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Dans le pays de Fiore, il existe parmi le commun des mortels des hommes et des femmes qui manipulent la magie : ils sont appelés des mages. Pour mieux les contrôler, des guildes ont été créées et mises sous la responsabilité du conseil des mages. Outre la nécessité de contrôle des mages, ce réseau a une autre utilité, en effet il permet de fournir un large choix de mages au client, et un large choix de missions au mage par le biais des avis. Parmi toutes ces guildes, une en particulier fait beaucoup parler d'elle : bien sûr par les actes réalisés par ses membres, mais aussi (et surtout) pour les dégâts collatéraux provoqués par ces mêmes membres à chaque mission qu’ils effectuent. Cette guilde s’appelle Fairy Tail. L'histoire se focalise notamment sur les missions effectuées par l'une des équipes de mages de Fairy Tail, composée de Natsu, Lucy et Happy, auxquels viendront se greffer assez rapidement Erza et Grey.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fairy Tail

S01E01 Fairy Tail 12/10/2009 Lucy, une jeune mage rencontre Natsu et son chat Happy : l'aventure commence pour nos héros.
S01E02 Dragon de Feu, Singe et Taureau ! 19/10/2009 Lucy réalise à l'aide de Natsu et Happy sa 1ère mission en tant que membre de la guilde de Fairy Tail.
S01E03 Infiltration ! Le manoir Evaro ! 26/10/2009 Lucy se transforme en une magnifique serveuse afin de mener a bien sa mission qui consiste à détruire le "Day Break", livre écrit par le pére de Kaby Melon.
S01E04 Cher Kaby 00/00/0000 Lucy, Natsu and Happy retrieve the book from the mansion, but Lucy cannot bring herself to destroy the book that they have taken the assignment to destroy. What is in the book to prevent her from wanting it destroyed?
S01E05 Le mage à l'armure 09/11/2009 Natsu and Lucy start looking for a new job to take, but just then Erza, the strongest female member in all of Fairy Tail, returns. She's so powerful all the other people in Fairy Tail are scared stiff, and she immediately asks Natsu and Gray to come help her on a mission. Lucy tags along to keep the two of them from fighting, and on the train Erza tells the story of how she learned of the evil plans of Eisenwald, a Dark Guild, and how she intends on stopping them. But can the four of them really take on an entire guild by themselves?
S01E06 Les fées dans le vent 16/11/2009 Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Happy, and Gray follow the Eisenwald Guild to try and stop them from using the Lullaby, a flute that when played will drain the life out of anyone that hears it. They find them but are lured into a trap set by none other than the Eisenwald leader, Erigor. Can they escape the trap and stop him before he completes his fiendish plan?
S01E07 Les flammes et le vent 00/00/0000 Natsu, Erza, Gray, Lucy and Happy are trapped in the railroad station by an impenetrable wind barrier created by Erigon. Can they find a way to escape and stop him before he can carry out his plan to destroy the Guild Masters?
S01E08 La plus puissante des équipes 00/00/0000 Natsu caught up to Erigor after breaking through the magic wind wall, but Natsu's flames aren't able to dent Erigor's perfectly controlled wind! Happy figures out wind's weakness, however, and Natsu uses his Dragon Slayer magic to stage a sudden comeback! After Lucy and the others arrive, everything would seem to be safe, but Kage suddenly takes back the flute and heads towards the Guild Masters! It's just one setback after another; can they ever truly stop the lullaby?
S01E09 Natsu, mange le village 07/12/2009 Natsu and the others get lost in the depths of Clover Canyon, a great natural labyrinth, on the way back from stopping the dark guild Eisenwald's evil schemes. They stumble upon a suspicious looking village, but don't care as long as they find something to eat! Food comes first! Moving houses, galloping chairs, whatever! As long as they're edible! But this village holds a secret truth...
S01E10 Natsu vs. Erza 00/00/0000 What a battle! Natsu vs. Erza!! The flames of a Dragon Slayer vs. the armored Fairy Queen! Fairy Tail is expecting fireworks; this guild settles things with their fists! Natsu's all fired up and doesn't give an inch to Erza, but just then... A messenger shows up from the council talking about illegal actions during the Eisenwald incident, and he has an arrest warrant for Erza?!
S01E11 L'île maudite 21/12/2009 S class quests... Requests so dangerous only wizards that the master gives permission to go on them. And yet, Natsu, Lucy and Happy go off on one of these S class quests on their own without permission! They head out to "Galuna, the cursed island," and it turns out the people there are turning into demons from the evil spell of the moon! They learn that there is only one way to undo the curse, and that's to destroy the moon itself! But how in the world are they going to complete a request to "destroy the moon?"
S01E12 Goutte de Lune 00/00/0000 Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Happy uncover a plot to release a demon that wrecked havoc years ago and was only stopped by Gray's former teacher who sacrificed herself to seal away the beast. They meet up with the wizards responsible and a fight breaks out between Gray and a masked wizard who turns out to be Lyon, a person from Gray's past. Meanwhile, Erza makes her way to the island.
S01E13 Natsu vs. Yûka 'La Vague !' 11/01/2010 In order to protect the village, Natsu faces off against a new foe, Yuka, who is confident that Natsu will lose to him. Lucy also faces off against a wizard that seems to have her at a big disadvantage...
S01E14 Fais ce que tu veux ! 18/01/2010 Erza has arrived on Galuna Island and her only reason to be there is to return everyone to Fairy Tail for punishment, but Gray refuses to leave and is determined to finish his fight with Lyon.
S01E15 Magie éternelle 00/00/0000 Gray flashes back to when he first met his teacher and how she changed his life.
S01E16 La bataille finale de l'île de Galuna 01/02/2010 Gray is about to use the Iced Shell magic on Lyon to permanently imprison him in ice like Deliora and Natsu must face off against a mysterious foe that uses Lost Magic. Gray considers sacrificing himself to stop Lyon while Natsu battles a mysterious new foe.
S01E17 Destruction 00/00/0000 The demon, Deliora, has been released! Natsu, Erza, Gray, and Lucy try to stop the demon but it turns out there is no need. Erza, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Happy's then turn their attention to helping the villagers.
S01E18 Atteins-la ! Vers le ciel ! 15/02/2010 Erza recruits Natsu to help her "destroy the moon" as Lucy and Gray look on with disbelief with the rest of the villagers. Afterward Erza reminds Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Happy of their impending punishment!
S01E19 Changement 00/00/0000 Natsu finds a strange looking request on the job board and when he says the words on the paper, he, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Happy, and Loke all switch bodies.
S01E20 Natsu et l'œuf de dragon 00/00/0000 This episode takes us back to when Happy and Natsu first met and when Lisanna was still apart of the gang.
S01E21 Phantom Lord 08/03/2010 Fairy Tail is attacked by Phantom Lord and at first it is just their building, but when some of the Fairy Tail members are brutally attacked, Makarov declares war. While Fairy Tail attacks Phantom Lord's Gajeel waits for Makarov to leave to fight.
S01E22 Lucy Heartfilia 00/00/0000 Gajeel starts fighting and ends up in a fight with Natsu. Makarov fights with Phantom Lord Wizard, Jose, and being cathed in one of the Element 4 Magic. He loses his magic power and Fairy Tail army leaves the Phantom Lord. Lucy is rescued from the Phantom Lord guild by Natsu.
S01E23 15 minutes 00/00/0000 Fairy Tail cures its wounds, whilst Phantom Lord appears in Magnolia. Erza is defeated by one of the most powerful magic force - the magic cannon Jupiter. Jose wants to get back Lucy, but Fairy Tail's guys aren't going to just her over. Magnolia has 15 minutes before Jupiter will fire second time. Natsu rushes into the big cannon of Phantom Lord.
S01E24 Pour ne pas voir tes larmes 29/03/2010 Natsu, Gray, and Elfman have infiltrated Phantom Lord's headquarters. Although Natsu manages to destroy Jupiter and the lookout somehow, Phantom has yet another trump card! Incredibly, the guild itself transforms into the magical giant Phantom Mk II, and starts casting the forbidden magic Abyss Break trying to wipe out the entire guild at once. With no time to spare,Monsieur Sol a member of the Element 4 appears before Elfman!
S01E25 La fleur qui s'épanouit sous la pluie 00/00/0000 Elfman crushes Sol of the Land, one of the Element 4! Afterwards, the Phantom Mk II seems to slow down for some reason. That's because the giant moves using the power of the Element 4. If all of the Element 4 are defeated, they can stop Abyss Break! There are only two left! Natsu faces off against Aria of the Heavens and Gray faces off against Juvia of the Deep! There's almost no time left until Abyss Break is finished casting!
S01E26 Les ailes du feu 19/04/2010 Natsu battles against the strongest member of the Element 4, Aria. Just when things are looking grim, Erza shows up. Aria gets serious and unleashes his full power by taking off his blindfold. Meanwhile Loke goes to rescue Lucy from Gajeel who has started attacking her for fun. Erza makes short work of Aria, but Jose shows up, whose evil magic is more than a match for Erza in her weakened state.
S01E27 Les deux Dragon Slayers 26/04/2010 Natsu finally faces off against Gajeel in an all out battle.
S01E28 Fairy Law 00/00/0000 Makarov regains his powers and goes to aid in the fight against Phantom. He and Jose face off in a high-level magic battle.
S01E29 Ma Résolution 00/00/0000 The fighting ends, with the help of Fairy Law; after the battle between Natsu and Gajeel, they find they may have more in common than they realized. Will this bring the two enemies closer? Lucy returns to the guild to apologize, and decides to return home to her father. Natsu, Erza, Happy and Grey find her note and follow her. Dressed in fancy clothes and having endless servants as her disposal... will Lucy decide to stay and never return to Fairy Tail again?
S01E30 Prochaine génération 00/00/0000 There seems to be a problem with the Master. Is his age finally catching up to him?
S01E31 L'étoile qui ne pouvait retourner dans les cieux 24/05/2010 Loki has been acting weird, especially around Lucy. He broke up with all his girlfriends and seems to be dying. Lucy then figures it out, the star that cannot return to the heavens. Loki is stuck on Earth?
S01E32 Le roi des Esprits Stellaires 00/00/0000 Continuing from the previous cliffhanger, Loki is found out to be celestial spirit. He's trapped on earth because he unintentionally killed his contract holder, a grand rule for celestial spirits. Lucy tried to save him, but will it work? The appearance of the Spirit King then brings more trouble!
S01E33 La Tour du ciel 07/06/2010 Pendant les vacances au Kingdom's best resort, Erza semble être hanté par des bribes de son passé. Elle et Happy sont enlevés et emmenés à la Tour du Paradis de Gerard. Natsu et les autres vont-ils pouvoir les sauver? Qu'est-ce que la Tour du Paradis et quel est le rapport avec le passé d'Erza?
S01E34 Gerard 00/00/0000 C'est le commencement d'une grande bataille. Le passé d'Erza commence à remonter. Les secrets de la sombre Tour du Paradis et de son R-system vont être révélés!
S01E35 Une voix dans l'obscurité 28/06/2010 Les révélations continuent : Pourquoi et comment Erza est devenu une mage de tallent? Ce qui leur est arrivé à elle et Gerard dans leur enfance resurgit
S01E36 Jeu du Paradis 05/07/2010 De nouveaux ennemis apparaissent et les pions sont en place sur l’échiquier de Gerard. Le passé et les sombres évènements de la revolte passée continuent à remonter à la surface et influent sur les décisions de chacun. Lucy et Juvia sont prises au piège face à un ennemis redoutable pendant que Natsu fait face à un drôle d'oiseau. Qui remportera cette partie?
S01E37 L'armure du cœur ! 12/07/2010 La révolte continue et les ennemis s'avèrent plus coriace que prévu. Lucy est forcée à combattre Juvia alors que Natsu s'est fait mangé... La bataille s'annonce mal pour l'équipe de Fairy Tail. Gray se remémore l'arrivée d'Erza à Fairy Tail alors qu'elle est enfermé dans la carte de Sho.
