Rathbone. Directed by Roger Corman.
S02E10 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 00/00/0000 The first of many TV horror movies produced and directed by Dan Curtis of Dark Shadows fame. Jack Palance is excellent in the title roles.
S02E11 The Day It Came to Earth 00/00/0000 Dead gangster is brought back to ""life"" by radiation from a meteorite.
S02E12 Blood on Satan`s Claw 00/00/0000 A group of children in 17th century England form a devil cult.
S02E13 Crucible of Horror 00/00/0000 An evil man rules his family with an iron hand. His wife and daughter plot to kill him. But is he really dead?
S02E14 Dr Black, Mr Hyde 00/00/0000 Another novel twist on the classic tale. When Dr Black drinks his potion, he turns white!
S02E15 The Devil Within Her 00/00/0000 After being cursed by a dwarf, a woman`s baby appears to be possessed by a demon.
S02E16 The Bat People 00/00/0000 Bitten by a bat, a scientist turns into a bat creature. A different take on the werewolf legend.
S02E17 The Return of Count Yorga 00/00/0000 The Count returns for another round of death and destruction.
S02E18 Inn of the Frightened People 00/00/0000 A man and woman take revenge on the creep who murdered their daughter.
S02E19 Craze 00/00/0000 A man believes that an African idol grants him good luck when he sacrifices women to it.
S02E20 The Monster Club 00/00/0000 Three tales of the supernatural. The wraparounds feature Vincent Price and John Carradine.
S02E21 The Creature`s Revenge 00/00/0000 A mad scientist transplants the brain of a dying ruler into the body of an idiot. Another Al Adamson mess.
S02E22 Beast of the Dead 00/00/0000 The second of the blood trilogy filmed in the Philippines. John Ashley returns to battle a mad scientist and his gobble-de-goop monster.
S02E23 The Island of Living Horror 27/02/1983 The bride (Beverly Hills) of a research scientist (Kent Taylor) is ripe for devouring by a radiation mutant.
S02E24 The Devil`s Wedding Night 05/03/1983 A quest for a mythical ring leads the Schiller brothers to Transylvania and Castle Dracula, where they find more than they bargained for in the castle's current resident and her undead servant. What follows is a ghastly nightmare of blood and sex, as the countess needs one brother to feed off of and the other to house the spirit of her long lost lover - Count Dracula!
S02E25 The Torture Chamber of Dr Sadism 00/00/0000
S02E26 Curse of the Vampires 00/00/0000
S02E27 The Vampire People 00/00/0000
S02E28 Scream and Scream Again 00/00/0000
S02E29 The Human Vapor 00/00/0000
S02E30 Lemora A Child`s Tale of the Supernatural 00/00/0000
S02E31 The Haunted Palace 18/06/1983 Charles Dexter Ward arrives at a small village to visit the house he inherited from his ancestor who died there 100 years ago.
S02E32 The Doomsday Machine 27/08/1983 In an effort to further explore the galaxy, the United States is hours away from launching a manned mission to Venus. But when a Chinese plot to destroy the Earth is uncovered, the US teams up with the Soviet Union to replace members of it's all-male crew with women. Now it's up to the crew of Project Astra to keep the human race alive and thriving.
S03E01 They Came From Beyond Space 17/09/1983 When meteors fall in a curious V-formation and crash on a field in England, an alien force possesses several scientists and infects bystanders with a deadly disease. Shielded from the meteor's influence by a metal plate in his head, Dr. Curtis Temple (Robert Hutton) discovers that an alien race on the moon seeks to use the manipulated scientists for secret purposes. But, as Temple learns more about the invaders, he realizes that they may not be as evil as he thought.
S03E02 Blue Sunshine 01/10/1983 Ten years after experimenting with a batch of LSD known as "Blue Sunshine," Frannie (Richard Crystal) begins to experience unusual side effects, including excruciating headaches, hair loss and a homicidal rampage that results in his own death. Now, his good friend Jerry (Zalman King) must find the dealer responsible for "Blue Sunshine," before he's wrongfully convicted of the murders.
