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Now in its third decade, National Geographic Explorer travels around the world exploring topical news stories. Hosted by Lisa Ling, Explorer visits locations with unique events and fascinating stories.


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S255E01 The Great Indian Railway 19/02/1995 A puffing steam train climbs into the Himalaya, a rolling rumble echoes over the holy waters of the Ganges, an astonishing five million commuters rush daily through the Bombay Victoria Terminus - join National Geographic as we journey on one of the world's largest railways. Since 1853, India's railway has been a unifying force. Not only did it physically link distant regions, it also connected the myriad of castes, languages, and religions that comprise India. It's a rich history, riding the sumptuous Palace on Wheels through Rajasthan or the "toy train" to Darjiing, but sadly, the age of steam is dying. At the Black Beauty contest, the beloved steam engines are admired for the last time. From the driver in the steaming locomotive to the station master in the sleepy village, from the family traveling to a wedding to the commuters in the large cities, this great institution reflects the country itself. Many are the faces, and varied are the stories, on THE GREAT INDIAN RAILWAY. - Written by Jeanne Rawlings (Writer)
S255E02 Arctic Kingdom - Life at the Edge 15/05/1995 Stalk the Arctic ice with the fiercest predator, the polar bear, as it prowls one of the most forbidding places on the planet: a hidden kingdom of magnificent creatures. Armed with a keen sense of smell and backed up by 1,700 pounds, fur and fangs, the polar bear stands alone at the top of the food chain. Yet many other hunters manage to survive in and around harsh Arctic waters from the savvy arctic fox to the massive, whiskered walrus. And when the spring comes to the Artic, there is an extraordinary explosion of life - rarely seen anywhere else on earth. Returning to the fridged waters come some of the world's most unusual beasts, the ghostly white Bulaga Whale, the endangered bowhead whale, the Narwal with its 23-foot tusk. And hidden beneath the violent, shifting ice lies a secret world of strange creatures that patrol dark sea floors on the carcasses of the dead... and each other. The Arctic ice is revealed as a place of danger and drama as animals are stranded on frozen waters, trapped between moving sheets of ice, and caught in the struggle to survive. Brave the worst that nature has to offer.
S255E03 The New Chimpanzees 06/09/1995 Chimpanzees, so like us.....
S255E04 Tigers Of The Snow 05/04/1997 There are only about 300 remaining Siberian Tigers in the wild, restricted to a section of far Eastern Russia, near the coast. Wildlife biologists risk life and limb to track the tiger and research its movements and habits. They sedate the animals so the tigers can be measured and collared. One Russian scientist is shown raising two tigers which he found orphaned as cubs. He keeps the tigers in a cage, then allows the beasts into a fenced forest-like enclosure. The efforts of these scientists are in contrast to those of poachers, who kill the tigers for their pelts, as well as for body parts to be marketed in traditional Chinese medicine.
S255E05 The Secret Life of Cats 01/06/1999 The Secret Life of Cats takes a whimsical but tough look at the darker side of our feline companions and their impact on wildlife throughout the world. From the county parks of Miami to the outback of Australia, domestic cats and their feral cousins are stalking some creatures to the brink of extinction. In the time it takes to watch this film, cats in the US alone will catch as many as 100,000 small mammals and more than 300,000 birds. "It's 9pm. Do you know where your kitty is?"
S255E06 Holy Rock 10/04/2017 Explorer heads to Jerusalem for an exclusive look at the opening of what is believed to be Jesus’ tomb. Plus, world-famous chef Tom Colicchio.
S255E07 Secret War 17/04/2017 The U.S. dropped more than 2 million tons of bombs on Laos from 1964 to 1973 during the Vietnam War. That's equal to a planeload every 8 minutes for 9 years. How does a country recover? New hope for Vietnam War survivors; Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ron Howard; high-tech self-improvement.
S255E08 Upwardly Mobile 24/04/2017 A booming mobile-home market; Japan’s plan to increase population growth; an Iraqi grandmother fighting ISIS.
S255E09 Lawless 01/05/2017 A dramatic look at Mexico’s violent war on drugs, an investigation into Oklahoma’s disappearing cattle, plus actor and activist Mandy Patinkin.
