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Un nouvel été commence à Falcon Beach. Tous les personnages sont de retour, y compris Paige, qui commence toutefois un emploi en relations publiques qui lui en fera voir de toutes les couleurs. Une nouvelle fille débarque également à Falcon Beach pour l'été, Courtney. S'intégrera-t-elle bien au groupe ? Jason, lui, veut sauver la marina et prend des risques importants pour y arriver, pendant que Danny réfléchit à son avenir. Lane ? Il a toujours des ennuis et est hanté par le souvenir de Mook. L'été ne s'annonce pas très reposant à Falcon Beach.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Falcon Beach

S01E01 Changement de cap 05/01/2006 Tanya is staying with Jason's mom. Then her agent comes to town. Danny's dad is on the edge of losing the arcade. Ginny is forcing Paige to stay in Falcon Beach while everything with her father is getting taken care of.
S01E02 Alchimie amoureuse 12/01/2006 Lane comes back to Falcon Beach. A new doctor comes to town. Paige is helping around the arcade. Danny is also trying to see what kind of a relationship he has with Erin. Jason and Tanya go and hang out.
S01E03 Portrait de famille 19/01/2006 Trevor wants the "perfect family" for the photoshoot and magazine interview; Danny not too happy with what happened between him and Erin; Jason wants to enter the wakeboard competition; Lane makes a deal with Mook
S01E04 Retrouvailles 25/01/2006 The Sunset Bar is hosting "GIrls Gone Wild" type of Party and Erin really get into it; Jason is getting ready for Wakejam; Danny asks Paige to join on a new project.
S01E05 Le jour le plus long 01/02/2006 Paige rents a boat for Jason to use for wakeboarding and causes friction with Tanya and Adrian. Ginny helps Alan prepare for the Summer Solstice festival, while sparks fly between Trevor and Darlene.
S01E06 L'étoffe d'un champion 15/02/2006 A wakeboarding championship puts pressure on Jason; Ginny's sister visits; Tom gets fired for sexual harassment.
S01E07 Tragédie 22/02/2006 Erin now has to deal with the video on the internet; Ginny heads back to Toronto;The town is working to get the dance hall up again, also the town is hit with something hard.
S01E08 Le poids des regrets 01/03/2006 Erin is blamed for a drowning tragedy. A social worker visits Zoe after Adrian reports a theft of drugs from the clinic. Tanya tells Jason something devastating about his father.
S01E09 En avant la musique ! 08/03/2006 Tanya wants Jason to take her back. Danny books Erin's favorite band to open the dance hall. Jason's uncle returns to Falcon Beach for a favor that puts the marina at risk.
S01E10 Abus de confiance 15/03/2006 Mook finds out about Lane's on the side dealings. Adrian's wife shows up wanting him back. Jason starts competing, but ends up hurt. Could it be the end of his career?
S01E11 Coup de filet 25/03/2006 Lane is on the run from Mook. Paige tries to get everyone to help him; Trevor is trying to save his marriage also unaware that Mook is just outside; The Police also discover something about one of their own.
S01E12 Une star est née 01/04/2006 Tanya gets fired from her job, than gets into an accident. Alex comes onto Jason. Danny and Erin have a life altering decision to make.
S01E13 À chacun son destin 08/04/2006 With the summer drawing to an end, everyone is discovering where their lives are heading. Jason learns the truth about his father and Paige prepares for college. Jenny discovers that her sister sold the cottage from under her nose and soon discovers the mysterious buyer is none other than her soon to be divorces husband. Tanya refuses to tesify against Lane, even after she learns that without her testimony she is going to jail.
S02E01 Le projet Oasis 05/01/2007
S02E02 Entre deux feux 12/01/2007
S02E03 Au banc des accusés 19/01/2007
S02E04 Rivalités 26/01/2007
S02E05 Cartes sur table 02/02/2007
S02E06 Coup de grâce 09/02/2007
S02E07 Une occasion rêvée 16/02/2007
S02E08 Mauvaise conscience 23/02/2007
S02E09 Arrêt sur image 02/03/2007
S02E10 Marché de dupes 09/03/2007
S02E11 Chasse au trésor 16/03/2007
S02E12 Reconquête 23/03/2007
S02E13 La force de la vérité 30/03/2007