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Emerald Cove was a soap opera of sorts featured on The All New Mickey Mouse Club (aka MMC). Starting during the 5th season of MMC, each episode was split into 3 segments and would be aired throughout the season. As the popularity of Emerald Cove rose, it became a regular fixture on The Mickey Mouse Club. During the 7th season, each episode of Emerald Cove was split into 4 segments and one segment was aired during each and every episode.

Emerald Cove featured many members of the MMC cast, but also featured many actors that did not appear on the show.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Emerald Cove

S02E01 Episode 5 00/00/0000 Segment 1: It's the first day of the school year. Melody decides to go after Jeff and Benny decides to re-hire High Density. Segment 2: High Density looks for a new bass player to replace Blake. Segment 3: While trying to find the new bass player, Joshua Q. Anderson, the school nerd, plays to perfection at his audition. Matt helps Josh develope a new style in order to fit in with the band a bit more. When the band starts their performance at the Shack, Benny is angry that Niki is missing. Later, she arrives, and she's back for good.
S02E02 Episode 6 00/00/0000 Segment 1: Will and Mac try to get rid of Melody. Segment 2: Wipeout tries to find the perfect car for Bobby. Meanwhile, Will and Mac still try to get Melody away from Jeff. Segment 3: Will and Mac put their play to get rid of Melody into action, while Andrea returns to Emerald Cove.
S02E03 Episode 7 00/00/0000 Segment 1: Niki starts to miss her family. Meanwhile, Mac tries to convince Wipeout to go to a school dance. Bobby and Wipeout still try to find the perfect car. Segment 2: Instead of buying a car, Bobby decides to pay for a trip home for Niki. Meanwhile, Will tries to convince Wipeout to go to the dance. Segment 3: Will asks Mac to the dance. Bobby gives Niki the plane ticket, and his friends help him to buy his car.
S02E04 Episode 8 00/00/0000 Segment 1: Lauren Thomas, who works for a record company, comes to see High Density at the Shack.
S02E05 Episode 9 00/00/0000 Segment 1: Both Jeff and Andrea plan big bashes to ring in the New Year. Will receives a letter from his mother stating that she's ready for him to come home. Segment 2: Bobby misses Niki during the holidays. Mac and Will discuss the fact that Will may be leaving. High Density try to figure out which party they should play. Segment 3: Benny fires High Density. Andrea has her New Year's party as well as a surprise- Niki's back in town. Meanwhile, Mac must say goodbye to Will as he prepares to leave for Toronto.
S03E01 Episode 10 00/00/0000 Segment 1: A new band, Beach Grunge, starts playing at the Shack. Alex suggests that High Density start playing at Bay Shores where her father is vice president and general manager. Segment 2: Alex talks to her father about High Density playing at Bay Shores. Niki strongly opposes the idea. Segment 3: High Density is hired to perform at Bay Shores. Segment 4: High Density plays for the first time at Bay Shores, and Andrea goes back to Europe.
S03E02 Episode 11 00/00/0000 Segment 1: Alex starts to try and get Jeff to notice her.
S03E03 Episode 12 00/00/0000 Segment 1: Alex tries to get Matt to ask Mac out on a date. Segment 2: Alex continues her plan to get Mac and Mat together. Segment 3: Bobby gets help with writing a paper from Matt. Jeff and Alex give Matt advice on how to ask Mac out. Segment 4: Mac tells Matt that she doesn't want to go out with him. Bobby gets an A on the paper that Wipeout helped him write.
S03E04 Episode 13 00/00/0000 Segment 1: A story that Wipeout wrote wins an award. Segment 2: Alex talks to Jeff about cutting all of Niki's songs out of the band. Meanwhile, Wipeout has bad dreams. Segment 3: Jeff and Niki get into a fight, leaving Niki to confront Alex about what she's been trying to do. Wipeout declines to accept the scholarship that he has won for his short story. Segment 4: Niki and Jeff apologize to each other, while Bobby talks to his dad about his concern for Wipeout's decision to not accept the scholarship. Bobby decides to publically announce the award that Wipeout received, and this causes Wipeout to be angry at Bobby for doing so.
