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S01E01 The Proposal 05/11/1968 Patrick is having trouble with his two daughters, they're growing up fast & he's losing control. He goes to see a Priest who tells him they need a Woman's influence. Patrick decides to ask Georgie (His agent) to marry him & quickly because he's parked next to an expired meter.! Georgie agrees & Patrick rushes home. The big day arrives & Anna & Karen tell Patrick they're are moving out! They tell him he won't want them around now that Georgie's moving in. He tells them He was only doing it for their sake. Anna & Karen ring Georgie & tell her all about it, When Patrick arrives he doesn't know the Girls have phoned & He's trying to make excuses why they shouldn't get married. Finally Georgie calls it off when Patrick says he leaves the cap off the toothpaste.! Instead of going to Caxton hall to get married they go to the races at Ascot. BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible. B/W episode.
S01E02 Pussies Galore 12/11/1968 Karen finds an old leopard skin coat in an old trunk upstairs, she shows it to Patrick who starts sneezing. It seems Patrick has an allergy to cats & cat fur.! Karen goes back upstairs to where Anna is minding their friend Andrews cat for the weekend, She tells Anna that Patrick is still allergic. Nanny comes into the room & sees the cat, She tells the Girls it's a female & pregnant ! Patrick happens to be passing when he overhears Nanny say She's pregnant. He thinks one of his Daughters is expecting.! Georgie arrives & Patrick tells her what he overheard, She tells him ask Nanny which one it is. Patrick tells Nanny he knows the Girls are keeping something from him & He knows about Andrew. Nanny won't betray their confidence & tells to Patrick to ask them himself. Karen is rushing out to find a medical student,He goes upstairs to Anna who quickly hides the cat under the bed. He tells her he knows about her secret & starts sneezing, He goes downstairs to answer the door
S01E03 The Return Of The Mummy 19/11/1968 Patrick's ex-wife Barbara arrives un-expectedly from Italy. It seems she's had another argument with her new Husband Bill & left him.(again) Anna & Karen are glad to see their Mother & so is Nanny. Next day Barbara takes the Girls shopping & Bill arrives while She was out. He wants Patrick to come with Him to a Bar to meet some Women he knows. Patrick makes an excuse & Bill leaves on his own. Georgie arrives to collect Patrick's latest manuscript just as Barbara & the Girls arrive from Shopping. After a few words are exchanged between Barbara & Herself Georgie leaves. Nanny has been busy preparing dinner in the formal dining room,She hopes Patrick & Barbara will get back together. When Bill arrives slightly intoxicated he jumps to a conclussion & thinks Patrick is trying to win Barbara back. Bill & Barbara make up & then they go home to Italy. a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible. B/W episode.
S01E04 Publish And Be Damned 26/11/1968 Karen has written an Adult book based on the family, However it was rejected & returned by the publisher. Patrick reads the book & is shocked that a sixteen year old Girl could write such a thing.! What He doesn't know is they made several copies & sent them to several Publishers. At a Literary Luncheon Patrick is the main topic of discussion,the other writers are whispering behind his back. It seems they've read all about His exploits in the book. He meets Georgie & tells her they have to get all the copies back & destroy them. Meanwhile Karen has an appointment with a small publisher who wants to publish the book, When Patrick hears of this He goes to the publsher who says it's to late I've signed a contract. Patrick asks what it will take for Him not to publish this book, the agent says he wants to publish Patrick's next novel. Nanny telephones the agent to speak to Patrick, He pretends She is Inspector Nanny from Scotland Yard & tells her all about the contract signed
S01E05 It Won't Be A Stylish Marriage 03/12/1968 Anna tells Nanny She's getting married, but she wants Nanny to tell Patrick. Nanny asks Patrick what he would think if someone in the household were to Marry. Patrick thinks Nanny is the one planning to Marry & asks her to invite him around for drinks that evening. When Cyril arrives Patrick is surprised, He was expecting an older man. When Anna & Karen come downstairs He's more surprised when Anna Kisses Cyril in front of Nanny.! He scolds Anna for her behaviour, Karen says why, they are getting Married. Patrick tries to talk Anna out of marriage & later goes to see Georgie who tells him to talk to Cyril. Meanwhile Anna & Cyril have had a fight & the wedding is off. Patrick meets Cyril at the Pub & tries to talk him out of marrying Anna. He agrees. When Patrick arrives home he finds Anna crying, but she was just peeling onions for dinner.! a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible. B/W episode.