S01E38 Destinée ! 00/00/0000 Gray a fini le travail de Natsu alors que, convaincu par les arguments de Sieg, le conseille magique se prépare à détruire la Tour du Paradis en utilisant une arme surpuissante et mortelle : Etherion. Pendant ce temps, Erza va faire face à une épéiste redoutable avant de pouvoir s'avancer seule vers Gerard.
S01E39 Une prière pour la lumière sainte 26/07/2010 Seuls Natsu, Erza et Gerard sont restés dans la Tour du Paradis alors que la frappe d'Aethérion s'abat sur eux !
S01E40 La chute de la reine des fées 02/08/2010 Natsu vs. Gerard ! Alors qu' Erza est à bout de forces …
S01E41 Home 09/08/2010 L'Episode de la Tour du Paradis se termine, les chemins d'Erza et de ses amis se séparent à nouveau ... Pour Natsu et les autres, il est temps de découvrir la nouvelle guilde …
S01E42 La bataille de Fairy Tail 16/08/2010 Alors que Magnolia se prépare pour la Fête des Moissons, Fairy Tail s'organise pour la parade annuelle, "Fantasia", le clou du spectacle du festival ! Lucy, toujours à court d'argent pour son loyer, décide de tenter sa chance au concours Miss Fairy Tail ... Mais l'ambiance va vite changer ...
S01E43 Attaque ton ami pour le sauver 23/08/2010 La Bataille de Fairy Tail, le jeu cruel mis en place par Luxus obligeant tous les mages à se battre entre eux fait des ravages dans toute la ville ... Tous ? Non, car bizarrement Natsu ne peut pas sortir de la guilde !
S01E44 Le palais de la foudre 30/08/2010 Erza est de retour ! Elle est bien décidée à mettre fin à ce jeu stupide. Prends garde à toi, Luxus ! Mais ce dernier aussi a plus d'un tour dans son sac : il dévoile une technique destructrice, Le Palais de la Foudre ! Et sa cible est la ville de Magnolia !
S01E45 L’avènement de Satan 06/09/2010 Le temps presse avant que la foudre ne s'abatte sur la ville et sur ses habitants ! Alors que de nombreux combats se poursuivent, qui aurait pu prévoir les ondes maléfiques qui vont fondre sur Fried ?!
S01E46 Catastrophe à la cathédrale de Kaldia 13/09/2010 Erza et Natsu cherchent désespérément Luxus pour l'arrêter ... Luxus est dans la Cathédrale de Kaldia, où il est découvert par le plus mystérieux des Mages de classe S de Fairy Tail, Mystgun …
S01E47 Triple dragon 20/09/2010 Natsu et Luxus s'affrontent pour le titre de mages le plus puissant de Fairy Tail ! De son côté, Erza décide de détruire le Palais de la Foudre qui menace Magnolia. Dans les périodes de crise une vraie guilde reste soudée ! Les nouvelles recrues le comprennent parfaitement
S01E48 Fantasia 27/09/2010 Dans le monde de la magie, les miracles s'enchaînent ! La fête et la parade de Fantasia peuvent enfin commencer !
S02E01 Le jour de la rencontre fatidique 11/10/2010 A reporter from "The Weekly Sorcerer" comes to interview Fairy Tail. Cana tells Lucy that she will have a fateful encounter.
S02E02 Requête spéciale. Prends garde à celui que tu aimes ! 00/00/0000 Love is in the air as Lucy thinks that Natsu has secret feelings for her. Meanwhile the whole Fairy Tail guild is turned upside down because Juvia whom believes that her relationship is going no where employs magical help from a love potion which in fact turns out to be a potion which makes the person who drinks it think that the first thing they see is their rival; Juvia attempts to use in on Gray but misses multiple times making everyone in the guild have rivals.
S02E03 Love & Lucky ! 25/10/2010 Someone has been following Lucy for a while and takes caution. She finds out that her stalker is none other than her father, who narrates that Heartfilia Railways has been confiscated. He tells that he went to Lucy to ask for 100,000 jewel but she refuses. When Lucy is about to decide on a job, she overhears the other guild members discussing about a place called Acalypha, where a trade guild, Love and Lucky, is being held up by a group of armed robbers. Lucy recalls that her father had mentioned deciding to go work at a trade guild in Acalypha, which leaves her worried. She arrives there, in hopes of saving her father. With the help of her celestial spirits, she saves the victims from the robbers, but is surprised to find out that her father was not one of the victims, and only arrived after the victims were saved, since he had to walk. Lucy's father apologizes to Lucy, regretting what he had said the previous day, regarding asking Lucy for money.
S02E04 Rassemblement des forces alliées 01/11/2010 Fairy Tail is joining up with other guilds - Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale and Caitshelter - to defeat a dark guild named Oración Seis. These four guilds will each send out members to strike the six members of the Oración Seis down. From Fairy Tail, Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Erza are chosen. They are sent to Master Bob's villa (from Blue Pegasus) to meet up with other members of other guilds. They first meet the representatives of Blue Pegasus, the Trimens - Hibiki, Eve and Ren - and Ichiya. Afterwards, they meet Lyon and Shelly, whom they fought with before, and Jura from Lamia Scale. The episode ends with everyone surprised upon seeing Wendy from Caitshelter, a petite girl who arrives last.
S02E05 Oración Seis apparaît 08/11/2010 Wendy makes her entrance, but she's not alone. Her cat, Charle, has arrived with her, much to Happy's pleasure. The members of Blue Pegasus explain that the Oración Seis were after an extremely powerful spell sealed in Worth Woodsea - The Nirvana. The team of twelve (not counting the cats) go through a plan, whereby they take down the base of the Oracion Seis with Blue Pegasus' pride and Joy - a magical bomber, Christina, the Pegasus. Lucy and Wendy are worried about taking down the Oración Seis, consisting of Cobra, Racer, Hot Eye of The Heavenly Eye, Angel, Midnight and Brain. After discussing the plan, the excited Natsu runs off by himself, eager to defeat Oracion Seis on his own. Everyone else follows, unaware that Jura and Ichiya have already been beaten by Angel. The Oración Seis, with Angel's help, now know the plan of the joined guilds. Everyone else reaches the Worth Woodsea, only to witness Christina being taken down! Oración Seis appears, and easily defeats everyone but Wendy, who chooses to hide behind a rock in fear. Just as Brain is about to use a spell, he stops, having seen Wendy.
S02E06 La petite fille des cieux ! 15/11/2010 Wendy is captured by the Oración Seis, and so is Happy! Erza is poisoned, and the poison is spreading through her body, which will eventually lead to her death. Erza requests for her arm to be cut off, but Charle says that Wendy can save her. Turns out, Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer, who has healing powers. The representatives intend to save Wendy and Happy, in order to be able to heal Erza. Oracion Seis intend to use Wendy's healing power to resurrect a certain person. Lucy stays behind with Hibiki to take care of Erza, while the others set off to rescue Happy and Wendy. On the way, Natsu, Gray and Charles are surrounded by Naked Mummy, who is working for the Oracion Seis, and have to defeat them. Wendy is ordered to revive a certain person, and that person is ... Jellal!
S02E07 La fille et le fantôme 00/00/0000 Natsu and Gray are up against the Naked Mummy guild. Meanwhile, Wendy is instructed to revive Jellal, who she "owes her life to". Wendy, though having heard of Jellal's bad deeds before, does not believe in them. Instead, she decides to resurrect Jellal, the one who saved her life. Natsu and Gray easily defeat the whole Naked Mummy guild, and are now up against Erigor, whom Natsu had once defeated. Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus (excluding Hibiki and Ichiya, since Ichiya was captured) also defeat the other guilds they are up against. Nastu soon defeats Erigor, and everyone finds out where the base of Oración Seis is by asking those they defeated. Having reached near the base, Natsu shouts for Happy and Wendy, and attracts the attention of the Oracion Seis. Racer starts a fight with Natsu and Gray. Natsu and Charle go to find Wendy and Happy themselves, while Gray battles Racer alone. The two arrive to see Jellal revived. Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Charles leave first in order to heal Erza. Racer sees them escaping and tries to stop them, but Gray stops him in his tracks instead.
S02E08 Grand prix de la mort 00/00/0000 Hibiki manages to communicate with Natsu through his magic, Archive, and informs him how to get to where Erza is. Meanwhile, Gray is having trouble defeating Racer and his Dead Grand Prix, a ton of magic motorcycles. Gray gets on one of the motorcycles and starts a race battle with Racer. Halfway through the race, Gray encounters Lyon and Sherry, and Lyon joins in the battle. While in battle, Lyon discovers Racer's weakness and whispers it to Gray, and then freezes Gray. Sherry joins in too, but soon gets defeated. Lyon almost gets defeated, and when Racer is just about to stab him, he tells Racer that he knows of his magic - lowering the speed of his opponents, or rather, slowing down their sense of time in a certain area. Gray has broken free from the ice and is at the tip of it, and fires an ice arrow at Racer. However, Racer reveals an explosive lacrima on his body, and plans to take Gray, Lyon and Sherry along with him by killing them. Just as Racer is about to run to Gray, Lyon grabs Racer and jumps down the cliff, followed by a huge explosion. Brain knows that Racer is defeated, and wakes up Midnight.
S02E09 Ténèbres 00/00/0000 Jura starts a battle with Hot Eye of the Heavenly Eye, and Wendy wakes up and heals Erza. Meanwhile, Cobra follows Jellal, being unable to read his mind, to see that Jellal finds Nirvana. Natsu runs off to find Jellal, determined to not let him meet Erza. Erza hears the name "Jellal" and sets off by herself without the others knowing. Racer's personal guild, Harpyia, tries to stop Natsu, but is easily defeated. Hibiki explains about the power of Nirvana - the people in between the power of light and darkness switch to the opposite element. The people of light who feel powerful negative emotion fall into darkness. Fearing that Wendy, who blames herself for reviving Jellal, would fall into darkness as well, Hibiki knocks her unconcious. Meanwhile, Sherry, who feels that Gray has caused Lyon's death, has fallen into darkness, and knocks Gray unconscious. Hot Eye is also affected by Nirvana, and teams up with Jura. Ren heads toward the light, but Midnight, who begins to hunt the magicians, gets Eve as his first victim.
S02E10 Esprits contre Esprits 13/12/2010 Natsu is after Erza and Jellal and Lucy and Hibiki and Carla and Wendy are after him. As they search for him Natsu appears to find Gray unconsious in a stream. Natsu helps him out but Gray is actually two spirits from Oracien Seis. Gemi and Mini twin spirits of Gemini. They can copy anyone and know exactly what their thoughts are and copy their magical power. Gray (Gemini) undoes and anchor on a raft which Natsu is on and Natsu becomes sea-sick. Lucy and Hibiki arrive and see Gray is about to kill Natsu. They assume he has fallen for the darkness of Nirvanna. When they try to stop him Gemini takes on the form of Lucy then is able to control Saggitarius, who Lucy called out to stop Gray, Saggitaruis shoots at Hibiki making him unable to battle. Then Oracien Seis's Celestial Spirit Wizard appears, Angel. She tells Gemini to stop. Lucy replaces Saggitarius with Aquarius and Angel calls out Scorpio. Lucy does not know Spirit relationships like Angel and Angel knows Scorpio is Aquarius's boyfriend. They go off together leaving Lucy's powerful spirit unusable. Then Lucy calls out Leo (Loke or Loki) and Angel calls out Aries. Angel proclaims she killed Karen and Hibiki becomes enraged. He mutters that Angel killed his beloved, he begins to fall into darkness. Although they love each other Aries and Leo begin to fight and Lucy is unable to watch. Angel proclaiming that Leo is more powerful than Aries she calls out Caelum and tells it to shoot at Aries and Leo together. Lucy becomes upset at how Angel treats her spirits and asks Angel to release Areis from her contract, to let Leo and Aries to be together. Angel tells Gemini to kill Lucy in order to release Aries. As Gemini starts they hear Lucy;s inner voice. They are moved by how she loves Spirits through her thoughts. They claimed they couldn't kill someone who loves Spirits so much. Angel closes the gate and Hibiki, who is close to falling into darkness, gives Lucy a powerful spell to save him from fa
S02E11 Les souvenirs de Gerard 20/12/2010 Though Angel is defeated, Lucy and Natsu end up falling down a giant waterfall; when they regain consciousness, they are attacked by Sherry, who is stopped by Gray and Lyon. Wendy reveals to Charle her past concerning Jellal and how she came to Cait Shelter. Meanwhile, Erza finds an amnesiac Jellal at the site of Nirvana; Jellal reveals that he placed a self-destructive spell on Nirvana, which Oración Seis mage Cobra is unable to dispel. Seeing the pain he has caused Erza, Jellal places a self-destructive magic upon himself.
