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A spin-off of the 1991 sequel "An American Tail:Fievel Goes West" Fievel and his family were living in the old west. All may seem good for the Mousekewitzs, but Cat R. Wual and his gang of cats, including his spider sidekick Chula, are ploting schemes to capture the mice in the town. It is up to Fievel and his cat friend Tiger to protect the mice from Cat R. Wual. The series aired Saturday mornings on CBS which has feature captions for the Hearing Impaired. Although it only lasted for one season, fans haven't lost interest in Fievel. Two more feature films were made years later. An American Tail:Treasure of Manahattan and An American Tail:Mystery of the Midnight Monster.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fievel's American Tails

S01E01 Fievel, The Lonesome Ranger 07/09/1991 All mouses of the village are going to The Cheese Festival but Fievel misses the trip. Cats come to town are searching mouses but they capture Tiger. Fievel starts to think like The Lonesome Ranger and cats will be in trouble...
S01E02 Law & Disorder 14/09/1991 Fievel continously be late for school because of many adventures with Tiger, so he is told not to meet Tiger anymore. Tiger has written to Miss Kitty and told her that he is a sheriff. Fievel must help him when Miss Kitty arrives to town.
S01E03 Little Mouse on the Prairie 21/09/1991 Fievel wants to borrow his friend Tony's bumerang and it flies straight to Cat R. Waul's pocket. Fievel, his sisters and Tiger are going to get the bumerang back and they have great adventure by the river.
S01E04 The Gift 28/09/1991 Papa is giving a gift to Fievel, a violin. Unfortunately the violin breaks and Fievel must rebuild it to keep the accident a secret.
S01E05 A Case of the Hiccups 05/10/1991 A quack comes to town and he persuades Fievel to deliver candies to every mouse. Strange hiccups epidemic takes over the mouses, except Fievel. Of course, the quack has the cure medicine.
S01E06 The Legend of Mouse Hollow 12/10/1991 Chule has been developed the 'mouse packing machine'. The school stage play featuring Tanya is getting big room full of mouses. Fievel was very unhappy for a role he got, but his role turned out much more magnificent than thought when Cat R. Waul kidnaps the teacher and cancels the play and arranges the singing concert instead.
S01E07 Babysitting Blues 19/10/1991 The photographer is coming to town, but Papa and Mama are not ready for a picture. They are leaving Fievel to babysit Yasha and here the adventure to avoid cats begins.
S01E08 The Lost Mother Lode 26/10/1991 The gold fever is taking over the mouses. It is said that the old miner's ghost is guarding the real gold vein. Fievel and his friends are going to find that place, but Cat R. Waul is trying to fool the mouses with the forgery treasure map.
S01E09 A Mouse Known as Zorrowitz 02/11/1991 The cheese delivery for next winter is coming to town. Unfortunately, Fievel brags that he knows about this matter and Chula hears that. Cat R. Waul wants to steal the cheese, but mysterious Zorrowitz appears to help.
S01E10 Mail Order Mayhem 09/11/1991 Mail order catalog temptates many mouses and cats. Sweet William orders 'mouse slapper' and this weapon gets mouses so afraid that they will make a request for the law servant. Clint Mousewood and Fievel get tough times for the cats.
S01E11 Aunt Sophie's Visit 16/11/1991 The mouses are going to have a Rodeo, but Fievel can not participate because aunt Sophie is coming to visit the Mousekewitz. However, aunt Sophie turns out to be more straight than expected...
S01E12 That's What Friends Are For 23/11/1991 Because of misunderstading Tiger thinks that he can not be Fievel's friend. Cat R. Waul leaves the town and Chule becomes a friend of Fievel.
S01E13 Bell the Cats 30/11/1991 Fievel ties jingle bells to the cats' tails to inform mouses where the cats are moving. Not so good idea...