S01E06 I Should Have Danced All Night. 10/12/1968 Patrick has been taking dancing lessons at night for the last week. However he hasn't told anyone where he was going,or what he was doing. Anna & Karen invite their friend Steven over & he finds a clipping from the local paper about the ""Hampstead Heath Romeo"". The clipping says a man has been annoying women for the past week. Anna & Karen think this is what their father has been doing & ask Steven to question their Father upon his return. Patrick confesses,his secret is out.! He has been taking dancing lessons to impress Georgie at this years Literary dance. Unfortunately, when Georgie arrives Patrick trips & sprains his ankle & so has to sit & watch while the others dance. a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible. B/W episode.
S01E07 Lost Weekend 17/12/1968 Patrick misunderstands when Georgie (His Agent) invites him for a weekend in Brighton. Meanwhile Daughter Anna has a part in a production of ""The Sound of Music"" on the same weekend & wants him to come see her. Nanny complicates matters by phoning Patricks Mother & telling her that Patrick is going to see her on the same weekend.! Patrick makes an excuse to his mother & now has to choose between a weekend with Georgie or watching Anna's stage debut. He chooses Georgie after the Girls think he's going to visit their Grandmother, As it turns out He & Georgie have to make a mad dash back to London to swap suitcases so Anna's performance can go on. B/W episode. (BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible.)
S02E01 The Unhappy Birthday 27/05/1969 Patrick visits the Doctor for his annual check up. The Doctor almost ""spoils the surprise birthday party"" that's being planned for Patrick when he says, See you on Tuesday night. Patrick is wondering why the Doctor wants to see him again so soon. Next morning Patrick has developed a cold & hears Nanny & the Girls whispering about something. He consults a few medical books & has convinced Himself that he's dying. Meanwhile the party plans are in full swing & the guests are arriving, Patrick comes downstairs to see all his friends & family celebrating & thinks they should be ashamed of their behaviour. It turns out He's forgotten about His Birthday & the Doctor says He's fine,just a slight cold. However on closer inspection the Doctor sees spots, Patrick has caught German Measles & it's back to bed.! B/W episode. (BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible)
S02E02 We Can't Afford A Carriage 03/06/1969 Patrick is complaining about the Household bills when Anna & Karen walk in and ask for 300 pounds to buy a ""Used Car "". Patrick tells them to earn the money themselves. Try putting a note in the newsagents window he says. An old Army buddy telephones and says he wants to meet & talk about old times. Karen places notice in newsagents window for modelling job to earn money for the car. Captain Waring sees note in window & jumps to wrong conclusion when he discovers that it's the same address where his old buddy Patrick lives. Meanwhile Anna has found a part time job as a "" Bunny Girl "" in a nightclub. After meeting with Patrick & sorting out the misunderstanding He invites him to the same nightclub where Anna's working, Anna sees her father come in & tries to avoid him. Patrick sees Anna & starts to run after her, In her haste to avoid Patrick a few tables are overturned & she escapes out the back door. the other patrons don't know they're Father & Daughter & hold him back. Next da
S02E03 Show Me The Way To Go Home 10/06/1969 Patrick is establishing the 'rules of the house'. When the Girls arrive home & Patrick informs them Anna says she's looking for a flat & wants to move out. Patrick tries to talk her out of it But that only makes her more determined. Anna can only afford 5 pounds a week & finds a place around the corner. ( a dingy little bedsitter.) Patrick plans a surprise visit & Karen arrives first to warn her. Anna runs downstairs to Married couples flat to use the phone, too late ! Patrick sees her & assumes the flat is hers. He is amazed how nice the flat is & then sees two single beds. Anna says she is sharing with a friend, so Patrick notes the phone number & goes home. Later he rings & a man answers the phone, He thinks Anna's sharing with a Man.! He goes around to sort it out & Justin thinks Patrick is his wife Julia's father whom he has never met. It's all sorted out in the end & Anna moves back home. B/W episode BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible.