S02E12 La marche vers la destruction 00/00/0000 Brain manages to gain control of Nirvana and actives its second stage - a monster that begins marching towards Cait Shelter, causing Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Happy to rush off and defeat it. When Natsu and Happy try to get ahead, they are forced into an aerial battle against Cobra. Meanwhile, Erza saves Jellal and convinces him to live for the future, and they begin to devise a plan to destroy Nirvana.
S02E13 Grand combat aérien ! Natsu VS Cobra 03/01/2011 Because Cobra can predict all his moves, Natsu can't gain the upper hand until he fights instinctively. When Cobra uses his new generation "poison" dragon slayer magic, Natsu loses his mobility, but wins the battle with a deafening roar.
S02E14 Jura, le dixième Saint 17/01/2011 Jura displays his true power and shows why he is one of the ten wizard saints. He battles with Brain, the leader of Oracion Seis and in a short battle defeats him. On the other hand Hot-Eye is winning his battle against Midnight and soon completely beats him. As Brain is about to fall unconcious, he thinks about his prayer - that Midnight should never disappear. And with that Midnight is shown to be revived and then crushes Hot-Eye in an instant saying that magic doesn't affect him. Natsu and the others wonder how they will be able to stop Nirvana from moving towards Cait Shelter.
S02E15 Ce sont nos mots 24/01/2011 Midnight fights a battle with Erza and Jellal; being weakened from the destruction magic, Jellal loses the fight easily. After initially being overwhelmed, Erza figures out the true form of Midnight's magic and prepares to fight him again. Meanwhile, Wendy searches for Jellal in order to find the necessary information that will help Natsu and the others stop Nirvana.
S02E16 Zero 00/00/0000 Erza manages to overcome Midnight's illusory magic, while Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy confront Brain's staff, Klodoa. Realizing Midnight's defeat, Klodoa explains that Brain has an alternate destructive personality called Zero that was kept sealed by the members of the Oración Seis using body link magic. The seal is released and Zero emerges and defeats Natsu, Grey, Lucy and Happy with ease. Erza, Jellal, Wendy and Charle make haste as Zero initiates Nirvana to fire upon Cait Shelter.
S02E17 De Pégasus aux fées 07/02/2011 As Zero fires on Nirvana, Blue Pegasus's ship Christina, held together by Lyon, Sherry, and Ren, destroy one of Nirvana's legs and cause it to miss. Hibiki relays the details of the plan to stop Nirvana: within 20 minutes, the six legs of Nirvana must be destroyed at the same time. As Natsu goes to the location of first Lacrima to fight Zero, Jellal follows him after regaining some of his memory.
S02E18 La force des souvenirs 00/00/0000 Having told Wendy to destroy the sixth Lacrima in his place, Jellal appears at the first Lacrima and gives Natsu the "Flame of Guilt". Natsu consumes the flame and enters Dragon Force for his fight against Zero and they power up for the final blow. Meanwhile, everyone reaches their respective destinations and wait for the right moment to strike.
S02E19 Je suis avec toi 00/00/0000 As everyone gathers their strength for the final blow, Natsu is consumed by Zero's "Genesis Zero" attack. As he floats in the world of nothing, Igneel's voice speaks to him and he breaks free, defeating Zero and manages to destroy Nirvana's legs along with his allies, resulting in Nirvana's destruction.
S02E20 Une guilde pour une seule personne 28/02/2011 Agents from the government dispatched to the site of Nirvana's fall arrest Jellal; while everyone else resists, Erza stops them and urges the officials to take Jellal away, though she is devastated by the outcome. As everyone recovers at Caitshelter, it is revealed that the entire guild was an illusion created by the spirit of its guild master for Wendy's sake. With Nirvana's destruction, the spirit has fulfilled its purpose and Caitshelter vanishes. As Wendy is left behind crying, Erza invites her to join Fairy Tail.
S02E21 L'appel du Dragon 07/03/2011 After saying goodbye to the Alliance the group returns to Fairy Tail, where Wendy and Carla get a warm welcome from their new guild. Erza encounters a mage with Requip magic similar to hers, while Gray tells Natsu that a woman named Daphne says that she met a dragon. When Natsu and Wendy go the Inn where she lives, they are caught in a trap arranged by Daphne. After trying to escape Gray suddenly comes in and challenges Natsu to their ultimate fight.
S02E22 Natsu vs Gray!! 00/00/0000 Gray and Natsu are fighting with all their power while everyone at Fairy Tail begin to worry. When Erza and Lucy decided to go and find their freinds, they encounter beasts that mimic their abilities. When Natsu is finally caught, Daphne reveals a handmade dragon designed to drain Natsu's power.
S02E23 L'amitié surmonte la mort 21/03/2011 As Daphne sucks out Natsu's magical power, Erza is fighting copies of herself in different armors in monster form. Elfman, Wakaba, and Macao comes and battle their copies too. Natsu remembers a faint voice. He remembers how he promised a town to kill or defeat someone who controls dragons. Knowing that, he bursted a loud Roar. Gray was called to the master's room because he betrayed Fairy Tail. All of the fairy tail members help destroy the dragon as Natsu made his decision, he plans to die with the dragon.
S02E24 Les mages de Fairy Tail 28/03/2011 While Natsu was still inside the artificial dragon, Fairy Tail had the dilemma whether to save Natsu or prevent Magnolia from being destroyed. Meanwhile, Master Makarov confronted Gray why he had betrayed Fairy Tail but Gray revealed his reasons for the act and Master Makarov gave him the plan to save both Natsu and Magnolia.
S02E25 L'arc-en-ciel de Sakura 04/04/2011 Team Natsu along Wendy and Charle are on a mission in the mountains. Because of the snow, Lucy catches a cold and she can’t go to Fairy Tail’s annual flower watching. Natsu doesn’t have fun because of this and he and Happy unroot one of the cherry trees so that Lucy can see it.
S02E26 La première grosse mission de Wendy ? 11/04/2011 Wendy's gotten used to doing jobs at Fairy Tail and wants to try taking on something bigger so she can be more help to everyone, but gets into an argument with Carla over it.
S02E27 La course d'endurance de 24 heures 16/04/2011 The 24 hour race begins as all the Fairy Tail members race to get Wyvern Scales from the top of Mt. Ivor. There is no dropping out and no Flying Magic is allowed so Happy's in a difficult position but that does stop him from winning. Natsu,Jet Gray and Gajeel lose and have to do embarrasing photo spreads for the Weekly Sorcerer for two weeks as their punishment! And Happy is crushed by the fact that his prize is cheers of joy and the honor of winning.
S02E28 Gildartz 00/00/0000 Gildarts has finally come back to Fairy Tail after a hundred year quest and has news for Natsu concerning Igneel.
S02E29 Earthland 30/04/2011 Wendy finally meets Mystogan, who she had known as Jellal in her childhood. He warns her about Anima, but as Wendy attempts to warn Fairy Tail about Magnolia's destruction, light shines down from the sky and the city disappears. Wendy finds that Natsu, Happy, Charle and herself are the only ones left.
S02E30 Edoras 00/00/0000 Knowing that all Fairy Tail members have disappeared, Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Charle went to Edolas using the remaining traces of Anima. They finally got into Edolas, seeing a very different scenery. After a while, they finally found a Fairy Tail guild. However, what they found is not the same as they imagined it would be.
S02E31 La chasse aux fées 14/05/2011 Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Carla are scared stiff at the Lucy of Edolas, until she mistakes Natsu for his Edolas counterpart and greets him -- with several grappling moves. Everyone is very different... but where's Erza? Why is THIS Fairy Tail on this run? And who's the Fairy Hunter?
S02E32 La clé de l'espoir 21/05/2011 After a narrow escape from Erza Knightwalker, Natsu's group decides to head to the capital of Edolas on their own to save their friends, despite warnings from the Edolas Fairy Tail. However, they soon find themselves guided by Lucy Ashley, Lucy's Edolas counterpart, and Natsu and Wendy are shocked to discover that their magic does not work in Edolas.
S02E33 Fireball 00/00/0000 In the capital, Natsu and Wendy are surprised to find their Lucy alive and fully capable of using her magic. After Edolas Lucy and Earthland Lucy become acquainted with one another, Natsu's group escapes from the Royal Army and takes refuge in a hotel. When their plan to sneak aboard a Royal Army airship fails, they are saved by the timely arrival of the driver of a 4-wheeled vehicle - the Edolas version of Natsu.
S02E34 Bon retour à la maison 00/00/0000 Earthland Lucy, Natsu, Wendy, Charle, and Happy reach the Royal City, where they find a Lacrima made from the magical energy of Magnolia. To save their friends, Charle reveals that she has had information about Edolas flowing into her head since they arrived, and the group devises a plan based on getting close to the King of Edolas and having Lucy use Gemini to learn how to transform the Lacrima back. Their plan is foiled when they are ambushed by Erza Knightwalker, whose forces exalt Happy and Charle as beings known as "Exceeds."
S02E35 Extalia 00/00/0000 Because Natsu and Wendy are Dragonslayers, they are locked up and wind up discovering a secret about the Exceed. Happy and Charle are brought to Extalia, the home of the Exceed, and learn the true reason why they were sent to Earthland in the first place. Meanwhile, Edolas Gajeel plans a distraction so Earthland Gajeel can attempt to destory the lacrima that holds his friends.
S02E36 Vole ! Jusqu'à tes amis ! 18/06/2011 After hearing the truth about their mission, Happy and Charle run away from the kingdom and end up with two mysterious cats, Lucky and Marl, who's egg had been taken by the queen to be used in the Dragon's Slayer Extermination Project. And Happy and Charle's hearts have been shaken by the kingdom and by what they think they had done. Will Happy and Charle find strength within their own hearts to go save their friends? It is implied that Lucky and Marl are actually Happy's parents.
S02E37 Code ETD 00/00/0000 Happy and Charle rush back to the city to save their friends. Meanwhile, Lucy is imprisoned and she pleads Erza Knightwalker to let her go and save her friends. The Edolas Erza attempts to kill Lucy by dropping her from the tower with her spear. But Happy and Charles save Lucy from her fall. Charles finds out Natsu and Wendy's location. The magic-crazed King activates Code ETD (Exceed Total Destruction)on the Exceeds that were after Charles and Happy, turning them into lacrima. Erza ambushes the three of them, but Earthland Erza and Gray step in to save their comrades.
S02E38 Erza contre Erza 00/00/0000 Gray, Lucy, and Charle went to rescue Natsu and Wendy while Earthland Erza hold off Erza Knightwalker. Happy went off to get Gajeel so he can rescue the rest of Fairy Tail members that has been turned into lacrima. In Edolas, Dragon Slayer power is capable of doing that. Apparently, the king is planning to use the floating lacrima as a bomb to destroy Extalia. After the Dragon Slayers' rescue, Wendy and Charle went to Extalia to warn the Exceeds about the danger that is about to be brought. While searching for the king, Natsu, Gray, and Lucy are intercepted by Hughes and Sugarboy. Meanwhile, Gajeel is being held off by Panther Lily.
