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Father Knows Best was the classic wholesome family situation comedy. It was set in the typical Midwestern community of Springfield, where Jim Anderson was an agent for the General Insurance Company. Every evening he would come home from work, take off his sport jacket, put on his comfortable sweater, and deal with the everyday problems of a growing family. In contrast to most other family comedies of the period, in which one of the other parents was a blundering idiot, both Jim and his wife Margaret were portrayed as thoughtful, responsible adults. When a family crisis arose, Jim would clam the waters with a warm smile and some sensible advice. When Father Knows Best went on television in 1954, the three children were aged 14 [Bud], and 9 [Kathy]. As the seasons passed two of them graduated from High School, first Betty [1956] and then Bud [1959]. Neither left home, howevery, both electing to go to Springfield's own State College. The Andersons were truly an idealized family


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Father Knows Best

S01E01 Bud Takes Up the Dance 03/10/1954 Bud tries to learn how to dance from a book for his first school dance.
S01E02 Lesson in Citizenship 10/10/1954 Jim tells his family to help others and winds up in more trouble than before.
S01E03 The Motor Scooter 17/10/1954 Jim buys Bud a motor scooter but Margaret won't let him have it.
S01E04 Football Tickets 24/10/1954
S01E05 Live My Own Life 31/10/1954 Bud moves out, but discovers he can't clean, cook, or take care of himself.
S01E06 Grandpa Jim's Rejuvenation 07/11/1954 Jim comes to believe that he is over the hill.
S01E07 Bud's Encounter With the Law 14/11/1954
S01E08 Thanksgiving Day 21/11/1954
S01E09 Second Honeymoon 28/11/1954 Jim's weekend retreat, just he and his wife, looks like a perfect idea to Jim. First he doesn't want to pass this on to the kids when he learns that the kids have plans with them; and then when the kids take the news too easy Jim and Margaret are quite stunned. They leave, but soon they start thinking about their kids and after reaching the lodge they want to phone in - but no one answers the call ...
S01E10 Typical Father 05/12/1954
S01E11 Margaret Goes Dancing 12/12/1954 Jim and Margaret rarely disagree on anything. When a couple asks them to take dancing lessons, Jim goes to his own club only to find it dull.
S01E12 The Christmas Story 19/12/1954 Jim takes the family into the woods to cut down their own tree and become stranded there.
S01E13 Sparrow in the Window 26/12/1954
S01E14 Boy's Week 02/01/1955 Jim receives a traffic ticket and Bud is appointed to be judge on that day.
S01E15 A Friend of Old George's 09/01/1955 An unwanted visitor that won't leave spoils Kathy's birthday party.
S01E16 Bud the Snob 16/01/1955
S01E17 The Promised Playhouse 23/01/1955 Jim unwillingly says he will sleep in Kathy's playhouse
S01E18 Jim the Farmer 30/01/1955 Jim wants to give up his office job in order to move into the country to lead a quiet and less stressy life as a farmer. His wife doesn't think that he means it seriously but he has crossed many more lines to fulfill his dream than he ever did before. Soon the life at home turns more quiet than he expected and Jim starts to despair at home because no one from the office calls him, and his replacement and the secretary despair at the office because they don't want to phone and disturb him.
S01E19 Father of the Year 06/02/1955 Jim sells the house and plans to move out into the country.
S01E20 The Mink Coat 13/02/1955
S01E21 The Matchmaker 20/02/1955 Margaret tries to get her cousin and her boyfriend married.
S01E22 Bud the Bridesmaid 27/02/1955 Margaret's cousin gets married in the Anderson house with Bud as the stand-in bridesmaid.
S01E23 Proud Father 06/03/1955 Jim tries to help the children regain their confidence.
S01E24 Father Delivers the Papers 13/03/1955
S01E25 No Partiality 20/03/1955 Kathy and Betty fight for the attention of the same man.
S01E26 Close Decision 27/03/1955
S02E01 Art of Salesmanship 31/08/1955
S02E02 Father's Private Life 07/09/1955
S02E03 Lessons in Civics 14/09/1955 A new highway gets built. And for that the old community hall should be pulled down. That's something Jim wouldn't like to see since the hall is a historical monument and also memories from his youth are connected with this hall. Everyone from the family sees how much the hall means to Jim and they use different ways to inform the public or organize help. Kathy, who also wants to help, writes a letter to the mayor - with all the unfledged names Jim has called him in his anger.
