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Eugénie Sandler P.I. is an ordinary teenager, worried about the usual things her place in the world, who she is, and what it's like to be fifteen. She also worries about Ray, her private investigator father whose job causes frequent changes of address, or as Eugénie puts it: "Other girls collect CDs; me, it's postcodes!" Then one morning her worries really start! Ray lets drop what sounds like a warning, but before he can explain he disappears, leaving Eugénie to discover that someone wants to kidnap her while others would like her dead. But there's help at hand - Warwick Bedford, a gawky and serious boy from school becomes her ally, and together they set about solving the mystery that surrounds Eugénie's life. AWARDS 2000 AFI Award WINNER: ¢ Best Children's Television Drama (Eugénie Sandler P.I. - Episode 2) 2000 AFI Award NOMINATION: ¢ Best Children's Television Drama (Eugénie Sandler P.I. - Episode 13)


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Eugenie Sandler P.I.

S01E01 Episode One 30/10/2000 Fifteen years have passed since Ray Sandler fled from Versovia with the small baby in the backseat of the car. The past is catching up with Ray and his daughter, Eugénie. Ray disappears and someone is trying to kill Eugénie, but why? Eugénie sets out to find her father and unravel the mystery, with the help of her school friend, Warwick.
S01E02 Episode Two 31/10/2000 Lucky to escape with their lives, Eugénie and Warwick are on the run. Before they can begin to try and find Ray, they must find somewhere safe to stay. Tony, a young street kid, offers to help, and Eugénie and Warwick find themselves embroiled in a racket where kids are taken off the streets and returned to their parents by the Hide and Seek gang.
S01E03 Episode Three 01/11/2000 Eugénie and Warwick find a safe haven at Alloway House. Ray's friends are keen to help, but they are the ones who actually need help. A conman is trying to take over their guesthouse and Eugénie has a plan to get their house back. Warwick decides to go to the Versovian bakery.
S01E04 Episode Four 02/11/2000 Eugénie and Warwick are on the run again - with Detective Gurney hot on their tails. Eugénie goes off in search of the woman in the photograph - hoping it will be her mother. Warwick bumps into Ray and goes off to help him, only to encounter the mysterious foreigners in suits again.
S01E05 Episode Five 03/11/2000 The discovery of the passport and pendant pose more questions than they answer. Hiding at the beach, Eugénie and Warwick trap a couple of thieves, but their heroics put them in the papers and let Detective Gurney know where they are.
S01E06 Episode Six 00/00/0000 Eugénie goes to the passport office hoping to get some answers about her true identity. All she gets are more questions. Gurney tracks her down and this time, he's sure he can kill her.
S01E07 Episode Seven 07/11/2000 Warwick's parents arrive home and it is time for Eugénie to move on. Everyone is looking for her - her father, Detective Gurney, Detective Brady, Slavomir and Davorim. Warwick ends up in hospital when they try to help the street kids who are being stood over by some thugs.
S01E08 Episode Eight 08/11/2000 Eugénie manages to escape from the Versovians. With Warwick in hospital and her father still missing, she has to trust someone. Eugénie tells Detective Teresa Brady the while story. It is time to confront Gurney with his actions.
S01E09 Episode Nine 09/11/2000 Eugénie and Warwick go to Haven Lodge looking for Ray and become involved in a stolen painting racket. Matt Gurney is on the run.
S01E10 Episode Ten 10/11/2000 Ray tells Eugénie the whole story - he is not her father. For ray nothing has changed. He still loves Eugénie as his own. For Eugénie everything is now different. Ray's revelation just poses more unsanswered questions about her origins. But there is no time to ponder, Ray needs her help with a case.
S01E11 Episode Eleven 13/11/2000 While Eugénie is trying to get used to the idea that Angela is her mother, Ray is being held captive by Matt Gurney.
S01E12 Episode Twelve 14/11/2000 Eugénie knows that she is a princess and that Angela is not her mother. She decides to go along with the ruse to find out what the Versovians have planned for her. The danger for Eugénie is far from over and now it comes from those close to her.
S01E13 Episode Thirteen 15/11/2000 Everyone thinks Eugénie's plan to trap Matt Gurney is too dangerous, but she is determined to go ahead with it. And preparations are underway for Versovians to meet their Princess.