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Des agents de la CIA, bénéficiant des dernières technologies, luttent pour assurer la sécurité de la planète.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Espions d'Etat

S01E01 Infidèlement votre 27/09/2001 La CIA découvre l'existence d'un complot contre Fidel Castro ourdi par des opposants cubains. Les agents mettent alors tout en uvre pour protéger le leader communiste lors de sa visite aux Etats-Unis...
S01E02 Dilemme 04/10/2001 Le Directeur Pierce est confronté à une situation difficile : un avion, dans lequel de gros trafiquants de drogue sont supposés voyager, est abattu en Colombie. Mais il s'avère que celui-ci transportait des missionnaires américains. Il doit alors se justifier devant la commission sénatoriale...
S01E03 Révolte en Indonésie 18/10/2001 Des mineurs d'origine américaine sont pris en otages en Indonésie. Matt et ses confrères apprennent que l'événement annonce un coup d'Etat fomenté par le gouverneur local...
S01E04 Une Affaire explosive 25/10/2001 La CIA et le FBI collaborent pour enquêter sur le meurtre d'un ancien espion russe, assassiné dans le New Jersey. La victime aurait dissimulé une bombe nucléaire dans son arrière-cour...
S01E05 Course contre la montre 01/11/2001 Un agent secret a été tué par des hommes d'Al-Qaïda alors qu'il se rendait à son travail. Alertée, la CIA apprend l'imminence d'une attaque terroriste en Europe. Mis sur le coup, l'agent Matt Callan tente de convaincre un diplomate syrien de lui donner des renseignements. Mais celui-ci craint pour la sécurité de ses proches...
S01E06 Menace sur Washington 08/11/2001 Les agents enquêtent sur des terroristes prêts à utiliser de l'anthrax pour anéantir la ville de Washington. Après avoir découvert l'identité du cerveau de l'opération, ils mettent tout en uvre pour l'arrêter avant qu'il atteigne Washington...
S01E07 Closure 15/11/2001 In an effort to learn the truth about his brother's mysterious death, Matt begins piecing together clues and finally forces his superiors to tell him the truth. As Matt begins to gather information about his brother Eric's final mission abroad, he poses painful questions about the mysterious death to his parents and finally forces Jackson, Carl and Director Pierce to explain the circumstances so he can get Eric's body back for a proper burial. Meanwhile, Jackson, Terri and Joshua are working to entrap an Indian Intelligence Bureau double-agent working for his own country against the CIA to acquire a submarine capable of launching nuclear weapons.
S01E08 Nocturne 29/11/2001 The CIA conducts an internal investigation when it suspects Jackson of leaking sensitive information. In order to test Jackson's loyalty to the CIA, Matt and Carl secretly recruit the Persian cellist with whom he is romantically involved to gain information about a terrorist threat at the Yemeni embassy. Meanwhile, Terri must forge a 50-year-old document implicating the CIA in illegal activity involving the Dalai Lama that would prove calamitous for present-day Tibet should it fall into Chinese possession.
S01E09 Rules Of The Game 06/12/2001 When the National Security Agency (NSA) learns of a plot to assassinate the King of Saudi Arabia, Matt and Lisa help track down those involved only to discover that there is a larger terrorist plot in the works. Soon after Matt and Lisa catch the would-be assassins, Israeli intelligence informs the CIA that one of the incarcerated terrorists is their own agent on an undercover mission and requests his safe return. Once Matt arranges this, the Agency discovers that Israeli intelligence has deceived them and the man they released is a link to a terrorist they had been pursuing for years.
S01E10 Deadline 20/12/2001 A ambitious journalist plans to run a career-making story about one of the Agency's great Cold War successes, which will expose and therefore cost the life of a now retired Russian general who risked his life to help Director Pierce and the CIA. The journalist refuses to kill the story, and Director Pierce and his team must do everything they can to protect the Russian, even if it means putting another life in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Terri's estranged husband begins divorce proceedings, and Matt pushes Jackson for answers about his brother's mysterious death.
S01E11 Son Set 17/01/2002 After the young son of a British Intelligence officer is kidnapped and the man fails to report him missing, the CIA and British Intelligence's investigation takes an unusual turn. They learn that the man didn't report his child missing because the kidnappers are Iraqis and he has arranged to trade plans for an Allied invasion of Iraq in exchange for his son's return. Matt and Carl join the investigators in London to ensure that the officer's plan is derailed without losing the boy in the process. Meanwhile, Robert Quinn, who is temporarily replacing Director Pierce, starts implementing changes. Daniel Benzali (""Murder One"") guest stars.