S02E04 Thinner Than Water. 17/06/1969 Nanny & the Girls convince Patrick to accompany them to the Blood Bank so they can all donate some blood. When they arrive home Anna mentions she's type AB, Karen says she is AB as well, Patrick looks at his new donor card & says he's type O. When Georgie arrives Patrick mentions this & Georgie tells him that He can't be their Father if they have a different blood group.! Patrick is worried that his ex-wife Barbara may have been unfaithful to him all those years ago. He searches the attic for Barbara's old Diaries & finds a few names who he thinks might be the Girl's real Father. He tries to Telephone Barbara in Italy to ask her who these people were but Barbara has just arrived at his front door. Soon after Bill arrives to take Barbara shopping & while they're away Patrick rings two of the names in the book & invites them around for drinks.( for old times sake ) He discovers that they are both type O when Barbara & Bill arrive back from shopping. Patrick tells Bill His prob
S02E05 Baby Won't You Please Come Home 24/06/1969 Patrick has plans to buy a boat when a telegram arrives from his brother Phillip. Seems he needs Patrick's help and arrives later that afternoon with a baby he says he found outside his dressing room while on tour in Ireland. Phillip doesn't know who the mother is & thinks it might be his child from one of his many girlfriends. Phillip wants Patrick to look after the child while he tries to find out who the mother is. Patrick asks nanny to phone the department store & ask them to deliver a cot for the baby. Before she can do this, the phone rings, it's the man who's selling the boat. He wants to know when Patrick wants to take delivery. Patrick thinks he's from the department store & asks them to deliver it to his house as soon as possible. Mr Connelly comes to the door looking for Phillip, Phillip tells him he's not home.Connelly tells Patrick he thinks his wife is involved with Phillip, then the babies' parents arrive & tell Phillip they just left the baby for five minutes &
S02E06 Divorce English Style 01/07/1969 Patrick's solicitor contacts him to say that He & ex-wife Barbara may not be legally divorced. Barbara arrives on hearing the news & they meet with the solicitor to make their divorce legal. Bill overhears Barbara's conversation & thinks she's divorcing him to marry Patrick again.! The solicitor finds the missing paperwork though & confirms that Patrick & Barbara are legaly divorced. a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible. B/W episode.
S03E01 This Is Your Wife 12/05/1970 One of Patrick's novels has caught the eye of an American film producer. He wants to pay Patrick 40,000 pounds for the film rights. Only problem is Mr Schultz & his Wife are Quakers & don't believe in Divorce. Patrick has to find a wife in a hurry,He asks Barbara who says no, He goes to see Georgie but she's out of town. However Georgie's friend Jo agrees when a desperate Patrick asks her to pretend to be his wife. Patrick invites the Shultz's over for dinner & while introducing them to Jo, Barbara arrives & claims to be Patrick's wife. To complicate matters Anna & Karen ask Nanny to pretend to be their Mum & they all end up in the living room, Patrick & his three wives.!!!! a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible. First COLOUR Episode.
S03E02 One Dog And His Man 19/05/1970 H G has disgraced himself ! He's chewed up Patrick's slippers,eaten Patrick's breakfast & worst of all He's chewed up Patrick's latest manuscript ! When Patrick tells Ian Smythe his publisher that H G has to go, Ian asks if he can have him to keep his wife company. The Girls and Nanny are shocked that Patrick would give H G away & after a while Patrick starts to miss him too.! Even the Lads at the ""local"" aren't speaking to Patrick, so he decides to see if he can get H G back. When he arrives at Ian's place the Police are there too. Seems there was a robbery & H G may have let them in.! Ian asks Patrick to take H G back, When Patrick arrives home Anna & Karen surprise him with two St Bernard pups & Nanny has an old english sheepdog as her surprise.
