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Are You Afraid of the Dark? is a show based upon a group of kids known as "The Midnight Society". Members meet in the woods and take turns telling their own spooky tales. The series aired on Nickelodeon in the United States as part of their SNICK line-up in 1992. It lasted for 5 seasons until it was canceled in 1996. Later on, it returned to Nickelodeon's SNICK block with a new cast for two seasons from 1999-2000.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fais-moi peur

S01E01 L’Histoire du taxi fantôme 15/08/1992 Two brothers, while lost in the woods, come across a mysterious cab driver and a very unusual man named Dr. Vink who won't let any of his victims go unless they solve a riddle.
S01E02 L’Histoire de Zeebo le clown 22/08/1992 A kid named Josh decides to prove that a fun house isn't haunted by stealing the nose of the clown who is supposed to haunt the place. He learns that the story isn't fiction when Zeebo pays him a little visit.
S01E03 L’Histoire du fantôme solitaire 29/08/1992 A girl who desperately wants to be friends with her snotty cousin and her group of friends agrees to spend the night in the haunted house next door to become part of the group.
S01E04 L’Histoire de la griffe ensorcelée 05/09/1992 In a twist of "The Monkey's Paw," two boys scare an old lady to death the night before Halloween just as the next night they receive a hand granting them wishes with consequences.
S01E05 L’Histoire des chiens affamés 12/09/1992 Two girls go to an attic where one of them tries on a uniform that belonged to a dead relative where her spirit lives on.
S01E06 L’Histoire des lunettes magiques 19/09/1992 Weeds, a prankster, buys his friend Marybeth a pair of super spec glasses as part of an April's Fool Day where once she places on the glasses, strange figures appear and can't be explained.
S01E07 L’Histoire des âmes captives 26/09/1992 A family moves to a small house in the summer where they befriend a young man, where the family starts feeling weaker every day.
S01E08 L’Histoire des voisins noctambules 03/10/1992 Some new neighbors move into a neighborhood. They are originally from Eastern Europe, wear black, collect blood, and only are active at night.
S01E09 L’Histoire de l’apprenti sorcier 10/10/1992 Dean, a troubled student, awakens an ancient secret hidden in the school.
S01E10 L’Histoire de Jacques et du farfadet 17/10/1992 Jake, an inspiring young actor, is in a play where during rehearsals strange things start happening to him where it's only a matter of time before opening night.
S01E11 L’Histoire de la ténébreuse musique 24/10/1992 Andy Carr moves in the new neighborhood where things don't start out well until he figures out that there's something hidden inside his basement.
S01E12 L’Histoire de la reine du bal 07/11/1992 Two boys befriend a young woman where they encourage her to join them in search of a legend that comes every year.
S01E13 L’Histoire du flipper diabolique 14/11/1992 Ross, a mischievous kid, goes to the mall where his old habits sometimes get the best of him.
S02E01 L’Histoire du dernier vœu 19/06/1993 Jill is a thirteen year old that still loves things her peers have grown out of, such as unicorns and fairy tales. One night she wishes that she could be in a fairy tale world forever. After her wish is granted, she finds that living in a fairy tale isn't as happy as she'd once imagined.
S02E02 L’Histoire de la folie de minuit 26/06/1993 An old movie theater has two weeks before they close down for good. Ever since the multiplex came into town, the older movie theater has made less than six dollars per day. All of a sudden, the mysterious Dr. Vink appears and offers them a horror movie he made decades ago. He promises the owner and his staff that his movie would save them from closing down and it works! Dr. Vink's horror movie, Nosferatu: The Demon Vampire, starts attracting more than fifty people a night. The staff wonders what attracts people to this film and unfortunately they find out. The terrifying vampire jumps out of the movie and into the real world where it can have all the victims it wants. Now the staff must pull the plug on the movie before it gets out of hand!
S02E03 L’Histoire du casier 22 03/07/1993 In the 1970s, a young girl named Candy Warren was forced to work on her Chemistry assignment after school. However, neither she nor her teacher noticed that the gas line of her Bunsen burner was frayed. This caused an accident, claiming Candy's life. Years later, a young girl gets Candy's locker and soon finds herself haunted by Candy's ghost.
S02E04 L’Histoire du 13e étage 10/07/1993 Two siblings generally spend all their free time playing hockey on the 13th floor of their apartment building. However, one day the regular elevator operator disappears and they find that the floor is now being used by a company to manufacture toys and games. However, the toys that they're creating aren't exactly from this world.