S01E12 The Enemy Within 24/01/2002 After the daughter of the United States Ambassador to Greece is kidnapped by terrorists, Matt and Jackson attempt to track her down. Following the abduction, the CIA reveals to the ambassador that the young woman has actually been working undercover for them for several years. Matt and Jackson think they have successfully rescued her, but then realize they have an imposter and must save the real girl before she is murdered. Meanwhile, Robert uses Lisa to get important information from Patrice, which he turns against her.
S01E13 The Golden Hour 31/01/2002 An assassination attempt on Lisa strikes Matt instead and leaves him hospitalized and fighting for his life. While Robert tries to hide the events from the press, Jackson is forced to work with the chief of counterintelligence to determine who ordered the attack on Lisa and how her position at the CIA was uncovered. Eventually, Lex admits to indirectly blowing Lisa's cover to the assassin and, in the process, unknowingly giving him access to information on Lisa. However, Lex soon redeems himself by leading Robert and Jackson to the terrorist organization behind the shooting. As Matt hangs on to his life by a thread, Lisa contemplates a leave of absence from the CIA.
S01E14 The Gauntlet 07/02/2002 Matt and Terri learn about shipment. The CIA gets a new cheif.
S01E15 Sleeping Dogs Lie 28/02/2002 On his first day as the new Director of the CIA, former Senator Tom Gage is immediately confronted with a high-profile crisis when the Agency is linked to the death of a young Vietnamese man in Washington D.C. As Tom works with Jackson and Carl to learn how the CIA was involved, he discovers that when Robert was acting as the director of the CIA, his secret negotiations with a Middle Eastern prince were directly responsible for the Vietnamese man's murder. Tom must find a way to hide the Agency's involvement without implicating an innocent man for the crime. Meanwhile, Terri runs into a photographer whom she realizes is linked to a radical pro-life group that has bombed abortion clinics.
S01E16 The Plague Year 07/03/2002 The CIA tracks an Algerian suicide bomber as he enters the United States, but they don't realize that he is infected with the smallpox virus.
S01E17 Moo 28/03/2002 Tom and Carl learn that a story about a war crime Tom allegedly committed during his service in Vietnam is about to be revealed in the press and that the source of the story has been found dead. Meanwhile, Matt and Jackson receive word that a visiting Eastern European dictator is near death and they enlist a hooker to help determine how ill he really is. At the same time, Joshua must deal with a museum curator when he accidentally destroys a cow costume that's part of an upcoming exhibit.
S01E18 The Greater Good 04/04/2002 Gage tells Matt to blow up a chemical weapons plant in sudan,even though 100 people work inside.
S01E19 Peacemakers 18/04/2002 The CIA tries to stop nuclear war between to countries.
S01E20 The Understudy 25/04/2002 Justin sells weapons to the mob.
S01E21 Doublecrossover 02/05/2002 After a CIA agent is murdered, the agency joins with the police department of Washington, D.C. to investigate his murder.
S01E22 Finale 09/05/2002 A CIA Agent is taken Hostage.
S02E01 French Kiss 28/09/2002 Agents of the CIA go to France to find Matt's killer. When the Secret Service, CIA, FBI, and INS fail to inform each other, Robert Quinn forms an Incident Response Team to work with the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and INS.
S02E02 Air Lex 05/10/2002 Gage must decide whether a hijacked plane carrying Stiles and Lex should be shot down
S02E03 The Great Game 12/10/2002 Terri, Stiles and Lex oversee the formation of a new Afghan Ministry of Intelligence in Kabul, Afghanistan, where Terri and Stiles' lives are threatened. Meanwhile, Gage deals with a new Afghan Intelligence Minister with a shaky past
S02E04 C.S. Lie 19/10/2002 When a CIA plane crashes in China, the operatives must hide the evidence before it is discovered.
S02E05 The Prisoner 26/10/2002 When Gage discovers that a potential Iraqi defector has been held prisoner in the U.S. for the last 6 years, he authorizes a mission to take the man back to his homeland to identify a weapons site.