S03E03 It's Never Too Late. 26/05/1970 Patrick's Mother arrives unexpectedly, She's remembered that Karen hasn't been Christened & has come to see to it that she is. Barbara & Bill have recently moved from Portofino Italy, back to London & Patrick goes to see Barbara to invite her to their Daughters Christening. While waiting at the Church, a young couple before them who want to marry have an appointment with the Vicar, but can't wait any longer. When the Vicar finally arrives he mistakes Patrick & Barbara for the young couple & thinks they want to marry. Later the Vicar rings Barbara's place & Bill answers the phone. He asks what kind of music they want played for the Wedding that afternoon. Meanwhile Patrick has forgotten all about the Godparents.! He asks if Nanny will be the Godmother & phones Bill & invites him to the church. Everyone's at the Chuch & the Vicar starts the wedding ceremony, Patrick stops the Vicar & says they came for a Christening,not a Wedding.! Bill arrives late & thinks they ar
S03E04 Nobody's Indispensable 02/06/1970 Nanny has received a marriage proposal,but kindly refused on account of who would look after Patrick & the girls. Mr Bolton (Nanny's Intended) visits Patrick & tells him of his plans but asks him not to tell Nanny that he called. Patrick & the Girls try to make Nanny think they can do without her,after all Nobody's Indispensable. Nanny has nothing to do in the house & while talking to a friend is convinced to write her resignation & leave it where Patrick will see it. Nanny heads off to the Jumble sale & Meets Mr Bolton there & he tells her it's for the best,Nobody's Indispensable you know. He tells Nanny he was at Patrick's that morning & Nanny realises what's happened. She rushes home & sees the letter still on the typewriter, She tears it up thinking it's Her letter but it's really a cheque for 500 pounds. Then she heads to the Kitchen to make a steak & Kidney pie for dinner. a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible.
S03E05 The Suitable Suitor 09/06/1970 Patrick is concerned about the company his daughters are keeping. While at a booksigning for his latest novel,he meets Mrs Brockbank & her son Mathew. Patrick wants Anna to socialise with ""clean cut"" boys like Mathew instead of the Hippies she does. He then invites Mathew to his house for dinner but Mrs Brockbank thinks Patrick is interested in her. Anna & Mathew think that Patrick is looking for a mother for his daughters. Patrick is trying to leave the two young ones alone so they can get to know one and other,Mrs Brockbank gets the wrong idea when Patrick wants to show her around the house. Karen complicates matters by composing a poem & sending flowers to Mrs Brockbank & adding Patricks name to the card. In the end the misunderstanding is all cleared up.! a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible.
S03E06 A Man About The House 16/06/1970 Patrick is off to Switzerland for a writers convention.After he leaves Anna & Karen invite their friend Leslie inside the house,last evening he spent the night in their garden shed because he had a row with his wife & he had no where else to spend the night. Anna & Karen knew their father was going away so they said Leslie could stay with them for a few days. However Patrick arrives home only an hour after he left. Seems he tripped over his skis getting out of the taxi & sprained his ankle. Nanny mentions they have a houseguest (Leslie) Patrick assumes Leslie is a girl, When Leslie's wife Margaret arrives Patrick thinks she's Leslie. Nanny tells Patrick that Leslie is upstairs. Patrick is shocked, he tells Anna & Karen he wants to meet Leslie & they dress him up in their clothes & wig & shave off his moustache.! Patrick's not fooled for a minute, He asks Leslie to paint his portrait before he lets him go home. a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible.
S04E01 Last Of The Red Hot Mommas 15/06/1971 Patrick is worried about his Mother living all alone in Herne Bay. He has a talk with her & tries to convince her it would be for the best & is surprised when she agrees. Patrick thinks his mother is going to spend a quiet night at home knitting,but is shocked when she's out with a different man three nights a week and comes in at two o'clock in the morning. Patrick is more worried than ever and asks her about these strange men, she invites him to be her companion & they dance the night away. After one night Patrick is exhausted & wonders if she isn't better off in Herne Bay.He overhears his Mother talking to Nanny & realises that she was just trying to stop him from worrying about her. Then she moves back to Herne Bay. a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible.
