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Enemy at the Door takes place during World War II in German-occupied Channel Islands and describes the relationship between the German conquerers and the English natives.


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S01E01 By Order of the Fuhrer 21/01/1978 It's June 1940 and the people of Guernsey are preparing for the arrival of the German forces. For some it's too much and they prepare to flee with deadly consequences. Others stay and prepare to fight their own battle at home.
S01E02 The Librarian 28/01/1978 The Germans focus on the 'subversive' publications at the library, confiscating books they deem inappropriate. A scuffle leads to a SS officer becoming injured and Mrs Brown, the librarian, being placed under arrest. Her values and stiff upper lip lead her into deeper trouble.
S01E03 After the Ball 02/02/1978 It is Autumn, 1940. A dance is arranged by the Germans, a propaganda exercise by the SS commander. The plan miscarries and a young soldier is put on trial for his life.
S01E04 Steel Hand from the Sea 11/02/1978 A British landing on occupied Guernsey earlier in the year, starts to go awry almost from the start. The events lead with ruthless logic to violent tragedy.
S01E05 The Laws and Usages of War 18/02/1978 Reconnaissance for an amphibious landing of British forces has been carried out. The assault takes place with unanticipated results. Clive Martel organises a rear-guard action and seeks refuge with friends who have flown.
S01E06 V for Victory 25/02/1978 Winter 1940, during the Nazi Occupation of the Channel Islands. The Kommandant orders a crackdown on civil disobedience. A young boy unwittingly aids the Germans.
S01E07 The Polish Affaire 04/03/1978 Winter 1940. To counteract cold and hunger, the islanders plan to present an Ivor Novello comedy. But echoes of a death in Latvia seven years ago disturb the plans.
S01E08 Officers Of the Law 11/03/1978 For a small Guernsey boy, dangerously ill, a new German drug is a matter of life and death. Dr Martel comes into possession of some of the missing tablets and falls under suspicion. The wily ex-Hamburg policeman Kluge and a local detective sergeant seek to use the situation to their own purpose and succeed.
S01E09 The Jerrybag 18/03/1973 After her father dies Betty takes a job at Nazi headquarters. A romance soon blossoms with one of the soldiers, Erich, and she inevitably becomes pregnant. When Erich is posted to Dresden, Betty fears she will never hear from him again.
S01E10 Treason 25/03/1978 A German General comes to the island on a mission of deadly secrecy. The stealth of his visit is matched by another who arrives at dead of night.
S01E11 Pains and Penalties 01/04/1978 Edward Bree and his mother become pawns in a German scheme to re-site a gun emplacement. Meanwhile, Dr Martel finds himself the unwitting accessory to crime when he offers some advice.
S01E12 The Prussian Officer 08/04/1978 A new adjutant arrives in Guernsey for battle training with his regiment. Hauptmann Manfred von Bulow is a Russian aristocrat who knew Hauptsturm-Fuhrer Reinicke of the Waffen SS in Paris. But when he knows about Reinicke's past results in a death and a duel.
S01E13 The Judgement of Solomon 15/04/1978 A British destroyer has been sunk by a new, fast German torpedo boat. Clare Martel and Peter Porteous are determined to send a picture of the German warship and a plan of its moorings back to London, a scheme which produces unanticipated and grave results.
S02E01 Call of the Dead 05/01/1980 Two years of occupation have eradicated both soldier and islander morale. Unable to forget a haunting incident, Clare Martel finds herself in trouble once again. Major Richter intervenes, but his sympathy is stifled by his colleagues.
S02E02 Reception for the General 12/01/1980 While the islanders starve, the Germans throw a gala for a visiting general. With local rations depleted, businessman Foster-Smythe devises a dangerous plot to steal from the German stockpiles. Meanwhile, Clare Martel's depression becomes self destructive.
S02E03 Angels That Soar Above 19/01/1980 Dr. Philip Martel returns from six months in a war prison but his reunion is soured by Clare's unresponsive condition. The Germans investigate treason in their own ranks, accusing Hauptmann Anders of conspiracy.
S02E04 No Quarter Given 26/01/1980 Renegade Foster-Smythe is ruthless in his defiance of German forces. But when a soldier's recklessness proves fatal, he aligns with two men seeking revenge, serves justice to the Germans, and ultimately escapes the island.
S02E05 Committee Man 02/02/1980 Dr. Martel refuses to rejoin the committee to represent the islanders, even with Major Richter's firm endorsement. When the locals' water supply is cut off, Dr. Martel is forced to once again plead with officials.
S02E06 Post Mortem 09/02/1980 Black marketeer Teddy Lupus benefits greatly from his German deals. When a bitter Peter Porteous returns from prison, he targets Lupus in revenge. A heated confrontation ends with Lupus dead and Porteous is charged with his murder.
S02E07 The Raid 02/02/1980 The German military brass arrives on the tiny island of Sark to survey new air defense equipment. Their tour ends in turmoil when British soldiers launch a surprise attack. The battle to claim the island could lead to a turning point in the war.
S02E08 Jealousy 23/02/1980 An anonymous letter accuses Hertha Clifford of selling contraband cigars from her tea room. Her friend Lieutenant Helmut Wulf is forced to speak against her. Throughout Guernsey, rumors of mass deportation abound.
S02E09 War Game 01/03/1980 The Germans reinstate the Inter-Island Chess Tournament to boost morale. Heated Islander-soldier competition begins on and off the board. The Germans use deceitful tactics, but General Major Muller finds himself facing a worthy opponent.
S02E10 The Right Blood 08/03/1980 Fathered by a German soldier, Betty Ridge's son has suffered horrible discrimination. The boy's uncle, Standartenfuhrer Grunwald, comes to the island to take Eric back to Germany, where he will have a chance for a better life.
S02E11 From a View to a Death 15/03/1980 Russian prisoner of war Kiril Kamerovsky assaults a Nazi guard and escapes, but is harboured by Jenny Glover. Sturmbannfuhrer Reinicke makes a personal commitment to track him down, defying German orders in the process.
S02E12 The Education of Nils Borg 22/03/1980 Swedish reporter Nils Borg uncovers details about prisoners being worked to death at a local camp but refuses to reveal his sources. German propagandist Trudi Engel enlists her femininity to prevent an unflattering story.
S02E13 Escape 29/03/1980 Disorder rocks the island as thieves plunder local farms. Peter Porteus realises that joining the war effort is his only way off Guernsey. By placing his fate in the hands of a suspicious man, Porteous may finally be granted a future.