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Caught up in the turmoil of war-torn countries, chimps frequently become orphans of the bushmeat trade, sold at markets or auctions, according to Animal Planet. Chimps also are caged for entertainment or chained as pets. With only about 150,000 chimps remaining in the wild, the chimpanzee population is being destroyed and the lives of these creatures are being degraded. Eugene Cussons, South African rescue director for Chimp Eden, a sanctuary at the Jane Goodall Institute in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa is the human star of the show. Cussons helps rescue chimps and prepare them for life in the wild, researching the locations of abused and neglected chimps and then either negotiating or forcing them away from their neglectful owners, taking them to the safety of Chimp Eden


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Escape to Chimp Eden

S01E01 Josephine: Race for Life 08/02/2008 Eugene is racing time while awaiting for the owner of a chimp named Josephine to claim her before being put down in Angola. Meanwhile, he rescues two baby chimps that are discovered in appalling conditions.
S01E02 Saving Sampa and Tony 15/02/2008 Eugene waits for test results on two young chimps he was forced to leave in Angola; exploring life at the sanctuary.
S01E03 The Code of Jao 22/02/2008 Eugene risks his life when going into Chimp Eden's kindergarten; 43-year-old Jao watches over the baby chimps, causing a potential danger to Eugene.
S01E04 Trouble with Xena 29/02/2008 Xena threatens the stability of Eugene's relationship with Jao and attacks Eugene every time he goes into the baby enclosure.
S01E05 Angola Girls, Free at Last 07/03/2008 Angola, Mimi, Lika and Gida are free after spending a decade in cages; Eugene tries to protect them from three males.
S01E06 Zac and Jinga: Mystery Chimps 14/03/2008 Eugene rescues mystery chimps Zac and Jinga, believed to be bonobos.
S01E07 A Rough Start for Jinga 21/03/2008 Jinga goes into the enclosure and meets the group; personalities clash and a violent confrontation erupts between Jinga and the male chimps.
S01E08 Eight Babies for Eugene 28/03/2008 Five orphaned chimps are rescued from the Sudan by Eugene, who's wife is seven months pregnant, only to find out there is now seven babies to bring back. Sadly, his visa will only allow five to return with him and now must figure which two to leave behind.
S01E09 Mission Chimpossible: Eugene's Choice 04/04/2008 Eugene is warmly welcomed by the seven baby chimps at the safe house; Eugene must decide which of the babies to leave behind.
S01E10 The Rise of Cozi 11/04/2008 Cozi, the sanctuary's "Jekyll and Hyde" chimp, causes problems.
S01E11 Baby Booming at Chimp Eden 18/04/2008 The five baby chimps Eugene rescued join the other chimps in the infant enclosure.
S01E12 The New Order 25/04/2008 Eugene begins work with a new family group, an assignment which can be dangerous, but if successful it will mean a new phase towards the rehabilitation of the chimps.
S02E01 Tony's Brush with Death 03/04/2009 One of the chimps has a bad reaction to darting.
S02E02 Josephine is the Name, Trouble is the Game, Part 1 10/04/2009 A 13 year old aggressive chimp is hindering her integration into the adult area, and a sudden tragedy is felt all over the camp.
S02E03 Josephine is the Name, Trouble is the Game, Part 2 17/04/2009 Josephine's introduction continues despite the turmoil created by the demise of the group's alpha male.
S02E04 The Family Jao - Cheaper By the Dozen 24/04/2009 Lone visits Orangutan Island on its anniversary; special moments with Chen Chen and Cha Cha.
S02E05 A New Home for Suzie and Lily, Part 1 01/05/2009 Eugene returns to Angola to rescue young females Lily and Suzie.
S02E06 A New Home for Suzie and Lily, Part 2 08/05/2009 Eugene faces several problems during his efforts to bring the chimps to the sanctuary.
S02E07 Josephine's Day Out 15/05/2009 Josephine escapes from the adult enclosure.
S02E08 Zac, The Great Pretender 22/05/2009 Zac, the number 2 male, challenges Jao for the leadership in the family. This showdown was bound to happen someday.
S02E09 Seven Babies for a New Family, Part 1 29/05/2009 Eugene returns to Sudan to pick up seven young chimps at a safe house.
S02E10 Seven Babies for a New Family, Part 2 05/06/2009 Eugene struggles with food shortages, bureaucratic difficulties and seven unruly baby chimps.
S02E11 Life in Quarantine 12/06/2009 The success of a new family group depends on its alpha female, Martha.
S02E12 Chimp Eden Casanova 19/06/2009 Nicky, 12, was expelled from a zoo because he couldn't stay away from an alpha male's favorite females.
S02E13 Tony's Brighter Day 26/06/2009 Tony goes in for a cataract operation.
S02E14 The Rise and Fall of Gida 03/07/2009 Gida struggles for her place in the hierarchy.
S02E15 Moving Day for the Adults, Part 1 10/07/2009 The adult group is moved into a bigger, less controlled enclosure.
S02E16 Moving Day for the Adults, Part 2 17/07/2009 A seemingly minor dust up between Josephine and Jinga sparks a major drama.
S02E17 Growing Pains for the Infants 24/07/2009 Jao's family is moved into the old adult enclosure, which offers more room to explore.
S02E18 The Millennium Family 31/07/2009 The new family leaves quarantine and is released into the empty infant enclosure.
S02E19 The Human Alpha 07/08/2009 Eugene begins his work with the new family group.
S02E20 Eugene Goes Wild 14/08/2009 Eugene heads to the Lekedi Reserve in Gabon where for the first time will meet the chimps in their natural surroundings.

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