S04E02 An Affair To Forget. 22/06/1971 Patrick's accountant Leo has had a fling with his secretary Felicity. His wife discovered a photo of Felicity with the words ""To Dimples, all my love Felicity"" written on the back.! Leo wants Patrick to pretend that Felicity is his new Girlfriend, If he doesn't agree Leo will do something drastic. Patrick reluctantly agrees & reminds Leo that he & his wife Muriel are coming for dinner that night. Leo wants Patrick to introduce Felicity to Muriel at dinner. Patrick remembers that he invited Georgie & tries to contact her to postpone dinner 'til another night. Unable to contact Georgie, Patrick hopes for the best & later that evening as the guests arrive He introduces Felicity as his girlfriend. Things start to go wrong when Georgie arrives & Patrick is trying to keep his two ""girlfriends"" from meeting. Then Felicity's Husband arrives demanding to know who is dimples.?! After a black eye & a ruined dinner party Muriel says she knows her husband is 'dimples' after all she has bee
S04E03 Housey - Housey 29/06/1971 After a six week holiday in Spain the Glovers return to find a letter from the council saying that a new 'fly-over' will be built & will cut through Patrick's front garden. Patrick doesn't know that while he's been away the neighbours have protested to the council & the project was abandoned. Patrick contacts the council & tells them he wants their decision reversed ! Unhappy with council's reply he decides to sell the house.! The estate agent telephones & says the council for unmarried mothers is looking for a bigger premises & wants to come to see the house, Meanwhile Miss Pretty from the Town council planning department has decided to pay Patrick a visit to see why he would want the 'fly-over' to go ahead. Miss Pretty & her assistant Fanshawe arrive & are mistaken for the vicar & his wife from the council for unmarried mothers. Miss pretty wants to talk about the fly-over & Patrick is keen to sell the house so he says the fly-over is a good thing to have. Miss Pretty agree
S04E04 The Reluctant Runaway 06/07/1971 Trouble brews in the Glover household when Karen rebels against her Father's discipline.
S04E05 Come Back Little Sheba 13/07/1971 Patrick gives up smoking & puts the ashtrays & cigarettes in a cupboard draw to avoid temptation. Ian & Norah are going to Spain for three weeks & would like Patrick to mind their Hampster Sheba while they're away. Due to a faulty catch on the cage Sheba escapes. Patrick & the family search for Sheba but can't find her. Patrick calls in Mr Piper a ""Hampster Hunter"" who suggests tearing up the carpet & ripping up the floor boards. Patrick decides to buy a male hampster to try and entice Sheba from her hiding place.However Nigel the male hampster escapes just as Sheba did. With time running out & the Smythes on their way home, Patrick rips up the carpet & floorboards but still no trace of the two missing hampsters. As Norah & Ian walk in the front door Patrick can't stand it any longer and has to have a cigarette. There in the bottom draw of the cupboard he finds Nigel,Sheba & their family.!! a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible.
S04E06 A Domestic Comedy 20/07/1971 Nanny has to visit her sister in Edinburgh for three weeks,so Patrick goes to a Domestic Agency to look for a temp replacement for Nanny. After interviewing three candidates for the position,neither of the three were suitable. Anna & Karen decide to match make their Father with a computer dating service. They fill in His details & send it off. Next day Mr Smith from the dating service calls & says he's found a match & will send her around straight away. When Miss Armitage arrives Patrick thinks she's another domestic helper come to fill in for Nanny. A misunderstanding sees Miss Armitage heading out the door in a hurry, shortly after Patrick discovers what the Girls have done & has them scrub the floors & do the cleaning in Nanny's absence. a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible.
S04E07 The Naked Truth 27/07/1971 Anna has the lead role of Juliet in an amatuer production of Romeo & Juliet with a surprise final scene.After finishing his latest novel, Patrick realises He's been neglecting the girls & asks them what they have been up to lately. Anna tells Patrick about her lead role in the play. Patrick is thrilled & can't wait to see her performance. Anna is worried about Her Father's attending the play & wishes he were still writing his book. Patrick obtains two tickets in the front row from the Director of the play, Karen comes to Anna's rescue by sending all of Patrick's trousers to the cleaners. In desperation Patrick asks the Milkman if He will sell Patrick his pants ! The Milko says no & Patrick is left with no alternative but to wear a long coat & go and buy a new pair. Upon his return, Anna tells Patrick about the Naked Grand Finale & He phones the Director & tells him his daughter is not doing a nude scene. The Director then fills the female lead with the understudy..... Karen.
S05E01 Proposed And Seconded 13/09/1971 Patrick has a hangover from last nights party. Georgie phones and tells Patrick that she has thought it over and has decided to accept his proposal. Patrick can't remember last night asking Georgie if she wanted to get married. When Barbara arrives Nanny tells her the news, Also Nanny has won 25 pounds on the premium bonds. When Georgie arrives to talk over the proposal Barbara tells Georgie that Patrick is re-marrying. Georgie asks who is the lucky woman & Patrick says Nanny. Georgie leaves, upset hoping one day it might have been herself & Patrick. When Georgie arrives back at her office, Anna & Karen are there She tells them Their father is marrying Nanny.! The Vicar has dropped by to pick up some clothes for the Jumble sale, while He's there Patrick tells the Vicar He's getting married again. Anna & Karen arrive home, see the Vicar with Nanny & their Father and think He's married them already. Patrick tells them He's marrying Georgie, Anna tells him Georgie was ta
S05E02 The Life Of The Party 20/09/1971 Patrick is giving a lecture to the Herne Bay Literary league, so Anna & Karen plan a party while he's away.