S02E04 First Disillusionment 21/09/1955 Bud loses a job to a boy who fakes his resume, which leads him to believe it is alright to do this himself
S02E05 Woman in the House 28/09/1955 Margaret is forced to invite a woman who makes her uncomfortable because she is Jim's friend's wife.
S02E06 New Girl at School 05/10/1955 Bud learns that the girl he likes is dating his best friend.
S02E07 Kathy Makes Magic 12/10/1955
S02E08 Advantage to Betty 19/10/1955
S02E09 The Big Test 26/10/1955 Bud is accused of cheating because he is suddenly getting high grades in class.
S02E10 Father Is a Dope 02/11/1955
S02E11 Spirit of Youth 09/11/1955
S02E12 Bud, the Ladykiller 16/11/1955
S02E13 Margaret's Premonition 30/11/1955
S02E14 Stage to Yuma 07/12/1955 Tate Idsen saves a stagecoach from savage Indians in a flashback sequence.
S02E15 Bad Influence 14/12/1955 Bud gets in trouble when his latest friend turns out to be a kleptomaniac.
S02E16 Betty Hates Carter 28/12/1955
S02E17 Jim, the Tyrant 04/01/1956
S02E18 Betty's Brother 11/01/1956
S02E19 Betty Earns a Formal 18/01/1956
S02E20 The House Painter 25/01/1956
S02E21 Bud, the Wallflower 01/02/1956
S02E22 The Bus to Nowhere 08/02/1956 The last few days Betty has no fun, she's sullen and does nothing. No one gets through to her, not even her parents. Betty faces a personal crisis when she has to find answers, basically, to the meaning-of-life question. The only way out for her is to put Bud's story (which he has written as an assignment) into reality: Enter a bus and go as far as the money takes her ...
S02E23 Kathy, the Indian Giver 15/02/1956
S02E24 The Historical Andersons 22/02/1956
S02E25 The Grass is Greener 29/02/1956
S02E26 The Persistent Guest 07/03/1956 Bud new friend won't leave the Anderson house because he has no family.
S02E27 Family Reunion 14/03/1956 The family tries to think up excuses to keep from going to Margaret's family reunion.
S02E28 Family Dines Out 28/03/1956
S02E29 Bud, the Boxer 04/04/1956
S02E30 Betty, Girl Engineer 11/04/1956
S02E31 The Martins and the Coys 18/04/1956 Betty and her boyfriend refuse to see again after Jim and his father fight.
S02E32 Dilemma for Margaret 25/04/1956 Margaret admits before the PTA that she can't control her children.
S02E33 Hero Father 02/05/1956
S02E34 Father, the Naturalist 09/05/1956
S02E35 The Ten Dollar Question 16/05/1956 The family member who doesn't tattle for one week will receive ten dollars.
S02E36 Adopted Daughter 23/05/1956 Kathy finds a receipt for $25 from the adoption center and believes she was adopted.
S02E37 Betty's Graduation 30/05/1956
S03E01 No Apron Strings 12/09/1956
S03E02 Never in Twain 19/09/1956 On a dude ranch, Betty falls in love with a cowboy only to discover the relationship won't last.
S03E03 Betty Goes to College 26/09/1956
S03E04 Man About Town 03/10/1956
S03E05 The Homing Pigeon 10/10/1956
S03E06 Spaghetti for Margaret 17/10/1956
S03E07 Betty's Birthday 24/10/1956 Betty announces that she doesn't want a birthday party or presents.
S03E08 Bud, the Millionaire 31/10/1956 To teach Bud a lesson, Jim gives him ten dollars a week for allowance, but he's not to spend the money on anyone else but himself.
S03E09 The Old Days 07/11/1956
S03E10 Whistle Bait 14/11/1956 Betty's esteem is low after another girl gets all the attention she used to get.
S03E11 The Great Guy 21/11/1956
S03E12 The Family Goes to New York 28/11/1956
S03E13 Betty Goes Steady 05/12/1956
S03E14 The Good Prospect 12/12/1956
S03E15 The Angel's Sweater 19/12/1956
S03E16 The Promising Young Man 26/12/1956
S03E17 Margaret Hires a Gardener 02/01/1957 A Spanish immigrant, Frank, fixes the Andersons lawn and then charges a high price.
S03E18 Swiss Family Anderson 09/01/1957 The Anderson family becomes shipwrecked on a deserted island.
S03E19 Brief Holiday 16/01/1957
S03E20 The Lawn Party 23/01/1957 Bud tells the family they are to set up for a lawn party that is tomorrow.
