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« Face Off », une compétition américaine inédite où 12 candidats passionnés de maquillage et d’effets spéciaux vont devoir explorer les limites de leur art et de leur imagination. Chaque semaine, ils seront confrontés à des épreuves hors du commun: imaginer un extra terrestre ou un zombie, transformer un homme en femme ou encore modifier leur propre apparence. Malika Ménard présentera cette compétition. Le jury est composé de 3 grands noms d’Hollywood: Ve Neill, triple gagnante de l’Oscar des meilleurs maquillages (Pirates des caraïbes, Edward aux mains d’argent); Glenn Hetrick, concepteur des effets spéciaux de « Buffy contre les vampires » et Patrick TatoPoulos, directeur artistique et réalisateur (Underworld, Independance Day). Le gagnant repartira avec 100 000$ et un an de produits de maquillage.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Face Off

S02E01 Retour à Oz 11/01/2012 Fourteen aspiring makeup artists face off in the Season 2 premiere, which has them re-imagining characters from "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".
S02E02 Water World 18/01/2012 The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is visited ahead of a challenge in which the contestants must make waterproof creature makeup.
S02E03 Bouge ton corps 25/01/2012 A nude body painting challenge unfolds as the contestants try to make an album cover for hip-hop star (and guest judge) Asher Roth.
S02E04 Terreurs nocturnes 01/02/2012 A late-night call summons the contestants to an abandoned hospital in Los Angeles. When they arrive they each get to choose an obscure phobia to use as the basis for creating a monster.
S02E05 Beautés Fatales 08/02/2012 The team competes in a trauma wound foundation contest then return to the lab, which has been transformed into a jungle, and discover they'll be studying live animals to create something beautiful but deadly.
S02E06 Triple Menace 15/02/2012 For the foundation challenge, the contestants must debeautify attractive models,.make triplets appear to be at different stages of their elderly lives.
S02E07 Langage extraterrestre 22/02/2012 This week, aliens are the artists' focus and guest judge Star Trek Next Generation's LeVar Burton helps out.
S02E08 Burtonesque 29/02/2012 Creating a new character from an ordinary occupation for a Tim Burton film.
S02E09 Dinoplastie 07/03/2012 The five remaining contestants participate in a double-elimination event to create a human-dinosaur hybrid to determine which of them will go to the finale.
S02E10 L' ultime épreuve spotlight 14/03/2012 The finalists must each create three original characters from a specific movie genre who will perform a choreographed-dance routine at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA.
S03E01 Que la force soit avec vous 21/08/2012 Sean Astin greets the contestants, who are challenged to create original aliens for the “Star Wars” cantina scene in the Season 3 opener.
S03E02 Coffre au trésor 28/08/2012 The contestants must create an original pirate character "who has become one with the sea".
S03E03 L'année du dragon 04/09/2012 The Chinese New Year is the theme as the contestants create dragon makeup for performers doing an acrobatic dance routine.
S03E04 Alice au pays des zombies 11/09/2012 The contestants create zombie makeup for characters from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Director Paul W.S. Anderson serves as a guest judge.
S03E05 Cylindrées et super-héros 18/09/2012 The contestants create makeup for superheroes and their sidekicks after getting inspiration from some astonishing vehicles. Kevin Smith is a guest judge.
S03E06 Proportions exagérées 25/09/2012 The artists take inspiration from the video game Dishonored when creating characters with exaggerated features for the challenge.
S03E07 Rebondissement monstrueux 02/10/2012 The competing artists are tasked with creating original movie monsters based on sketches done by children. And a new twist changes everything
S03E08 Les créatures du Dr Seuss 09/10/2012 The competing artists use makeup to create looks inspired by Dr. Seuss' "Sleep Book," which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.
S03E09 Cyborg recyclé 16/10/2012 Material from a junkyard must be used in a cyborg challenge.
S03E10 Scène de crime 23/10/2012 The NBC series "Grimm" inspires the makeup created by the competing artists.
S03E11 Ennemis immortels 30/10/2012 The remaining three artists are tasked with creating Halloween-themed characters, which they then must have perform in a choreographed stunt show.
S03E12 Les résultats 31/10/2012 Viewers choose the Season 3 winner, who will be announced during the finale in Los Angeles. Also: The eliminated artists reunite.
S05E00 00/00/0000
S05E01 Objectif : La victoire 13/08/2013 Eight newcomers take on eight former contestants as each team creates a series of hyper-stylized fantasy characters.
S05E02 Frankenstein du futur 20/08/2013 The contestants must make a far-future monster.
S05E03 Comptines... 27/08/2013 A mini-challenge inspired by the demon in "Insidious;" the contestants create a modern twist to a Mother Goose character.