S05E03 Nothing But The Tooth 27/09/1971 Patrick has a toothache but doesn't want to go to the dentist. Karen's new boyfriend Howard arrives (he's a bit clumsy)& manages to jam the doorbell,tear Patrick's coat & spill a drink all within the first few minutes. Patrick is talked into ringing his old dentist but the dentist closed down years ago & the surgery is now a plumbers shop. Patrick thinks he's talking to the dentist & gives his address the plumber thinks Patrick is talking about his radiator in the hall upstairs. He tells Patrick that He's busy & can't do it for two months. When Georgie arrives she tells Patrick about her dentist & Patrick makes an appointment,However when he sees who the dentist is he runs for his life.!! (it's Howard.) Georgie & Karen are annoyed with Patrick & Georgie goes back to the surgery with Patrick to make sure he stays there. Howard wants to give Patrick an injection, Patrick would rather have gas. When it's all over Patrick arrives home to find that the Plumber had a cancellation &
S05E04 An Explosive Situation 04/10/1971 Patrick & Philip go to an auction of their old Army regiment. They want to bid on the Polo cup their team almost won so many years ago. They make a note of the item number & go to the hotel across the road for a quick drink. The attendant notices the item no (16) has fallen over & places it up the right way. (91) When Patrick & Philip return,the bidding has started & keen to secure the cup, raise the bid from 4 pounds to 40 pounds.! When no one else bids the item is theirs. However they don't realise they've just paid 40 quid for old boots,tin hats & gas masks.! When the goods are delivered Patrick wants to send them all back, Anna finds a hand grenade in the box & Patrick thinks it's for demonstration purposes & shows her how it works by pulling the pin. Patrick & Philip toss it back and forth to one another with Philip holding it last. That's when they discover it's real & Patrick rings the Army to say he's found a live grenade.! The Army man tells them not to pull the pin, P
S05E05 A Book For The Bishop 11/10/1971
S05E06 A Case For Inspector Glover 18/10/1971
S06E01 Cardboard Cassonova 13/06/1972
S06E02 Brother Dear Brother 20/06/1972 Patrick's having the living room painted,but the painters start the job then leave to do another job at another house. Patrick's Mother phones to tell him that his Brother Phillip is in Hospital having his appendix removed, so Patrick goes to visit him. Phillip is talking to his girlfriend on the phone when Patrick arrives. Phillip has gin in the water jug & whisky in the ""toilet bottle"". He offers Patrick a drink but he declines. Sister asks to borrow his water jug for the patient opposite so he can take his pills, He takes a sip & drinks it all.! Phillip wants his gin back. Patrick goes to get it & slips on the pills the old man spilled on the floor. He falls onto a gurney & rolls out of the room & down the laundry shute. Visiting time arrives, Nanny & the girls visit Phillip & Patrick. Phillip thinks it's funny how Patrick fell down the laundry shute & landed on a hundredweight of dirty nappies. Patrick has to see the Doctor to examine him,he is embarassed because the Do
S06E03 The Opposite Sex 27/06/1972
S06E04 Unacustomed As I Am 04/07/1972 Patrick is invited back to his old school to give the 'Founders Day speech'. While rehearsing his speech on the tape recorder, Patrick is disturbed by the dooerbell. Basil Updike a fellow 'Old Boy' has heard Patrick's giving the speech & also wants him for the cricket team against the 'New Boys'. Patrick isn't in very good shape,so Basil helps him train every morning for a week. Anna finds Patrick's old cricket set upstairs & Basil returns for a bit of batting practise. (inside) What Patrick doesn't know is the girls & Nanny were playing with the tape recorder & Nanny sang a little song before they were interupted. As Patrick shows Nanny & the girls around his old school, Basil finds him & tells him it's time for the cricket match. While batting Patrick is hit in the throat with the ball & taken inside for first-aid. A former 'Old Boy' is now a vet & looks at Patrick. He has a swollen larynx & can't talk. Basil has an idea, why not mime to the tape recorded speech.! Patri