S02E06 Home Grown 02/11/2002 The Agency discovers that a suicide bomber responsible for the death of 14 people in an amusment park is an American citizen belonging to a terrorist ring.
S02E07 Heartless 09/11/2002 A blown operation leads to a Senate inquiry into possible wrongdoings at the CIA. The CIA tries to turn a Columbian druglord and terroist into an informant, but the operation goes awry when a DEA officer tips off the police as to the operation causing the deaths of seven people.
S02E08 First Born 16/11/2002 The president's brother is in an accident, which put the CIA in a bind.
S02E09 Thanksgiving 23/11/2002 Ouinn tells everybody stiles is missing now everyone puts their holiday plans on hold to find him.
S02E10 Trust 06/12/2002 Is Gage wanted by the FBI? The agents think so,there about to find what he is really up to.
S02E11 Elite Meat to Eat 14/12/2002 Teri is taken to Stiles to his home. The Incident Response Team heads to Ireland to stop arms dealers.
S02E12 An Isolated Incident 18/01/2003 Stiles and Terri head to the Gaza Strip in search of a U.S. citizen who left America with his wife due to a killing spree at a travel agency.
S02E13 Debbie Does Djakarta 01/02/2003 Just how far will the CIA go to get what it wants? Gage and the team must try and stop an election in Indonesia which puts a terrorist supporter in the run for Pesident. James Graydon a former U.S. President wants to see the election go through nicely.
S02E14 Coventry 08/02/2003 Lex learns that a possible bomb attack may occur in Australia, Gage doesn't want to act because terrorists may another attcak on the U.S.
S02E15 Absolute Bastard 15/02/2003 Stiles heads to west Africa to help former CIA informants and runs into someone he loved.
S02E16 Unholy Alliances 22/02/2003 Gage goes to Israel to help with peace talks.
S02E17 Soft Kills 15/03/2003 Terri,Stiles & Lex must go to Spain to find out why military wives were killed, While Lex, Stiles, & Terri try to stay out of danger.
S02E18 Spy Finance 12/04/2003 Stiles tries to stop a drug dealer from helping terrorists, Can Stiles get the drug dealer to help capture the terrorists?
S02E19 War, Inc 26/04/2003 David Cassidy (Everett Price) who lost his wife on 9/11 hurts the relationship between the U.S. & Saudi Arabia, Now Gage must try and stop anymore missile attacks.
S02E20 Mi Cena con Andrei 03/05/2003 The agency is trying to find out the if the creator of the super virus is guilty because several people have died to the virus having thought to been sold. Stiles travels to Mexico City to see if the scientist is guilty. Stiles needs to find out where the virus is made, Stiles who came to Mexico begins to believe the scientist is innocent. Stiles enters the lab and finds a lot of empty vials. Gage finds out that scientist's records list 75 vials as well as 73 in the lab that don't contain the virus. They believe one of the scientist family members has the vial with the virus. Haisley learns that Stiles and Teri may have the wrong man. Stiles learns the scientist may have been making a vaccine for the virus.
S02E21 Our Man in Korea (1) 10/05/2003 Terri Lowell is about to get a big shock the man she dated in college could be a double agent because his company could be shipping weapons to North Korea (behind his back) his wife is actually doing it. Quinn learns his sister is dying. He has to find her in the car at sunset. Terri and stiles continue try to find the guidance system. Terri learns Brain wants to leave his wife. Caroline quickly finds out and tries to protect him. Quinn finds that his sister killed herself and kisses her goodbye. Terri goes to meet him and finds him dead and his wife may have killed him. Terri is questioned about wether she got bad information.
S02E22 Our Man In Washington (2) 17/05/2003 Terri is thought to be alive after Stiles & Agent Shelton discover her car and watch. Terri is kidnapped to find who Terri told about the double life of Joshua and how Terri found out. Terri still won't let her captors know who she told she then has a bomb hooked to her. Meanwhile Terri learns that Joshua was told to kidnap her and that she should trust him. Haisely then tells Quinn that Joshua may have taken Terri, Quinn finds the information hard to believe and wonders why Mr. Holland didn't say anything. Quinn tells Haisley that 12 years ago (when Quinn was director) He had Joshua feed information to Germany. Gage asks Holland to feed German information to the CIA while still trying to free Terri.
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