S03E03 Screamers 00/00/0000
S03E04 Willard 00/00/0000 A young man makes friends with a super intelligent rat. When anyone angers him, the rat and his buddies tear the offender to pieces.
S03E05 The Time Travelers 00/00/0000
S03E06 Maneater of Hydra 20/11/1983 While vacationing in the Mediterranean, a group of tourists pays to spend a weekend exploring a lush island occupied by the botanist Baron von Weser (Cameron Mitchell). Their money will fund the continuation of his experiments, but their blood will feed the demented Baron's carnivorous plants.
S03E07 They Came From Within 00/00/0000
S03E08 Gamera Super Monster 24/12/1983 A giant prehistoric turtle is the only hope for the Earth's survival after a group of giant monsters invades the planet. ""Well, lookee there, Ma. Ain`t that the biggest durn tu`tle you eva saw?"" ""Oh, go on, Pa. Grandper usta pull bigga ones than that outa Skunk Holler Crick.""
S03E09 New Year`s Evil 00/00/0000
S03E10 Homebodies 00/00/0000
S03E11 Dracula 00/00/0000
S03E12 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! 03/03/1984 In a spoof of low-budget sci-fi films, oozing tomatoes go on the rampage, splattering innocent victims.
S03E13 Dr Heckyll and Mr Hype 00/00/0000
S03E14 Alien Contamination 00/00/0000
S03E15 Village of the Damned 00/00/0000
S03E16 Monstroid (Monster) 12/05/1984 When a small Colombian village is attacked by a creature from a nearby lake, a corrupt chemical company sends a specialist (Jim Mitchum) to destroy the beast and cover up their involvement with it's creation. Inspired by a true story!
S03E17 The Beast in the Cellar 00/00/0000
S03E18 House of the Dead 00/00/0000
S03E19 Circus of Horrors 00/00/0000
S03E20 The Pigs 00/00/0000
S03E21 Schizoid 00/00/0000
S03E22 The Godsend 00/00/0000
S03E23 Blood Bath 00/00/0000
S03E24 Kiss Daddy Goodbye 00/00/0000
S03E25 The Love War 00/00/0000
S03E26 The Human Duplicators 00/00/0000
S03E27 Mark of the Devil 11/08/1984 A witchfinder general's (Herbert Lom) use of torture disgusts his helper (Olivera Vuco) in 18th-century Austria.
S03E28 So Sad About Gloria 00/00/0000
S03E29 Night of the Zombies 00/00/0000 Dead WW II soldiers have been kept animated by some type of gas.
S04E01 Inn of the Damned 00/00/0000
S04E02 Tombs of the Blind Dead 00/00/0000
S04E03 Frankenstein`s Castle of Freaks 00/00/0000 Brazzi plays mad Dr. Frankenstein, Dunn is an evil dwarf and Lugosi (no relation to Bela) is a Neanderthal man. Add a monster named Hulk, and some nude women for sexploitation value.
S04E04 The Capture of Bigfoot 00/00/0000
S04E05 Village of the Giants 00/00/0000
S04E06 The Legend of Hell House 00/00/0000
S04E07 The Other 00/00/0000
S04E08 The Navy vs the Night Monsters 00/00/0000
S04E09 The Last Bride of Salem 00/00/0000
S04E10 Yeti: The Giant of the 20th Century 09/02/1985 The Abominable Snowman (Mimmo Crau) befriends a collie, a professor, and a millionaire's son (Jim Sullivan) and niece (Phoenix Grant).
S04E11 Revenge of Frankenstein 00/00/0000
S04E12 Curse of Bigfoot 00/00/0000
S04E13 The Great Alligator 00/00/0000
S04E14 The Beast in the Cellar 04/08/1985 Two spinster sisters attempt to protect the outside world by locking their homicidal brother in the cellar.