S02E39 C'est la vie !!!! 09/07/2011 Natsu,Gray and Lucy engage in battle to save there friends and the Exceeds from being destroyed against Royal Army Captains, Hughes and Sugarboy, and the Chief of Staff of the Royal Army of Edolas, Byro. Coco steals the key to the Dragon Chain Cannon, the weapon required to fuse the lacrima island with Extalia. While Lucy thought she was still chased by monsters she and Coco bumped each other. Coco thinks twice whether to give the key to Lucy or not. Byro chases after Coco, and tells her to give him the keys. To the confusion of Lucy,she thought he wanted her keys. She then engages in battle to Byro.
S02E40 Le Grand Fleuve des Étoiles est pour la fierté 16/07/2011 After Lucy calls multiple spirits in a row to fight Byro her magic is quickly drained, though Virgo gives Lucy a Spirit World whip that can extend and contract to help in the fight. When Byro is defeated by the timely arrival of Natsu, Coco gives the key to Lucy, but it is stolen by Sugarboy, forcing Gray to pursue him.
S02E41 L'apocalypse du Canon des Chaînes du Dragon 23/07/2011 Gray defeats Sugarboy and destroys the key after learning its purpose, as he can create another key from ice. However, Erza Knightwalker captures both Gray and Natsu and brings them before the king, whom she quickly takes hostage, revealing herself as Erza Scarlet. Erza's plan to force the guards to redirect the cannon goes awry when the real Erza Knightwalker appears.
S02E42 Le Garçon de cette époque 00/00/0000 The queen of the Exceed reveals that her divine image was a lie perpetuated by the Elders to protect the Exceed from humans, but her inner strength convinces the Exceed to try and save Extalia with their own strength. When the lacrima suddenly disappears, Mystogan arrives to explain that he has restored Magnolia and thanks Panther Lily for saving his life while Lily reveals Mystogan is Prince Jellal of Edolas.
S02E43 Le sens du Dragon 00/00/0000 The Earthland wizards succeed in preventing Extalia's demise, but the battle is not over. Erza Knightwalker leads an ambushed by the Edolas Royal Army, while King Faust unleashes a super-powerful mechanical dragon, Dorma Anim. The Dragon Slayers confront the king, Erza Scarlet faces off against Knightwalker, the others battle the army while Mystogan and Pantherlily attend to other matters.
S02E44 Ceux qui sont vivants 13/08/2011 The battles against the Edolas Royal Kingdom rages on. The army, Knightwalker and the king himself are all fighting against the Earth Land Mages who wish to recover their friends. Meanwhile, Edolas Fairy Tail tries to come to a decision on which side they'll choose.
S02E45 Je tiens encore debout ! 20/08/2011 In the midst of the exhausting battle between the Edolas army and the members of Fairy Tail in both worlds, the Edolas combatants panic upon realizing their magic is disappearing thanks to Mystogan reversing Anima. However, to ensure the stability of Edolas, Mystogan declares himself a villain to Edolas and orders Pantherlily to kill him and emerge as a hero amongst the people.
S02E46 Au revoir, Edoras 27/08/2011 Out of devotion, Pantherlily refuses to accept Mystogan's plan, but they soon find that Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel have captured King Faust and begun a riot. When Mystogan confronts Natsu and defeats him, Mystogan is revealed to be the Prince of Edolas to the people. As the reversed Anima takes all the Earthland mages and the Exceed to Earth, everyone says their goodbyes while Mystogan remains behind, heralded as the new leader of Edolas.
S02E47 Lisanna 00/00/0000 On Earthland, the queen of the Exceed reveals that Exceed eggs had been sent to Earth to save them after she foresaw that Extalia would fall; Charle, possessing the same powers, had mistaken these visions as a mission. When the Exceed leave to find the remaining eggs, Panther Lily remains behind to be Gajeel's partner and to honour Mystogan's dedication to Fairy Tail. However, Panther Lily has brought them an unusual captive: Lisanna, who explains she is actually Earthland's Lisanna.
S02E48 C'est ce qui efface la vie 10/09/2011 Natsu et les autres sont enfin rentrés a Earthland et font un topo de leurs aventures a Edoras aux autres membres de Fary Tail. Le nouveau conseil magique prend des décisions a l'encontre Fairy tail. Puis au abord d'une forêt un homme qui retire la vie de toute chose veut rencontrer Natsu.
S03E01 Meilleur partenaire 17/09/2011 Makarof, Erza, Mirajane et Gildarts annonce à toute la guilde que l'examen des mages de rang S va commencer. 8 personnes sont choisies : Natsu, Grey, Jubia, Kanna, Elfman, Fried, Reby et Mest. Chacun choisi un partenaire pour l'accompagner.
S03E02 Qui a de la chance ? 24/09/2011 Les 8 participants à l'examen des mages de rang S sont en route pour l'île Tenrou. Le coup d'envoi est donné et les uns après les autres partent sur l'île. Pas de chance pour Lucy et Kanna, elles tombent sur Fried et Bixlow. Quand à Natsu et Happy, ils tombent sur le plus puissant de la guilde. Guildarts !
S03E03 Natsu vs. Gildarts 00/00/0000 Lisana et Jubia affrontent Erza. De l'autre côté, Elfman et Evergreen affrontent Mirajane. Natsu se bat contre Gildarts. Un combat exceptionnel est en train de se dérouler sur l'île Tenrou.
S03E04 Mest 00/00/0000 Mest et Wendy ont échoué contre Grey et Loki. Ceux-ci rejoignent Reby, Kanna et Natsu accompagnés de leur partenaire. Jubia et Lisana ont été vaincues par Erza et contre toute attente, Mirajane a été battue par Elfman et Evergreen. Lily et Carla se demandent qui est vraiment Mest…
S03E05 Le mage noir 00/00/0000 Natsu, Happy, Elfman et Evergreen font la rencontre d'une personne qui n'est autre que Zeref, le mage noir. Pendant ce temps, la fameuse guilde Grimoire Heart est en route pour l'île Tenrou. Reby se dispute avec Gajil et fuit, elle est soudain attaquée par deux membres de la guilde Grimoire Heart mais elle peut compter sur Gajil.
S03E06 Volonté de fer 22/10/2011 Gajil et Levy engagent le combat contre Kawazu et Yomazu. Grâce à Reby, ils tiennent tête aux deux ennemis. Malheureusement, Gajil tombe à terre et Levy n'est plus d'une grande utilité. Elle part prévenir ses compagnons de la situation. Gajil, muni d'une volonté à toute épreuve, décide de montrer aux deux mages de Grimoire Heart la puissance de Fairy Tail.
S03E07 La charge de Makarov 29/10/2011 Mest is revealed to be a member of the Magic Council sent to Tenrou Island to search for incriminating evidence against Fairy Tail and disband it. He, Wendy, Charle, and Pantherlily are attacked and defeated by Azuma, one of Grimoire Heart's most powerful members, the Seven Kin of Purgatory, who easily destroys the fleet of council ships Mest had summoned for support. Makarov attempts to cast Fairy Law to repel Grimoire Heart, but the dark guild's master Hades counters the spell with Grimoire Law. Makarov recognizes Hades as Purehito, his predecessor as the master of Fairy Tail.
S03E08 Lost Magic 00/00/0000 Makarov is defeated and gravely wounded in his battle against Hades, which is sensed by the wandering Laxus. Meanwhile, the other members of Fairy Tail battle Grimoire Heart's army. Joining the battle are the Seven Kin of Purgatory, each of whom possess an ancient form of magic called Lost Magic. Natsu faces off against Zancrow, one of the Seven Kin and a "God Slayer" who can create black flames Natsu is unable to eat.
S03E09 Dragon de Feu vs. Dieu des Flammes 00/00/0000 Natsu is overwhelmed by Zancrow's God Slayer magic, which proves superior to his own Dragon Slayer magic. Upon finding Makarov badly injured during his fight, Natsu regains his resolve and defeats Zancrow by nullifying his own magical power, allowing him to eat Zancrow's flames and combine their power with his own. Meanwhile, Lucy, Cana, Gray, and Loke fight Caprico, another member of the Seven Kin, while Mirajane and Lisanna fight Azuma.
S03E10 Le Monde de la Grande Magie 19/11/2011 Azuma learns of Mirajane's former identity as "the Demon" and straps Lisanna to a time bomb so he can fight Mirajane at full strength. Not wanting to lose Lisanna again, Mirajane sacrifices herself to defend Lisanna from the explosion. The remaining members of Fairy Tail learn from the Seven Kin their true goal: to resurrect Zeref and bring about the World of Great Magic, where only wizards would thrive while the rest of humanity would be subject to hell on earth. Meanwhile, Ultear finds Zeref and, after a brief battle, successfully captures him.
S03E11 L'Arche de l'Incarnation 00/00/0000 Elfman and Evergreen are overwhelmed and defeated by Rustyrose's Ark of Embodiment, which gives him the power to create anything from his imagination. Meanwhile, Loke recognizes Caprico as the celestial spirit Capricorn, and that he has the power to take control of humans. He sends Lucy, Gray, and Cana away while he fights Caprico, who recognizes Lucy as the daughter of celestial wizard Layla Heartfilia.
S03E12 La Porte des Humains 00/00/0000 Caprico reveals himself to be a human named Zoldio who fused with Capricorn using his Human Subordination magic. He possesses Loke, but Loke gives his Regulus ring to the newly freed Capricorn, who uses it to free Loke and destroy Zoldio. Meanwhile, Cana suggests to Lucy and Gray that they split up to search for the Seven Kin and defeat them so they can resume the exam. After Lucy determines the location of Mavis's grave, Cana knocks her out with a sleeping spell and abandons her to find the grave, leading her to be found by Kain Hikaru of the Seven Kin.
S03E13 Lucy Fire 10/12/2011 Lucy and Hikaru’s battle interrupts Natsu’s battle with Ultear, leading Natsu to help Lucy and reform their old team while Ultear leaves with Zeref. Hikaru takes control of Lucy’s body using his voodoo-like cursing magic, which Natsu and Happy take advantage of once they obtain Hikaru’s voodoo doll by lighting it on fire, turning Lucy into a living fireball, and throwing her at Hikaru, defeating him.
S03E14 L'impasse du désespoir 00/00/0000 Dranbalt tries to help Natsu and his friends evacuate the island as the Magic Council plans to fire Etherion once again, but they refuse to leave. Meanwhile, Juvia is nearly defeated during her and Erza's battle against Meldy of the Seven Kin, but regains her will to fight upon hearing Meldy say she wants to kill Gray out of revenge for hurting Ultear, and sends Erza to search for Gray and their friends. Seeing Juvia's determination to fight for Gray leads Meldy to link both of their physical senses to Gray's to ensure that he dies no matter who is killed in their battle.
S03E15 L'amour et les Larmes de Vigueur. 24/12/2011 Juvia refuses to kill Meldy and tries to stop her from killing herself. In doing so, Juvia witnesses Meldy's happy memories with Ultear through their connected senses and persuades her to stop fighting. Meanwhile, Gray meets Ultear, who claims to be his ally and that her plans for Zeref are part of what her mother Ul wanted. The other members of Fairy Tail encounter Grimoire Heart's remaining forces: Erza faces off against Azuma; a weakened Levy, Lisanna, and Pantherlily against Rustyrose; and Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy against Grimoire Heart's massively powerful deputy commander Bluenote Stinger.
S03E16 Paroles Imprononçables 07/01/2012 Cana finds Mavis's grave and reflects on her reasons for becoming an S-Class wizard: her father is revealed to be Gildarts, who is unaware of his relationship with her, leading the younger, timid Cana to decide to become an S-Class wizard and bolster her own confidence to reveal the truth to him. However, Cana realizes that she had also betrayed Lucy in her determination. Wracked with guilt, Cana takes the Fairy Glitter spell from the grave and uses an enchanted card leading her to Lucy as she and her friends are attacked by Bluenote. She tries to perform the spell on Bluenote, but fails. However, she is saved when Gildarts arrives and attacks Bluenote.