S02E05 L’Histoire de la machine à rêver 17/07/1993 Sean Hackett finds a strange old typewriter in his house that once belonged to a writer who mysteriously vanished. He loves to write short stories, but soon finds that whatever he types comes to life as it's read. Things seem harmless enough until he writes a story for English class in which his best friend dies.
S02E06 L’Histoire du dragon noir 24/07/1993 A teenager buys a potion from Sardo's magic shop hoping to make himself cooler, since he was in a accident that caused him to have to wear a brace on his leg. He soon finds himself changing, but also discovers that the potion has some very bad side effects.
S02E07 L’Histoire du fantôme gelé 04/05/1993 When Daphne takes Charlie to stay with his aunts, they mention something about a ghost. Charlie's terrified when he keeps seeing a strange, glowing boy complaining that he's cold.
S02E08 L’Histoire des murs qui chuchotent 28/04/1993 While driving to a carnival, a babysitter and the two children she's looking after get lost. When their car breaks down, she goes inside a house to call for help. Trouble begins when she disappears and the kids soon find out that while they aren't the only ones in the house, they're the only ones that are alive.
S02E09 L’Histoire de la pleine lune 21/08/1993 Two young pet detectives try to figure out where all the neighborhood cats are disappearing to. They find a clue when looking through a neighbor's back yard. He seems to have a rather large collection of cat collars hidden in his backyard. They begin to suspect that he's a werewolf, but unfortunately, no one believes them.
S02E10 L’Histoire de la bicyclette rouge 28/08/1993 Years ago a boy named Ricky Hagerdy drowned. His close friend Mike Buckley tried to save him, but failed. Ever since that day he's felt guilty for what happened. Trouble begins when he starts seeing Ricky's ghost everywhere he looks.
S02E11 L’Histoire de l’assistant du magicien 11/09/1993 A young boy, Todd, starts doing the one thing that he's wanted to do since his father died, further his interest in magic. He becomes an assistant to the great magician Shandu and learns the rules of being a magician: Only let the audience see what you want them to see, never touch another magician's wand unless he hands it to you, and never get caught in your own reflection. But trouble ensues when Todd makes an unwise decision to take Shandu's wand and use it for himself.
S02E12 L’Histoire du complot 25/09/1993 Two siblings, Jazz and Augie, are sent to boarding school while their parents are away. They immediately notice that the school is quite different and has some rather strange rules. For example, only calm, soothing tones are allowed inside the school and the students are only given the option to eat something called 'sponge' for meals daily. Jazz and Augie soon learn why the owners are so strange and have these odd rules in place.
S02E13 L’Histoire du vieux Ben Corcoran 02/10/1993 Two boys befriend a group of hide 'n' seekers who play their game in a graveyard that's rumored to be haunted by a caretakers's ghost. They soon find out that it might not be just a rumor.
S03E01 L’Histoire du cavalier sans tête 08/01/1994 When a teenager moves to Sleepy Hollow, he learns that some of the folks believe in the old legend of the headless horseman. He soon learns that it's not just a legend.
S03E02 L’Histoire de l’appartement 214 15/01/1994 After moving into a new apartment complex with her mother, Stacy finds herself without any friends. She befriends an older woman named Madeline that lives nearby and they soon start to spend quite a bit of time together. But when Stacy breaks a promise to visit Madeline on one specific afternoon, Madeline is enraged and comes after Stacy.
S03E03 L’Histoire du gardien de la forêt 22/01/1994 Long ago, three girls attending camp got lost in the woods, only leaving behind their whistles. At the same exat time, a camper went crazy and started babbling about a Watcher within the woods, creating the nickname Watcher's Woods. When two present day campers get lost, they find that there's definitely something evil in the woods.
S03E04 L’Histoire de la télépolice 29/01/1994 Two boys learn that the telephone is a serious matter and should not be used as a toy when a group of vigilantes called the Phone Police bust anyone who does not follow the rules of the phone. And the Phone Police can do more than just put you in jail. They can erase your entire existance.
S03E05 L’Histoire de la maison de poupée 05/02/1994 A young girl goes to the countryside to spend a summer with her best friend but she discovers that her friend is missing. She soon discovers that a mysterious doll house in the attic is responsible for her friend's disappearance.
S03E06 L’Histoire de la gardienne bibliophile 12/02/1994 A young boy named Ricky, who is obsessed with TV, is put under the care of a babysitter named Belinda. Belinda has a reputation for making children interested in reading. That's because she makes the books come alive. Literally.