S03E21 Short Wave 30/01/1957 While listening to Buds short wave radio the family overhears a distress call from a boat.
S03E22 Carnival 06/02/1957
S03E23 Betty and the Jet Pilot 13/02/1957 Betty's new boyfriend, a jet pilot, is transferred to Alaska.
S03E24 Trip to Hillsborough 20/02/1957
S03E25 An Evening to Remember 27/02/1957
S03E26 Bud Buys a Car 13/03/1957
S03E27 Safety First 20/03/1957 When Bud receives a traffic ticket he is forced to become a crossing guard.
S03E28 Bud, the Hero 27/03/1957 Bud - a hero? A chain reaction of events, starting with a girl who wants to use Bud to make her boyfriend jealous leads to Bud preventing a bank robbery, making him the hero of the town.
S03E29 Betty, the Track Star 03/04/1957 3Apr57 Betty becomes flower queen and wins a track race all in the same day.
S03E30 The Spelling Bee 17/04/1957
S03E31 Bud, the Philanthropist 24/04/1957 Kippy takes credit for a church donation Bud made, and Bud plans to get even.
S03E32 Baby in the House 01/05/1957 Jim and Margaret takes care of a baby Betty is baby-sitting so she can go out.
S03E33 Class Prophecy 08/05/1957 Henry Pruett, a traveling salesman on tour, accidentally knocks on the door of Margaret: she, Jim and Henry attended college together and he was a promising man back then - on his way to become a doctor. But all he is now is the salesman (and a bad one too) and that's embarrassing for him and he decides to keep it a secret. But Margaret and Jim find out about this anyway. [Note: Episode without Betty]
S03E34 The Art of Romance 15/05/1957 Bud gets advice from Jim on how to win over Judy, while she is asking Margaret.
S03E35 Margaret Disowns Her Family 22/05/1957 Margaret tries to help a young woman overcome her fear of having a baby.
S03E36 Grandpa Retires 29/05/1957 Jim and Margaret are called in to help Margaret's dad, who's about to hand over his printing office and retire. The main reason is his groggy health lately, but it seems that giving up his office is the actual source for this problems.
S03E37 Shoot for the Moon 05/06/1957 Sageman (Royal Dano) helps the Andersons regain their self confidence.
S04E01 Follow the Leader 25/09/1957 Bud must decide if he should stand up for a teacher or join the class in a revolt.
S04E02 The Awkward Hero 02/10/1957 Betty tutors a football player who will escort her to a dance as payment.
S04E03 The Good Neighbor 09/10/1957 Margaret receives a new house which she plans to rent out.
S04E04 Bud, the Executive 16/10/1957 Bud becomes the chairman for the planning of his high school picnic.
S04E05 Sentenced to Happiness 23/10/1957 The Anderson's gardener, Frank, is forced to get a real job and then winds up in court.
S04E06 Mother Goes to School 30/10/1957 Margaret enrolls in an English class in college and is put in Betty's class.
S04E07 The Indispensable Man 06/11/1957 Bud is not able to play in the football game because he wouldn't go to bed early.
S04E08 Kathy's Big Chance 13/11/1957 Kathy competes in an essay contest judged by Greer Garson.
S04E09 Margaret Learns to Drive 20/11/1957 Jim tries to teach Margaret how to drive a car.
S04E10 The Way of a Dictator 04/12/1957 Bud is given the pleasure of raising Kathy when he says they are doing it all wrong.
S04E11 Mr. Beal Meets His Match 11/12/1957 Betty Anderson ( Elinor Donahue) is going through a phase where she thinks selfishness is the sole motivator in people's lives. ""The only reason we do good deeds is because it makes us feel good"" she tells her parents , Jim ( Robert Young) & Margaret (Jane Wyatt). The mail runs & they get a letter saying Jim has won ""Springfield's Most Honest Man"" Contest. Their son, Bud (Billy Gray) says he wishes they had won a new car. The doorbell rings. It's a Mr. Nick Beal here to deliver prizes to the family of Springfield's most honest man. He has a new car for Bud ! Each member of the family gets something they have always wanted ! Margaret gets membership in an exclusive Springfield Women's Club. Little sister, Kathy (Lauren Chaffen) gets a pair of roller-skates. All of the family leave to try out their new prizes, leaving Jim & Betty alone with Mr. Beal. Mr. Beal asks Robert Young To sign a contract selling his soul over to Mr. Beal. Mr. Beal insinuates that something might happen to the An
S04E12 Kathy Makes a Wish 25/12/1957 When Kathy finds a horseshoe and she wishes for a horse, and gets one.