S03E05 Episode 14 00/00/0000 Segment 1: Alex steals a test answer sheet from school. Meanwhile, plans for Mac's birthday are made. Segment 2: Alex plants the stolen answer sheet in Niki's locker. Mac declines a birthday invitation from Matt. Segment 3: Niki is accused of cheating due to the planted answer sheet. Mac declines a birthday invitation from Wipeout. Segment 4: Bobby convinces his dad to give Niki a make-up exam after she's accused of cheating. Mac declines to go to dinner with Wipeout and Matt. After she finally agrees, she's suprised to find Will there to surprise her.
S03E06 Episode 15 00/00/0000 Segment 1: Wipeout and Jeff decide that they don't want to go to their school's prom. Segment 2: Alex tries to convince Jeff to go to the prom. Segment 3: Jeff also refuses to attend the after-prom party, which means that High Density can't perform. Segment 4: Alex waits for Jeff, but doesn't know that he isn't coming. After Alex accuses Niki of keeping Jeff away, Niki simply replies by pouring a bowl of punch on her. Jeff does arrive, and so does Andrea a few minutes later. High Density then performs at the party.
S03E07 Episode 16 00/00/0000 Segment 1: After the party, Andrea leaves to go back to Europe. Wipeout spies a girl in a white Mustang and tries to find her again. Segment 2: Wipeout continues to try and find the girl in the white Mustang, however, no one believes that she's real. Jeff starts writing a heartfelt letter to Andrea to discuss their relationship. Segment 3: Wipeout still looks for the girl in the white Mustang. Jeff reveals that he's planning to break up with Andrea. Segment 4: Alex is upset when Jeff misses her party. Wipeout sees the girl in the white Mustang again.
S03E08 Episode 17 00/00/0000 Segment 1: In order to try and get Alex to forgive him for missing her party, Jeff asks Alex out. Segment 2: While driving Josh's mom's car, Wipeout gets into an accident. Segment 3: Alex finds a room to have a romantic dinner with Jeff in. Meanwhile, Josh and Wipeout try and figure out what to do about the car. Segment 4: Alex's romantic dinner doesn't turned out as she's planned when her white dress gets covered in the special meal that has been prepared, and Lisa Foxworth, who is really staying in the room ,returns early. Wipeout finally finds the girl that he's been looking for, who just happens to be Lisa Foxworth. However, she's out with Jeff.
S03E09 Episode 18 00/00/0000 Segment 1: To Alex's horror, Lisa and Jeff seem to hit it off very well. Meanwhile, the band is challenged to a volleyball tournament. Segment 2: Alex plans the upcoming volleyball tournament, while Lisa plans to stay put in Emerald Cove. Matt meets a girl named Angela. Segment 3: Jeff and Lisa perform a song together. Segment 4: Matt and Angela get to know each other a little bit better. The High Density gang win the volleyball tournament.
S03E10 Episode 19 00/00/0000 Segment 1: Alex mourns over the fact that she can't be with Jeff. Bobby discovers that Wipeout was offered a full scholarship to a college in Iowa. Segment 2: Bobby and his father try to convince Wipeout to take the scholarship. Angela's brother Brian wants her to stay away from Matt. Segment 3: Lisa tries to convince Wipeout to attend college in the fall. Segment 4: Angela sneaks out to see High Density perform. However, trouble ensues when her brother shows up to meet with Alex.
S03E11 Episode 20 00/00/0000 Segment 1: Bobby gets ready to leave Emerald Cove, and the gang takes him out for a farewell celebration. He decides to give Wipeout his car since he won't be needing it anymore. Segment 2: Lisa also gets ready to leave Emerald Cove and to say goodbye to Jeff. Angela sneaks out of her house again to see Matt. Segment 3: High Density play their last gig. Matt talks to Angela's parents about him seeing her. Segment 4: Wipeout decides to head on out to Iowa to attend Iowa University.