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Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi (Hindi: फ़ियर फ़ैक्टर: खतरों के खिलाड़ी) is an Indian stunt/dare reality game show, based on the American Fear Factor.[citation needed] The series was first launched as Fear Factor India on Sony TV in 2006 where it received a great response from the viewers; however, the channel discontinued the series after one season. The channel gave up its rights to Colors TV and the series was relaunched as Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi on 21 July 2008.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi

S05E01 Apple Py, Eggjam & Finding Mimo Tasks 22/03/2014 The show starts with a beautiful introduction of the Super Action Director of Bollywood, Rohit Shetty. The scene shifts to a beautiful locale where Rohit introduces the 13 contestants, one by one. The contestants are forcibly taken to the place where Rohit is. Rohit has a brief chat with the contestants and asks them to be ready for the first stunt, Apple Py. Later, Rohit takes the contestants for the next stunt of the day, Eggjam. After this, the scene shifts to the location of the third stunt of the day, Finding Mimo.
S05E02 Fear Fall, Killer Attack & Paani me Panic Tasks 23/03/2014 Today's episode starts in the Dorstberg Quarry with the stunt, Fear Fall. After this breath stopping stunt, the scene shifts to the Dortsberg Mining Workshop and the contestants face Killer Bees in the stunt - Killer Attack. Rohit then welcomes the contestants to the Wynberg Military Aquatic Club where the five weakest performers of the five stunts face off in the elimination stunt, Paani me Panic.
S05E03 Break Fail, Murge ka Badla & Kaanch aur Aanch Tasks 29/03/2014 The episode starts with Ranvir trying to step into Rohit shoes by acting as the host for the show. Rohit then makes his appearance and describes the first stunt of today, Break Fail. After the stunt is over, Rohit takes the contestants to Visserhok Farm to have lunch with, Romeo and his friends. Once there, Rohit describes the stunt which is, Murge Ka Badla. Later, Rohit takes the contestants for a stunt, which according to him is very close to his heart and quite dangerous and is called Kaanch aur Aanch.
S05E04 Crash Landing, Ghoom Barabar Ghoom & Croc Cat Tasks 30/03/2014 Eliminated: Pooja Gor The episode starts at the Cut Off Bridge, Cape town, South Africa. After a small session of jokes and laughter, Rohit describes the first stunt, Crash Landing. Next, the contestants are taken to the Victoria Waterfront for the next stunt, Ghoom Barabar Ghoom. Last but not the least, Rohit takes the contestants to the Cape Town Harbour, for the elimination stunt. Watch the episode and have a blast.
S05E09 Rassi to Fassi, Udaan & Sar Zameen Par Tasks 19/04/2014 Wild Card Entry: Ajaz Khan, Deana Uppal Rohit welcomes all the contestants on the roof top of Senator House. Rohit then speaks about they having lost two friends the last week. He then tells that the contestants will perform in pairs, but not to compete against the other pairs but against each other. Rohit then introduces Ajaz and Deana the new wild card entrants of the show. The first stunt of the day, Rassi To Fassi. Next the contestants move to a rooftop at Harrington Square to perform the next stunt, Udaan. Last but not the least, the contestants reach the venue of the last stunt, Sar Zameen Par.
S05E10 Horsepower, Ghoomte Reh Jaoge & Car Crash Tasks 20/04/2014 Eliminated: Dayanand Shetty Sir The episode starts at Brackenfell Horse Farm, with Rohit welcoming the contestants and announces that only 2 of them will be in the elimination stunt. The contestants start the first stunt, Horsepower. Next the contestants assemble at the Cape Town Harbour for the second stunt, Ghoomte Reh Jagoge. Next the contestants assemble for the elimination stunt.
S05E11 Episode 11 26/04/2014
S05E12 Episode 12 27/04/2014
S05E13 Episode 13 03/05/2014
S05E14 Car pe Kalakar, Boom & After Life Tasks 04/05/2014 Eliminated: Ajaz Khan The show starts with Rohit Shetty welcoming the contestants. He tells them that they will perform in pairs. Rohit explains the first stunt, Car pe Kalakaar. After performing the first stunt, the contestants proceed for the next stunt, Boom. Last but not the least, Deana and Ajaz proceed towards the elimination stunt. Watch the ride filled with thrills, fear and action and have a great time.
S05E15 Paani Pila Pila Ke, Shootout at Capetown & Underworld Tasks 10/05/2014 Wild Card Entry: Gauhar Khan The episode starts with all the contestants having nightmares about the tasks and Rohit speaking about raising the level of danger, in this Torture Special episode. The contestants assemble for the first stunt, Paani Pila Pila Ke and Rohit reveals the twist, and gets Gauahar back in to the contest. The contestants then proceed towards the next stunt, Shootout at Capetown. Finally, the contestants proceed for the final stunt of the day, Underworld. Watch the torture filled episode and have a fear ride.
S05E16 Aari aur Yaari, Screw Driver & Zameendar Tasks 11/05/2014 Eliminated: Deana Uppal The episode starts with Rohit welcoming the contestants and dividing them in three pairs for the first stunt, Aari aur Yaari. The contestants head for the second stunt of the day, Screw Driver. The contestants then perform the third stunt, Zameendar. Watch the episode and know who was eliminated.

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