S05E01 House of Dark Shadows 00/00/0000 The TV gothic soap opera comes to the big screen. Far more violent and graphic than TV series.
S05E02 The Horror of Death 29/06/1986 English country squire Sir Hugo Cunningham searches for immortality by literally 'bottling up' the Spirit of the Dead, or Asphyx.
S05E03 Kill and Go Hide 06/07/1986 A newly hired house-keeper in a secluded area is alarmed to discover that her boss's eleven-year-old daughter is using her supernatural powers to take revenge on the people she holds responsible for her mother's death, with the aid of her flesh-eating zombie 'friends'.
S05E04 The Legend of Lizzie Borden 13/07/1986
S05E05 The Mad Butcher 20/07/1986
S05E06 The Meateater 27/07/1986
S05E07 The Mighty Gorga 03/08/1986 A circus owner travels to Africa in search of a giant ape.
S05E08 Scream, Baby, Scream 10/08/1986 Demented artist uses zombies to kidnap hippies for use in his experiments to create human art.
S05E09 Straight Jacket 17/08/1986 A woman is haunted by visions of bloody death after moving into a house where a murder was committed.
S05E10 They Saved Hitler`s Brain 24/08/1986
S05E11 Tomb of the Living Dead 31/08/1986 An adventurer (John Ashley) travels to an island and meets a scientist (Eddie Garcia) whose monster is terrorizing villagers.
S05E12 The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll 07/09/1986
S05E13 The Boy Who Cried Werewolf 14/09/1986
S05E14 Let`s Scare Jessica to Death 21/09/1986
S05E15 Horror of the Zombies 28/09/1986
S05E16 House of the Long Shadows 05/10/1986
S05E17 Children Shouldn`t Play with Dead Things 12/10/1986
S05E18 Empire of the Ants 19/10/1986
S05E19 Nightwing 26/10/1986
S05E20 Nightmare City 02/11/1986 A plane is zapped with radiation which turns everyone on board into flesh-eating zombies. These zombies can still think and even use weapons on their victims.
S06E01 Night of the Living Dead 00/00/0000 Elvira decides to clean out her basement, relaunch "Movie Macabre," and host "Night of the Living Dead."
S06E02 The Terror 00/00/0000 Elvira mocks Roger Corman classic "The Terror" until she falls asleep.
S06E03 The Giant Gila Monster 00/00/0000
S06E04 The Brain That Wouldn't die 00/00/0000 Elvira practices for various game shows, while hosting "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" (1959)
S06E05 The Satanic Rites of Dracula 00/00/0000 (1973) Van Helsing seeks the 700-year-old count, who is dead and living in London with his vampire bride. With Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Michael Coles.
S06E06 Scared to Death 30/10/2010 It's Halloween, and while Bela Lugosi's first color film airs, Elvira forces a "Queen of Entertaining" to help her plan her Halloween bash
S06E07 The Werewolf of Washington 00/00/0000 (1973) The nation's capital faces a bizarre political scandal when a top presidential aide undergoes a severe personality change. Elvira imitates Sarah Palin.
S06E08 Eegah! 13/11/2010 Eagah (1963) A teenage singer and the police find his girlfriend carried off by a giant prehistoric man
S06E09 Teenagers From Outerspace 00/00/0000 (1959) Alien teens with ray guns land on Earth to breed their lobsterlike space cattle.
S06E10 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 00/00/0000
S06E11 I Eat Your Skin 00/00/0000 (1964) A writer meets a girl whose mad-doctor father turns Caribbean islanders into zombies. With William Joyce, Heather Hewitt, Betty Hyatt Linton.
S06E12 Don't Look in the Basement 00/00/0000 (1972) One of the inmates takes over the asylum after its director gets the ax. With William McGhee, Rosie Holotik, Anne MacAdams.
