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S01E01 The Indigo Child and the Coddled Toddler 07/08/2014 In the Premiere Episode, the Adler family practices an "eco-kosher, shamanistic" method of parenting. Mom Shira believes in an all-natural approach to raising her children, especially her 10-year-old indigo son Yonah to help treat his overactive personality. In addition, the Masterson-Horn family has a very hands-on approach to parenting. It took years for this gay couple (the "Guncles" from Oxygen’s Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood) to adopt their precious daughter, Simone, and now they never, ever leave her side.
S01E02 The Wanderers 14/08/2014 Three years ago, Wendy and Tyler got rid of everything they owned and became nomads living out of their SUV. Now that their kids are older, life on the road has lost its charm. While Wendy and the kids long for a place to call home, Tyler fears any change could lead straight back his greatest fear. . .a "normal life."
S01E03 The Smartest, Most Handsome, Best Kid Ever 21/08/2014 Marisa wants her only child, Austen, to be the best at everything, even if it means pushing him to the limit. At four years old, he plays five sports, knows the U.S. Presidents and can write his name. But that’s not enough for his over-achieving mother. Husband Jeff challenges Marisa to face her own fears before pushing Austen any further.
S01E04 The Highly Disciplined Warriors & The Total Package 28/08/2014 Jen and Troi take the jiu-jitsu lifestyle to a whole new level and train their four kids to be highly disciplined "warriors." Darlene Brooks believes you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. With two of her three girls leaving the nest, Darlene turns her full attention to Bianca to "smooth out her rough edges."
S01E05 The Mind Controller & The Body Positive Baby 11/09/2014 Feminist pornographer and artist Madison believes her 2 ½-year-old daughter Emma should know all about sexuality, especially in explicit detail. Her partner James believes she is going too far and some things are inappropriate for their toddler. Meanwhile, Lisa raises her kids using hypnosis. Now, her twin boys are almost 17 and want to take the SATs without being hypnotized.
S01E06 The Everything-on-Demand Baby 18/09/2014 Christian and Nate are "conscious attachment" parents and believe in being their child’s everything. Mom Christian breastfeeds on demand and refuses to vaccinate 16-month-old Ella. She faces a tough decision about whether to intentionally expose Ella to chickenpox.