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Join the feast! New Fictional Foods cooked up every week!


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Feast of Fiction

S01E01 Skyrim's Sunlight Souffle 11/12/2011 Skyrim's Sunlight Souffle from Uncommon Tastes!
S01E02 Harry Potter Butterbeer 25/12/2011 Butterbeer from the Harry Potter series!
S01E03 Minecraft Cake 09/01/2012 Minecraft Cake from Minecraft!
S01E04 LoTR Lembas Bread 16/01/2012 Bacon weave is optional, but highly delicious. Not nutritious. Just delicious.
S01E05 Kung Fu Panda Dragon Dumplings 21/01/2012 Dragon Sized Dumplings
S01E06 Futurama Slurm & Bachelor Chow 31/01/2012 Wimmy wam wam wozzle!!
S01E07 Zelda Heart Potion 06/02/2012 Serve! Delight! It's a heart potion for your valentine!
S01E08 Team Fortress 2 Heavy's Sandvich 13/02/2012 Also you won't regain any health back unless you go OM NOM NOM NOM NOM when you eat it. Trust us.
S01E09 The Hunger Games Peeta Bread 21/02/2012 Peeta's Burnt Nut and Raisin Bread from The Hunger Games
S01E10 Kingdom Hearts II Sea-Salt Icecream 29/02/2012 Sea Salt Icecream from Kingdom Hearts II. You asked for it. Allot.
S01E11 The Hunger Games Lamb Stew with Plums 14/03/2012 Lamb Stew with Plums from The Hunger Games.
S01E12 Pokemon Poffins 19/04/2012 Try not to hoard all the good stats.
S01E13 Game of Thrones Lemon Cakes & Milk of the Poppy 26/04/2012 Lemon Cakes and Milk of the Poppy. Recipe taken from official Game of Thrones Production Blog.
S01E14 Portal Cake! It's Not a Lie! 10/05/2012 Portal Cake! (From actual in-game recipe.)
S01E15 Elder Scrolls Sweetroll! 18/05/2012 Elder Scrolls Sweet Roll! Adapted from a recipe in Cooking for Two by America's Test Kitchen.
S01E16 Doctor Who Fish Fingers and Custard 01/06/2012 Eat well! Keep on time traveling'!
S01E17 Onigiri 10/06/2012 Onigiri and Rice Balls from Fruits Basket, Spirited Away, Pokemon and more!
S01E18 Spongebob Squarepants Krabby Patties 17/06/2012 Taken from a recipe that was apparently published awhile back.
S01E19 Narnia Turkish Delight 02/07/2012 Turkish Delights from The Chronicles of Narnia.
S01E20 The Dark Knight Rises Superfood Smoothie 17/07/2012 Superfood Smoothie inspired by The Dark Knight Rises.
S01E21 Adventure Time EVERYTHING BURRITO! 31/07/2012 We disassembled the? Everything Burrito afterwards and saved about 80% of the food. Secret fact, a lot of the 20% we threw away was actually food that had gone bad OR was about to at the grocery mart.
S02E01 Scooby Snacks 07/10/2012
S02E02 The Walking Dead Braincake!! 16/10/2012
S02E03 Legend of Korra Water Tribe Noodles 23/10/2012
S02E04 Legend of Zelda Pumpkin Soup 30/10/2012
S02E05 South Park Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls 14/11/2012
S02E06 Percy Jackson Ambrosia Necter & Squares 22/11/2012
S02E07 Video Game Cola! 30/11/2012 Nuka Cola, Perk-A-Colas, Bonk!
S02E08 Ratatouille 07/12/2012
S02E09 Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Cakes & Drink Me Potion 22/12/2012
S02E10 Naruto Ichiraku Ramen 07/01/2013
S02E11 Minecraft Mushroom Stew 14/01/2013
S02E12 Adventure Time Bacon Pancakes 28/01/2013
S02E13 Super Mario Mushroom Cupcakes 05/02/2013
S02E14 Ponyo Noodles 12/02/2013
S02E15 Marshmallow Fondant 28/02/2013
S02E16 Video Game Highschool Calhoun's Coffee 07/03/2013
S02E17 Adventure Time Tree Trunks' Apple Pie 18/03/2013
S03E01 Catching Fire Duck A L'Orange 27/11/2013
S03E02 Harry Potter Pumpkin Pasties 04/12/2013
S03E03 A Christmas Carol Christmas Pudding 23/12/2013
S03E04 SNL Buttered Nut Cream 25/12/2013
S03E05 LoTR Lembas Bread 2.0 Raw & Vegan 02/01/2014
S03E06 Kim Possible The Naco 16/01/2014
S03E07 Bleach Soul Candy 31/01/2014 We've made SOUL CANDY from Bleach! Featuring Grace Helbig.
S03E11 The Legend of Korra Varri Cakes 14/03/2014 Filmed at Tastemade Studios in Santa Monica.
S03E13 Adventure Time! Jake's Sandwich 18/04/2014
S03E14 Breaking Bad Chicken and Meth (1) 30/05/2014
S03E15 Breaking Bad Los Pollos Hermanos Candy Chicken (2) 30/05/2014
S03E16 GIANT Homemade CHEERIOS 12/01/2015

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