S04E13 Man With a Plan 01/01/1958 A girl thinks Bud is going into the Army and throws a going away party.
S04E14 Big Sister 08/01/1957 At summer camp Kathy rebels after her counselor, Betty, keeps pushing her to do better.
S04E15 Calypso Kid 15/01/1958 Bud practices the bongo drums to impress his new girlfriend.
S04E16 Father's Biography 22/01/1958 Jim can either attend a business meeting or see Kathy read his biography.
S04E17 The Rivals 29/01/1958 Betty has two dates for the same night and doesn't plan to break either one.
S04E18 Bud, the Mind Reader 05/02/1958 Bud practices mind reading, and Betty tries to make the debating team.
S04E19 Margaret's Other Family 12/02/1958 The family gets mad when Margaret keeps helping a furniture maker and his wife.
S04E20 The Trial 19/02/1958 Bud is in trouble when he is accused of causing damage to a neighbor's property.
S04E21 Revenge is Sweet 26/02/1958 26Feb58 Betty teases Bud saying he is sloppy when some very influential people come over.
S04E22 Country Cousin 05/03/1958 The Anderson's cousin, Milly, arrives for a visit and to look at the college.
S04E23 Poor Old Dad 12/03/1958 Bud believes that his father is henpecked when he willingly does everything Margaret wants him to.
S04E24 Betty's Crusade 19/03/1958 Betty tries to help an old man fix up his restaurant so he isn't evicted by Jim's company.
S04E25 Young Love 26/03/1958 Bud falls in love with an older woman at the grocery store who is married.
S04E26 Tell It to Mom 02/04/1958 Chaos strikes when Betty hides a pair of skates for a friend of hers.
S04E27 A Friend in Need 16/04/1958 A very talented dog shows up and takes residence in the Anderson's house.
S04E28 A Medal For Margaret 23/04/1958 When Jim plans to build a case for trophies, and Margaret sets out to win a medal.
S04E29 The Weaker Sex 30/04/1958 Betty tries to use her feminine wiles on a young man to get him to take her out.
S04E30 Jim, the Answer Man 14/05/1958 Jim is bombarded with questions when he is getting ready for a business trip.
S04E31 Bud Quits School 21/05/1958 When Bud meets a successful business man who quit school and Bud plans to do the same.
S04E32 A Matter of Pride 04/06/1958 Bud is chosen as the most popular boy in his class at school.
S04E33 Betty Finds a Cause 11/06/1958 Betty tries to make a man remove a hedge that blocks the view on a road.
S05E01 Vine Covered Cottage 15/09/1958 Betty and Ralph plan to get married, but find it is not as happy as they thought.
S05E02 Be Kind to Bud Week 22/09/1958 Bud thinks Betty has an ulterior motive when she is kind to him.
S05E03 Kathy's Romance 29/09/1958 Kathy's new boyfriend is more interested in Jim than of Kathy.
S05E04 Voice From the Past 06/10/1958 Bud prepares for the arrival of the homecoming queen.
S05E05 Frank's Family Tress 13/10/1958 Frank tries to console Kathy by telling her that his family are entertainers.
S05E06 Always Plan Ahead 20/10/1958 Jim tries to teach the children a lesson when they are constantly not planning ahead.
S05E07 Second Wedding 27/10/1958 Betty talks Jim and Margaret into getting married again for their anniversary.
S05E08 Bud, the Caretaker 03/11/1958 Bud finds a dent on the back of the car he is watching for a friend.
S05E09 Betty, the Pioneer Woman 10/11/1958 Betty plays the founder of Springfield's wife in a play of what really happened.
S05E10 Fair Exchange 17/11/1958 An Indian exchange student arrives for the weekend from Betty's college.
S05E11 Bud, the Snob 24/11/1958
S05E12 Margaret Wins a Car 01/12/1958 In a raffle, Margaret wins a car and uses it to help the orphans home.
S05E13 The Great Experiment 08/12/1958 Jim attempts to get the family to broaden their horizons and disaster strikes.
S05E14 The Christmas Story 15/12/1958 The family recalls as they are putting up the Christmas tree, how Jim wanted them to cut their own tree, and in the process got stranded in a cabin.
S05E15 The Basketball Coach 22/12/1958 Jim becomes the coach of Bud's basketball team.
S05E16 Kathy, Girl Executive 29/12/1958 Kathy is elected by the family to control Bud's lawn moving company.
