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Fast Food Mania is an American television series that airs in the United States on Destination America. The series features its host, Jon Hein, traveling around the United States and visiting various fast food restaurants. Hein discusses the history of the restaurants, along with how their food is prepared. For example, Hein may visit the cities of a restaurant's origin (such as Corbin, Kentucky for Kentucky Fried Chicken), or the restaurant's headquarters (such as Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, California)


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fast Food Mania

S01E01 Cult Favorites 03/06/2012 Some fast food is so mouthwatering that it not only controls the appetites of its fans, but their minds as well. These delicious menu items have amassed droves of followers who are borderline obsessed. These are the cult followings of fast food!
S01E02 Beyond the Bun 03/06/2012 An elite group of fast food menu items has transcended cultures and satisfied billions of hungry customers around the globe. One bite and these favorites evoke an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. These are fast food ‘Classic Bestsellers.'
S01E03 The Drive Thru 10/06/2012 Drive-thru dining experiences are examined. Included: A Kansas firehouse is visited, and bikini-clad baristas serve up coffee in the Pacific Northwest.
S01E04 Extreme Burgers 17/06/2012 Sometimes a standard cheeseburger just doesn’t cut it. Thankfully in the realm of fast food there’s plenty of giant sized, jaw busting burger options. So unbuckle your belt, stockpile some napkins and get ready for fast food’s extreme burgers!
S01E05 Extreme Menu Items 11/07/2012 Your favorite burger usually hits the spot. But every once in awhile, you need to take it up a notch...or ten. This is Fast Food Mania: Extreme Menu Items!
S01E06 Fast Food Originals 11/07/2012 The original locations of Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, A&W and Dunkin' Donuts are still pleasing customers like they did decades ago. Steeped in tradition, and rich in nostalgia, this is Fast Food Mania: Fast Food Originals.
S01E07 Fast Food Tech 18/07/2012 Fast food technology! We’ll reveal the speedy serving operation at Carl’s Jr, show how Chick-Fil-A transforms a potato into Waffle fries and go inside a Krispy Kreme factory to witness how they churn out fresh doughnuts.
S01E08 Breakfast for Fast Food Champions 18/07/2012 With breakfast spots like Dunkin' Donuts, Sonic, and Cinnabon around, no one ever has to go hungry in the mornings. This is Fast Food Mania: Breakfast for Fast Food Champions.
S01E09 Extra Special Service 25/07/2012 Some Fast Food places will go so far out of their way to serve their customers, you'll want to re-think getting that food to go! Watch how White Castle, Sonic and Dairy Queen exceed all expectations and really bring you that extra special service.
S01E10 Extreme Locations 25/07/2012 From amazing beach front real estate, to the greenest fast food joint in the country, to behind the maximum security walls of the Pentagon, fast food can be found in some of the most surprising and unique locations on Earth.

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