S06E13 Untamed Women 00/00/0000 (1952) An Air Force officer encounters a strange band of females from a lost civilization inhabiting a remote South Seas island. With Mikel Conrad, Doris Merrick, Richard Monahan.
S06E14 Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter 00/00/0000 Jesse James' friend is turned into a monster.
S06E15 Lady Frankenstein 00/00/0000 The doctor's daughter takes steps to control his monster.
S06E16 Manster 00/00/0000 A reporter is turned into a homicidal, two-headed monster.
S06E17 Wild Women of Wongo 00/00/0000 Two prehistoric tribes invent mate-swapping.
S06E18 Tormented 00/00/0000 (1960) A jazz pianist is haunted by his dead ex-lover's crawling hand and floating head. With Richard Carlson, Juli Reding, Susan Gordon.
S06E19 Manos, the Hands of Fate 00/00/0000 (1966) While on a desert excursion, a family encounters cultists who use human hands as sacrificial offerings to their god. With Tom Neyman, Diane Mahree, John Reynolds.
S06E20 Hercules and the Captive Women 00/00/0000 (1963) The mythical Greek hero saves his son from the sexist queen of lost Atlantis (Reg Park & Fay Spain).
S06E21 A Bucket of Blood 00/00/0000 (1959) A busboy is embraced by the beatnik art community when he develops an impressive but morbid method of sculpturing (Dick Miller & Barboura Morris).
S00E01 House On Haunted Hill 00/00/0000 Vincent Price has one of his juiciest roles in this haunted-house thriller as millionaire playboy Frederick Loren, who invites five guests out to a genuine haunted house, offering them each $10,000 if they spend the night. Severed heads, a skeleton, an acid vat, ghostly screams, and a noose that creeps around on its own and strangles unsuspecting victims are just some of the treats in a film that has been spooking delighted audiences on late-night TV for decades.
S00E02 Night of the Living Dead 28/09/2004 Seven people secluded in a Pennsylvania farmhouse face relentless attacks by reanimated corpses seeking to eat their flesh. The group, which includes a married couple and their daughter, a pair of young lovers, and an African-American man, try to keep their sanity as the living dead try endlessly to enter the house.
S00E03 The Brain That Wouldn't Die 28/09/2004 A boorish doctor who has devised a way to bring the dead back to life gets into a car accident and kills his beautiful fiancee; he takes her severed head back to the lab with him and keeps it alive in a tray of serum. She is unhappy with the situation and begs him to let her die, but he embarks upon a search for the perfect body for his amour, visiting strip clubs and streetwalkers and scouring the city. Meanwhile, the fiancee discovers that a side effect of her current status is telepathy, and she begins to communicate with the doctor's "mistake," which is held captive in a locked room off the lab. With the monster's help, the bodyless woman manages to save the life of the doctor's chosen victim and burn the lab down in the process.
S00E04 Little Shop of Horrors 00/00/0000 Jonathan Haze stars as clumsy assistant florist Seymour, who saves his job in Mr. Mushnik's skid-row flower shop when he brings in a unique man-eating plant. The problem is, it's a very hungry plant; every night it opens its huge jaws and demands to be fed, forcing poor Seymour to take to the street in search of victims, lest he disappoint his boss and his adoring girlfriend, Audrey (Jackie Joseph).
S00E05 Carnival of Souls 00/00/0000 Made in 1962 in Lawrence, Kansas for very little money, Harvey's CARNIVAL OF SOULS has become legendary for it's ability to create a tensely creepy atmosphere with virtually no special effects. A young woman (Hilligoss) is involved in a car crash when her car falls off a bridge while drag racing with some friends. After she pulls herself from the river, she moves to a new town to take a job as a church organist. Meanwhile, a distinctly eerie and hollow-faced man in a black suit seems to be following her wherever she goes. The effective organ score enhances the film to great effect.
