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A really unfashionable working class girl Chen Xin Yi and Cun Xi, the sole male heir to his family's company and his girlfriend, Anna. He planned to propose to Anna on the boat but she didn't turn up on the cruise. Xin Yi and Cun Xi end up having a one night stand. Xin Yi later finds out that she's pregnant and Cun Xi's grandmother forces them to get married. Will a couple forced to marry for the sake of their unborn child find love with each other?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fated to love you

S01E01 Go! Chen Xin Yi 16/03/2008
S01E02 Pregnant?! Stop Kidding * Cupid 23/03/2008
S01E03 What?! The baby is mine 30/03/2008
S01E04 God! I hope that I'm not the groom 06/04/2008
S01E05 It's not easy to be Ji Cun Xi's bride! 13/04/2008
S01E06 Ji Cun Xi's trap of gentleness 20/04/2008
S01E07 Sorry, I wronged you 27/04/2008
S01E08 For you, I am willing to be a chicken 04/05/2008
S01E09 The drastic change of Ji Cun Xi's feelings! 11/05/2008
S01E10 Happiness, like treading on ice 18/05/2008
S01E11 Ji Cun Xi's difficult problem! 25/05/2008
S01E12 Everything back to zero... 01/06/2008
S01E13 Rebirth! 08/06/2008
S01E14 Love in Shanghai 15/06/2008
S01E15 Uncuttable 22/06/2008
S01E16 Courage 29/06/2008
S01E17 Out of control 06/07/2008
S01E18 Fated to be with love 13/07/2008
S01E19 The self assertive sticky note 20/07/2008
S01E20 Confession from 2 years ago 27/07/2008
S01E21 Rewards after hardship 03/08/2008
S01E22 Suffering from the consequences of love 10/08/2008
S01E23 Fated to love you 17/08/2008
S01E24 The last sticky note of Fated to Love You 24/08/2008