S255E10 The Evaporated People 08/05/2017 In Japan, secretive companies known as "night movers" offers people an escape from shame. Explorer correspondent Bryan Christy travels to Japan to investigate. Plus Host Jeff Goldblum interviews fellow actor Sam Rockwell. Also a team of scientists dive beneath the Antarctic sea ice to study how the global increase in carbon dioxide levels is affecting life in the world's oceans. Tim Samueals takes a trip to Mexico and takes a look at the hottest Peppers.
S255E11 How to Sell an Epidemic 15/05/2017 Join host Jeff Goldblum as Explorer takes you around the globe for an in-depth look at Big Pharma, prescription drugs and the opioid epidemic.
S255E12 Grindr on the Ganges 22/05/2017 Join host Jeff Goldblum as Explorer travels to India to investigate that nation’s laws against homosexuality. Plus, author Stephen Dubner.
S255E13 Yellow Brick Road 29/05/2017 Explorer investigates conflict gold in eastern Congo; host Ted Danson interviews Chelsea Clinton on The Clinton Foundation’s humanitarian efforts.
S255E14 Episode 14 05/06/2017 Host Ted Danson discovers a town in Belgium with a radical approach to mental health. Plus, see why NASA’s newest “star” is a world-famous chef.
S255E15 Cocaine of the Sea 12/06/2017 An investigation of the world's growing illegal-fish trade.
S255E16 Emperors Of The Ice 31/12/2004
S255E17 Born to Rage? 14/12/2010 Many, like ex-punk rocker and special Explorer correspondent Henry Rollins, have struggled with feelings of aggression their entire lives, and NGC is on a mission to figure out why. Scientists are investigating a single gene -- dubbed the warrior gene -- that has been associated with violent behavior, raising the disturbing possibility that some people are Born to Rage. Henry tests this theory on a colorful crew: outlaw bikers, mixed martial arts fighters, monks and former gang members.
S255E18 The Secrets of Christ's Tomb 10/12/2017 In this Nat Geo Explorer Special; we follow world leading experts on a quest to unlock the mysteries surrounding the Tomb of Christ. At the heart of the story a team of leading scientists use the latest scientific techniques to restore the edicule housing the tomb. Scientific tests indicate the remnants of the tomb dates to 4th century - a discovery that could revolutionise what we know about the tomb of Christ.
S255E19 Narco State 13/12/2009 Follow the police as they investigate the latest drug-related kidnapping, uncover marijuana and ambush suspects at a ransom drop-off.
S00E01 Explorer: 25 Years 19/04/2010 The longest-running documentary series in cable television history, honored with nearly 60 Emmys and hundreds of other awards, is celebrating a quarter-century on the air. Hosted by NGC correspondent Lisa Ling, Explorer: 25 Years provides an overview of how the series has covered our changing world, including the first look at the wreckage of the legendary Titanic and the rediscovery of the Afghan woman whose green eyes captivated the world from the cover of National Geographic magazine.
S00E02 Brain Games (1): Watch This! 09/10/2011
S00E03 Brain Games (2): Pay Attention! 09/10/2011
S00E04 Brain Games (3): Remember This! 09/10/2011
S00E05 Big Sur: Wild California 30/03/2010 National Geographic presents a comprehensive view of the spectacular California coastal area known as Big Sur—through the eyes of three intrinsically connected native creatures. Fly with the California condors and capture the panoramic view of Big Sur's many topside layers, and dive with California's sea otters to investigate life below the waves. Then, follow the stealthy mountain lions and see how the scavengers, the key-stone species and this top predator are all critical contributors to Big Sur's unique habitat.
S00E08 Gangland America 00/00/0000 Special to World's Most Dangerous Gang
S00E09 Organised Crime and Gangs 00/00/0000 Special to World's Most Dangerous Gang
S00E10 Gangs In The East 00/00/0000 Special to World's Most Dangerous Gang
S00E11 Gangs In The Midwest 00/00/0000 Special to World's Most Dangerous Gang
S00E12 Gangs In The West 00/00/0000 Special to World's Most Dangerous Gang
S00E13 The Perfect Swarm 00/00/0000
S00E14 American Skinheads 00/00/0000
S00E15 Border Wars 26/03/2008