S00E06 Dementia 13 00/00/0000 Francis Ford Coppola's directorial debut, produced by horror king Roger Corman, is a terror-filled tale of family ties chopped to pieces. Set in a spooky Irish castle, DEMENTIA 13 begins as the Haloran family gathers to memorialize the death of the youngest sister, Kathleen. While various family members plot and connive, an ax murderer is terrorizing the grounds, and Kathleen's body shows up at just the wrong time. Slowly, the family members become increasingly suspicious of each other--as well as of the ghosts that haunt the castle. But when the sinister family doctor is called in to help with the mystery, the expertly planned Coppola chills really take hold.
S00E07 Beast from Haunted Cave 00/00/0000 A group of criminals, led by the ruthless Alexander Ward (Wolff), hatch a plan to steal gold bars from a bank vault in Deadwood, South Dakota. Ward sends one of his henchmen, Marty (Sinatra), to set an explosive in a nearby gold mine; the detonation will act as a diversion for their heist. Although Marty, accompanied by a local barmaid (Linné Ahlstrand), succeeds in setting the explosive, he encounters a beast (Chris Robinson) in the mine. The beast kills the barmaid, but Marty escapes with his life. The next morning, the explosive goes off as planned, and Marty and his gang succeed in stealing gold bars from the vault. They set off to a remote cabin, led by a local guide named Gil Jackson (Forest), where they hope to be picked up by a plane. Gil is initially unaware of their plans, but he becomes suspicious when he hears reports of the robbery on the radio and discovers that they're carrying handguns. They reach the cabin without incident, but once there, a violent snowstorm delays the plane's arrival. Marty's "secretary" Gypsy (Sheila Noonan) is taken by the young Gil and tells him that Marty plans to kill him once the plane arrives. Gil and Gypsy take off back to town together. Marty, who still carries unpleasant memories of his encounter with the beast, has all the while been concerned about being followed. He encounters the beast again during the trip to the cabin, but his companions think he's losing his mind. Eventually, however, they become convinced of the beast's reality when they see it attack Marty's other henchman, Byron (Wally Campo). Despite their fear of further attacks, the gang is set on tracking down Gil and Gypsy before they reach town, so they head to a nearby cave. Another snowstorm forces Gil and Gypsy to take shelter in the cave as well, which turns out to be the lair of the beast. In the final struggle, the beast kills the remaining gang members, but Marty shoots it with a flare gun before he dies. G
S00E08 Attack of the Giant Leeches 00/00/0000 In the Florida Everglades, a pair of larger-than-human, intelligent leeches are living in an underwater cave. They begin dragging local people down to their cave where they hold them prisoner and slowly drain them of blood. One of the first victims is the local vixen, Liz Walker, played by Yvette Vickers. After a couple of gratuitous displays of flesh (Vickers appeared as the centerfold in the July 1959 issue of Playboy), and some running around on her husband (Bruno VeSota), Liz finds herself a prisoner of the leeches along with her current paramour. Game warden Steve Benton (Ken Clark) sets out to investigate their disappearance. Aided by his girlfriend, Nan Grayson (Jan Sheppard), and her father, Doc Grayson, he discovers the cavern. The monsters are finally destroyed when Steve, Doc, and some state troopers blow up the cavern with dynamite.
S00E09 Monster from a Prehistoric Planet 00/00/0000 An expedition from Tokyo heads to Obelisk Island, which the greedy Mr. Funazu, president of "Playmate Magazine", wants to turn into a resort. The natives of Obelisk welcome the expedition, but two members, Hiroshi and Itoko, venture into a forbidden area despite the pleas of a native boy named Saki. They enter a cavern blocked by a fallen statue and find a giant egg, out of which hatches a baby monster, a "bird-lizard", referred to as a "Gappa". The natives plead with the skeptical scientists not to take the baby away, lest it anger the baby's parents. Sure enough, they take the baby away, and soon, inside the caverns, its two parents rise from the underground waters beneath the volcano, destroying everything in their path. Saki, the only survivor, is rescued by an American navy fleet and brought back to Japan. Meanwhile, back in Japan, the baby "bird-lizard" is making world headlines, not to mention being experimented on by scientists. To the shock of the expedition members there is news of two giant flying creatures appearing over Sagami Bay. The Gappa parents ravage cities looking for their offspring, and are impervious to military weapons. Hiroshi, Itoko and Professor Tonooka (a scientist from the expedition) realize that the "Gappas" aren't a legend after all. They, and Saki, try to convince the headstrong Mr. Funazu to let go of the baby and return it to its parents.
