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Family Dog, the sad but true story of a horribly disfunctional family, the Binsfords, as told through the eyes of their abused dog. The show deserves to be remembered, even if it was on for only a month.


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S01E00 Pilot 16/02/1987 In the original Amazing Stories 2nd Season 1987 episode, a dog (simply called "the dog", played by a Bull Terrier) is the main character, portrayed in three stories: The first involves general misadventures in the house, with him being both ignored and somewhat mistreated by his owners. The second is a "home movie" showing their Christmas (the family narrates), which culminates with the dog eating the turkey. In the third robbers break into the family's house twice, so the father sends the dog to attack dog school to learn how to become a "quivering, snarling, white-hot ball of canine terror" and fend off burglars.
S01E01 Show Dog 23/06/1993 The Binsfords enter the dog in a rodeo showcase of the stars, believing him to be specially talented. Meanwhile, all the dog wants is a drink of water.
S01E02 Hot Dog at the Zoo 23/06/1993 When the Binsfords take a trip to the zoo, their pooch tags along and causes plenty of trouble.
S01E03 Doggone Girl is Mine 30/06/1993 The dog falls hard for a recently-divorced neighbor's pet. Meanwhile, Skip fears Bev might leave him.
S01E04 Enemy Dog 07/07/1993 When the pretentious Mahoneys pick up a mammoth police dog from an auction, the Binfords force their pooch to interact with it.
S01E05 Eye on the Sparrow 07/07/1993 The dog cares for a sparrow who's unable to fly.
S01E06 Call of the Mild 14/07/1993 The family dog dreams of cavorting with the neighborhood strays, but he soon discovers he doesn't have what it takes to run with the pack.
S01E07 Dog Days of Summer 21/07/1993 When the Binsfords head to the beach, they're forced to contend with a trashy family and their ferocious bulldog, Scud.
S01E08 Party Animal 21/07/1993 After hosting the neighborhood block party, the Binsfords' house catches on fire.
S01E09 Family Dog Goes Homeless 28/07/1993 The family dog befriends a homeless woman.
S01E10 Family Dog Gets Good and Sick 28/07/1993 The family dog becomes ill after being bitten by a mosquito that was feasting on toxic waste. Meanwhile, a neighborhood dog is killed by a car.