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S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 The McGoldricks vs. O'Donnells 03/04/1988 The McGoldricks and the O'Donnells get wet and wild shooting milk into a cup and competing in a messy egg toss. See how sloppy the winning team gets before they complete the obstacle course and collect their prizes!
S01E02 The Gudelunas vs. The Keeneys 00/00/0000 It's the Gudelunas vs. the Keeneys in a series of balancing acts using a cup of milk, oatmeal containers, and spraying apples off their heads all for a chance to compete in a wildly fun obstacle course and win a prize package!
S01E03 The Robinsons vs. The Carrs 00/00/0000 The Robinsons and the Carrs compete in deliciously dirty challenges that include a pancake toss and donut delivery. Which team will make it to the messy obstacle course to win some awesome prizes?
S01E04 The McKennas vs. The Millhouses 00/00/0000 The McKennas and the Millhouses battle it out with challenges like shaving dad, tossing cookies on a conveyor belt, and catching chocolate mashed potatoes blindfolded to win a prize package!
S01E05 The Kudlas vs. The Sterns 00/00/0000 The Kudla & Stern families face off in a fierce competition to take home prizes! See who's a sharp shooter in the OK Corral, who cleans up in the Supermarket Sweep, then watch the Human Hamster Wheel roll in the final obstacle course for the big win!
S01E06 The Southwicks vs. The Doerrs 00/00/0000 Watch as the Southwicks and the Doerrs pop whipped cream balloons, bounce Ping-Pong balls into instruments, and throw leis in a Hawaiian ring toss, as they try to win a brand new car!
S01E07 The Winwards vs. The Reillys 00/00/0000 It's the Winwards vs. the Reillys in a series of fun challenges including a messy trip to the salon, getting dressed fast, and cracking eggs over each other's heads. I double dare you to guess which team wins the grand prize!
S01E08 The Datz-Lerners vs. The Dieroffs 21/05/1988 It's time for celebrity Family Double Dare! Watch as Lou Ferrigno captains the Datz- Lerners and "Weird Al" Yankovic captains the Dieroffs in challenges like mixing a messy salad, and pouring slime on each other's heads to win a brand new car!
S01E09 The Scharles vs. The Lentzs 00/00/0000 The Scharles and the Lentzs get messy at the movies, catch Frisbee sundaes, and hand over slippery balloons, all for the opportunity to win some awesome prizes!
S01E10 The Brotshuls vs. The Duncans 00/00/0000 The Brotshul and Duncan families battle it out in a race against the clock to claim their cash! Watch as one family uses their feet to fill a wine bottle, toss a tofu and egg soup on somebody's head, and take on the obstacle course for the grand prize!
S01E11 The Dugarys vs. The Marinis 00/00/0000 When the Dugarys compete against the Marinis, things get wild in a Little Miss Muffet nursery-themed challenge. Then, things get wet in a water-themed ball toss. Which family will compete to win a brand new car?
S01E14 The Awesomes vs. The Blasters 00/00/0000 The Awesomes and The Blasters compete in challenges that include a whipped cream-filled balloon popping race and making human jelly rolls. Can the winning team complete the final obstacle course in time to win a brand new car?
S01E17 The Kandy Kanes vs. The Holders 00/00/0000 It's The Kandy Kanes vs. The Holders in a saucy competition that includes "human spaghetti" and a hot dog toss. Which team is willing to get messy enough to win and have a shot at winning a brand new car in the final obstacle course?
S01E20 The Troopers vs. The Scatter Brains 00/00/0000 The Troopers take on The Scatter Brains in this messy battle that pits two families against each other in challenges like egg whipping and water balloon basketball. Which team makes it to the final obstacle course for a chance to win a brand new car?
S01E23 The Goop Busters vs. The Avengers 00/00/0000 The Goop Busters and The Avengers pop whipped cream-filled balloons in a balloon popping contest and toss newspapers and report cards in "Honey I'm Home Ha Ha Ha" all for the opportunity to run through the final obstacle course and win a brand new car.
S01E26 The Red Sox vs. The Studs 00/00/0000 It's the Red Sox vs. the Studs in a series of messy challenges including a sloppy water fountain, a messy chopped salad, and slime-filled balloons, all for an opportunity to win a brand new car!
S01E34 The 3 M's and Me vs. The Gulf Screamers 00/00/0000 The 3 M's & Me compete against the Gulf Screamers in a series of dares including shooting pigs through the air, squirting oil, and a sticky ring toss for the opportunity to win the grand prize!
S01E42 The Queen of Hearts vs. The Krunchers 00/00/0000 Two more teams compete to answer trivia questions and take on television's messiest challenges, all for the chance to win cash and other awesome prizes.
S01E43 The Desert Heat vs. The Blue Wave 00/00/0000 Watch as Desert Heat and Blue Wave compete in a messy chopped salad toss, build a log cabin, and launch pies through the air for the chance to take on the ultimate challenge and win a brand new car!
S01E49 The Running Reds vs. Blue Flames 00/00/0000 The Running Reds and the Blue Flames get wet and wild in fun challenges including a water balloon rainbow and orange juicing hats. The winning team competes in an obstacle course including a giant waffle and a moon crater to win a new car!
S01E53 The Northboro Road Runners vs. The No Clue Crew 00/00/0000 The Northboro Road Runners and The No Clue Crew throw brains into Frankenstein's head and catapult logs on a beaver tail to build log cabins all in a battle of wills to see who can earn the most points for an opportunity to win a brand new car!
S01E54 The Red Lightning vs. The Steel Phantoms 00/00/0000 It's the Red Lightning vs. the Steel Phantoms in a wild competition throwing flies, squirting mustard, catching raisins, and tossing TV dinners for a chance to win some awesome prizes!
S01E56 The Mean Mcqueens vs. The Windy City Players 00/00/0000 The Mean McQueens and The Windy City Players compete in deliciously messy challenges including squeezing juice and tossing raisins into a giant cereal bowl all for the opportunity to conquer the obstacle course and win a stay in Niagara Falls!