S03E07 L’Histoire de la pierre gravée 26/02/1994 Alison Denny moves to a new town and desperately wants to fit in and find friends, but is having trouble getting them to accept her. When she buys a carved stone from Sardo's Magic Mansion, she discovers that it allows her to go back to a time when when another family was living in her new home.
S03E08 L’Histoire de la malédiction de Minna 05/03/1994 A mummy is delivered to a museum owned by an archeologist. The mummy happens to be a dead pharaoh queen whose ancient potion and ring brings eternal life. The trouble begins when the mummy mysteriously disappears.
S03E09 L’Histoire de l’appareil photo diabolique 19/03/1994 After getting his portraits back from the basketball team, Matt finds that he didn't show up in the photos. To make it up to him, the photographer gives him an antique camera because it has apparently 'chosen' him. Matt soon learns that anything he takes a picture of willhave something bad happen to it. Whether you want it or not.
S03E10 L’Histoire d’une fille de rêve 26/03/1994 A teenager thinks he's just met the girl of his dreams when he puts on a mysterious ring that won't come off. Trouble begins when he learns that years ago she was killed in a car accident, and he realizes she wants to lure him to an early grave.
S03E11 L’Histoire du vif-argent 02/04/1994 A long time ago a young girl named Laura was haunted by someone or something lurking in the walls of her house. She tried to get rid of the ghost but failed and died in the process. A year later, two new brothers move into the same house and discover that history repeats itself.
S03E12 L’Histoire du clown écarlate 09/04/1994 A young bratty boy learns a lesson when a Chucky-like clown doll comes to life and starts to terrorize him.
S03E13 L’Histoire du potage dangereux 16/04/1994 Dr. Vink is back and now running his own restaraunt, The Wild Boar. After staff members continually decide to just quit at the drop of a hat, two employees soon discover why. Dr. Vink makes his famous soup with a special ingredient that he gets from his employees- FEAR. However, the two accidentally release the creature that gathers the fear and give it the ability to prey upon anyone.
S04E01 L’Histoire du virus récalcitrant 01/10/1994 After opening a treasure chest, Rush Keegan unleashes the ghost of Jonas Cutter, an evil pirate. Captain Cutter kidnaps Rush's little brother, and he must use his instincts to finish what his ancestors started and get his brother back. Both Dr. Vink and Sardo team up with Rush to help him battle the phantom pirate.
S04E02 L’Histoire du vieux médaillon 08/10/1994 After opening a treasure chest, Rush Keegan unleashes the ghost of Jonas Cutter, an evil pirate. Captain Cutter kidnaps Rush's little brother, and he must use his instincts to finish what his ancestors started and get his brother back. Both Dr. Vink and Sardo team up with Rush to help him battle the phantom pirate.
S04E03 L’Histoire du trésor maudit - 1re partie 08/10/1994 Simon's latest prank in a series played between him and his friend Evan goes too far when Evan is late for school but he seems to have forgiven him. He even lets Simon have the first chance to try out a new virtual-reality program both have been waiting to try. But instead of experiencing fencing Simon finds himself trapped in a world where he must outwit an intelligent computer-virus. The virus has reprogrammed the system so that if Simon doesn't get out of the life-like setting where nothing works in his favor it will take over his brain to wreak havoc outside the computer.
S04E04 L’Histoire de la bibliothécaire obsédée par le silence 05/11/1994 A forgotten book forces two bitter rivals to work together to avoid the clutches of a ghostly librarian who insists that ""Silence is golden"".
S04E05 L’Histoire des démons de la mer 15/10/1994 Two teenage boys deliver food to an old man who lives by the lake. After seeing treasures from an old sunken boat being displayed in his home, they find out that he is being stalked by water demons whenever he falls asleep. When one of the boys secretly steals one of the items, they start to be followed by the demons as well.
S04E06 L’Histoire du trésor maudit - 2e partie 29/10/1994 A love-lorn teen walks through the park, directly into a Revolutionary War battle. He meets a Minuteman who beseeches his help in delivering a locket to his true love. They must avoid the enemy in the process.
S04E07 L’Histoire du serviteur silencieux 12/11/1994 Two kids on a farm find a scarecrow with a magic spell, and they use it. The scarecrow does whatever they order it to. At first it's great, their new servant puts up an entire fence that they were supposed to build. But they find that it has it's drawbacks when they order it to make a baseball dugout and it tears apart the new fence for wood. Things get serious when one of them accidentally orders it to kill.