S06E05 Feud Glorious Feud 11/07/1972 Karen's not to keen on latest boy friend Timothy. She wants Patrick to tell her she's sick when he calls. (Karen & Tim were going to a ""Lady & the Tramp"" night.) Tim arrives dressed as a Tramp & Patrick thinks he really is one. Karen hints she has nothing to do, so Tim asks her to accompany him instead. Frank calls & tells Karen he can't make it because he feels sick. Karen is annoyed because Anna went out with Tim so now she's not speaking to her. When Tim arrives again to take Anna out Karen tells Patrick that Tim takes pictures of birds with nothing on.! Patrick arrives angry & looking for Tim. When he finds them he sees the naked bird is a chicken for a commercial. The model hasn't arrived so Tim asks Pat to model for the ad & will pay 30 pounds. Patrick agrees & dresses as a tramp. While on his way back from dressing room goes out wrong door & can't get back inside because Guard thinks he's a real tramp. When he gets in his car he doesn't have his keys & a passing 'B
S06E06 The Engagement 18/07/1972 Patrick has been invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace. Timothy asks Anna to marry him. Anna tells him they have to find Patrick in a good mood before Tim can ask him for his Daughter's hand in marriage. Tim plays chess with Patrick & tries to lose but after 12 games gives up. All week Tim loses his nerve to ask Patrick until Anna insists on today. Tim invites Patrick to a restaurant but accidentaly leaves his wallet on the table, when he notices it's missing he rings Nanny & asks if one of the girls could bring it around. Nanny says no one is home so Tim sneaks out to go and get it. Meanwhile Patrick thinks Tim is in the toilet. When Tim arrives at Patrick's, Anna is there & urges him to call Patrick to ask him for permission to marry his daughter. Patrick still thinks Tim is in the toilet at the restaurant ! When Tim asks the big question & Patrick says yes Anna grabs the phone & thanks her father, Patrick thinks Anna's in the toilet with Timothy.!! He's
S06E07 Father Of The Bride 25/07/1972 Timothy arrives at Patrick's place after his 'Stag Night' drunk. Patrick lets Tim sleep it off on the couch. Next morning Tim has a dreadful hangover & Patrick mixes him a 'Hangover cure'. Tim has a headache & the aspirin pills get mixed up with the sleeping pills & Tim takes the wrong ones. When Bill & Barbara arrive, Bill takes Tim for a walk around the block to wake him up. Anna & Tim have found a flat nearby so they can move in after they come back from their honeymoon. After the wedding all the guests & family are gathered to hear the speeches & Anna announces that they have been 'gazumped'on the flat. Patrick hasn't lost a daughter he's gained another lodger. a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible.
S07E01 Flat Spin 02/01/1973 Anna & Tim return from their Honeymoon and start looking for a Flat. Though most are out of their price range they keep looking. Patrick goes to an estate & he shows Patrick a flat that he thinks Anna & Tim would like. He asks the price & tells the agent if he could say it's 6,000 pounds so Anna & Tim can afford it.He then asks the agent to hold it until he can get Anna & Tim to have a look. Another couple look over the flat & the agent thinks they are Anna & Tim, they ask the price & he tells them 6,000 pounds. They want to buy it. When Anna,Tim & Patrick arrive the agent realises his mistake & says the price is 10,000 pounds. Anna & Tim overhear this & say it's the worst case of 'gazumping' they've ever heard. Patrick is thinking of a way to give them the money for the flat with out them thinking it's charity. He writes a note saying Anna's Uncle Emlyn has died & left them a legacy of 4,000 pounds, so now they can buy the flat. Anna & Tim send a wreath to Emlyn's family &
S07E02 Home And Away 09/01/1973 Bill's off to Manchester for a conference, Karen is busy practising her first aid bandaging on everyone & Patrick is behind on his latest novel. When Barbara arrives she suggests to Patrick if he wants peace & quiet to finish his novel he could go to her cabin in the country. When Patrick arrives Bill & his girlfriend are there & Bill asks Patrick not to say anything. Patrick returns home & tells Barbara he got lost on the way so he came home again. Barbara says she'll take him there & also wants to get the roof looked at. When they arrive Patrick is speaking in a loud voice to warn Bill that Barbara is with him. Bill hides in the closet. While Bill is trying to sneak out the window, Barbara comes into the room & wonders what he's doing there. Bill says the conference was called off so he decided to come down & fix the roof. Two ladies collecting clothes for the Vicar arrive at the front door & Patrick thinks their Bill's Girlfriend. One by one he hides them in the hall closet