S00E10 The Killer Shrews 08/11/2015 Captain Thorne Sherman and first mate Rook Griswold deliver supplies by boat to a group on a remote island. The group, consisting of scientist Marlowe Cragis, his research assistant Radford Baines, the scientist's daughter Ann, her recent fiancé Jerry Farrel, and a servant Mario, welcome the captain and his first mate, but subtly resist the visitors staying overnight, even though a hurricane approaches. Thorne goes with the group to their compound. Griswold stays with the boat, to come ashore later. The viewer progressively understands that the situation in the compound is less than safe. During evening cocktails, Thorne becomes aware of a life-threatening situation. Marlowe Cragis performs well-meaning research on serums and uses shrews as test animals. The doctor's purpose is to make humans half-size in order to reduce world hunger; smaller humans will eat less food on a planet with a limited food supply. Unfortunately, the doctor's experiments created mutant giant shrews that escaped and are reproducing outside the compound, growing larger by the day. The scientist and his staff barricade themselves inside their compound each evening. Thorne and Ann begin to fall in love, causing jealousy in Jerry. Meanwhile, outside the compound, the giant shrews, which have a poisonous bite, are running out of smaller animals to eat. The shrews (dogs with glued-on fur and screen shots of rapidly shaking, stuffed heads with large fangs) attack and kill Griswold. The giant shrews close in on the compound and break in through the basement. Thorne and Mario investigate the basement. Mario is bitten by the shrew, but Thorne shoots and kills it. The others arrive in the basement, but Mario dies. Radford discovers a highly toxic venom in the shrew saliva, the result of poison bait he had placed in an attempt to kill the shrews. Another shrew breaks in and kills Radford. From outside the compound, the shrews begin to chew through the compound walls on the main floor. T
S00E11 The Wasp Woman 00/00/0000 In Hill's prologue, a scientist, Dr. Eric Zinthrop (Michael Mark), is fired from his job at a honey farm for experimenting with wasps. The founder and owner of a large cosmetics company, Janice Starlin (Susan Cabot), is disturbed when her firm's sales begin to drop after it becomes apparent to her customer base that she is aging. Zinthrop has been able to extract enzymes from the royal jelly of the queen wasp that can reverse the aging process. Janice agrees to fund further research, at great cost, provided she can serve as his human subject. Displeased with the slowness of the results, she breaks into the scientist's laboratory after hours and injects herself with extra doses of the formula. Zinthrop becomes aware that some of the test creatures are becoming violent and goes to warn Janice, but before he can reach anyone, he gets into a car accident. He is thus temporarily missing and Janice goes through great trouble to find him, eventually taking over his care. Janice continues her clandestine use of the serum and sheds 20 years in a single weekend, but soon discovers that she is periodically transformed into a murderous, wasp-like creature. Eventually, Zinthrop throws a jar of carbolic acid at her face, and another character uses a chair to push her out of a window, killing her.
S00E12 Elvira's Halloween Special 31/10/1986 Elvira's Halloween Special is a 1986 TV special for MTV hosted by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. The special included skits with Elvira as well as music videos.
S00E13 The Mask (3D) 00/00/0000 The story concerns a psychiatrist, Dr. Allen Barnes (Stevens), who obtains a mysterious ancient tribal mask. Whenever he puts on the mask, Barnes experiences dream-like visions which become increasingly disturbing and violent. The visions begin to alter Barnes' personality, and eventually drive him insane.