S04E08 L’Histoire de la chambre à louer 19/11/1994 Jessie's grandfarther wants to earn some extra money, so he decides to rent out the extra room in his house. One night, Jessie sees a man enter the local psychic's house through the ceiling. When she returns home, she's shocked to find that the not only is the room of their house rented out, but the new tenant is the ghostly man that she saw.
S04E09 L’Histoire de l’effroyable farceur 03/12/1994 Ethan wants to be a comic book artist, but his submissions are constantly rejected by companies. One day, he's invited to a comic shop, where he gets the only copy of the comic ""The Ghastly Grinner."" He accidentally brings the supervillain to life and it starts turning everyone into giggling mindless idiots.
S04E10 L’Histoire du fantôme du feu 10/12/1994 While celebrating their dad's birthday at the firehouse he works at, Jimmy and Roxanne end up being left alone when a call comes in and the firefighters must take off to stop a fire. They soon find that they're not exactly the only occupants of the firehouse. There's a fire ghost who's seeking revenge.
S04E11 L’Histoire des gardiens de la vieille maison 07/01/1995 A girl gets kidnapped by some strange men and thrown in a futuristic cell. She's later joined by a boy that she knows, and it seems that they've been put into a human zoo on an alien planet. Kids from countries all over the world have been captured and are looking to escape.
S04E12 L’Histoire de la peinture inachevée 14/01/1995 A girl who loves to draw starts spending time at an art gallery, finishing up paintings that have never been completed. But she soon finds out that once you sign your name to a painting, you're trapped inside of it for life.
S04E13 L’Histoire du train magique 21/01/1995 Tim loves trains and everything about them, just like his father did who used to work at the station. After an electric train is mysteriously sent to him, he puts it on the track with the rest of his collection and watches it go. But at 7:13 PM he finds himself sucked into the mysterious town train, which is actually Train 713, a train that crashed and killed everyone aboard years ago.
S04E14 00/00/0000
S05E01 L’Histoire de la piscine maudite 07/10/1995 Zeke is good at chemistry, but not at girls. When he befriends one, she teaches him how to swim at the school pool. However, the pool is haunted by the ghost of a body that was previously buried underneath the school.
S05E02 L’Histoire du signe ailé 09/03/1996 A young girl, Claudia, goes to visit her relatives at the boarding house for the elderly that they own. She's bored at first but soon learns the legend of a ghost who haunts a special spot of a mountain in the woods. Her time spent away from home gets even more unusual when she actually sees the ghost himself.
S05E03 L’Histoire de la station radio 109,1 04/11/1995 Chris is obsessed with death. His brother tries to get him to snap out of it by locking him in a hearse and turning up the radio full blast. The radio goes right to 109.1. When Chris goes to the station, DJ Roy mistakes him for a dead man, and sends him to the afterlife.
S05E04 L’Histoire du miroir aux illusions 11/11/1995 Employees from a boutique are disappearing and no one knows why. Soon after getting a job there, Cindy discovers the truth. Mrs. Valenti, the owner, is really centuries old and using her youthful employees to stay young.
S05E05 L’Histoire des caméléons 18/11/1995 After Janice is bitten by a chameleon at the local pet store, it follows her and her friend Sharon home. The chameleon soon tries to take over Janice's life, following the saying among chameleons- 'Bite you once, bite you twice, a little water, pay the price.' Seems that if a chameleon bites you twice and water touches you, you switch places with the creature.
S05E06 L’Histoire du prisonnier 02/12/1995 Scott and his step-brother hate each other and can't seem to get along. After fighting on their school field trip to a famous prison, they accidentally release One-Eyed Jack, an ex-prisoner's ghost, and he follows them home. They finally have to learn to cooperate in order to get the ghost to rest in peace.
S05E07 L’Histoire du C7 09/12/1995 A family buys an old abondoned hotel, with the intentions of fixing it up and re-opening it. But when the old jukebox is pulled out and fixed, it starts to play a long-forgotten song late at night, summoning a restless spirit from the nearby lake.
S05E08 L’Histoire des Manaha 30/12/1995 Jonah is teased by his fellow campers and counselor. While hiking in the woods, Jonah stumbles upon an enchanted cave with a mysterious statue on top of a rock. Jonah moves the statue and summons an old powerful Shaman who warns Jonah to leave his woods or he must face the Manaha- mythical creatures who feed on human flesh. Jonah refuses and the Manaha are released upon the campers. Now the group must trust each other to escape the Shaman and his troop of Manaha.
