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F (エフ Efu ?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Noboru Rokuda about a country boy who fulfills his dream by racing in a Formula One car


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de F

S01E01 Formula 1 Dream! I'm the Fastest in the World!! 09/03/1988
S01E02 The Idiot's Resolution: I'm Goin' to Tokyo... 16/03/1988
S01E03 Dear Tamotsu! There Are a Lot of Beautiful Girls in Tokyo! 23/03/1988
S01E04 Double-dealing His Friendship: Still His Dream Is to Be the Best in the World! 13/04/1988
S01E05 Junko's Private Lesson! Now I've Got My License 20/04/1988
S01E06 Junko's Love! He's the Guy Who Saw the Limit of Speed 11/05/1988
S01E07 The Wandering Young Woman Yuki... 18/05/1988
S01E08 Clash! Gunma vs. Hijiri! The Accelerators Cry! 25/05/1988
S01E09 I Am a Genius! Gunma's Knockout Drive!! 01/06/1988
S01E10 Gunma's in a Pinch! Rival Hiziri Approaches Tamotsu 08/06/1988
S01E11 The Storm of Tsukuba Circuit, Another Genius Appears 22/06/1988
S01E12 The Blaze of Elimination Matches! Aim for the Pole Position! 29/06/1988
S01E13 Finally a Decisive Match! Gunma vs. Hiziri, the Ultimate Dead Heat 06/07/1988
S01E14 Goodbye, Gunma! Rival Hiziri Announces His Step-up to Formula 3 20/07/1988
S01E15 Tokyo Is Blown Away! Gunma's Secret Part-time Operations 27/07/1988
S01E16 Gunma Returns Home! He Learns and Unbelievable Secret 03/08/1988
S01E17 Farewell Hometown! Gunma Runs Towards Tomorrow! 10/08/1988
S01E18 Tamotsu Is Shaken! Hiziri Conceals a Horrible Secret 17/08/1988
S01E19 He Really Is a Genius? Gunma Runs Amok 31/08/1988
S01E20 Short Lived First Victory! Tamotsu's Betrayal 21/09/1988
S01E21 Desert-colored heart? Gunma Makes His Second Start Alone 28/09/1988
S01E22 Has Tamotsu Returned? Gunma's Dramatic Change 21/10/1988
S01E23 Gunma vs. Hiziri!! I Am the Champ! 28/10/1988
S01E24 Gunma's Winning Everything! Finally, an Invitation to F-3... 04/11/1988
S01E25 Gunma Also Gives Up? The Tomboy Rides an F-3 11/11/1988
S01E26 Just before the F3 Debut Gunma's Visited by the Black Devil's Hand 18/11/1988
S01E27 Gunma's License Is Taken by Force, He Can't Run! 25/11/1988
S01E28 Hiziri's Disease Creeps Closer, But I Am not Afraid of Death 02/12/1988
S01E29 Gunma Draws the Line! A Man Shouldn't Depend on the Enemy's Compassion 09/12/1988
S01E30 Gunma vs. Hiziri! Final Countdown 16/12/1988
S01E31 Farewell Gunma! Rise Fastest Man in the World!! 23/12/1988

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