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Yoffy lifts a finger... and you're guaranteed all sorts of fun! Yoffy is the hirsute hippy host of Fingermouse's fabulous adventures, gifted with the ability to bring all manner of characters and stories to life using bits of paper and some rather fetching pairs of gloves... Thrill at the adventures of the intrepid rodent Fingermouse and cheer as he finds props for Yoffy's stories! Witness the steadfast seagull Gulliver take flight, and enjoy slow tortoise Flash's sluggish journeys across ficticious lands!


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fingerbobs

S01E01 Bumpy 14/02/1972 Fingermouse and friends search for hard and soft materials to help tell the story of the people living in a bumpy land.
S01E02 Stones 21/02/1972
S01E03 Feathers 28/02/1972
S01E04 Sounds 06/03/1972
S01E05 Wood 13/03/1972
S01E06 Shiny 20/03/1972
S01E07 String 27/03/1972
S01E08 Shadow 10/04/1972
S01E09 Shapes 17/04/1972
S01E10 Bricks 24/04/1972
S01E11 Paint 01/05/1972
S01E12 Seeds 08/05/1972
S01E13 House 15/05/1972

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