S05E17 The Good Samaritan 05/01/1959 5Jan59 Bud must do a good deed for an English report and ends up resenting the whole world.
S05E18 The Ideal Father 12/01/1959 Uncle Charlie believes the children are spoiled when they forget Jim's birthday.
S05E19 Big Shot Bud 19/01/1959 Bud gets into hot water when he tries to buy Margaret a bottle of expensive perfume.
S05E20 Hard Luck Leo 26/01/1959 Leo visits and takes advantage of the whole family until something surprising happens.
S05E21 Bud, the Campus Romeo 02/02/1959 When Bus refuses dates, the girl launch an anti-Bud campaign.
S05E22 Crisis Over a Kiss 09/02/1959 Bud tries to save Betty from her boyfriend but Betty resents the help.
S05E23 Kathy Grows Up 16/02/1959 Kathy says she wants to be treated as if she was an adult.
S05E24 A Man of Merit 23/02/1959 Jim learns that he is to be appointed as an outstanding person in the community.
S05E25 Betty Makes a Choice 02/03/1959 Betty is faced with a hard decision that will affect her future.
S05E26 It's a Small World 09/03/1959 Margaret must decide to attend a luncheon or go with Jim on an important trip.
S05E27 Two Loves Has Bud 16/03/1959 Bud has a hard time when he must decide between two girls to take to the prom.
S05E28 An Extraordinary Woman 23/03/1959 The Anderson's are visited by an author on African Culture.
S05E29 The Art of Romance 30/03/1959
S05E30 Formula for Happiness 06/04/1959 Strange things begin to happen when Jim's dreams start to come true.
S05E31 Bud and the Debutante 13/04/1959 Bud tries to impress a wealthy girl by taking her to an expensive restaurant.
S05E32 The Promised Playhouse 20/04/1959
S05E33 The Meanest Professor 27/04/1959 Bud regrets writing a bad article about a professor after the professor finds the article.
S05E34 Live My Own Life 04/05/1959 This is a recut version of episode 5 with the same name where Bud goes out on his own and tries to make good.
S05E35 Bud Has A Problem 11/05/1959 Bud blames his professor when it appears he will not pass Physics.
S05E36 The Great Anderson Mystery 18/05/1959 The Andersons act out a detective story when the television breaks down.
S05E37 Margaret Goes Dancing 25/05/1959
S05E38 The Gold Turnip 01/06/1959 1Jun59 Bud feels that there is no use for tradition so he starts to break all traditions.
S06E01 A Day in the Country 05/10/1959 While on the way to visit Margaret's parents, the car breaks down leaving the family stranded on a deserted road.
S06E02 Bud Branches Out 12/10/1959 Bud falls in love with his college French professor.
S06E03 The Gardener's Big Day 19/10/1959 Frank is chosen to represent the town at the opening of a park, but when the town council meets Frank, they want another person to represent their city- someone who looks more like an average American.
S06E04 The Imposter 26/10/1959 Betty becomes involved with a young lawyer pretending to be the owner of a radio store.
S06E05 Bud Plays It Safe 02/11/1959 Bud decides to date the coach's daughter in order to make sure he gets on the football team.
S06E06 Bicycle Trip for Two 09/11/1959 Jim's plans for a quiet bicycle trip end up with Jim and Margaret arguing
S06E07 First Disillusionment 16/11/1959 Bud tells Kathy about the job he didn't get when another boy faked his credentials.
S06E08 Margaret's Old Flame 23/11/1959 Jim and Margaret tease one another about people they dated as their college reunion nears.
S06E09 Kathy Becomes a Girl 30/11/1959 The family tries to change Kathy from a tomboy into a beautiful girl.
S06E10 Bud, the Willing Worker 07/12/1959 Bud wants a part-time job at a service station in order to get enough money to buy a boat.
S06E11 Turn the Other Cheek 14/12/1959 Both Jim and Kathy are doublecrossed by their friends.
S06E12 Good Joke on Mom 28/12/1959 Margaret tricks the family into believing that she has been elected chairwoman of the children's clinic building program.
S06E13 Betty's Double 04/01/1960 Betty wins a trip to Hollywood because she looks like a famous movie star.
S06E14 Father, the Naturalist 11/01/1960 This is a recut version of episode 30. It is not part of the current syndication package and is considered ""lost"".
S06E15 Bud Hides Behind a Skirt 18/01/1960 Betty is campaigning for safe driving, while Bud is accused of reckless driving.
