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Perhaps loosely based on the classic Robert A. Heinlein young adult novel "Farmer in the Sky," Escape from Jupiter is a space adventure television series about a small group of children from a mining colony on Jupiter's moon, Io, who are forced to flee when a volcanic eruption destroys their world. With a few adult survivors, they seek shelter on the derelict space station KL5, floating above Io, convert it into a jerry-rigged spacecraft, and head off in a desperate attempt to reach Earth. They share many adventures and form close friendships on the dangerous journey. Escape from Jupiter concerned a small colony of humans on the moon of Io. Michael has never been to Earth - he was born in space, and has spent most of his time on Io, where his father works for a mining company. Kumiko is a computer genius, is the same age as Michael, and her goal in life is to become a scientist. After one of Io's frequent and destructive volcanoes erupts, destroying the mining colony, a group of f


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Escape from Jupiter

S01E01 Disaster 10/04/1994 Kumiko is unhappy to learn that her holiday is canceled and she must travel to a mining colony on Io with her parents where she doesn't fit in.
S01E02 Trapped 17/04/1994 Violent earthquakes are destroying and destabilising the mines and Kumiko, Michael and Gerard must make a dangerous jorney to escape.
S01E03 Life Boat 24/04/1994 While the adults estimate the damage to the colony and repair the remaining life support systems, the children help with the salvage work.
S01E04 In the Nick of Time 01/05/1994 While the inhabitants of the colony prepare for the evacuation, Anna and Kingston creep into locked areas of the colony, in order to save their belongings.
S01E05 Blast off 08/05/1994 The crew struggle to get the life support system back online. Whilst conflicts between Michael and Gerard cause the system to be damaged further.
S01E06 Temporary Relief 15/05/1994 The crew examine a mysterious computer error that is having dangerous consequences all over the ship.
S01E07 Stake out 22/05/1994 The adults prepare the ship for a complicated flight maneuver at Saturn, in order to rendezvous with a supply ship containing vital fuel. The children become restless, exacerbated by the increased food rationing.
S01E08 Fitness Test 29/05/1994 When Duffy arranges a health check, Kumiko sees this as an opportunity to let Michael and Gerard settle their rivalry once and for all in a match.
S01E09 Asteroids 05/06/1994 KL 5 flies past the Asteroid belt. When the alarm sounds, Kingston fears the worst nevertheless he consents to accompany Anna to a remote point of KL 5 where they can observe the approaching belt.
S01E10 Christmas 12/06/1994 Kingston and Anna are excited by the rapidly approaching Christmas Holiday. The adults however are busy with fuel reserves and making preparations for a rendezvous with an unmanned courier ship.
S01E11 Decoy 19/06/1994 Michael and Kumiko have fallen in love with each other and Kingston decides to give them a hard time. Professor Ingessol meanwhile has installed an SOS radio in the control room, in order to send signals to Eath. Unfortunately the signals activat a global defense satellite system, and the station is attacked.
S01E12 Misfire 26/06/1994 After an explosion the adults try to stabilize the station again, only to discover that they are now dangerously low on fuel.
S01E13 Rescue 03/07/1994 The space station is heading off course towards the sun. The adults try to save the children by placing them in the tug and using it as a life boat.