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The end of the Civil War was near when quite accidentally, A hero who sneezed abruptly seized retreat and reversed it to victory; His medal of honor pleased and thrilled his proud little family group. While pinning it on some blood was spilled and so it was planned he'd command F Troop! Where Indian fights are colorful sights and nobody takes a lickin' When pale-face and red-skin both turn chicken; When drilling and fighting get them down they know their morale can't droop. As long as they all relax in town, before they resume with a bang and a boom, F Troop!


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de F Troop

S01E01 Scourge of the West 14/09/1965 Private Wilton Parmenter gets promoted after leading a charge against the Confederates and receives an assignment as Fort Courage's new commanding officer.
S01E02 Don't Look Now, One of Our Cannon is Missing 21/09/1965 O'Rourke plots to retrieve the cannon he loaned to the Hekawis for use in a festival.
S01E03 The Phantom Major 28/09/1965 A British Major shows the men the advantages of using camouflage to fight Indians.
S01E04 Corporal Agarn's Farewell to the Troops 05/10/1965 Agarn believes he is dying after his medical report is mixed up with that of his horse.
S01E05 The Return of Bald Eagle 12/10/1965 A renegade Indian tries to go straight but finds he can't.
S01E06 Dirge for the Scourge 19/10/1965 Sam Urp, scourge of the west, comes to Fort Courage for a showdown with Parmenter, the Scourge of the West.
S01E07 The Girl From Philadelphia 26/10/1965 Wilton's old girlfriend comes to vie for his affection and to persuade him to return to the East.
S01E08 Old Ironpants 02/11/1965 O'Rourke Enterprise's tries mail order brides while Parmenter is away at command school.
S01E09 Me Heap Big Injun 09/11/1965 Agarn leaves the troop to become an Indian, and turns out to be a better Indian than the entire Hekawi tribe.
S01E10 She's Only a Build in a Girdled Cage 16/11/1965 Dobbs' mother is coming but everyone thinks it is Laura Lee, a dance hall singer to entertain the men.
S01E11 A Gift From the Chief 23/11/1965 Parmenter accidentally saves Wild Eagle's life, and receives a baby as a reward.
S01E12 Honest Injun 30/11/1965 A con man muscles his way into O'Rourke Enterprises by selling worthless land as potential gold mines.
S01E13 O'Rourke vs. O'Reilly 07/12/1965 A beautiful woman almost drives O'Rourke Enterprises out of business when she opens a saloon across the street.
S01E14 The 86 Proof Spring 14/12/1965 Parmenter searches for the Hekawis' whiskey supply, unaware that it is hidden at Fort Courage.
S01E15 Here Comes the Tribe 21/12/1965 The Chief's daughter is kidnapped by a brave from another tribe looking for a wife, and the troop comes to the rescue.
S01E16 Iron Horse Go Home 28/12/1965 The Hekawis sell their land to the railroad and move into Fort Courage.
S01E17 Our Hero, What's His Name? 04/01/1966 Agarn boasts to a girl he's trying to impress that he killed Geronimo, so Geronimo comes after Agarn.
S01E18 Wrongo Starr and the Lady in Black 11/01/1966 A famous jinx comes to town and meets a widow whose four husbands have all died mysteriously.
S01E19 El Diablo 18/01/1966 Agarn's look-a-like Mexican bandit cousin comes to town, and the Corporal must capture him to clear his name.
S01E20 Go For Broke 25/01/1966 Jane's cousin, an inventor, helps Parmenter win a poker game to replace the pension funds lost by O'Rourke.
S01E21 The New I.G. 08/02/1966 The new Inspector General plots to wipe out the Hekawis with a rifle he has invented.
S01E22 Spy, Counterspy, Counter Counterspy 15/02/1966 Agarn is chosen to test a bullet proof vest, but it is stolen when Fort Courage in infiltrated by spies.
S01E23 The Courtship of Wrangler Jane 22/02/1966 O'Rourke, figuring his operations will be more profitable with Wilton away, plays cupid for Wilton and Jane.
S01E24 Play, Gypsy, Play 01/03/1966 Gypsies come and invade Fort Courage.
S01E25 Reunion for O'Rourke 08/03/1966 Agarn arranges a celebration of O'Rourke's 25 years of service in the Army.
S01E26 Captain Parmenter, One Man Army 15/03/1966 The men learn that they are not legally enlisted so they leave and Wilton is forced to man the fort alone.
S01E27 Don't Ever Speak to Me Again 22/03/1966 Just before the troop is to be cited for high morale, a fight breaks out.
S01E28 Too Many Cooks Spoil the Troop 29/03/1966 O'Rourke adds things to the cook's food list in order to pad his pockets.
S01E29 Indian Fever 05/04/1966 Agarn thinks he is crazy when he is the only one to see an Indian.
S01E30 Johnny Eagle Eye 12/04/1966 O'Rourke expects to make money on a young Indian scout in the cavalry sharpshooting contest.
S01E31 A Fort's Best Friend is Not a Mother 19/04/1966 Wilton's mother comes to visit and tries to tell him how to run the fort.
S01E32 Lieutenant O'Rourke, Front and Center 26/04/1966 O'Rourke enterprises is in trouble when O'Rourke gets promoted to officer.