S05E09 L’Histoire du visiteur indésirable 13/01/1996 Using the equipment of Jeff's father, who's working on a special space project, two friends send some of their music into space. This apparently attracts the attention of an alien creature who has received their message.
S05E10 L’Histoire du terrain vague 20/01/1996 A young girl, who feels inferior to her peers, encounters a strange woman in an empty lot who seems to have everything she'd ever want. The woman doesn't seem to want anything important in return. But when the young girl starts losing her looks, she finds that what she's given up is more important to her than she thought.
S05E11 L’Histoire de la porte magique 27/01/1996 Justin visits Sardo's Magic Mansion and buys a miniature door from Sardo that's supposed to let him see the future. He sees an unfamiliar girl trapped in a fire. But soon a new girl, Ashley, arrives at school and looks exactly like the girl that Justin saw in the fire. It's up to him to save her from the future.
S05E12 L’Histoire de la garde de nuit 03/02/1996 A new girl starts volunteering during the nightshift at the local hospital. But the hospital seems to have more than just a new volunteer. Someone or something is feeding on the hospital's patients and employees, draining them of their blood and turning them into walking zombies.
S05E13 L’Histoire de Badge 20/04/1996 Gwen is constantly being upstaged by her brother- even on her birthday. Her grandmother Willy gives her a special necklace and a magical flute that holds the key to a family secret. When her brother accidentally releases an evil creature named Badge, it's up to Gwen to use her musical gift to save her family and herself.
S06E01 L’Histoire du jeu du captif 06/02/1999 When Peter gets fed up with his tag-along sister Monica, he speeds up on ahead of her and his friend during their bike ride. They become seperated and Peter finds himself trapped in a place where he's forced to play a mysterious game, and his friend and sister are trapped in the woods until the game is finished. If Peter wins this game, he'll be free to leave. But if he loses, he'll be trapped there forever.
S06E02 L’Histoire du biscuit de mésaventure 13/02/1999 Wishing that his life was more exciting, David gets more than he bargained for when he uses an ancient set of fortune cookies. However, his new life doesn't turn out exactly as he'd expected.
S06E03 L’Histoire des cyber-animaux 20/02/1999 Isabel and Kate discover that Diggers, the newest and coolest Virtual Pets around, have a mind of their own, and playing with them can be very dangerous.
S06E04 L’Histoire de la partie de dé 27/02/1999 Some kids discover that Mr. Click, the owner of the giant video arcade, has a sinister secret. If he challenges you to a game, don't play him, because if you lose you may never be seen again!
S06E05 L’Histoire des gourmets macabres 13/03/1999 Brothers Tommy and David discover some scary secrets about their new upstairs neighbors. They seem to be inviting guests over that never return. Clues within the neighbor's apartment seem to prove that they're eating their guests.
S06E06 L’Histoire de Jake, le serpent 20/03/1999 During ice hockey try-outs, Wiley finds a stick that used to belong to Jake the Snake, a great player. While using the stick, Wiley seems to have a natural talent for hockey and even makes the team. Soon after, he not only gets an ego, calling himself Wiley the Snake, but starts to shed his skin and gain a strange appetite for mice... Similar to a snake.
S06E07 L’Histoire du gibier 27/03/1999 While out hunting one magical night, Diana crosses paths with a legendary wolf and ends up realising what it's really like to be ""The Hunted"".
S06E08 L’Histoire de la boule de bon sens 03/04/1999 Friends Allan and Jimmy are in for a cyber shock, after they steal a computer game called Wisdom and find themselves transported to a strange game-world where they end up on trial for the theft of the game.
S06E09 L’Histoire de l’ombre des coulisses 10/04/1999 Ross gets more than a bad case of stage fright when he lands a part in a play and discovers that the theater is haunted.
S06E10 L’Histoire du pays de l’Oubli 17/04/1999 On the way to school, Max and Shelly visit Sardo's Magic Mansion to get some art supplies. Sardo talks Max into buying a pencil box containing a pencil and eraser. At school Max uses his new art supplies. He has trouble drawing the fruits on display as a model for the class, so he erases one of the fruits in his picture. After he erases it, it disappears in real life as well. After testing this out a few more times, Max finds that he does have the power to erase things into obvlivion. But when he erases his twin sister Shelley, without thinking, he's forced to erase himself into oblivion to find her.
S06E11 L’Histoire de la ville des vampires 24/04/1999 Adder, a self-proclaimed teenage vampire hunter, gets more than he bargained for when he convinces his parents to travel to Wisteria for a vacation. Trouble ensues when during his hunt for vampires, some local townspeople think he's a vampire and start to hunt him.