S03E17 L'Arbre Tenrou 14/01/2012 Gildarts fights Bluenote while Fried and Bickslow, who returned to Tenrou Island together with him, help Levy, Lisanna, and Pantherlily to fight Rustyrose. Meanwhile, Azuma reveals to Erza that he has used his magic, the Great Tree Arc, to absorb the magic-giving energy of the island's giant Tenrou Tree, destroying it and draining the strength of all the Fairy Tail members on the island except Erza.
S03E18 Erza vs Azuma 00/00/0000 Erza makes Azuma promise to return her guild's magical power if she defeats him. She herself is nearly defeated when Azuma uses the Tenrou Tree's magic, but receives her second wind upon hearing Jellal's voice and, drawing power from the tree's magic, cuts Azuma down
S03E19 Sang-Froid 28/01/2012 Azuma transforms into a tree as a result of overusing his Great Tree Ark, but makes good on his promise to Erza and returns the guild's magical power, giving Gildarts, Fried and Bickslow enough strength to defeat Bluenote and Rustyrose. Meanwhile, Ultear tells Gray that the only spell that can defeat Hades is Iced Shell. She then takes Zeref and returns to Meldy, revealing to her that she is actually trying to manipulate Gray into defeating Hades for her so she can keep Zeref for herself. However, Gray is unfooled by her deception and, catching onto her true motives, challenges her.
S03E20 Pouvoir Sacré 04/02/2012 It's Ul's pupil vs. Ul's daughter! What is Ultear really after and why has she turned against her own flesh and blood? The final battle with the leader of the 7 Kin of Purgatory comes to its thrilling conclusion!
S03E21 Le Rugissement du Tonnerre 11/02/2012 Natsu, Lucy, Wendy et les exceeds partent au combat contre Hades. Grey et Erza les rejoignent. Autre part, Jubia et Meldy sont stoppées par Zancrow. Mais Zeleph se réveille et l'abat. L'équipe de Fairy Tail enchaîne les attaques contre Hades mais ça n'a aucun effet. En mauvaise posture, l'équipe de Fairy Tail est secourue par quelqu'un d'inattendu.
S03E22 L'Homme Sans la Marque 18/02/2012 Kawazu, Yomazu et Kain refont surface et lance un assaut sur le campement de Fairy Tail. Luxus qui a fait son arrivée sur le champ de bataille mène une lutte acharnée contre maître Hades, sur le point de perdre, il confie ses espoirs à Natsu et lui offre un cadeau.
S03E23 Le Territoire des Abysses 25/02/2012 Les troupes du conseil magique s'en vont. Fried, Elfman et Bixrow achèvent leur combat contre Kawazu et Yomazu. Natsu réussi à tenir tête à Hades grâce à un nouveau pouvoir. Le désespoir prend place face au maître de Grimoire Heart qui vient tout juste de s'éveiller. Mais Natsu peut compter sur ses amis.
S03E24 Aurore sur Tenroujima 03/03/2012 Fairy Tail achève son combat contre Hades grâce à l'aide d'Ultia, qui remet en place l'arbre de l'île Tenrô. La guilde de Grimoire Heart est ainsi vaincu, et bat en retraite avec Zeleph à son bord.
S03E25 Le Droit d'Aimer 10/03/2012 Les membres de Fairy Tail retournent tous au campement. Grimoire Heart est anéantie par Zeleph. Quant à Meldy et Ultia, c'est l'heure des révélations. De même que pour Kanna et Gildarts. Tout semble être rentré dans l'ordre, que soit de façon triste ou joyeuse. Mais personne ne se doute encore de ce qui est sur le point d'arriver.
S03E26 Tenons-nous les mains 17/03/2012 Tout était calme, jusqu'à ce qu'il arrive… Acnologia. Une chose est sûre, cette date restera à jamais dans la mémoire de Fairy Tail… le 16 décembre de l'an X-784.
S03E27 Fairy Tail, année X-791… 24/03/2012 7 années ont passées depuis la destruction de Tenrôjima et la disparition de tout le monde sur l’île. La guilde est dans un sale état et les affaires vont mal. Une nouvelle guilde, plus grande et plus mauvaise que Fairy Tail, fait son apparition. Mais des nouvelles apportées par les membres de Blue Pegasus vont faire bouger les choses
S03E28 Le Vide des Sept Années 31/03/2012 Natsu and the other members have returned from their seven-year sojourn, but in their absence, Fairy Tail has gotten in debt to the gangster-like guild, Twilight Ogre. While Makarov pays them a visit to try to negotiate a deal, Lucy seeks out her father, whom she hasn't seen in seven years...
S03E29 Le Bal Magique 07/04/2012 The still-broke Lucy and Natsu take a job to capture the thieving master of masquerade, Velveno, at a magical ballroom dance, but first... Natsu has to learn the steps
S03E30 La Véritable Bande des Secoueurs de Fesses Maléfiques 14/04/2012 When Natsu and company escort a shipment of gold, the train is hijacked by the wickedly flatulent trio known as the Jiggle Butt Gang. After Natsu and Lucy get blown away by the bunch, it's up to Wendy to save the shipment, a tough task when Wendy's a hostage herself.
S03E31 La Terreur de Lucy l'Invisible ! 00/00/0000 A magic ointment turns Lucy invisible! At first, it's fun, as she can play pranks on her friends, but then she starts to lose more than just her visibility!
S03E32 Le Legs d'un Père 00/00/0000 Lucy receives an unexpected visitor, with an even more unexpected gift... a dying wish from her father.
S03E33 Bataille Déchaînée ! Natsu vs. Laxus 05/05/2012 Natsu and Laxus are going to fight and the other members of Fairy Tail can't wait to see it... except for Erza and Gray, who are off on a mission to capture some bandits and their wizard bodyguards! Meanwhile, Lucy is still trying to figure out the meaning of the ancient characters on her father's memento...
S03E34 Lucy ciblée 12/05/2012 Lucy is the target of an unknown plot by the Earthland counterparts of Hughes, Sugarboy, and Coco. More about the mystery of the Iron Rod is revealed.
S03E35 La Férocité de la Légion 00/00/0000 It's Natsu versus Sugar Boy! Wendy and Lily versus Coco! Lucy versus Hughes! And Gildarts versus Byro! But are the members of Legion really after Lucy... or something else?!
S03E36 La Clé des Cieux Étoilés 26/05/2012 After Legion makes off with Lucy's key, the only thing the members of Fairy Tail can do is search for clues to figure out Legion's objective and the purpose of the memento from Lucy's father. They head to Lucy's old family mansion, but as soon as they discover a hint, two more Legionnaires crash the party... and one of them is an Exceed!
S03E37 Compagnons de Voyage 02/06/2012 It's a race against time as the members of Fairy Tail split up into groups to find the scattered pieces of the mystical clock before Legion, but they run into all manner of obstacles. Nor does it help that Natsu is currently a doll-sized version of himself!
S03E38 Labyrinth Capriccio 09/06/2012 Natsu and Lucy's team explore the ancient ruins of the Sacred Graveyard, going ever downward as they get through each floor's challenge. Meanwhile, in an interdimensional space, Gray, Juvia, and Lyon are in a desperate battle with Sugar Boy over the first piece of the mysterious clock!
S03E39 Footprints of the Myth 16/06/2012 The Fairy Tail teams get ever closer to the clock parts, but two Legion members have already shown up to challenge Natsu's team! And that means more size-changing shenanigans, deathtraps, and unlikely allies than you can throw a stick at!
S03E40 True Scoundrels, Once Again 23/06/2012 They're back by no one's demand! The Jiggle Butt Gang is committing more fragrant fouls (or is that "foul fragrances") than ever before, which stinks because they're doing it right in the faces of Erza and Wendy! Meanwhile, the only thing that can possibly break up the brawl between Natsu and Dan... is Lucy?! Oh, and... clock parts are finally discovered!
S03E41 Au-delà des prévisions 30/06/2012 Les mages de Fairy Tail ont localisé les parties de l’horloge, mais c’est autre chose de les retirer des mains de l’unité des Legions. Tandis que Dan continue à courrir après Lucy, le combat fait rage entre Samuel et Panther Lily
S03E42 Vers la guerre sainte ! 07/07/2012 Mirajane se bat contre sa magie, tandis qu'Erza est confrontée au clan des poitrines dodues pour une bataille de pique-nique.Natsu et Lucy vont apprendre pourquoi l'horologe est tant recherchée
S03E43 Lancement du compte à rebours ! 14/07/2012 Natsu donne tout ce qu'il a contre Bayro Cracy, celui qui a le pouvoir d'annuler toute magie ! Même Gildarts n’a pas réussi à le battre… Les autres membres de Fairy Tail seront-ils là à temps
S03E44 Voici Oracion Seis, nouvelle version ! 21/07/2012 Natsu et les membres de Fairy Tail viennent , à peine, de commencer un combat qui s'annonce épique contre Bayro. Mais les anciens membres d'Oracion Seis sont de retour, et ils désirent s'emparer de l'Horloge..
S03E45 À la poursuite de l’horloge infinie ! 28/07/2012 Le compte à rebours du jugement dernier souhaité par les Oracion Seis est sur le point de commencer... Pendant ce temps, Fairy Tail se regroupe et décide de son plan d'attaque
S03E46 Désordre de bataille 04/08/2012 Mais où est passé Mest ? Et puis, en face de Jackpot, Lucy, Elfman et Natsu sont vraiment pas coordonnés.. En même temps, Erza et Evergreen dans la même équipe, ça sonne faux
S03E47 Anti-Link 11/08/2012 Mest et Lahar rencontre la personne que Zentopia semblait cacher... Tandis que Grey et Fried font face à Angel, Erza, Evergreen et Max semblent avoir des difficultés contre Cobra, le maître du son
S03E48 Le désespoir libéré 18/08/2012 Quelle est la vraie mission d'Oracion Seis ? Quel est ce gros poisson au dessus de l'horloge ? A quoi sert l'anti-link ?
S03E49 Le cauchemard réel 00/00/0000 Natsu est jeté en prison, Lucy va être utilisée par Oracion Seis pour l'horloge infinie... Le chaos est sur le point de se répandre sur le monde...
S03E50 La spirale du temps ! 01/09/2012 L'horloge infernale continue de tout dérégler et même les membres de Fairy Tail à bord du Christina sont affectés...
S03E51 En route vers le Château infini ! 00/00/0000 Natsu et les autres membres de Fairy Tail vont tout fair pour sauver Lucy avant qu'elle soit sacrifiée par les Oracion Seis.
S03E52 Les larmes d'un ange 15/09/2012 Lucy est toujours enchainée à l'horloge, mais Natsu, Coco et Elfman sont là pour la sauver et ils vont se battre contre Michelle. Tandis que Grey se retrouve face à Angel, à la guilde les autres mages ont découvert comment contrôler l'horloge.
S03E53 J'entends les voix de mes amis ! 22/09/2012 La bataille pour sauver Lucy fait rage, mais il semble qu'elle ne fasse plus qu'un avec l'horloge. De plus, Erza n'arrive toujours pas à se défaire de Cobra...
S03E54 Lucy et Michelle 00/00/0000 C'est l'ultime duel, il ne reste que Brain II entre Lucy et Natsu. Mais c'est le membre le plus fort d'Oracion Seis...
S04E01 Sabertooth 00/00/0000 The Legion Corps are ordered by Zentopia's archbishop to retrieve the missing pieces of the Infinity Clock and seal them again. Before leaving on their new mission, they visit Fairy Tail and make amends with the guild for attacking them. Natsu and his friends later learn that Fairy Tail has lost their title as the strongest guild in Fiore to Sabertooth, which rose to power over the seven years they were frozen in time. Two of the strongest wizards in the guild include a pair of Dragon Slayers named Sting and Rogue, who are obsessed with fighting Natsu and Gajeel, respectively. Meanwhile, Makarov brings Gildarts to their abandoned guildhall and shows him Lumen Histoire, a light that Makarov says is Fairy Tail's greatest secret. Makarov then tells Gildarts that he has been chosen to become the next master of Fairy Tail.