S01E33 The Day the Indians Won 03/05/1966 The peaceable Hekawis are ordered to go on the warpath by the Council of Indian Nations.
S01E34 Will the Real Captain Try to Stand Up? 10/05/1966 The town drunk poses as Captain to impress his visiting daughter.
S02E01 The Singing Mountie 08/09/1966 A mountie is after the burglar of Banff, whom he believes is Agarn's look-a-like French Canadian cousin, Lucky Pierre Agarniere.
S02E02 How to be F Troop Without Really Trying 15/09/1966 Everyone except Agarn is transferred, and he must train G Troop whose recruits turn out to be worse than F Troop.
S02E03 Bye, Bye, Balloon 22/09/1966 A Prussian balloonist comes to the Fort to inspect prospective personnel.
S02E04 Reach for the Sky, Pardner 29/09/1966 The bank wants to repossess the saloon when O'Rourke's payroll is stolen, so Agarn and O'Rourke volunteer to guard the next one.
S02E05 The Great Troop Robbery 06/10/1966 A phony medicine man tries to blame his thefts on Agarn when Agarn suffers a temporary memory loss.
S02E06 The West Goes Ghost 13/10/1966 O'Rourke Enterprises takes over a haunted ghost town, expecting to get rich when the railroad comes through.
S02E07 Yellow Bird 20/10/1966 The daughter of a mining tycoon, kidnapped and raised by Indians, takes a liking to Wilton.
S02E08 The Ballot of Corporal Agarn 27/10/1966 Agarn is to cast the deciding absentee vote in a hometown election.
S02E09 Did Your Father Come from Ireland? 03/11/1966 O'Rourke's visiting father turns the town into Little Ireland while the Sergeant is on vacation.
S02E10 For Whom the Bugle Tolls 10/11/1966 O'Rourke needs to distract a visiting colonel who enjoys bugle calls, but the trouble is that Dobbs is the army's worst bugler.
S02E11 Miss Parmenter 17/11/1966 Wilton's husband-hunting sister goes after Dobbs, and also assists in Wild Eagle's appendectomy.
S02E12 La Dolce Courage 24/11/1966 An Italian suitor challenges Agarn when Agarn goes after his beloved.
S02E13 Wilton the Kid 01/12/1966 Capt. Parmenter's evil twin Kid Vicious has been robbing banks.
S02E14 The Return of Wrongo Starr 08/12/1966 Wrongo gets mixed up with a goat and some dynamite when Parmenter assigns him as a guard.
S02E15 Survival of the Fittest 15/12/1966 Parmenter and Agarn go on a wilderness survival test with only a knife, a canteen, and the new Army survival manual.
S02E16 Bring on the Dancing Girls 22/12/1966 O'Rourke tries to get even with a blackmailer who took over the saloon.
S02E17 The Loco Brothers 00/00/0000 Two renegade Indians trap Parmenter and hold him hostage, but just want some company.
S02E18 From Karate with Love 00/00/0000 A samurai is looking for a Japanese girl.
S02E19 The Sergeant and the Kid 00/00/0000 O'Rourke must talk a runaway 10-year-old boy out of joining the cavalry.
S02E20 Where Are You Doing after the Massacre? 00/00/0000 A 147-year-old Indian comes back to take over all of America, and begins by trying to starve the troop into surrender.
S02E21 A Horse of Another Color 00/00/0000 Wilton wants to capture a wild stallion to impress Wrangler Jane, but O'Rourke wants to sell it to the circus..
S02E22 V is for Vampire 00/00/0000 A Transylvanian Count that everyone thinks is a vampire is believed responsible for the disappearance of Wrangler Jane.
S02E23 That's Show Biz 00/00/0000 Agarn leaves to manage a rock group called the Bedbugs, which is somewhat ahead of its time.
S02E24 The Day They Shot Agarn 00/00/0000 Agarn faces a firing squad after everyone believes he killed Sgt. O'Rourke.
S02E25 Only One Russian is Coming! Only One Russian is Coming! 00/00/0000 Agarn's look-a-like Russian Cossack cousin, Dmitri Agarnoff, comes to town and falls for Wrangler Jane, making Wilton jealous.
S02E26 Guns, Guns, Who's Got the Guns? 00/00/0000 Parmenter goes undercover to find out who is selling guns to the Apaches after a colonel lets him know that someone in F Troop is a traitor.
S02E27 Marriage, Fort Courage Style 00/00/0000 Their dreams of what could happen make Agarn and O'Rourke anxious to rescue Parmenter from a marriage broker.
S02E28 Carpetbagging, Anyone? 00/00/0000 F Troop faces eviction when a rich carpetbagger comes to town, so they stage an Indian raid to prove they're still needed.
S02E29 The Majority of Wilton 00/00/0000 When Parmenter catches a cold the day before his examination for promotion to major, his friends rush to his bedside with their homespun remedies.
S02E30 Our Brave in F Troop 00/00/0000 Wild Eagle has a toothache, so O'Rourke sneaks him into the Fort to see a visiting dentist, where he has to pretend to be a member of the troop when he attracts the attention of a visiting general.
S02E31 Is This Fort Really Necessary? 00/00/0000 An efficiency expert comes to Fort Courage, with the authority to close it down.