Affiche Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!!
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Dans un monde parallèle au notre, Life Core une société dotée d'une technologie très avancée a découvert l'existence de la Terre. Cependant avant d'établir le contact avec les terriens ils ont décidé de nettoyer le monde. En effet les humains souffrent de baisses d'énergie qui se traduisent par ce que l'on appelle plus communément une dépression. C'est pourquoi Life Core envoie les Juuden-chan (comprenez les rechargeuses) afin de restaurer le capital d'énergie de chaque être humain. Nous suivons donc les aventures d'une de ces Juuden-chan : Plug , mais aussi de Sentou , un humain capable de la voir.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!!

S01E01 Plug In 25/06/2009 Whilst looking for some targets to charge, a charger girl named Plug encounters Sento, who can actually see her and hit her. Plug notices his sister, Hakone, is showing a lot of depression, but Sento refuses to let her stick a giant plug in his little sister's back.
S01E02 Timing ! 02/07/2009 Whilst trying to charge up some targets, Plug finds herself beaten to the punch by her colleague, Alesta. They then start to notice a lot of repeaters, people who have already been charged but have become depressed again. Plug goes to Sento for some advice, who says the simply charging them won't fix the cause of their problems.
S01E03 Lock on ! 09/07/2009 Alesta gets put in charge of taking care of Plug, something she greatly objects to. Whilst finding Plug at Sento's house, she is hit by Sento once again, and soon becomes aware of his ability to see and touch her. Wondering why Plug hasn't reported such a matter to the office, Alesta is then insulted when Sento implies her job is something 'an idiot can do'.
S01E04 La crise d'Irono ! 16/07/2009 Sento and Hakone's childhood friend, Iono, has a crush on Sento, but can't find the right moment to confess.
S01E05 Happening ! 23/07/2009 Sento, his boss, Hakone and Iono go to the beach, whilst Plug and Alesta, also on their day off, decide to go too. Whilst enjoying the sun, Plug notices a writer on a slump behaving strangely, despite being ranked E.
S01E06 Contre-courant ! 30/07/2009 A kid named Kenta has become so depressed, that the counter-current from those that try to charge him causes a severe electric shock. He is given a Z rank and is deemed out of bounds for charging, but Plug can't help but feel like she should do something.
S01E07 Maid in Alesta ! 06/08/2009 Alesta is scolded by her chief for allowing Plug to get injured. Plug herself is fine, but her arms are severely damaged, so Alesta has to look after her area whilst she recovers. In order to get Plug to delete embarrassing footage of her crying, Alesta agrees to be her maid, wearing an outfit made of anti-stealth materials, allowing her to be seen in the real world.
S01E08 Incroyable gentillesse 13/08/2009 Plug gets scolded for trying to get back to work before her arms had fully healed, but her chief allows her to lock onto targets whilst Alesta charges them.
S01E09 Division de surveillance, section des cas spéciaux - Rooden-chan ! 20/08/2009 Plug and Alesta get called to Chief Pulse's office where they are introduced to the Rouden-chan (leakage girls), Reka Galvini and Kuran Shunt, who monitor electrical leakage, and are accused of smuggling electricity. The Rouden-chan also reveal they are aware of Sento and accompany Plug and Alesta on their next run.
S01E10 Cadeau !? 27/08/2009 As everyone gets ready for Christmas, the Juuden-chan have their work cut out for them. Reka and Kuran visit Sento and warn him about Houden-chan (discharger girls), who steal people's positive energy.
S01E11 Prends garde à toi ! Hooden-chan ! 03/09/2009 Hakone notices something weird about Sento. Meanwhile, Rona, who is annoyed that there aren't any other people who can see her, goes on a depression spree, alerting the Juuden-chan. The whole department is sent to help the affected, but they find they have to charge each target ten times to get them to drop.
S01E12 Fight ! Ippatsu! 10/09/2009 Alesta tries her best to recharge Sento, but to no avail. Plug meanwhile is shocked to find Kenta has returned to a B rank. Hakone and Iono arrive and manage to get Sento out of their funk on their own.