S07E03 It's In The Book. 16/01/1973 Anna & Tim are saving for a Flat of their own.Patrick offers them some money for a deposit but Tim is too proud to accept. Tim wants to ask his boss for a raise, but 'chickens out'at the last minute. Patrick borrows a book from the library called ""the successful man"" after reading it He tells Tim he should be more forceful. If he & Anna want to buy their own place, he should demand a raise from his boss. Anna has a job with Georgie for a few weeks while her Secretary is away. Tim goes to see his boss & demands a raise or he'll quit ! Tim's boss has been reading the same book as Patrick & accepts his resignation. Patrick tries to get Tim's job back by pretending to be from another paper wanting only Tim to do there advertising. He gets Nanny, Karen & the Milkman to phone as well to make Tim's boss think he's in demand. Finally Patrick tells Tim's Boss that Tim has won a prestigous advertising award & Tim's boss offers Tim his job back. Tim turns it down saying, he c
S07E04 Right Hand Man 23/01/1973 A Producer wants to make a film of one of Patrick's books. Patrick needs a secretary to help him prepare his novel for the producer. With Anna finishing up at Georgie's, Georgie suggests to Patrick to use Anna as his secretary. When Patrick tries to explain this to Anna,she thinks Patrick is offering Tim a job as secretary. While working on the novel Patrick & Tim discuss how his character could pick a pair of handcuffs with a hairpin. Tim tells him it couldn't be done. Patrick buys a pair of handcuffs to prove to Tim it could be done. However it doesn't work & now the two of them are handcuffed together. Worse still, Tim was holding the key in his teeth & swallowed it when Patrick struggled to get free. Anna comes home & the three of them go to the Hospital for an X-ray. The Doctor tells Tim to let nature take its course & he'll get the key back. The man in the store tells them he has no spares & Patrick tries to cut the handcuffs off with a hacksaw. Patrick's
S07E05 Pop Around The Clock 30/01/1973 Karen & Howard are going to a 3 day pop festival. Karen hasn't asked Patrick if she could go yet. Howard arrives & He & Karen go upstairs & talk. Anna remarks Maybe they're getting married. Patrick happens to overhear Karen say the word marriage & thinks they are getting married. Patrick thinks they're planning a ""wedding on the cheap"". He has 24 hours to arrange a proper wedding for them. Howard tells Karen he'll behave at the festival, no hanky-panky. He brings his tent & camp stove & Patrick thinks they'll be living in a tent once they're married.! When they're ready to leave for the festival Howards van breaks down, Bill & Barbara arrive & Howard invites them to the festival. Nanny asks Anna why she isn't dressed for Karen's wedding. Anna says Karen's going to a pop festival,they're not getting married. Howard tells Patrick that he's not marrying Karen & Patrick thinks it pre-wedding nerves. Bill & Barbara return dressed in 'hippy style' clothes & Patrick asks why they'
S07E06 In All Directions 06/02/1973 It's time for the Glovers summer holidays. Where will they go this year ? Rome, Amsterdam, Saint Tropez ? The family gather around the kitchen table with a map. Patrick,Timothy & Mother like Rome. Nanny, Karen & Anna want Saint Tropez. They decide to split up. Patrick buys three tickets for Rome, Anna buys three tickets for St.Tropez. After thinking about it, Patrick goes back to the Travel Agent & swaps the Rome tickets for 3 to St.Tropez. Anna does likewise. Karen suggests they stick a pin in the map to see where they can all go together. After a few mishaps the pin lands on Majorca. Patrick visits the Travel Agent again to change the 3 tickets to Rome & the 3 tickets to St.Tropez, for 6 tickets to Majorca. When they arrive, the airport is fogbound.! They have to wait 3 hours til it clears. Finally all clear is given & as they present their passports, the passport official tells Patrick his passport has expired.! Everyone heads back to the Travel agent to change their ti