S04E02 Et ainsi, nous visons les sommets 13/10/2012 Natsu and his friends who returned from Tenrou Island learn that the rest of their guildmates have surpassed them in magic power. They visit Poluchka for medicine to strengthen their magic, but are turned down. Wendy recognizes Porlyusica's voice and scent as those of Grandine, the dragon who raised her. After apologizing to the group, it is revealed that Poluchka is the Grandine from Edolas who is now stuck in Earthland. Following directions from Grandine, Poluchka gives Wendy written instructions for two advanced spells the dragon failed to teach her. Meanwhile, Makarov announces Gildarts' succession as master to the rest of the guild, only to find he has gone on a journey, leaving a letter of resignation behind. In the letter, Gildarts reinstates Laxus into the guild, returns mastership to Makarov, and tells him to make Fairy Tail the strongest guild in Fiore again. Romeo suggests they participate in the Grand Magic Games, an annual festival designed to determine the guilds' rankings. Despite the rest of the guilds' objections after suffering six consecutive losses in the games, Natsu and his friends eagerly accept.
S04E03 Le Chant des Étoiles 00/00/0000 With the Grand Magic Games occurring in three months time, Lucy and her friends go to a seaside resort to begin their training section. On their second day of training, Virgo appears and tells the wizards that the Celestial Spirit World is in danger of destruction. When the wizards arrive, they instead find a surprise party held by the Celestial Spirit King celebrating their return from Tenrou Island after seven years. They spend a day partying with the spirits, only to realize Virgo before they leave that one day in the spirit world equals three months in the human world.
S04E04 Juste le temps de se croiser ! 27/10/2012 While mulling over their lost training time, the Fairy Tail members receive a message via carrier pigeon requesting a private meeting in the forest nearby. There they meet a runaway Jellal, Ultear, and Meldy, who have formed their own guild, Crime Sorciere, to defeat Zeref and any dark guilds that try to use his power. The three ask Fairy Tail for their help in determining the source of a magical anomaly similar to Zeref's magic that they have sensed around the Grand Magic Games arena Domus Flau. In exchange, Ultear uses her magic to double their magic power. As the others undergo the painful "power-up" process, Erza talks with Jellal over his regained memories. The two nearly kiss, but Jellal decides he and Erza cannot be together and lies to her that he has a fiancée. Erza quickly picks up on this and respects his decision, seeing Crime Sorciere off as they leave.
S04E05 Crocus, la Cité fleurie ! 03/11/2012 Makarof a désigné 5 membres pour représenter Fairy Tail aux jeux inter-magiques. La capitale de Fiore, Crocus, est un ville fleurie où vont se retrouver tous les rivaux. Erza a un drôle de pressentiment...
S04E06 Sky Labyrinth 00/00/0000 Wendy a disparu... Ils doivent impérativement être 5... Mais, il y a un homme, un vrai, présent à leurs côtés... Vas-y ELFMAN !
S04E07 Nouvelle guilde ! 00/00/0000 Les huit équipes qualifiées pour le premier tour des jeux inter-magiques sont présentées au public. On peut y retrouver de amis et rivaux, mais aussi des ennemis d'hier et d'aujourd'hui....
S04E08 Pluie d'étoiles ! 24/11/2012 La première épreuve des jeux inter-magiques, c'est "Hidden", une sorte de jeu du chat et de la souris. Et pour Fairy Tail équipe A, "la souris"sera... Grey.
S04E09 Lucy Contre Flare ! 00/00/0000 Dans la première bataille du premier jour des jeux inter-magiques, Lucy va devoir affrtonter Raven, l'un des membres de Raven Tail, mais celui-ci ne joue pas le jeu...
S04E10 Mauvais présage ! 08/12/2012 Les duels s'enchainenernt au jeux inter-magiques, Et c'est au tour de Mystogan de se battre contre ... Jura.
S04E11 Chariot 15/12/2012 Une course de char est prévue pour le deuxième jour. Et ce n'est pas la meilleure épreuve pour Natsu,quand on sait qu'il a le mal des transport, mais apparement, il n'est pas le seul à en souffrir...
S04E12 Elfman contre Bacchus ! 00/00/0000 Dans l'arène, Elfman va devoir se battre contre Bacchus, un combattant dont les capacités sont égales à celles d'Erza. Pendant ce temps là, Natsu se réveille et apprend que Wendy et Carla ont été kidnappées...
S04E13 Mirajane contre Jenny ! 00/00/0000 Au lieu de se combattre de façon conventionnelle, Mirajane et Jenny ont décidé de s'affronter autour d'un concours de pose en maillots de bain. Mais, les choses dégénèrent quand tous les mages féminins présents décident d'entrer dans l'arène pour participer au concours...
S04E14 Kagura contre Yukino ! 00/00/0000 The last battle of the second day pits Kagura, Mermaid Heel's strongest wizard against Yukino, a young Celestial Spirit Wizard on Sabertooth's side. They bet with their lives and Yukino threatens to make good on it when she opens the unknown 13th Gate!
S04E15 La rancœur enveloppée dans les voiles de la nuit ! 19/01/2013 After being drummed out of Sabertooth, why does Yukino pay Fairy Tail a visit? And what is Erza going to do when she learns that two more people want to murder Jellal, including a dear friend?!
S04E16 Pandémonium ! 00/00/0000 Confronted by the Sabertooth Guild Master himself, Jiemma, Natsu decides to fight him all-out in their lodgings. Despite his attacks, he is unable to deal even a scratch on him. Eventually, their "fight" is interrupted with the arrival of Minerva and her hostage, Happy, forcing Natsu to leave reluctantly. The following day, the Grand Magic Games resume with a new event: Pandemonium. However, the beasts within the domain of this event appear to be quite challenging for the participants.
S04E17 100 Contre 1 02/02/2013 In the event called Pandemonium, Erza has opted to take on 100 powerful magic-generated monsters by herself... but what is the secret of the one S-class monster?!
S04E18 Luxus contre Alexei ! 00/00/0000 The third day of the Grand Magic Games proceeds into the battle portions. The first match, Mermaid Heel's Millianna and Quatro Puppy's Semmes, results in an unexpected win. Rufus Lohr easily dominates Eve Tearm in the following match. Then, in the next match between the father-and-son Guilds, an unexpected play from Raven Tail seemingly gives them an incredible advantage against even Laxus Dreyar.
S04E19 Wendy contre Cheria ! 16/02/2013 Laxus takes on Raven Tail's elite, but they're after something more than a win! And then there's Wendy vs. Cheria, a battle royale between two masters of the wind!
S04E20 Les petits poings 23/02/2013 The match between Wendy Marvell and Chelia Blendy continues, with Chelia using her ultimate move. Elsewhere, Jellal watches the match, noting the dark magic. However, as the battle ends, he realizes that the evil aura is coming from someone else. As he tries to chase the mysterious person, he is quickly intercepted by Doranbolt and Lahar. Will Jellal be able to escape? And what is the result of Wendy's battle?
S04E21 Bataille navale ! 00/00/0000 Une bataille sexy entre les plus jolies sirènes du monde de la magie va avoir lieu... Qui va se montrer la plus forte ?
S04E22 Le parfum que je te dédie ! 09/03/2013 Lucy se remet des blessures infligées par Minerva mais Fairy Tail et Sabertooth vont devoir s'affronter lors des épreuves suivantes ! Comment cela va-t-il finir ? Et l'on découvre enfin l'identité du Lapin de Blue Pegasus !
S04E23 La Bataille des Chasseurs de Dragons ! 16/03/2013 Les combats entre guildes se poursuivent ... au menu du jour : Millianna et Kagura de Mermaid Heel affrontent deux mages de Lamia Scale, Léon et Yûka. Puis, c'est un match que tous attendent avec impatience qui commence : un match de Chasseurs de Dragons !
S04E24 Quatre dragons ! 00/00/0000 The fourth day's final battle between Sabertooth and Fairy Tail kicks off with Natsu and Gajeel proving themselves as formidable opponents against the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth, but when push comes to shove, Sting and Rogue decide to utilize their trump card and turn the tides of the battle. Will the Fairies attain victory against their opponents or will the Tigers stay true to their title as Fiore's strongest guild?
S04E25 Natsu contre les Dragons jumeaux ! 00/00/0000 La bataille finale entre Natsu et les Dragons Jumeaux va commencer !!
S05E01 Le roi dragon 05/04/2014 Gajil révèle à Natsu l'existence d'un cimetière des dragons. Cette découverte est l'occasion pour Natsu et les autres d'en apprendre plus sur le mystère des dragons
S05E02 Le projet éclipse 12/04/2014 Dans le « cimetière des dragons », Natsu et les autres voient apparaître le capitaine Arcadios, qui demande au petit groupe de le suivre. L’officier les fait entrer dans le palais du roi, leur montre la porte de l’Éclipse, et leur révèle la véritable fonction des Grands Jeux magiques. Mais ses explications sont brutalement interrompues par le ministre de la Défense.
S05E03 La stratège des fées 19/04/2014 Quand commence l’épreuve finale des Grands Jeux magiques, l’équipe Fairy Tail fait preuve d’un immobilisme inattendu. Pendant ce temps, Mirajane a une idée insolite pour s’infiltrer dans le palais avec Natsu et les autres.
S05E04 Grey vs Rufus 26/04/2014 Suite de l’épreuve finale des Grands Jeux magiques. Grey est d’emblée mis en difficulté par Rufus, qui réactualise des sorts millénaires et les combine à sa façon. Mavis avait prédit ce scénario mais elle sait que la force des sentiments fait parfois mentir les calculs.
S05E05 L'ordre des loups affamés 03/05/2014 Pour que Sabertooth remporte les Jeux, Minerva mise sur la nouvelle force de Sting – une force née, selon elle, de son attachement à son compagnon disparu. De leur côté, Natsu et ses compagnons ne trouvent pas la sortie du Palais des Enfers dans lequel on les as fait chuter. Jusqu’au moment où ils découvrent une étrange faille, que l’on croirait créée artificiellement.
S05E06 Fairy Tail vs les Bourreaux 10/05/2014 Dans le Palais des Enfers, la bataille fait rage entre le groupe de Natsu et l’Ordre des Loups affamés. Yukino découvre Mirajane sous sa forme démoniaque, avant que Kamika, la magicienne du papier, n’inflige aux « criminels » de Fairy Tail un rude handicap.
S05E07 Une mer de lave 17/05/2014 Tombée en ordre dispersé au niveau inférieur du Palais des Enfers, l’équipe de Natsu poursuit séparément le combat face à l’Ordre des Loups affamés. Arcadios se sacrifie pour sauver de la lave Lucy et Yukino, sans qui le projet Éclipse est irréalisable. Une vieille connaissance apporte les clés des deux constellationnistes qui vont pouvoir se battre sérieusement...
S05E08 Le lieu où nous sommes 24/05/2014 Toujours prisonniers du Palais des Enfers, Natsu et ses compagnons affrontent séparément les chevaliers de l’Ordre des Loups affamés. Assaillie par les papiers de Kamika, Mirajane décontenance son adversaire par ses réflexions sur le vrai rôle de la magie. Pour tenter de faire plier Uosuke, Lucy a fait appel à Aquarius qui, toutefois, n’est pas d’humeur à se battre.
S05E09 Le Pays d’encore un lendemain 31/05/2014 Errant dans le Palais des Enfers, Natsu et sa bande trouvent enfin une immense porte, qui ne tarde pas à s’ouvrir sur une mystérieuse silhouette. Datong, qui a deviné le double-jeu de Hisui, rend une visite improvisée à la jeune princesse pour la presser de renoncer au projet Éclipse. Au stade, l’équipe Fairy Tail continue d’appliquer les calculs infaillibles – ou presque ? – de Mavis.