S06E16 Togetherness 25/01/1960 A reporter visits the family in order to do an article on family togetherness.
S06E17 Second Best 01/02/1960 Betty competes in the college fencing tournament.
S06E18 Kathy's Big Deception 08/02/1960 Kathy, desperate for a date at the community picnic, makes up a story about a boyfriend.
S06E19 Cupid Knows Best 15/02/1960 Kathy, desperate for a date at the community picnic, makes up a story about a boyfriend.
S06E20 The Big Test 22/02/1960 Betty arranges a match between Frank and a worker in a flower shop.
S06E21 Jim's Big Surprise 29/02/1960 Jim is surprised by his family's lack of interest when he is named Father of the Year.
S06E22 Time to Retire 07/03/1960 When Bud reaffirms and old man's belief in life, he decides to open his own insurance company and hire Bud as his assistant.
S06E23 Bud, the Speculator 14/03/1960 Bud invests money in a phony stock scheme and winds up losing fifty dollars
S06E24 The $500 Letter 21/03/1960 The Andersons get a check from an admirer and must find out which member of the family the check was meant for.
S06E25 Adopted Daughter 28/03/1960 While Kathy is trying to repair her birth certificate frame, she recalls the time she thought she was adopted.
S06E26 Family Contest 04/04/1960 Kathy destroys a picture of a family competing against hers in a photo contest
S06E27 Love and Learn 11/04/1960 Bud falls in love with his English Tutor
S06E28 Blind Date 18/04/1960 Betty dates a boy everyone regards as a loser
S06E29 Betty's Career Problem 25/04/1960 Betty becomes frustrated when every college contest she enters, she loses to Cliff Bowman, who may even steal her job, too
S06E30 Bud Lives It Up 09/05/1960 Bud spends more money than he has in order to impress a girl in Chicago.
S06E31 Not His Type 16/05/1960 Betty is caught in the middle of an argument between two of her friends who are planning to marry.
S06E32 Betty's Graduation 23/05/1960 When Kathy refuses to graduate from high school, the family tells her about Betty's reluctance to graduate from High School, too. This is a recut version of episode 63. It is not part of the syndication package and is considered ""lost"".
S00E01 Twenty-Four Hours in Tyrantland 00/00/0000 In 1959 the producers were approached to do a U.S. Savings Bond benefit for the American Federation of Labor and the Treasury Department. Though never aired on television, it was distributed to schools, churches, and civic groups. Extremely rare copies can still be found.
S00E02 Bonus - Behind the Scenes Home Movies 00/00/0000
S00E03 Bonus - Daddy's Girls- Lauren Chapin & Elinor Donahue 00/00/0000
S00E04 Bonus - Robert Young's Home Movies-1 00/00/0000
S00E05 The Promised Playhouse (Flashback Version) 00/00/0000 This altered version aired in syndication.
S00E06 The Father Knows Best Reunion 15/05/1977 First of two reunion movies starring the original cast of the popular 1950's series "Father Knows Best." Jim and Margaret Anderson invite their children and grandchildren for a visit to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
S00E07 Father Knows Best: Home For Christmas 18/12/1977 The original cast of "Father Knows Best" returns for the second reunion movie. After learning that none of the children will be home for Christmas, Jim and Margaret decide to sell their house.
S00E08 Pilot-Window on Main 05/01/1961
S00E09 Bonus - Robert Young's Home Movies-2 00/00/0000
S00E10 Bonus - First Disillusionment (Flashback Episode) 16/11/1959 Extended Father Knows Best Episode: "First Disillusionment," which aired during the sixth season (11/16/1959)
S00E15 The Boy Who Got It Made - 5th Window on Main Street Episode 00/00/0000 Shortly after Father Knows Best ended in 1960, Robert Young returned to CBS in a new series starring Robert Young titled Window on Main Street. This is the 5th episode of this series.
S00E19 The Letter - 9th Window on Main Street Episode 00/00/0000 Lloyd Ramsey is editor of the town newspaper. He daily gets interesting letters from his readers. Todays letter is a difficulty one. A young boy is reaching out to him with a hard question. The letter reads: "I know that G_d started the world, but who started G_d?"
S00E20 The $1.19 Thief - 10th Window on Main Street Episode 00/00/0000 Cameron finds his room has been rifled through and culprit hiding on the balcony. The thief is a nervous young man making his first robbery which netted a mere $1.19. Talking with the thief, Cameron realizes that Elroy is not a dangerous criminal, just a confused young man who deserves a second chance to get on the right path.