S05E04 Terreur souterraine 03/09/2013 Artists explore tunnels in search of clues.
S05E05 Mère nature 10/09/2013 Artists use elements from an arboretum and their own mothers to create Mother Nature goddesses.
S05E06 Des bonbons ou un sort 17/09/2013 The artists are asked to incorporate a gag element to their designs.
S05E07 Art vivant 24/09/2013 The artists must create characters that could live within iconic art movements.
S05E08 Le cirque de l'espace 01/10/2013 Artists are faced with creating dark and sexy alien circus characters for an out-of-this-world performance.
S05E09 Péchés capitaux 08/10/2013 The artists learn they must each create a character that embodies one of the seven deadly sins.
S05E10 La nuit des morts-marrants 15/10/2013 Arriving at the famous Laugh Factory comedy club, the artists are tasked with creating an original ghost character that is funny and scary.
S05E11 Magie noire 22/10/2013 At Kenneth Hahn Park, the artists are asked to choose magical Norse runes to inspire a dark elf warrior character.
S05E12 Vols imaginaires 29/10/2013 The contestants create original human-bird hybrids for the penultimate Spotlight Challenge.
S05E13 Le lac des cygnes 05/11/2013 The artists must create a sorcerer and swan for a special performance of "Swan Lake" by the Los Angeles Ballet.
S05E14 Le top 20 du jury 12/11/2013 The Face Off judges count down the Top 20 make ups from five seasons of "Face Off", and reveal their picks for the funniest, most surprising, and ambitious designs.
S06E01 La belle et la (sexy) bête 14/01/2014 Season 6 begins with 15 contestants taking on the task of creating beasts to be paired with beauties.
S06E02 Conspiration cosmique 21/01/2014 The challenge is to create out-of-this-world alien creatures that are afflicted with interplanetary ailments.
S06E03 Le souffle du dragon 28/01/2014 Dragon makeups are created by the 13 remaining artists for the season's first individual Spotlight Challenge.
S06E04 Dieux de la guitare 04/02/2014 The artists work in teams to create rockers who are literally at one with their electric guitars.
S06E05 Tapi dans l'ombre 11/02/2014 The contestants create monsters based on silhouettes given to them by the producers.
S06E06 Qui a peur des Cryptides ? 18/02/2014 Today the artists take inspiration from a swamp and make cryptids.
S06E07 Sésame, ouvre-toi ! 25/02/2014 The remaining contestants have to create a wizard inspired look with wands on hand to provide further inspiration.
S06E08 Escapade japonaise 04/03/2014 The lucky contestants arrive in Tokyo and dive into the beauty, excitement, and magic of the city in places like the hectic Shibuya district, sensual fish markets, and serene city gardens. In one of these, Rikugien Garden, they meet their Foundation Challenge, as well as one of the makeup industry's heroes, Kazuhiro Tsuji.
S06E09 Médecine de folie 11/03/2014 When the contestants walk into the lab, it's completely transformed into a different kind of lab, one that a mad scientist might use to transform a human guinea pig into a grotesque monster. McKenzie allows them to choose an antique medical (torture) device to best create their "experiment", from a trephine to an embalming pump.
S06E10 Bienvenue dans le monde de Roald Dahl 18/03/2014 To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the artists will be creating their very own visions of Roald Dahl creatures that have never before been seen onscreen: Hornswogglers, Snozzwangers, Vermicious Knids, and Whangdoodles - all predators of the dear, sweet, oompa-loompa. Filmmaker (and daughter of Roald Dahl) Lucy Dahl gives the artists some key thoughts on how to make a creature that would survive and thrive in her father's world: Make them whimsical, scary, and the extreme expression of whatever characteristic they embody. She'll be back to see their final creations at the reveal stage!
S06E11 Mutation génétique 25/03/2014 The artists must create original mutants.
S06E12 Révolution industrielle 01/04/2014 Los Angeles Union Station inspires the artists before they create futuristic robots tailored to specific professions.
S06E13 Suceurs de sang 08/04/2014 Who's the best monster in the world? The vampire, of course! And that's exactly who the artists get to make this week. And since this is Face Off, it's not going to be easy: each artist chooses, at random, the name of a vampiric character from another culture. They must create their interpretation of these worldwide myths, as well as add an extra killing feature not usually associated with vampires.
S06E14 Au loup ! 15/04/2014 The four remaining artists compete for a spot in the finale by creating werewolf rivals for their vampire characters.
S06E15 Corps célestes 22/04/2014 The remaining contestants have to create two dancing aliens who are able to perform without breaking.

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