S05E10 Erza vs Kagura 07/06/2014 Au Palais des Enfers, Natsu et ses compagnons ont rencontré le sosie de Lucy. Affirmant venir du futur, la jeune fille leur annonce que le pays risque de disparaître le lendemain. Dans l’ultime épreuve des Grands Jeux magiques, Minerva, opposée à Erza et Kagura, retient toujours Miliana prisonnière. Pendant ce temps, la princesse Hisui explique à Datong que la Porte d’Éclipse est prête à être ouverte, maintenant qu’elle l’a déverrouillée.
S05E11 Un Futur lancé vers le désespoir 14/06/2014 Le groupe de Natsu erre toujours dans le Palais des Enfers, en quête d’une introuvable sortie. Au cours de l’ultime épreuve des Grands Jeux magiques, Ezra réussit à contrer Archenemy, l’épée de Kagura, avant de révéler à son adversaire qu’elles se sont déjà croisées il y a bien longtemps, dans des circonstances tragiques.
S05E12 La Grenouille 21/06/2014 Après avoir annoncé que dix mille dragons allaient attaquer le royaume, la Lucy du futur confesse qu’elle n’a aucun plan pour éviter la catastrophe. Tout comme Jellal, Arcadios relève des contre-vérités dans le récit de la jeune fille, et doute de sa bonne foi. Dans l’ultime épreuve des Grands Jeux magiques, Rogue révèle à son adversaire Jellal qu’ils se connaissent de longue date...
S05E13 Furieux éclair ! 28/06/2014 La dernière épreuve des Grands Jeux magiques s’approche de son dénouement. Gajil parvient à se transformer en ombre pour mieux combattre son adversaire Rogue, dont il a absorbé l’élément magique. Au palais, les soldats chargés de stopper le groupe de Natsu reçoivent le renfort de l’Ordre des Loups affamés.
S05E14 Gloria 05/07/2014 L’ultime épreuve des Grands Jeux magiques touche à sa fin. Suivant l’événement à distance, la princesse Hisui va pouvoir vérifier la fiabilité des prédictions qu'on lui a données. Pour s’évader du palais, Natsu et son groupe tentent de forcer les rangs des soldats royaux. Ils doivent alerter au plus vite leurs camarades sur la menace du projet Éclipse.
S05E15 Celle qui fermera la porte 12/07/2014 La victoire de Fairy Tail aux Grands Jeux magiques est accueillie dans le stade par des acclamations tonitruantes. Au palais, le groupe de Natsu est toujours bloqué par l’Ordre des Loups affamés – renforcé par des gardes royaux toujours plus nombreux. Jusqu’à l’irruption d'un phénomène singulier, généré par un personnage non moins étrange.
S05E16 Natsu vs Rogue 19/07/2014 La Lucy du futur est morte, mais a passé son message à son alter ego du présent. Pourtant le Rogue venu lui aussi de l'avenir est bien décidé à tuer la jeune fille. Mais Natsu n'est pas du genre à laisser tomber ses camarades. Pendant ce temps, le projet Éclipse est sur le point de démarrer, et toutes les guildes sont sur le pied de guerre.
S05E17 A ma place 26/07/2014 Lucy supplie la princesse Hisui de refermer la porte d’Éclipse, qu’elle soupçonne de constituer un passage avec l’époque où le monde était peuplé de dragons. Des craintes vite confirmées par l’apparition d’une gigantesque silhouette. D’après l’analyse de son esprit Crux, Lucy doit pouvoir fermer elle-même la porte grâce à ses pouvoirs de constellationniste.
S05E18 Sept Dragons 02/08/2014 Ayant aperçu Natsu accroché au sommet d’une tour, le Rogue du futur ordonne à son dragon de le tuer. Ailleurs dans la ville, les mages se cassent les dents sur les autres dragons ; même Sting et Rogue, pourtant censés en avoir tué chacun un, étant enfants. Une question taraude Makarof : le nombre de dragons – sept – a-t-il une signification particulière ?
S05E19 La magie de Zirconis 09/08/2014 Natsu et le Rogue du futur continuent à s’affronter sur Atlas Flame. Du ciel, celui-ci lâche soudain sur la ville une multitude d’œufs, dont éclosent de petits dragons. Fairy Tail s’adapte à la situation : Luxus et Gajil affronteront chacun l’un des sept grands dragons, et le reste de l’équipe devra détruire ceux sortis des coquilles. De son côté, Zilkonis se demande par quel humain il va commencer son festin.
S05E20 Humain et Humain, Dragon et dragon,Humain et Dragon 16/08/2014 La bataille fait rage entre les guildes et les dragons. Luxus et les membres de l’unité Raijin lancent chacun une attaque sur Atlas Flame, sans succès. Largué par Happy sur ce même dragon, Natsu adopte une tactique originale : dévorer les flammes de son adversaire pour acquérir plus de force. Atlas Flame devine rapidement que ce jeune humain a des liens étroits avec son vieil ami Ignir...
S05E21 Péché et sacrifice 23/08/2014 Dans Crocus en ruines, Erza empêche Miliana d'attaquer Jellal à qui, pour sa part, elle a accordé son pardon. Ultia fait irruption à son tour ; elle révèle à Miliana qu'elle à joué un rôle majeur dans la mort de Simon et la construction de la Tour du Paradis. Sting rejoint Rogue pour combattre en duo les deux dragons géants qu’ils affrontaient séparément. Pendant ce temps, Natsu et Atlas Flame poursuivent leur combat contre le Rogue du futur et Motherglare.
S05E22 Le temps de la vie 30/08/2014 Dans Crocus en ruines, la situation vire au rouge pour Fairy Tail et les autres guildes. Grey gît à terre, transpercé par les rayons des dragons. Seule la magie régénératrice de Chelia pourrait peut-être le sauver. Natsu avale des flammes pour récupérer de ses blessures mais le Rogue du futur est déterminé à en finir avec lui. Face à l’urgence, Ultia décide d’utiliser une magie temporelle dont elle a appris l’existence durant son enfance. Elle sait pourtant que le prix à payer sera terrible pour elle.
S05E23 Prairies d'Or 06/09/2014 Invoqués au complet par Lucy et Yukino, les douze esprits se jettent en même temps sur la porte pour la détruire. Celle-ci encaisse une masse phénoménale d’énergie magique, mais qui ne l’ébranle en rien. Pendant ce temps, le Rogue du futur révèle à Natsu, en plein combat, qu’il n’a pas l’intention de retourner à son époque, et que, tôt ou tard, il fusionnera avec son autre « moi ».
S05E24 Le grand banquet 13/09/2014 Tous les mages sont conviés par le roi à une fête fastueuse en l’honneur de leurs exploits durant les Jeux puis la bataille qui a enflammé Crocus. Les filles de Fairy Tail se préparent au vestiaire, avant de rejoindre la grande salle du palais où la soirée bat déjà son plein. Mais l’absence de Natsu commence à intriguer ses camarades.
S05E25 Goutte du Temps 20/09/2014 Au lendemain de la grande fête donnée au palais royal, les mages de Fairy Tail s’apprêtent à repartir pour leur ville de Magnolia. Pour Natsu, sujet au mal des transports, le voyage en fiacre s’annonce pénible. Jellal et Meldy cherchent Ultia en vain. Jellal redoute une catastrophe si le Conseil de la magie a vraiment appris que la famille royale avait utilisé de la magie noire. Mais heureusement, Lahar a effacé les souvenirs des membres de l’assemblée.
S05E26 Livraison 27/09/2014 Les membres de Fairy Tail sont enfin de retour chez eux et sont acclamés par tout les habitants de Magnolia qui, pour les récompenser de leur victoire, leur offre un cadeau exceptionnel : la reconstruction de leur guilde comme elle était sept années auparavant. Après cela, Lucy, Natsu et Happy partent en mission dans le village de Doroboue pour chasser une taupe géante.
S05E27 Bienvenue à la maison, Frosh 04/10/2014 Alors que Sting, Rogue et les autres membres de Saber Tooth font la fête dans leur piscine intégrée dans la guilde, Frosh est partie mais n'a aucun sens de l'orientation et s'est donc perdu en ne retrouvant plus ses traces. Sting et Rogue décident alors de la rechercher mais une fois trouvé, Rogue convainc Sting de la laisser et, tout en l'espionnant, la regarder retrouver la guilde tout seul car Rogue a confiance en Frosh. Cependant, elle va les entraîner dans tout Magnolia jusqu'à presque en perdre espoir.
S05E28 Moulin Rouge 11/10/2014 A newly-installed pool table at the Fairy Tail guild hall has Erza reminiscing about the first time she shot pool... which was also the first time she came across a certain bandit, the quickest draw on the continent.
S05E29 Des vies en jeu pour la réception! 18/10/2014 Lucy décide de remercier chacun de ses esprits en les invoquant un à la fois pour réaliser un de leurs souhaits. Accompagnée de Natsu, Yukino et Happy, elle va en voir de toutes les couleurs.
S05E30 Les feux de la rébellion 25/10/2014 Lucy découvre que les esprits de ses clés d'or ne répondent plus à son appel. Ils se mettent à attaquer Lucy et Natsu, les esprits disent avoir maintenant une liberté totale.
S05E31 Panique à la bibliothèque 01/11/2014 Lucy, Yukino, Reby et Happy vont à la tour de la bibliothèque. Ils découvrent que les esprits cherchent à utiliser Liberum, un puissant sort capable de libérer les esprits mais qu'ils ont besoin du globe céleste. Virgo malmène les filles et réussit à s'emparer du globe.
S05E32 Hisui se lève ! 08/11/2014 Lucy, Natsu et les autres ont fait une terrible découverte : la « liberté parfaite ». Une fois acquise, elle ne laisse aux Esprits que douze jours à vivre. Le groupe part donc à la recherche d’Astral Spiritus pour empêcher les Esprits d’y accomplir le rituel qui donne accès à ce « graal » funeste. À la périphérie de Magnolia, ils rencontrent par hasard Arcadios et la princesse Hisui. Celle-ci apporte des clés destinées à renvoyer de force les Esprits dans leur monde...
S05E33 Astral Spiritus 15/11/2014 La troupe de Natsu se lance vers l'Astral Spiritus et interrompt la cérémonie censée donner aux 12 Esprits de Lucy la Liberté parfaite. Ces derniers sont parfaitement conscients que cette liberté leur coûtera leur existence, mais n'en démordent pas malgré la tentative de Lucy de les ramener à la raison. Il ne reste plus alors qu'une solution : utiliser les clés apportées par la princesse Hisui...
S05E34 Wendy vs. Aquarius.Jouons au parc ! 22/11/2014 À Astral Spiritus, Hisui et Acradios suivent sur un écran les duels qui opposent les mages de Fairy Tail aux Esprits des Douze Clés d’Or. Tandis que Virgo montre à Lucy comment on se sert d’un fouet, Leo explique à son adversaire Natsu ce que signifie l’assombrissement de ses flammes. Kanna, quant à elle, affronte Scorpion aux cartes magiques, mais ignore toujours les règles de la partie. Dans un parc d’attractions, Aquarius veut forcer Wendy à jouer à des jeux destructeurs qui la mettent aux abois...
S05E35 Cartes de la Guilde VS. Cartes des Esprits 29/11/2014 Les duels font rage entre les Esprits célestes et les mages. Opposée dans un quiz à Capricorn, Reby chute sur la première question. Pendant ce temps, Mirajane vient à bout de Pisces, non sans avoir conseillé à la mère et au fils de moins se "couver". Kanna, de son côté, commence à saisir les règles du combat de cartes que lui impose Scorpio, et invoque dans l'arène les illusions d'autres membres de Fairy Tail.
S05E36 Grey VS. Cancer, Dance Battle ! 06/12/2014 Les mages de Fairy Tail poursuivent leurs affrontements contre les Esprits célestes. En suivant l’odeur de Loki, Natsu mène ses coéquipières Wendy et Carla jusqu’à l’entrée d’une pyramide antique. Kanna vient enfin à bout de Scorpio en jouant la carte de son père Gildarts qui, en mode invulnérable, ne fait qu’une bouchée d’Aries. Opposé à Cancer dans une dance battle, Grey, d’abord mal à l’aise, est rapidement désinhibé par son adversaire. La soirée disco peut commencer...
