Affiche Ever Decreasing Circles
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Martin Bryce (Richard Briers) lives in a quiet suburban close with his wife Anne (Penelope Wilton). He does his best to "organise" the leisure time of all of the other inhabitants of the close, running umpteen societies and doing "good works". He's is quite happy with his lot until Paul Ryman (Peter Egan) moves in next door.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ever Decreasing Circles

S02E01 The Tea Party 00/00/0000 Martin has invited his old friend Mrs. Beardsmore and her friends from the old people's home to tea. Events slide decidedly downhill. Can Martin's improvisations around bingo rescue the day?
S02E02 The Cricket Match 00/00/0000 Martin and his cricket teammates are happily preparing for their next match, when Paul announces that he had played for Cambridge and would like to join in. Can Martin's psyche permit him to let Paul go to bat?
S02E03 A Married Man 00/00/0000 Ann and Martin are planning a dinner party for Paul and his girlfriend. Ann anticipates the event going smoothly, but why is Martin buying up all sorts of obscure apertifs for his dinner guests?
S02E04 Housework 00/00/0000 Ann must go into the hospital for minor surgery and is concerned about the house's upkeep in her absence. Martin insists that he is up to managing on his own, but when things turn for the worse, help comes from an unexpected quarter.
S02E05 Snooker 00/00/0000 Martin has great hopes for winning the upcoming snooker tournament, but his heart sinks when he finds out that Paul is also pointing towards the event. Is there nothing at which Paul cannot be beat?
S02E06 Boredom 00/00/0000 Ann has become quite tired of her stay-at-home existence, but she is not interested in the crafts projects Martin suggests. However, her interest is peaked when Paul offers her a job in his salon. What will Martin have to say to this?
S02E07 The Psychiatrist 00/00/0000 At Paul's party, Ann meets at psychiatrist and believes he may be just the person to help Martin over his hyper-activity. Little known to her, Martin believes that the one needing professional help is Ann.
S02E08 The Party 00/00/0000 Christmas is a bit different this year in the Close. Paul has a few extra house guests and Ann volunteers to look after the overflow.
S04E01 Relaxation 00/00/0000 The stress of seeking total perfection in every aspect of Martin's day-to-day life, and organizing others around him with military precision has finally taken its toll on his nerves. Something has got to be done to make him relax, and soon!
S04E02 Goodbye, Paul? 00/00/0000 Martin finds himself in a difficult position. Paul is going to move out of the area if he can't find suitable premises for his new venture. Martin knows of one which would be beneficial to the elderly owner, but should he tell Paul?
S04E03 Stuck in a Loft 00/00/0000 Hilda and Howard, Martin and Ann rent a country cottage for the weekend. Paul and Sarah come along, and Martin takes the chance to demonstrate his practical knowledge—but he finds his style somewhat cramped.
S04E04 Neighbourhood Watch 00/00/0000 Martin ""co-ordinates"" the neighborhood watch with predictable results.
S04E05 The Footpath 00/00/0000 Martin is incensed when Howard and Hilda are denied their right to use a public footpath by a local farmer. Martin decides to champion their cause and wonders whether he should sort out the whole country's footpath situation in general.
S04E06 Jumping to Conclusions 00/00/0000 The results of Ann's Open University interim test are not very impressive. She is understandably worried and decides that in future it might help to bounce her ideas off someone. Her choice of a study partner causes quite a stir.
S04E07 Half an Office 00/00/0000 Martin suddenly finds out that the Personnel Department's plans to extend their office will threaten his own office space. He decides to say nothing, but events take a strange course.