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Entertaining transformational battles against the odds. Intrepid volunteers are plucked from their natural habitat and given just four weeks to master a skill well enough to fool a panel of expert judges.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Faking It

S04E01 Faking It Changed My Life 00/00/0000 A one-off follow-up programme revisiting previous fakers to find out how appearing on the programme changed their lives.
S04E02 Faking it... as a Drag Artist 00/00/0000 Naval petty officer Spence Bowdler is transformed into a drag queen.
S04E03 Control Room Operator to Live TV Director 00/00/0000 Fire Service operator Lynn Hurst is taught how to direct a live breakfast TV show.
S04E04 Faking it... as a Garage MC 00/00/0000 City lawyer George Lubega, dubbed ""soul man in reverse"" by his friends for his complete lack of rhythm, style and musical ability, has a crash course in rapping and street culture before being thrown into an MCing competition.
S04E05 Kickboxer to Ballroom Dancer 00/00/0000 Black-belt kickboxer and self-professed tomboy Jo Weatherill has four weeks to transform herself into a glamorous ballroom dancer.
S04E06 Faking it... as a Stuntman 00/00/0000 Isurance risk asessor Matt Davies has four weeks to learn the basics of stuntmanship.
S04E07 Web Surfer to Wave Surfer 00/00/0000 Stuart Matheson leaves the comfort of his desk job in the computer industry to learn how to surf.
S04E08 Faking it... as a Fashion Photographer 00/00/0000 Hospital radiographer David Keith is plunged into the glamourous world of fashion photography. Not only does he have to learn how to work the camera, he also has to learn to deal with models and technicians before facing a cover-shoot challenge.
S04E09 Faking it... as a Racing Driver 00/00/0000 Computer games tester Phil Deane takes to the racetrack for real, with the help of Johnny Herbert and David Coulthard.
S04E10 Faking it... as a Yachtswoman 00/00/0000 Lucy Craig is used to a life on the ocean wave, but can this ferry stewardess manage to fake it in the world of yacht racing?
S04E11 Punk Singer to Maestro 00/00/0000 Chris Sweeney is the lead singer of a punk band, The Dead Pets. How will he fare when called upon to conduct a symphony orchestra?
S06E01 Faking It Changed My Life (II) 00/00/0000 A second special revisiting previous fakers. Four are featured in depth: Spence Bowdler (still performing as Britney Ferry), Lucy Craig (now working on luxury yachts in Monaco, lucky girl!), Stuart Matheson (who has moved to Australia to pursue his surfing interests) and George Lubega (who has traced his family in Uganda). Other fakers from season four also reflect on their experiences.
S06E02 Cycle Courier to Polo Player 00/00/0000 Cycle courier Malcolm ""Woody"" Woodcock has four weks to pass himself off as a Polo Player - even though he's never even sat on a horse before.
S06E03 Chorister to Rock Chick 00/00/0000 Clean-living virginal choirgirl Laura-Jane Foley (20) is taught how to fake it as a rock singer. At least, that's the theory.
S06E04 Management Consultant to Dog Trainer 00/00/0000 Management consultant Rob Archer (31) attempts to impress as in the most difficult dog-training discipline - performing to music. But not only does Rob have no experience of the discipline, neither has the dog.
S06E05 Newsagent to Showbiz Reporter 00/00/0000 Jatinder Sumal (29) normally works in her family's newsagents shop, but with just four weeks preparation can she fake it as a showbiz interviewer on breakfast television?
S06E06 Chess Champ to Football Manager 00/00/0000 Maximillian Devereaux is already a chess champ, but in four weeks' time he'll be instructing Chalfont Wasps Football Club from the side of the pitch. Does he have what it takes to fake it as a football manager?
S08E01 The T4 Specials 1 Clog Dancer To RnB Dancer 00/00/0000
S08E02 The T4 Specials 2 Art Student to Graffiti Artist 00/00/0000 History of Art undergraduate and lover of fine art, James Sawyer leaves his Suffolk home and is taken to the city to be transformed into a graffiti artist, with the assistance of David Samuel, famous graffiti artist.
S08E03 The T4 Specials 3 Factory Worker to Fashion Designer 00/00/0000
S09E01 Physicist to Magician 00/00/0000