S05E37 Jubia VS. Aries, combat mortel dans le désert ! 13/12/2014 Les Esprits célestes ne sont toujours pas revenus à la raison, les mages de Fairy Tail continuent d'en découdre avec eux. Le quiz opposant Reby à Capricorn prend fin sur une question pour le moins indiscrète, tandis que la troupe de Natsu est attaquée par un ennemi qui s'annonce coriace. De son côté, Jubia retrouve Aries qui la provoque en duel. Comment va s'en sortir la jeune mage dans un environnement qui ne lui est clairement pas favorable ?
S05E38 Erza VS. Sagittarius, la joute finale ! 20/12/2014 À Astral Spiritus, mages et Esprits célestes continuent à se livrer d’âpres confrontations. Gajil et Lily ont été transformés en écureuils et enfermés dans une cage par Gemini. Profitant d’un instant d’inattention de ses nouveaux « maîtres », Gajil parvient à s’enfuir dans la forêt. Pendant ce temps, la princesse Hisui fait part à Arcadios d’une intuition selon laquelle un treizième esprit, celui du Serpentaire, doit se trouver quelque part en ces lieux. Dans son sinistre manoir, Virgo continue à chercher Lucy qui, jusqu’à présent, a refusé l’idée de se battre.
S05E39 Natsu VS. Leo 27/12/2014 Peu après que de terribles secousses eurent ébranlé Astral Spiritus, les mages engagés dans la bataille sont arrivés successivement dans un donjon, sans trop savoir comment. Manquent à l’appel Lucy, Yukino et le groupe de Natsu, qui n’ont toujours pas réussi à fermer la porte de l’Esprit auquel ils sont confrontés. Grâce à Ophiuchus, Leo a trouvé le moyen d’accomplir le Liberum à distance, en projetant l’énergie du globe céleste vers les constellations. Arcadios et Hisui, qui suivent la manœuvre sur leur écran portatif, décident d'aller prêter main-forte à Natsu et ses compagnons.
S05E40 Ophiuchus le Serpentaire 10/01/2015 Ophiuchus lance son rayon en direction des « gêneurs » de Fairy Tail qui tentent d’empêcher la réalisation du Liberum. Natsu n’est guère en état de la combattre : depuis qu’il a aspiré les flammes de Loki, il souffre de fièvre et d’autres symptômes. En suivant l’odeur de « Salamander », Gajil mène le groupe des mages qui s’étaient retrouvés dans le donjon d’Astral Spiritus. Soudain, ils entendent au loin une voix féminine, et comprennent qu’un 13e Esprit céleste est en train d’accomplir le rituel. Seules Lucy et Yukino n’ont pas encore fermé la Porte de leurs adversaires respectives, Virgo et Libra. L’incompréhension est totale entre les Esprits, prêts à mourir pour douze jours de liberté, et les Constellationnistes.
S05E41 Des étoiles filantes plein le ciel 17/01/2015 Porté dans les airs par Happy, Natsu se lance à l’assaut d’Ophiuchus, mais celle-ci réplique sans mal grâce aux pouvoirs de son ocarina. Lucy et les autres compagnons présents sont chargés, quant à eux, de détruire le globe céleste. Alerté par les violents tremblements, le gros de l’équipe Fairy Tail veut aller secourir le groupe de Natsu, sans toutefois pouvoir le localiser. Grâce au grimoire de Yukino, Reby comprend que, pour empêcher le Liberum Verus d’avoir lieu, il faut détruire simultanément Ophiuchus, Astral Spiritus et le globe céleste...
S05E42 La Bête céleste 24/01/2015 Aidé de Happy, Natsu parvient à vaincre Ophiuchus. Aussitôt, le globe céleste se brise et la lumière rouge s’éteint. Mais Lucy comprend rapidement que les Esprits ne sont toujours pas redevenus comme avant. Alors qu’Astral Spiritus est ébranlé par de nouvelles secousses, Horologium apparaît pour supplier les mages de venir sauver le monde des Esprits. À l’issue d’un voyage-éclair, les visiteurs humains découvrent un univers transfiguré, sur lequel règne un personnage encore plus méconnaissable.
S05E43 Croire 31/01/2015 Dans le ventre de la Bête céleste, Natsu et Happy se trouvent plongés dans l’obscurité d’une sorte de cosmos. Résistant aux assauts des météores et des planètes, ils volent en direction d’une mystérieuse lumière, près de laquelle ils espèrent retrouver tous les disparus. Pendant ce temps, à l'extérieur, Grey, Ezra et les autres tentent de terrasser le monstre en brisant un à un ses pics à haute tension. Avec la conviction que leurs camarades sortiront à temps de ses entrailles...
S05E44 Ce que tisse la sincérité 07/02/2015 Natsu garde pour la journée la petite Asuka, fille d’Arzak et Biska. Après sa défaite au concours de tir, « Salamander », accompagné de Lucy et Happy, est tenu de satisfaire tous les caprices de l’enfant. Celle-ci accomplit même de vraies missions dont les rétributions doivent lui permettre d’acheter un précieux objet. Pendant ce temps, au siège de Fairy Tail, Wendy et Carla préparent un gâteau pour Asuka, en espérant qu’Erza et Lily trouveront bien la fameuse fraise Maximum Sweet...
S05E45 413 jours 14/02/2015 Aujourd'hui, Jubia a une bonne raison d’être heureuse : il y a exactement 413 jours qu’elle a rencontré Grey pour la première fois. Une journée tout aussi exceptionnelle que les précédentes et les suivantes pour Jubia ! Convaincue par Erza, elle souhaite faire un cadeau à son bien-aimé mais, ne sachant que lui offrir, elle demande conseil aux filles, puis aux garçons de Fairy Tail.
S05E46 Le Dédale blanc 21/02/2015 Natsu, Happy et Lucy partent en mission sur le mont Hakobe à la recherche d’un type de glace aux vertus miraculeuses. Pris dans une tempête de neige, ils se réfugient à l’intérieur d’une grotte, qui ne tarde pas à se montrer hostile. Égaré dans l’immensité des galeries, le trio doit résister à la faim, au froid et au sommeil...
S05E47 Transformation ! 28/02/2015 Pour pouvoir mieux se défendre lorsqu’elle ne peut pas invoquer ses Esprits, Lucy demande à Mirajane de lui apprendre à utiliser la magie de transformation. Natsu et Happy, intéressés par un usage plus ludique des métamorphoses, viennent également au parc suivre l’initiation. Macao et Wakaba, quant à eux, observent à distance, mais leur première tentative de redevenir jeunes et beaux se solde par un échec. N’est-ce que partie remise ?
S05E48 Kemokemo est arrivé ! 07/03/2015 Au cours d’une mission, Natsu reçoit sur la tête un curieux œuf. Au bout d’une dizaine de jours passés à le couver en relais avec Happy, il voit naître une mystérieuse créature, qu’il nomme « Kemokemo ». Dans la foulée, il décide participer à un programme d’échange entre guildes, dans le but d’interroger ses confrères mages au sujet de son nouveau compagnon...
S05E49 The Place You Came To 14/03/2015 As the combined Fairy Tail and Sabertooth team explore the mysterious island, the members suddenly start dropping like flies. Meanwhile, there's a giant sea serpent to face, runes in ruins to decipher, and Kemokemo won't stop growing!
S05E50 Lightning Man 21/03/2015 The town of Borwatt has a job for Laxus in particular: to solve their neverending lightning problem... except it seems Laxus himself is responsible for the dangerous phenomenon. Can he and his Raijin-shuu partners fix things before the town's mayor smears them and all of Fairy Tail?
S05E51 Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeeeeeen 28/03/2015 It's raining "Men" in Magnolia as the "Ichiya virus" turns just about everyone into a shuffling, single-minded sniffing clone of the Blue Pegasus guild master. Only Natsu and Happy seem to be immune, but how can they find a cure when most of Fairy Tail has been Ichified and is intent on stopping them?
S00E01 Bienvenue à Fairy Hills! 15/04/2011 Lucy notices a mysterious hand-written request in which the client is looking for an object located in Fairy Tail's female dormitory, Fairy Hills. To ensure that the job is not a prank, she goes to verify it. Once she reaches the dormitory, she learns that the client is Hilda, the dorm's head, who asks her to find a "shining treasure" while wearing an embarrassing cat outfit.
S00E02 Fairy Academy : Yankee-kun et Yankee-chan 17/06/2011 Lucy Heartfilia is a transfer student at Fairy Academy. So are Natsu, Wendy, Erza, Gray, and the gang. But with such unpredictable classmates in Fairy Academy, trouble is not far ahead. A rival school is causing trouble for the gang, Gajeel and Juvia at the head, and Natsu and Gray set out to stop them. Meanwhile, Erza, the class president, is experiencing romance issues about a handsome stranger.
S00E03 Le jour de la mémoire 17/02/2012 An all-new original story storyboarded by Hiro Mashima, the author of Fairy Tail, released on February 17, 2012. "Natsu's Secret" is going to be revealed in the "Past World"?! Guided by a "magic book" that's lying in the Guild's storage room, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, and Erza have traveled back into the past!!
S00E04 La Prêtresse du Phénix 28/08/2012 Lucy Heartfilia, a member of the rambunctious wizard guild Fairy Tail, meets a mysterious girl named Eclair and her friend Momon, a strange bird. Eclair has somehow lost her memory, and the the only thing she remembers is that she must deliver the "Phoenix Stone" in her possession to somewhere. Soon after, Fairy Tail is attacked by the dark guild Carbuncle, who launch a sinister plot against Fairy Tail.
S00E05 Le Camp d'entraînement des fées 16/11/2012 Natsu, Lucy et les autres se trouvent dans un camp d'entraînement pour les Grands Jeux Magiques (Daimatouenbu).Mais au final les membres de la guilde Fairy Tail profitent pour prendre des vacances bien méritées sur la plage et aux sources chaudes.
S00E06 Fairy Tail the Movie Prologue: The Starting Morning 15/02/2013 This OVA is showing a day of Eclair's life as a prologue to the movie Houou no Miko.
S00E07 Dokidoki Ryuuzetsu Land 17/06/2013 Adapting the chapter 298. The story is set during the Grand Magic Games when various guilds gather at the pool for some fun (and the chaos that ensues).
S00E08 Fairy Tail x Rave 16/08/2013 In a town far away, Lucy, Natsu and Happy, from Mashima's Fairy Tail manga, are on a mission to find a troublemaker and deal with her. Due to unknown circumstances they get separated. The same happens to Elie and Haru, from Mashima's Rave Master manga. Lucy and Elie manage to meet each other and together they try to find their respective partners..
S00E09 Fairies' Penalty Game 17/05/2016 Due to the bet they made during the Grand Magic Games, the time has finally come for Team Fairy Tail A and B to decide who will have the privilege to make the other team do whatever they desire, leading to a day's worth of antics from the two parties.
S00E10 Natsu vs. Mavis 17/11/2016 After Erza recruits Natsu to assist Mavis by allowing her to enjoy the qualities of a hot bath, Team Natsu and Juvia take up Warrod's request to look for a hidden treasure buried by the First Master herself 100 years ago, although the task becomes much harder than it was initially let on.
S00E11 Yousei-tachi no Christmas 16/12/2016 Lucy's apartment becomes the venue for a Christmas party for some of her friends. But the celebration soon devolves into chaos as Erza forces the rest of the guild into playing the Guild Master's Game with her. Erza proves merciless as she orders her friends to perform embarrassing acts. Gray finally manages to avenge everybody and orders Erza to walk home naked at the end of the game. As she leaves the party, she runs into Jellal, who kindly covers her up and accompanies her home.
S00E12 Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry 06/05/2017 Natsu Dragneel and his friends travel to the island Kingdom of Stella, where they will reveal dark secrets, fight the new enemies and once again save the world from destruction.