S06E12 L’Histoire de l’admirateur secret 08/05/1999 Shy Meggie is thrilled when she discovers she's got a secret admirer. But her excitement turns to fear when she realizes her secret admirer may be writing to her from beyond the grave.
S06E13 L’Histoire du mont Foudroyant 15/05/1999 Danielle stumbles upon a strange mystery when she travels to Bigfoot Ridge in search of her missing friend, Gina.
S07E01 L’Histoire de la mire d’argent - 1re partie 02/04/2000 Gary, the President of the Midnight Society from the original episodes is back and needs the help of his brother Tucker and his friends to help track down the members of the FIRST Midnight Society from way back in 1937 and help solve an ancient mystery and prevent an evil force from being unleashed on the world. Part one focuses on Tucker and Gary's search for 'The General' and his clue to the puzzle.
S07E02 L'Histoire de la mire d’argent - 2e partie 02/04/2000 The Midnight Society split up and go in search of the original members who each hold a clue to the mystery. Part two focuses on Quinn's search for 'The Homecoming Queen' and Megan's search for 'The Tycoon'.
S07E03 L’Histoire de la mire d’argent - 3e partie 02/04/2000 The Midnight Society continue to go in search of the original members who each hold a clue to the mystery. Part three focuses on Vange and Andy's search for 'The Riddle Man'.
S07E04 L’Histoire des sauterelles lunaires 09/04/2000 Jake meets a beautiful new girl at school who wants to wear his ring. Jake thinks she's great, until he starts to see that there's something very strange about this girl. She's not from his neighborhood and she's not from his town. In fact, she's not from his planet.
S07E05 L’Histoire de la jeune fille de pierre 16/04/2000 When Julie breaks up with her boyfriend Kevin, he mysteriously disappears. It's then up to Julie to uncover a centuries old legend that led to his disappearance, and to bring him back. Trouble is, there's a mysterious statue in the park that has other plans for Kevin.
S07E06 L’Histoire de l’autoroute 13 23/04/2000 Craig and Justin are best friends who buy an old car and fix it up. It's a cool looking muscle car, but it's got a mysterious history and it takes them on a wild ride that they may never return from.
S07E07 L’Histoire du réanimateur 30/04/2000 Julie works for Mr. Doyle in his plant store. He's a nice but strange guy, and she discovers that he's cooking up something odd in his workshop. It's a potion that brings dead plants hack to life! Question is, what would happen if the potion were poured on a grave?
S07E08 L’Histoire du piège temporel 07/05/2000 Jason buys an ancient lamp from Sardo at his Magic Mansion. Yes indeed, it holds a genie who will grant his every wish. But this isn't an ordinary genie, and Jason will pay a high price for every wish he makes.
S07E09 L’Histoire de la photo 14/05/2000 Two friends, Chandler and Alex, try to out for spots in the Lions Society, a school organization. However, the society isn't interested in Alex and only Chandler makes the cut. As part of his initiation, Chandler steals a painting from the library and ends up finding an old photo that seems to be changing. The thing is, there's someone who lives in the photo and is still taking pictures. And when he takes your picture, you may never be seen again.
S07E10 L’Histoire du dernier bal 21/05/2000 Tara plays the violin beautifully. So beautifully, that someone has fallen in love with her. But this person lives in underground caves and isn't a normal human being. He wants Tara to be his, and his alone, and will stop at nothing to have her.
S07E11 L’Histoire du labyrinthe lazer 28/05/2000 Ashley and Kara are athletic twin sisters who are always in competition with each other. They find the ultimate game to test each other. It's a unique kind of laser tag. What they don't know is that by playing the game, they're being prepared for a much scarier competition. One that isn't played on earth.
S07E12 L’Histoire aux milles visages 04/06/2000 Emma wants to be a model, but doesn't think she's pretty enough. She meets a strange woman, Madame Visage, who thinks Emma is absolutely beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that she wants to steal her face!
S07E13 L’Histoire de l’infirmière de nuit 11/06/2000 Nicki and AJ are seeing the ghosts from a birthday party that happened many years ago. It's the party of a little girl who died mysteriously, and everyone blamed her Nurse. Now, the Nurse is back, and she's trying to make history repeat itself.

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Par lolobuell Le 04/03/2011

Qu'est-ce que ce film peut être mou et lent !!! Par moment les décors font tellement faux que l'on ne voit plus que ça. Il n'intéressera que les jeunes filles pour le charme de Hugh